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Kuma & Panda coming to Tekken 7, new info on online tournaments

The end of Tekken 7's The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 Grand Finals featured the announcement of the series' favorite bears.

Both Kuma and Panda will be coming to Tekken 7. Trailer footage features the bears with very detailed fur shading, alternate outfits and their rage arts. Instead of being simple palette swaps, Kuma and Panda will have unique traits. In addition to the two characters, a new stage was featured in the announcement trailer that you can check after the jump!

For the coming console build of T7, the online mode was detailed. One of them is the introduction of online tournaments which provide Fight Money as the prize. There is also support for double elimination format.

In other console news, Bandai Namco has collaborated with New Japan Pro Wrestling to include a costume for King designed by wrestler Kazuchika Okada in T7. The announcement and brief trailer for the costume is also after the jump.

Tekken 7 will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in early 2017!

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SNK announces two-part King of Fighters XIV World Championship

The KOF XIV world champion will be decided at two separate events, according to new information released by SNK.

First, 16 players who have qualified for the world championship will compete in what is being called the "Four Kings" Tournament in Tokyo, Japan, on Feb. 18, 2017. That event will decide four finalists who will then compete in the grand final tournament sometime in mid-March in Beijing, China.

SNK says details on both tournaments, as well as the rest of the World Championship qualifier events, will be available soon. There are currently only four players officially qualified for the KOF XIV championships: Xiao Hai, Reynald, Dakou and Cypher.


Upcoming Mikado tournament to decide Tenkaichi Budokai entrants

A tournament on Dec. 11 at Japan's Mikado arcade will add three more participants to the upcoming Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- league.

As previously reported, Tenkaichi Budokai is an arcade-based, offline league featuring eight of the strongest players in Japan. The Dec. 11 event will add the first, second and third place finishers to the list of Tenkaichi Budokai 2017 participants. They will join 2016 league winner Karinchu as well as voted in players FAB (Potemkin), Zadi (Raven), Kazuki (Dizzy) and Roi (Sol).

The tournament will be run in a best two out of three matches, double elmination format and begins at 2 p.m. JST (Dec. 10 at 9 p.m. PST, Dec. 11 at midnight EST). A live stream will be available on Jonio's Twitch channel with live commentary provided by Jonio.



Final information for King of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 now available

The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 final takes place on Dec. 10 in Tokyo, Japan, and the final details of the event have been revealed.

At the start of the event, the 32 players will be divided into 8 groups. These groups will play out in a round-robin format similar to the North American finals held in November. The top two players from each group will then advance to a 16-person, double-elimination bracket.

Streaming for the event will begin at 9 a.m. JST—Dec. 9 at 4 p.m. PST, 7 p.m. EST in the United States—on the official Tekken Twitch channel with commentary by Tasty Steve, MarkMan, Aris and possible guests.

Avoiding the Puddle's Flying Wonkey has translated the list of players who will be competing in KOIFT 2016, and offered some additional explanations for certain substitutions. Interested spectators can find the list at ATP.


First gold skins pack available for Killer Instinct, more in coming weeks

Killer Instinct developer Iron Galaxy has decided to give its characters the gift of "all gold everything" in the form of new skins for the cast.

The gold skin packs cover each member of the cast in gold coloring from head to toe, giving them the appearance of an awards show statue.

The first gold pack contains skins for Jago, Kim Wu and Maya and went on sale Dec. 6 for $4.99. A new pack will be added every week until all the characters are outfitted in 24 carat splendor. 


New physical release of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on the way?

The digital release of UMvC3 may be getting some company in several months.

The Gamestop website has listings for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of UMvC3, physical copies that would cost consumers slightly more than the download at $29.99. Even more interesting is that the site claims the games will be available "only at Gamestop."

While nothing has been officially announced by Capcom at this time, Gamestop's projected release of March 31, 2017, would put it in the window announced for the Xbox One and PC releases of the title. Hopefully Capcom will clarify this information soon.


Review: Qanba Crystal arcade stick (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC)

Earlier in 2016, the popular Chinese arcade stick manufacturer Qanba released its first PlayStation 4 model: the Drone. While the stick was made as a budget option for those new to fighting games, people were left wondering when the higher-end models would start arriving. I recently had the chance to try out the Crystal, the first of two made for dedicated players.


Based on the Q2 series of arcade sticks, and a direct descendant of the Q2 Glow, the Crystal arcade stick is Qanba's second major offering for the PS4. While the Drone has a small form factor, the Crystal is bigger and more developed. On the surface, the Crystal does look similar to its predecessors but some of its changes, both visually and technologically, might help someone looking for a more fleshed-out arcade stick from Qanba.

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New trailer celebrates 20 years of SoulCalibur

Bandai Namco has released a trailer for the 20th anniversary of the SoulCalibur series.

The two-minute trailer shows highlights from every game in the series, including offshoots Broken Destiny and Lost Swords.

The trailer is only a retrospective, but has left fans wondering if Bandai Namco has a possible SoulCalibur announcement upcoming as part of the series' anniversary.

Players can check out the trailer after the jump. 

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Super Desperation Radio episode 539 archive online

The latest episode of Super Desperation Radio is now available for watching on Team Spooky's YouTube channel.

Capcom dominated the fighting game news coming out of PlayStation Experience and the news on SDR this week as the cast talked about the Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite reveal, Street Fighter V season two and the Capcom Cup finals.

SDR also talked about the upcoming King of Fighters XIV patch and answered some questions from the audience.

Super Desperation Radio is live every Monday at 6:30 p.m. PDT on Team Spooky, and will be archived at the TS YouTube channel. Classic episodes can still be found on the IPLAYWINNER YouTube.


Morrigan and Captain America revealed for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

During ESPN2's showing of Capcom Cup 2016, a new trailer for MVCI revealed series stalwarts Captain America and Morrigan Aensland are joining the cast.

Captain America first made his Capcom debut in Marvel Super Heroes in 1997 while Morrigan made her debut in Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors in 1994. Both have appeared in every Marvel vs. Capcom game to date. In the trailer, both seem to have move sets that borrow heavily from their appearances in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Also making a debut in the new trailer is Mega Man X's armor power-up, but it is unknown how the armor will affect X's gameplay.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is schedule for release sometime in 2017. Players can check out the trailer after the jump.

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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 now available for PS4

After disappearing from online distribution three years ago, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is back for download.

First released in 2011, UMvC3 was an updated version of Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds that made teams like MorriDoom and Zero May Cry into familiar names among competitive players.

UMvC3 returns with all downloadable content, including Shuma-Gorath and Jill Valentine, for the price of $24.99. The title is currently available for PlayStation 4 and will be coming to Xbox One and PC sometime in March 2017. Check out the trailer after the jump.

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Akuma coming to Street Fighter V on Dec. 20, 2016, first character of season two DLC

The teaser video back at Red Bull Proving Grounds national finals ultimately led up to this: Akuma is coming to Street Fighter V.

This full reveal also kicks off the second season of new downloadable characters planned for 2017. This version of Akuma still has him wearing his signature dark gi while his hairstyle gets a more vibrant design.

The announcement trailer, featured after the jump, shows off various new moves with classic ones returning. His V-Trigger seems to be using aspects of Shin Akuma such as the ability to create two air fireballs. Akuma also gains use of his signature Raging Demon during V-Trigger.

Akuma releases on Dec. 20, 2016. Also releasing that day is the second season pass, which will cost $29.99 with extra outfits and colors in addition to the new characters. If you are at PlayStation Experience 2016, you can try Akuma out now!

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Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite coming in 2017

A "new age of heroes" is coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2017 as Capcom has unveiled Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite.

The new entry in the Vs. Series is not simply following in the footsteps of MvC2 and 3, but looks to offer some new takes on older gameplay. MvSI will return to the two-versus-two format of games like X-Men vs. Street Fighter and the original Marvel vs. Capcom.

It will also feature use of the Infinity Stones, which could either end up like Marvel Super Heroes gems, Street Fighter x Tekken's gems or some new vision altogether.

Capcom also revealed an extended trailer will be shown during the Capcom Cup replay on Dec. 4, 2016, on ESPN2. Check out the new trailer and MvCI features from Capcom Unity below.

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Capcom announces Christmas content for Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V will be getting more holiday-themed DLC in December with new costumes and a stage dedicated to the winter holiday.


First, Capcom is offering a special version of SFV's New York stage titled "Frosty Blvd.," complete with snow and Christmas trimmings all over the landscape. The company is also offering holiday attire for Zangief, R. Mika, Ken, Laura, Juri and Karin.

Each special costume will cost players $3.99 and includes colors 1-10, and the special New York stage will be $1.99 or 40,000 Fight Money. There is also special bundle that will give players all the content for $19.99.

All this content will only be available until January 17, 2017, with a release date announced during PlayStation Experience 2016. Players can check out the trailer after the jump.

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Razer announces Panthera arcade stick for the PS4, available now

Only hours after Mark "MarkMan" Julio announced his work with the company and following hints of use from players such as Infiltration and Xian in recent months, Razer has formally announced its first arcade stick made for the PlayStation 4.

Called the Panthera, this is Razer's third arcade stick, succeeding the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of the Atrox line. This stick will be designed to work on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Using the Atrox as a basis, players can expect the Panthera to feature a detachable USB cable, easy internal access, an anti-slip rubber mat and all Sanwa Denshi arcade parts. Instead of the common green color palette artwork found in the Atrox sticks, the Panthera has shades of dark blue. When it comes to special controls such as Touch Pad and the Home button, they are all placed in front of the Vewlix layout. The Options/Start and Share/Select buttons are still on the right side for convenient access.

Previously known for only making controllers specifically for Microsoft's Xbox platforms, the Panthera joins the Raiju controller as the first two PS4 peripherals by the Taiwan-based company. Min-Liang Tan, Razer's Co-Founder and CEO, announced back in March that the company were working on PS4 products, including a stick, following the controversy of controller malfunctioning at Final Round 19.

You can order now directly on Razer's official store


MarkMan joins Razer

Mark "MarkMan" Julio has announced he is the new Fighting Game Community and Product Consultant for Razer.

The announcement comes just days before Capcom Cup, where Razer players Infiltration, Fuudo and Xian will compete along with 29 other players for cash prizes of more than $350,000.

"I take pride in the work I've done over the years being a part of the fighting game community," Julio said in a statement to IPLAYWINNER. "What I really started with Mad Catz and now EVO... is branching out and working with more like minded people within the gaming industry. The goal is to create a better place for the fighting game community and with the support & dedication from the team over at Razer, the future is looking bright. "

Since leaving gaming peripheral maker Mad Catz in February 2016, MarkMan has been very busy teaming up with companies involved in the fighting game community. In addition to his newly announced job with Razer and work as part of global business development for Evo, Julio is also the Tekken Brand and Community Advisor for Bandai Namco.


Empoleon joins Pokkén Tournament

The steel penguin is coming to the arcade version of Pokkén Tournament on Dec. 15.

Empoleon's addition comes after several months of speculation that the character was being added to Pokkén. The character was first rumored before Scizor's release in October, as data mining of the Wii U game found files for Darkrai, Scizor and Empoleon.

As with Croagunk, Scizor and other recent arcade additions, there has been no indication as to whether the Wii U version of Pokkén Tournament will be updated to include Empoleon.


Upgraded, & easier, version of Toodles' Multi-Console Cthulhu now on Jasen's Customs

Photo by Jasen HicksTo those looking to play older fighting games or general retro gaming on legacy consoles with modern arcade sticks, Jasen's Customs upgraded a popular multiplatform controller board.

Toodles' Multi-Console Cthulhu board is now easier to work with thanks to Jasen's Customs "EZ Build" version. This is a collaboration between Toodles and Jasen Hicks to sell a new version of the board.

Instead of the USB out featured in the original MC Cthulhu, the EZ Build board has a RJ45 out port so there is no need to solder any wires. This plug and play solution will allow easy support for PlayStation 2, Sega Dreamcast, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Turbografx-16 and more. While the screw-in terminal blocks return, players who prefer the 20-pin connections found on the Akishop Customs PS360+ or Brook Universal Fighting Board can expect it in the EZ Build MC Cthulhu. There is also support for Paradise Arcade Shop's Kaimana LED kit.

Preorders for the EZ Build MC Cthulhu can be found on Jasen's Customs' website. Check out the promotional video after the jump!

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Capcom Cup 2016 live stream and event details released

Capcom has nailed down some of the smaller details for people interested in watching Capcom Cup 2016.

In a post on the official Pro Tour website, the company has listed the tournament bracket, stream schedule and list of commentators and presenters who will be narrating the action. There is also a final trailer and a link to profiles of all 32 competitors.

Capcom Cup takes place Dec. 2-3, 2016, with finals day live from the PlayStation Experience in Anaheim, California.



Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- coming to Steam on Dec. 14, 2016

The newest version of Guilty Gear Xrd is headed to PC before the end of the year.

According to listings in the Steam store, -Revelator- will launch on Dec. 14, roughly six months after the game's initial home release.

There are no details as to how the Steam release will handle DLC characters Raven, Kum Haehyun and Dizzy, but each -Sign- character was sold individually for $1.99 or as part of a bigger bundle.