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"If you keep repeating your mistakes, you will not get anywhere"


Ryu is a dedicated martial artist who aspires to become a true fighter. He tirelessly wanders the globe looking for stronger opponents to ensure he continues to improve upon his techniques and strength. He has previously revealed in other VS series his desire to gain the mutual respect of his opponents strictly through battle. His special Hadoken and Shoryuken moves are, inarguably, his trademarks.





Ryu debuted in the original 1987 arcade game Street Fighter. In the game he appears as the lead character, along with his best friend Ken, participating in the Street Fighter tournament.  Ryu has been a lead character in the Street Fighter series since the first game and has made crossover appearances in many other games.



A beginner-friendly character who will add substance to almost any team combination. Ryu has simple but powerful combos and tools to deal with almost any situation. His damage output is very high and he has no major weaknesses to speak of. His effective assist and useful super moves make him a great teammate as well as a solid point character.



Difficulty: Basic

Style: All-rounder

Defensive power: With average HP and his trademark Shoryuken, Ryu is quite defensively sound and has tools to deal with many different kinds of threats.

Offensive power: Ryu's combos are simple and hit hard. His Hyper moves are somewhat on the weak side but are very versatile.

Approach strength: He has no problem approaching for the most part thanks to his fast walking speed, quick pokes and decent range. Using an aerial tatsumaki senpukyaku close to the ground is also a good way to approach.

Combo ability: Ryu has strong combos and all of his standard attacks link easily into oneanother. He can extend his own combos through his Jodan Sokutou Geri which wallbounces and lets him follow up with a launcher into air combo. None of his combos are particularly difficult, even the longer ones.

Meter Usage: Due to the versatile nature of his Hypers, Ryu can use meter for pretty much anything he wants. Either for finishing combos with Hypers for a bit of extra damage or for megacrash and crossover air raids, his playstyle is flexible enough to allow all of these options to be effective.

Key Techniques: by using a senpukyaku close to the ground at the start of a jump, Ryu can move as soon as the attack ends and can use it to start combos. Other than this he doesn't really have any advanced techniques that are worth noting.

Partner Options: Anyone who has an assist that allows for extended combos is useful for Ryu. Morrigan, Ken the Eagle, Jun the Swan and Frank West are all possibilities. Some players may prefer crossover air raids due to the damage, in which case Tekkaman, Batsu and Chun Li are good choices.