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PTX-40A - Capcom

"This is a perfectly balanced VS. You can't even begin to compare to its weight, firepower, and mobility."


A prototype VS (Vital Suit), nicknamed Ivan, no other VS comes close to the PTX-40A in terms of power and capabilities. It is equipped with heavy armaments attached to its shoulders, shotguns for close-up battles, and lighting quick moves never thought possible for its size.



PTX-40A originated in Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, a third person shooter.  In the game, the player can either roam around on foot or drive one of the Vital Suits as they become available, which have a variety of heavy weapons.





PTX is a very agressive offense-oriented character who uses his large frame to keep opponents pinned in the corner and under constant pressure. This character boasts powerful attacks and unblockable resets, making him a dangerous force in the hands of a skilled player.

In this game, PTX is a special character who plays differently from the regulars. Unlike most characters, PTX has one very large life bar and can't have a partner. Due to lack of a partner, PTX is not able to use any system functions that require the use of a partner. To make up for this, PTX has continuous hyper-armor at all times which can only be broken by a select few moves and command grabs.

When being hit by combos, PTX can't block the follow-up moves if the first hit wasn't blocked, even if he is able to move backwards. Being hit too many times over a short period of time will cause PTX to become dizzied, completely vulnerable to attack and without hyper armor. PTX also can't regain health from red life.

Certain special moves such as Tekkaman's space lariat and all level 3 supers will break the hyper armor and allow PTX to be juggled like a normal character, so these moves are very dangerous to PTX. Playing this character requires a patient and cautious mindset and a good knowledge of his many bad matchups and how to overcome them. He is not a character for beginners.



Difficulty: Advanced

Style: Rushdown

Defensive power: PTX  has the second highest HP in the game and has constant super armor, but his overall HP is still less than that of two regular characters, and he cannot heal by tagging. PTX still has better defensive options than Lightan, with various auto-guard functions on his jabs and full protection during Vs Tackle, but as a character PTX is still fairly fragile and must be very careful not to take damage if possible. It's often quite easy for opponents to exploit a giant character's weaknesses, so PTX must constantly be aware of what threats the opponent is capable of posing. PTX is also vulnerable to losing by time-out if opponents are dedicated on stalling out the match and running away.

Offensive power: This is where PTX excells. His powerful regular combos can lead to equally damaging resets. If PTX has a rocket he can easily ensure the elimination of one of his 2 opponents. Players just have to be very careful not to be overconfident or make any mistakes.

Approach strength: Most would think that a character with full super armor could approach without care, but this simply is not the case. Against an opponent like Tekkaman Blade, PTX has to work very hard to get in close. However once PTX does get in, he can easily keep the opponent in the corner and chip at them until they either get hit or manage to escape. PTX is sufficiently better at chasing an opponent than Lightan, since he is able to utilise Vs Tackle to cover distance. Baroque is often key to closing the gap, as it provides safety and instant movement after a tackle. PTX cannot instantly jump and block while dashing, which makes dashing risky against certain opponents who are ready to intercept with a well-timed Tekkaman assist or armor breaking attack of their own.

Combo ability: PTX can't chain attacks as easily as Lightan and relies more heavily on links. These small combos do impressive damage for the few hits they do land, and PTX also benefits from having fearsome resets when rockets are involved.

Meter Usage: Meter is mainly conserved for the L-P buster or Megacrash. Thankfully PTX builds meter very fast and can take a full bar with only a few hits.

Key Techniques: Learning how to safely drop a rocket and confirm a reset is pivotal to PTX's success, since rockets are easy for opponents to avoid unless used strategically after certain setups. Learning how to buffer charge input specials during a F+M,B+M is also a must for all significant combos. Chaining guns can be tricky and requires a little practice as does a general feel for how PTX can approach and pressure while still remaining safe from harm.

Partner Options: none