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Tekkaman Blade - Tatsunoko

"My hatred and anger for the Radam is the only thing that fuels me!"


A mysterious young man named "D-boy," driven by resentment towards the alien life forms known as Radam, transforms into the agile and powerful warrior Tekkaman Blade. He hunts down the extraterrestrial enemy with the Tekklancer (variable twin-lances) which provides him with a barrage of diverse, powerful and lightning fast attacks. Coupled with his Voltekka body armor, he is capable of emitting a lethal dose of antimatter particles, sending enemies running for cover.


Gameplay Details: Tekkaman Blade is a fearsome character who can - like his space knight counterpart - deal immense damage. Unlike Tekkaman though, Blade requires longer and more complex combos to deal damage and while he is definately more agile, his mobility is quite awkward. His regular jump goes very high and his walking speed is poor. His dash seems similar to Morrigan's, but has a slow startup and travels in one direction very quickly, so he cannot react quickly to sudden situations and can't punish openings by dashing and attacking like most characters would. Instead, Blade relies on the mobility granted to him by his wild and unpredictable attacks, which advance him ferociously towards his opponent. He is able to constantly keep his opponent guessing which way to block due to the nature of his tricky moves. Not a character to be taken lightly, but also not an easy character to use.



Difficulty: Advanced

Style: Poke and Punish

Defensive power: Blade is a little lacking in ways to shrug off pressure. His B+H attack has some guard frames, and he can often zip past the opponent with his Falchion, but often he struggles to escape rushdown. He has above average HP and his Crash Intrude Hyper can also be used to quickly escape from some offenses while punishing the opponent for being too agressive. Shamshir is a critical move for use as an anti-air or just for attempting to scare the opponent away, but it is punishable on block.

Offensive power: Hoo boy, where to start? If Blade lands any one of his jabs, the opponent is going to immediately megacrash or spend the next ten seconds praying that he drops his combo before half their life is gone. His attacks do great damage as they are, and he is able to combo into a launch and then bring the opponent back to the ground before launching them again. His advanced combos are quite technical and difficult to perform though, and do have plenty of room for error.

Approach strength: He can approach from the air with relative safety, but has some issues approaching from the ground. Most Blade players like to air dash a lot from a height, then drop down on their opponent with an aerial D+H and cancel immediately into a Falchion. This usually gets Blade in on his opponent with relative safety but it is still quite telegraphed.

Combo ability: Very high. As stated before he is capable of creating frighteningly powerful links by doing an air combo into jumping D+H while buffering a Heavy Katzbalger, which catches the opponent before they hit the ground and then takes them to the wall for a relaunch. After this, he can do another jumping D+H into shamshir before the hitstun scaling kicks in, and that's only his advanced bread and butter!. Comboing into his crash intrude is also a breeze.

Meter Usage: Tekkaman Blade really doesn't need to use meter, but he can do some neat things with it. Crash Intrude is a ticket to free damage in many situations, as it's one of his best moves. Unlike Tekkaman he doesn't mind using crossover air raids due to the fact that he can re-launch again after the brunt of his air combos are over.

Key Techniques: learning the strict timing for his air-to-ground link is a must for serious Tekkaman Blade players. Getting a hold of his weird movement is probably another big challenge. It also doesn't hurt to think about what partner will suit his Falchion tricks too.

Partner Options: For Blade users who like to abuse Falchion, a multi-hitting assist with good range is necessary and so Polimar is one of the best for this job. Projectile assists like Ryu and Morrigan also work fine and provide Blade some cover to approach.


Special Moves



Tekkaman Blade swings his lancer around his upper body, rapidly hitting anyone close enough. The hitbox for this move is huge and the startup is almost instant, making it a fantastic way to cancel out of unsafe attacks and blow off opponent pressure. The light version has the shortest twirling time wheras the stronger versions last longer.







Tekkaman Blade splits his lancer in two and tosses it out as a projectile. The light version simply stuns the opponent, but the mid and strong versions will cause Blade to rush up to the opponent and tear out his lancer, sending the opponent flying to the ground. The mid version can be used as an anti air, and at greater heights it's even possible to follow with an air dash and attack the opponent one final time with a jumping D+H. The strong version has the slowest startup time but deals the most damage. This attack will break super armor on giant characters and Oni Mode Soki. When used in the air, the lancer is thrown at a downwards angle.







Blade does a quick uppercut followed by a twirl of his Tekkalancer. The twirl causes the opponent to fall into knockdown. Using the heavy version of this attack will cause Blade to follow up the attack by charging forward, spinning his lancer like a buzz saw. This traps anyone who gets caught in it, slamming them against the wall and allowing him to combo from there on. This fearesome attack makes for a very dangerous anti-air, but it's greatest strength lies in the fact that he can use it to combo after launching, hitting the opponent with a jumping D+H at the apex of his combo, then quickly canceling it into this attack before they hit the ground. This allows Tekkaman Blade to re-launch, giving him some of the most frightening combo damage in the game. However, this link is very hard and so novice players may find it better to just go for easier combos. The charging part of this attack can also be baroqued if it's blocked, allowing Tekkaman Blade to go for a quick grab attempt when they least expect it.







A very ambiguous move as Tekkaman Blade will cross up his opponent, reeling his space lancer in towards him as he crosses behind the opponent. Can be used with certain assists to create a very confusing mix up. The button pressed determines the distance traveled, with light being the shortest dash and heavy being the farthest. Overall, the heavy version is the safest and therefore best used for mobility. The Light version can be comboed from afterwards if it hits. Blade is not invulnerable to throws and jabs while initiating his dash, and so this attack should be used sparingly so that the opponent won't get used to your patterns.



Hyper Combos



A very fast super where Tekkaman Blade flies across the screen intercepting his opponent before knocking them into the sky and pummeling him with his super speed. It is one of the fastest supers in the game and can be used to punish almost anything from anywhere, similar to Megaman's machine gun hyper attack. It also works on giant characters and is not overly effected by damage scaling. After the last hit, Blade is able to get a little bit more damage by quickly jumping and using a D+H in the air before the opponent gets up.






Tekkaman Blade fires up his shoulder cannons aiming towards the sky, blasting his opponent with a beam of light. This hits at a 45degree angle and causes knockdown, but it's a little too slow to be used as an anti-air. Decent in combos, it allows for some interesting delayed hyper combos with the right partner.







Tekkaman Blade unleashes a wave of power in a circle around his entire body. If the shockwave itself hits the opponent, it triggers the full power attack in which Blade will open his guns and then blast the opponent with a super powerful Voltekka. If the first hit of the super is blocked, he will spew out a horizontal voltekka anyway which still does a lot of damage but can be blocked. Should he miss with this attack, he has a lot of recovery and can be easily punished.



Light, Medium, Crouching Medium, Hard, Launcher -> Light,Medium -> Light, Medium [ cancel into Hard Baselard ] or [ cancel into Light Baselard, Crash Intrude ]

Light, Medium, Crouching Medium, Hard Katzbalger, Light, Medium, Launcher -> Medium, [ Medium Baselard OR Light Baselard, Jump, Medium cancel into Crash Intrude ]

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