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Tekkaman - Tatsunoko

"I'm fighting for the very future of Earth itself!"


With his state-of the art Tekset system technology, Joji Mionami transforms himself into Tekkaman, the space knight. Tekkaman protects humanity by fighting off the evil organization, Waldaster, that killed his father.




Tekkaman may be slow, but he's the definition of true powerin Tatsunoko vs Capcom. The Space Knight has impressive range on his normal attacks and hits very hard, able to take an opponent beyond half their life with only one ground to air combo. His Hyper attacks are equally strong, making him a valuable ally in teams, especially considering that his assist is one of the best in the game.



Difficulty: Basic/Intermediate

Style: Tank

Defensive power: He has very high HP, though some of his defensive moves are a bit slow, so he often has trouble keeping opponents away from him if he doesn't predict correctly.

Offensive power: Tekkaman's damage potential is through the roof. Everything he does is going to deal massive damage to the opponent. His level 1 hypers are especially powerful and not too hard to land with a little help from his partner. His regular combos deal damage that most characters struggle to reach though extensive strings, and all of that without even needing to use meter.

Approach strength: Tekkaman has one good tool for approaching and that is his jumping Heavy attack. His jumping Light attack also makes a decent approach but doesn't offer the same coverage. He is also able to use his Tek Lancer special to provide some cover for approaching, and if he can land a lucky Tek win from across the screen, he can get a combo from almost anywhere.

Combo ability: His combos are not particularly long or complicated, but they do a lot of damage. Much of this comes from his abiltiy to use his Galaxy Windmill twice in an air combo.

Meter Usage: Tekkaman's hyper attacks really hurt, so it's often not a bad idea to use them if the opportunity presents itself, but he really doesn't need to use meter to do lots of damage. He rarely would want to Crossover Air Raid if he's on point, because his double Galaxy Windmill is usually a superior way of finishing an air combo. However his parters will be all too eager to Crossover Air Raid to him for that exact same reason.

Key Techniques: Learning how to do two air Galaxy Windmills in a row is the one big entrance test for Tekkaman users, and it's not too difficult once you get a feel for the timing and get used to holding down while using air moves. Once this technique is mastered, it is also a good idea to learn how to use Tek Win to combo after landing a Heavy Tek Lancer on a standing opponent.

Partner Options: Tekkaman himself is a fantastic partner for almost everyone in the game. He has a great assist which is good for combos and defeating giant characters. His level 1 Hypers are fantastic in Hyper Combinations and he is also able to provide extreme damage off Crossover Air Raves. For Tekkaman, he would prefer partners who have assists which can help him get in on the opponent, so anyone with an advancing or projectile assist will work well.