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Mai Natsume joins BlazBlue Central Fiction on Nov. 1

BlazBlue Central Fiction DLC character Mai Natsume will be available when the game launches in early November.

According to Aksys Games, Mai will be available as a separate purchase—for $7.99—when the game is released on Nov. 1.

Mai will cost the same amount on both PlayStation 3 and 4 consoles. She joins fellow DLC characters Es and Susano'o as temporary console-exclusive content for BBCF.


SNK Arcade Archives series coming to North American PS4

The PlayStation Blog has announced that King of Fighters '94 and other SNK Arcade Archives titles will be coming to the West.

Starting with the release of KOF '94 on Oct. 27 (the same day as the Japanese release), the PlayStation Network plans to offer Samurai Showdown, Metal Slug, Alpha Mission II, Fatal Fury and World Heroes all before the end of 2016. Nam-1975 and Neo Turf Masters are scheduled to follow sometime in 2017.

No prices have been listed for the games, but their Japanese equivalents will cost roughly $8 so that may be a decent estimate. 


South Korea's IST releases Makestick Pro arcade stick case with Vewlix layout

If you are looking to get a Korean arcade stick case, then take a look at IST's Makestick Pro.

IST's global webstore Makestick is selling a modified version of their arcade stick as a DIY case. Instead of the Korean-style layout common in their sticks, this version of the Makestick Pro uses the Taito Vewlix layout.

Being a DIY case, players must supply their own arcade parts and control PCB. The benefit is that you can use the Japanese or Korean parts of your choosing. For those who prefer custom art, you can email Rohan at IST to help you while you order the case.

You can order the case, and parts, now at Makestick.


Stunfest 2017 cancelled, plans to return in 2018

French nonprofit group 3 Hit Combo has announced its decision to put the Stunfest gaming festival on hiatus in 2017.

In a statement, the group claims the cancellation was a difficult decision but that members "need to take a break to better prepare for the future, for the well-being of the festival and the organisers." The organization also notes that it "need[s] to reevaluate how we run things and find a new approach to doing everything while still bringing you the quality you expect."

3 Hit Combo says it will continue to be active in and around Rennes, France, with hopes of creating a better future for the festival and its attendees. For the full statement, head to the Stunfest website.


Skullgirls to get limited physical release

Lab Zero Games is teaming up with Limited Run Games to offer a physical release of Skullgirls for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

Preorders for the title will begin on Oct. 31, 2016. The release will be mostly identical to the recent Japanese physical release but will also include the upcoming patch that adds lobbies to the Skullgirls console version.

In a later tweet it was further revealed that if the game gets 10,000 preorders, then Lab Zero will patch the Japanese voice acting into the U.S. and European PS4, Steam and Vita releases.

For more information behind Limited Run Games' history and past products, check out the small documentary by My Life in Gaming after the jump.

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Super Desperation Radio episode 534 archive online

The latest episode of Super Desperation Radio is now available for watching on Team Spooky's YouTube channel.

"Bizarro" Mike Martin joined SDR to talk about Red Bull Proving Grounds, Capcom Pro Tour and to answer questions from the audience.

The crew also talked about the recent unveiling of the Nintendo Switch, discussing the new console's chances in the market and what it could mean for players.

Super Desperation Radio is live every Monday at 6:30 p.m. PDT on Team Spooky, and will be archived at the TS YouTube channel. Classic episodes can still be found on the IPLAYWINNER YouTube.


Kombat Kon coming to Illinois on Nov. 19-20

Galloping Ghost Arcade is presenting an event dedicated to the Mortal Kombat series of games and its fans in November.

Kombat Kon, held in McCook, Illinois, will be a celebration of the series' history with tournaments, cosplay contests, vendors and the chance to meet actors from earlier chapters of Mortal Kombat.

Tournaments will be held for Mortal Kombat, MK2, UMK3 and MKX, and there will an arcade along with casual setups for those not interested in competing.

Tickets are currently available. For more information about Kombat Kon, head to the event's Facebook page.


King of Fighters '94 launches Arcade Archives series on PS4 in Japan

The first game in the King of Fighters series will be available on the Japanese PlayStation 4 users on Oct. 27 and begins a new series of releases from SNK titled Neo Geo Arcade Archives.

King of Fighters '94 is a digital release and will cost players 823 yen (roughly eight U.S. dollars). It will be followed by Fatal Fury, Metal Slug, Samurai Showdown and Alpha Mission 2.

There are no details as to whether there will be any differences made to the PlayStation 4 versions of the titles, or if they will be similar to previous PlayStation 3 digital releases. 


Blade Arcus, Koihime Enbu discounted as part of Degica Games sale

Degica Games has announced a weekend Steam sale offering discounts on many of its titles including fighting games Blade Arcus from Shining: Battle Arena and Koihime Enbu.

Blade Arcus is discounted 35 percent, to $19.49, and Koihime Enbu has been cut to 50 percent of its original cost at $19.99.

The Degica Games sale lasts until Oct. 24 and also includes many other titles. Check out the full list of sales at Steam.


Corrections made to King of Fighters XIV English patch notes

Since the English translations to KOF XIV version 1.03 were released early on Oct. 19, some players have noticed inconsistencies with the original Japanese patch notes.

Reacting to that information, SNK has revised the English notes hoping to remove any mistranslations. The patch notes can be found on the SNK website.


SNK unveils exclusive King of Fighters XIV shirts

In addition to presenting the upcoming KOF World Championship, SNK has decided to support the fighting game community by creating a line of shirts that will be offered as prizes in upcoming tournaments.

SNK has created 15 shirt designs, each reflecting a different member of the KOF XIV cast, with a mix of both new and returning characters. 

There are no details at the moment as to when SNK will begin to offer these shirts and whether they will be only given to winners, or distributed to other high-placing players as well.


King of Fighters XIV update coming Oct. 18

SNK has revealed that the balance patch for KOF XIV will be releasing on Oct. 18, 2016 at 6 p.m. PDT. 

No details of the patch have yet been revealed, but the official SNK Twitter account gave players a hint about at least one change by attaching a picture showing Nakoruru's bird Mamahaha clashing with Ryo's fireball.

This will be KOF XIV's first major balance change, following a day one patch.

Update: SNK has posted the patch notes in Japanese on its website.

Update 2: The English patch notes are now available.


Sanwa sponsors King of Fighters player M'

Sanwa Denshi recently announced its sponsorship of longtime King of Fighters player M'.

The deal is the first direct sponsorship of a fighting game player by the company, which is known for its high-quality parts used in arcade cabinets and fight sticks.

The move represents the entrance of a second peripheral maker into the arena of supporting players, as Sanwa joins Hori in having a contracted player under its name.

M's first event as part of Sanwa was at Toushinsai 2016.


Super Desperation Radio episode 533 archive online

The latest episode of Super Desperation Radio is now available for watching on Team Spooky's YouTube channel.

Rynge joined SDR to talk about the recent SoCal Regionals 2016 and the highs and lows of the event. The conversation started with commentary during the Killer Instinct finals and wound through every aspect of SCR, all the way to the organization of and complaints surrounding the Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- tournament.

Rynge and Giby were at the event and provided an eye-witness account, pulling back the curtain on how the event ran for staff, spectators and players.

Super Desperation Radio is live every Monday at 6:30 p.m. PDT on Team Spooky, and will be archived at the TS YouTube channel. Classic episodes can still be found on the IPLAYWINNER YouTube.


Toushinsai reveals The King of Fighters XIV for arcades, PC version of Street Fighter V coming to arcades and more

The inaugural Japanese arcade tournament Toushinsai brought about some big news for fighting games.

FK Digital's Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe will finally be getting its PlayStation 4 release in November 2016. They also revealed that FK will follow up with a second expansion in 2017 that will run on full 16:9 widescreen.

Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel will be updated to version 1.08 on Oct. 27, 2016. Whether it will apply to the arcade version or will be featured on consoles as well is still to be determined.

Capcom will be bringing Street Fighter V to arcades in the near future in the form of the the PC version. Details will be clarified at a later time.

For Taito, the company announced NESiCAxLive 2, its follow-up arcade digital content platform. Companies such as Arc System Works, Examu, FK Digital and French Bread have pledged support for the system. SNK will also take part by announcing that The King of Fighters XIV will be coming to Japanese arcades through this platform.

You can check the announcements towards the end of the Twitch archive here.


Master Raven combo exhibition by STL

Japanese combo maker STL has produced a new video focusing on one of the new entrants in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution.

Using a variety of starters, Rage Art and Rage Drive, STL shows off five and a half minutes of Master Raven combos. The video shows off long-distance wall carry, interesting sid-switch opportunities and even just how many jumping knees the character can fit into one juggle.

Check out the footage after the jump.

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Scizor joins Pokkén Tournament arcade

The newest addition to the arcade version of Pokkén Tournament has been revealed as Scizor (Japanese name: Hassam).

The announcement was made Oct. 13, more than a week after rumors—and datamining—had presupposed that the new character would be either Empoleon or Scizor. Players can check out the Scizor trailer after the jump.

There has been no indication as to whether the Wii U version of Pokkén Tournament will be updated to include Scizor or Darkrai, another arcade-only character.

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Killer Instinct version 3.4.2 removes dash bug, other issues

Killer Instinct has received a new patch dedicated to fixing several bugs that have become apparent since the game's big update on Sept. 19.

One big change corrects the problem of players getting forward dashes when they wanted back dashes after getting up from a knockdown. There are also other small adjustments to fix certain characters having their inputs accidentally reversed, and backend changes to Shadow Lords.

Check out the complete list of improvements after the jump.

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Samitto faces TopGaren in next -Revelator- Slash Series event

Japan's Mikado arcade and MajinObama present the next Slash Series event as Samitto's Chipp takes on TopGaren's Zato in a first-to-seven series.

The exhibition will take place on Oct. 14 in Japan and will offer commentary in both Japanese (courtesy of Jonio) and English (provided by MajinObama), with each feed coming from one channel.

An "Evo 2016 grudge match," the set will take place at 8 p.m. Japan Standard Time (4 a.m PDT, 7 a.m EDT), with streaming on Jonio's Twitch channel.


Super Desperation Radio episode 532 archive online

The latest episode of Super Desperation Radio is now available for watching on Team Spooky's YouTube channel.

The first online King of Fighters XIV tournament presented by SDR was a success and Hellpockets, Walkman and Giby talked about the event. Despite one or two small hiccups, the stream and tournament were run smoothly and SDR talked about planning to do more events in the future.

The crew also talked about players claiming they "have to" play a certain game as opposed to others, as well as news topics including the upcoming King of Fighters XIV World Championship, Susano'o in BlazBlue Central Fiction and Miguel returning to Tekken 7.

Super Desperation Radio is live every Monday at 6:30 p.m. PDT on Team Spooky, and will be archived at the TS YouTube channel. Classic episodes can still be found on the IPLAYWINNER YouTube.