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Looking to brush up on your knowledge of a certain character or simply learn something new about your current main? Click on whichever character you'd like to get up to speed their normal, special and super moves, not to mention a handful of combos to help you put the beatdown on the other guy! 

This guide is a continual work in progress, so if you have something to add please contact us!











NEWS - Check out the latest videos, tournament results and more!

GAME SYSTEM - Learn all about the Super Street Fighter 4 Game Play system -- Focus Attacks, Ultra Combos -- it's all here!

GAME DATA - Study up on Super Street Fighter 4 Game Data. Topics include Damage Scaling (tables included) and changes to characters from Street Fighter 4 to Super Street Fighter 4.

TIER LIST  - Wondering where your favorite character stacks up versus the rest of the cast? Check out our Super Street Fighter 4 Tier List to learn more about the games match ups! 

UNLOCKS - Find out how to easily unlock taunts and colors for the entire Super Street Fighter 4 roster.

SCREENSHOTS - View numerous Screen Shots from Super Street Fighter 4

ARTWORK - Character Artwork and more from Super Street Fighter 4. 


Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition Update Log

October 15th, 2011: Welcome to the SSF4: AE Update Log!

Welcome to the Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition Guide Update Log.  We started this log on September 15th but made it public on October 15th.  Here you will find the latest updates made to the guide. 

If you have any suggestions for the guide, want to submit some tips or information, point out some corrections to be made, or recommend an awesome community video that you think we should directly link to within this guide, send an email to

October 15, 2011

  • Yang:  Top player ROM had already written an excellent guide all about Yang's normal moves so we pretty much just added that article to Yang's normal moves guide.  The normal moves portion of Yang's guide is one of the most in-depth guides on a specific character's normals you will find, and it's all from one of the top players.
  • Yang:  Completed the basic write-ups for Yang's Special Moves, Super and Ultras
  • Yang:  Added a link to SSF4AE Yang Tutorial - Lightning Fast Basics Tutorial by pdaaawg, a great overview tutorial for the character which also features some great tips and combos
  • Yun:  Added a community video Yun's Ultra 1 Set Ups by MrStevokanevo: This video demonstrates a wide variety of methods used to land Ultra 1. It's a great video showcasing lots of setups with no fluff.

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SSF4AE Guide: Community Most Wanted

The purpose of the Community Most Wanted log is to detail some of the things we would most love to get as guide submissions from the community.  Sometimes it can be specific pieces of information.  At other times it can be ideas for very specific tutorial or informational videos we'd love to see someone create.

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