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Polimar - Tatsunoko

"Transformation is just one of my many abilities!"


A heroic crime fighter with a strong sense of justice, Polimar is a master of the invincible Hurricane-style martial art, which is known for its magical movements. He also wears the Polimar Suit, a special high-tech crime-fighting suit made of shape-shifting memory plastic. The real man hidden under the suit is Takeshi Yoroi, a private detective’s assistant, whose undercover identity is that of a hapless loser.



Hurricane Polymar first aired in 1974. Polimar is the secret identity of Takeshi Yoroi. He wears a special suit made of memory plastic which enables him to assume any shape which he uses to fight crime.

Gameplay Details: Hurricane Polimar is one of those characters who needs to work to get in on the opponent, but can really lay down the pain when he does manage to find an opening. He is a short ranged fighter with quick moves, but his walking speed is incredibly slow. While Polimar may not deal huge damage per hit like Tekkaman, his combos just go on and on and on, and with his aerial grab super reset he can add even more damage to his already frightening combos. Through his emblems he is able to cancel his special moves into other specials up to three times, making him friendly towards players who love making up free form combos on the fly. With patience and good support, Polimar only ever needs to find an opening twice and he may as well have defeated one opponent.


Difficulty: intermediate

Style: combo grappler fusion

Defensive power: His HP is average, but many of his defensive techniques are a little risky to perform. His invincible stance and F+M feint may discourage some opponents from attacking, but against fighters who have better range he needs to be cautious to prevent from being overhwelmed.

Offensive power: Polimar deals scary amounts of damage if he can land a combo, moreso with emblems (which are fairly easy to aquire.) His Hypers are also incredibly powerful if he can land them, which makes him a great partner for some specific Delayed Hyper Combinations.

Approach strength: This is one field where Polimar is lacking. He has trouble pushing his assault due to his short range and slow movement. His stance and feint only get him so far, but are still important for overcoming his weakness.

Combo ability: Even without his emblems, Polimar can carry his combos on and on. Almost all of his normals can combo into each other and into specials, and from there his specials can combo further into other specials into links into an air combo into a powerful reset. It also helps that his combos are not particularly difficult or technical to perform.

Meter Usage: Meter is mainly used for Polimar's infamous aerial hyper grab reset. He builds a lot of meter through his combos and usually will have at least 1 bar before finishing his combo with the hyper. However, sometimes players may want to forgo the finisher in order to save up the meter for megacrash.

Key Techniques: Polimar players should learn how to use his emblems to extend combos, as well as how to use his reset to finish air combos. Other than this, Polimar doesn't have any particularly difficult techniques.

Partner Options: Anyone who can cover for Polimar while he approaches is a useful partner. Characters who can make use of his skills in Hyper combinations may also be worth a look. Polimar  himself is a fantastic partner due to his assist, which is great for characters who need some time to land a slow but powerful attack during combos.