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Roll - Capcom

"I'll have to give it my all since my brother isn't here to give me a hand!"


A sweet female robot, Roll is often known as Mega Man’s sister. She was created by Dr. Light, a prominent roboticist, to assist him in the lab. She is a peace-loving robot, but is not afraid to confront villains with her broom during times of emergency.








Roll is a female robot designed for housekeeping instead of fighting. She is often known as Mega Man's sister. Her name is a play on the term Rock and Roll, as Mega Man is known as Rockman in Japan.  Roll first appeared briefly in the ending of the first Mega Man.  She was playable in the Marvel vs Capcom series as well as Mega Man Powered Up.




What she lacks in raw power and defense, Roll makes up for with an array of unique skills and speed. Her broom strikes are very fast and have enough range to let her beat out most air-to-air confrontations as well as giving her access to a range of devious mixups. Her airdash lets her rocket towards the opponent while keeping her momentum, making it easy for her to pressure opponents in the corner. Roll literally sweeps the opponent off their feet, then proceeds to attack them while they're down, building lots of meter and preventing them from escaping her combo with a Mega Crash. She is also able to heal herself and makes a great teammate for many characters. Her small stature also lets her avoid some attacks completely, so opponents have to adjust their combos to suit her. When Roll's broom is charged, her offensive abilities take a huge leap. All her normal attacks deal more damage and her specials are enhanced to allow her to extend her combos.



Difficulty: Intermediate

Style: passive-aggressive rushdown

Defensive power: She has the second lowest HP in the game, but she's small enough that she often takes less hits from combos. She is also able to heal herself if she gets an opening. Her jabs are among the fastest in the game and so she can often poke her way out of trouble when an opponent is too close for comfort.

Offensive power: Without a broom charge, Roll's damage is quite pitiful, but when her broom is charged all of her normal attacks and specials are boosted by about 10% in damage, which really does make a difference, especially when you consider that she can re-launch fairly easily after an air combo. Her Roll Mop Up Turbo is one of the most powerful level 1 Hypers in the game and only serves to help her combo damage.

Approach strength: Not many characters have an answer to Roll's air dash and jumping Heavy attack. Her range is better than it looks and her speedy moves keep opponents honest, so she rarely ever has any trouble closing the gap between herself and her target. However, a Roll player needs to be careful not to get too predictable with this kind of approach. Unfortunately, it's very hard to combo off her air Heavy attack due to how low the stun is, so sometimes it's best to just sit back and let the opponent make a mistake by tricking them into thinking you are going to push the offensive.

Combo ability: Roll's combo ability takes a jump when she charges her broom. She can re-launch after an air combo by using a charged Roll Broom Swing. Her combos deal a lot of small hits due to her habit of pummeling opponents while they're down. It can be quite amusing to watch and in the end it does deal respectable damage.

Meter Usage: Roll does tend to use meter for cancelling her Turbo Mop Up into another Hyper to make it safe when using it on downed opponents. This makes her more meter-costly if she's going for big damage, but more conservative Roll players might want to save it for megacrash or healing.

Key Techniques: Roll is a fairly execution friendly character. Her more advanced techniques include cancelling the startup of her air dash into another jump-cancelled air dash, which causes her to rocket across the screen even faster. Players will need to learn how to use her charged broom swing in air combos, which is where a lot of her damage comes from.

Partner Options: Roll and Casshern is still one of the best teams in the game, as the two have incredible synergy together. Roll and Yatterman-1 is also a very strong team who can do some frightening damage through Hyper Combinations.


Special Moves


Hyper Moves





Standing Bread and Butter (without charge)

crouching Light, mid, crouching mid, strong, -> launcher -> up -> L,M -> jump -> M,M,H -> Roll Sweep