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Special Moves





PTX-40A can have two weapons; one on his left shoulder and one on his right. Inputing the motion forward causes him to fire the weapon on his right shoulder. Inputting it backwards causes him to fire the weapon on his left shoulder. After a certain number of attacks, the weapon will fall off. Using the command again once a weapon is gone will trigger a reload. A random weapon will be recieved as a replacement. The button pressed determines the angle the weapon is fired at. Light will cause PTX to fire the gun diagonally downwards, Mid fires straight ahead and Strong fires at an upwards angle.


Players will need to know the hit characteristics of the weapons and what their attack characteristics are. Although the replacement weapon that you recieve is random, some weapons appear with a higher frequency than others. The Machine Gun is the most common. The Buckshot is the second most common. The Rocket and Missile are the least common. At the start of every match, the Left Shoulder will always have a Rocket and the Right Shoulder will always have a Machine Gun.

Here's a rundown of the four types of Weapons:

Machine Gun:

Fires a fast barrage of machine gun bullets. It chews through projectiles and does good chip damage. It's a good multi-purpose weapon (which is good because it's the most common). The machine gun may be used three times before it falls off. Keep in mind that there is a blind spot right in front of PTX where the machine gun will miss most characters.


The Buckshot fires a short-range spread of bullets. It is good for knocking opponents out of the air. It has a wider hit area than the Machine Gun, does more damage, fires faster, and causes more stun. The range is less, however. The Buckshot may be used three times before it falls off.


The rocket hangs in the air for a moment and then homes in on the is one-time use only, so choose the shot carefully. The rocket itself does 7 hits in total, and only the first hit is unblockable. During some rare circumstances the rocket can hit the ground before the opponent and they will be able to block the explosion. Opponents can avoid taking damage by super jumping the rocket, tagging out just before it hits, or using a mega crash. However, there are many ways to set up for completely un-escapable rocket hits, making it PTX's most valuable gun.


The missile will travel forward in a straight line and explode wildly on contact or when it reaches the edge of the screen and deal lots of damage if it hits. Unlike the rocket it can be blocked. Useful for keeping an opponent pinned for pressure or chip damage. These can only be obtained if PTX's barrage shot super is interrupted before it finishes.


Another note of interest is that by inputting the firing commands one after the other in a quick motion, PTX will rapidly fire both guns one after the other. This allows him to combo gunshots and deal sufficient damage, as well as build alarming amounts of meter and block off opponent escape routes with two calculated bursts in different directions. However there is a trick to getting off a third shot.


In order for the guns to chain into a third shot, you must start with the left weapon and alternate between right and left. The second shot must be the light version and it must hit the opponent if a third shot is going to come out.




PTX-40A engages a chainsaw and swings it upward in kind of an uppercut motion. The chainsaw is not too slow to come out and hits multiple times and does a lot of damage, but it has some sufficient recovery. Its arch also gives it good horizontal and vertical range and the startup of the attack pulls PTX back quickly and so in some cases it can be used to avoid and counter close-range attacks. The Attack button pressed determines the Chainsaw Slash's speed, number of hits, and damage. The Light Attack version has the fastest start-up and recovery but does the fewest number of hits and lowest damage. The heavy Attack version is the slowest but does the most hits and greatest damage. The Medium attack version is in-between. Of special note is that the hard and mid versions cause knockdown at a very high arc, making this move quite useful in combos.



After a brief pause, PTX rockets forwards for a hefty tackle that barges through many attacks and causes the opponent to slam against the wall if it hits. The light version travels a short distance but has the fastest startup and recovery time, the mid version has slightly less startup time but goes much further, and the heavy version has considerable startup, but propells him forwards extremily quickly and causes snapback if it hits. VS tackle is one of PTX's most important attacks, making up the brunt of his strong rushdown and aiding in his mobility options and combos. Another key feature of this special is that it not only will destroy lariats and chains with its huge hitbox, but also has auto-guard frames during the entire charge and for most of the recovery, which keeps it safe from counterattacks. When cancelled with baroque, it can be used as an alternative to dashing.


While not exactly considered a special move, F+M,B+M is THE most important attack in PTX's arsenal. This attack serves as both an offensive and defensive tool, changing PTX's laggy overhead chainsaw F + M into a lightning fast low-hitting backdash explosion that propels PTX backwards while blowing the opponent into the sky in a knocked down spinning state. It can be used for mixups, getting out of troublesome situations or even just moving backwards. The hitbox is huge and allows for PTX to combo afterwards into true specials, all of which will hit due to the amazing stun this attack causes.