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Yatterman No. 2 - Tatsunoko



A mysterious stone known as Skull Stone is scattered across the planet, and it holds the power to reveal the location of the largest deposit of gold in the world. A trio of villains, the Doronjo Gang,is in pursuit of fame, power and wealth as they search for the Skull Stone. The "Yatterman", try and block the Doronbo every chance they get.







Ai is Gan's girlfriend, and the only daughter of a shopkeeper who sells electrical appliances. She is often seen constructing and modifying machines with Gan. She is "Yatterman No. 2", and uses a telescoping baton to emit electric currents to shock opponents, as well as for her special attack "Electric Stick".


Gameplay Details:

Yatterman-2 is similar to Karas in some regards. She has poor HP and an assortment of very quick pokes to keep opponents moving and defend herself from frontal assaults. Yatterman-2 possibly has some of the poorest damage in the game, but at the same time she has a tool to deal with almost any situation, and her strength lies in her plethora of incredibly mean setups and pressure tricks. She has fast mixups, quick unblockables, a helper that keeps her safe from combos, annoying projectiles and more. Once she starts attacking she doesn't have to stop any time soon, and even the most patient opponents will find themselves going loopy when trying to defend against her range of obnoxious shenanigans.



Difficulty: intermediate

Style: heavy pressure

Defensive power: Poor HP, but has many attacks which can be used defensively

Offensive power: Her overall damage output is weak, but her resets soon add up.

Approach strength: Yatterman-2 has a very easy time approaching due to her fast pokes and overall mobility. Her projectiles are an irritation no matter where she is on screen, and her Hyper moves only help in aiding her approach.

Combo ability: Her ability to extend combos is moderate, but she is able to cause stagger and repeat her ground strings as well as finish air combos with her heavy quick step, which strikes downed opponents.

Meter Usage: Yatterman-2 mainly uses her meter to summon Omotchama and for megacrash, and she builds it quite quickly too, so in a way she is fairly reliant on meter to keep her going.

Key Techniques: Players should learn to utilise her many tricks creatively to create difficult situations that may lead to a reset. Her unblockables can be followed up with an assist or baroque in order to lead into combos.

Partner Options: Any character who has a multi-hit or projectile assist will be helpful for her. Polimar can set up for some easy unblockables while Ryu or Morrigan will allow her to create more openings to get in close. Roll's assist also comes in very handy for controlling space. With Karas she has some amusing Variable Hyper Combinations using her Super Passion Hyper.


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