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Hyper Moves



PTX spins around and then initiates a super flash, firing both shoulder-mounted guns at the opponent until empty, followed by a period of reloading after which he blasts the opponent with two missiles.

This attack has many unique properties and tends to confuse newer players. The output depends entirely on what guns are mounted on PTX's shoulders at the time. While completing the first spin, PTX will load both shoulders to replace any missing guns with a random weapon. If PTX already had two weapons equipped, then no guns will be loaded. After this, the weapons will fire for a few seconds while tracking the opponent, regardless of how much ammo the guns had previously. After PTX has emptied both guns they will fall off his shoulders and PTX will pause for a moment before loading in two missiles which are then automatically fired at the opponent. Unfortunately, PTX is very vulnerable while loading the missiles and the opponent has plenty of time to block them, meaning that the missiles will rarely ever actually hit an experienced player. Damage and effect varies depending on the weapons PTX has at the time. If PTX has a rocket and a machine gun, he will fire a long stream of machinegun bullets alongside 5 rockets. The weapons retain their usual properties, so if even one of these guns happens to be a rocket, then the attack is completely unblockable. As a general rule of thumb, players should NEVER use this super unless they happen to have the following combinations: 1 rocket + 1 machine gun, 1 rocket + 1 shotgun or 2 rockets. This super can be used in place of the rocket > LP combo if the opponent is at low health. It's more economical than using the regular rocket into level 3 finisher. Do not ever attempt to use this attack if PTX is carrying 2 machine guns or 2 shotguns. The damage is pitiful and PTX is left very open while loading the missiles.



PTX poses for a brief moment before attacking the opponent with his chainsaw. The initial hit is an overhead horizontal swipe which launches the opponent and must be blocked high, followed by an uppercut and finally a chop which slams the opponent to the ground, grinding them in place Until the super ends. PTX takes quite a while to recover from this attack and the opponent will often get a few hits in whether they are hit by it or not, but on the upside it is very damaging for a level 1 super. This attack is not very commonly used by PTX players, mainly because of it's slow startup time and the fact that it leaves PTX very vulnerable, even if it connects. Against some characters (like Roll) who have no ways to break PTX's hyper armor, this attack is less risky to use. It should never be used against someone like Karas or Tekkaman unless it's sure to finish them off, and PTX often has better ways to achieve this. Shortcomings aside, It's a very damaging super and a good way to deal damage at the end of a combo without having to lose a precious rocket. It can be comboed into via wall bounce Riot Tackle.



PTX glows blue and initiates a super flash, pausing for a moment before charging across the screen. If he hits the opponent, a cutscene will ensue and PTX will strip off his armor to reveal two giant plasma swords. PTX rises into the air while slicing the opponent before hitting them with a final one-two and a dramatic finishing strike, after which the opponent plummets helplessly to the ground. Despite the slow start up, this move makes up the brunt of PTX's fearsome corner damage and is well worth the meter spent to perform it. When the opponent is cornered and knocked airborn by any one of PTX's launching attacks, PTX can fire a single rocket and then immediately cancel into this super. If set up correctly, it is a guaranteed reset in the corner for tremendous damage that very few opponents can reliably escape. Super cancelling into the rocket prevents the opponent from mega-crashing the unblockable projectile and disrupting the combo. It's best to get the opponent airborn first by comboing into standing strong attack or launcher, otherwise they can evade the rocket with a well-timed tag to their partner. This super does come with a small downside: after using it all of PTX's weapons will be dropped, though this isn't really much of a problem. After landing the attack, PTX will be given a moment of reprieve to either reload it's weapons fully, or go in for even more damage by dashing over to the falling opponent and hitting them on the ground with D+H attack before they recover. This effectively adds even more damage to the super's already respectable base power with the added benefit of regaining some meter in the process. This super can be used raw to punish certain level 1 beam supers such as Ryu's Shinkuu Hadouken or Megaman Volnutt's Machine Gun Sweep, but in general it's best to use it only with the correct setup, as it's too valuable to waste and the penalty for missing is too high (being stuck without guns, right in front of the opponent and vulnerable to attack is not pleasant for PTX at all.)