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For those of you familiar with Tekken Crash, a similar series has popped in Korea called Tuhon 2009, this time about SF4.

The format of this first season is a single elimination, 16 man tournament, with apparently each episode focusing on 1 round of the tournament. The season is planned to end with the top 4 from Korea facing off in a 4 on 4 exhibition against Mago, Kyabetsu, Momochi, and Kindevu.

The official website for the show can be found here:

As of now, the first 3 episodes are out, which you can find here:

Episode 1:

Part 1

Part 2

Episode 2:

Part 1

Part 2

Episode 3:

Part 1

Part 2

According to Laugh, the Akuma player 'Infiltration' is undoubtably the strongest Akuma player in Korea, and even the strongest player in all of Korea. I know this is someone I'll be watching more of.

Thanks for Laugh for posting this on the Shoryuken forums.


Justin Wong Demonstrates Akuma Ultra Setups

Justin Wong and Javits show off a couple tricks that Akuma can use to land the Raging Demon Ultra combo.  Also on the video are a few tips for inputing Raging Demon to activate it more quickly.  It's a short but very informative video for Akuma/Gouki players out there.



NorCal Regionals 2K9 Teaser


The Hype is Coming. IPlayWinner Will Bring it to You... Live!

November 21-22: Be there, or be HERE!


A Glimpse of what Japanese Players are Asking For in Super Street Fighter 4

Azrael is really going above and beyond the call of duty with his translations of Super Street Fighter 4 information posted on Japanese websites.  A few days ago, he translated the latest post on the official Super Street Fighter 4 Blog (found here).

Now, to give us a glimpse of what Japanese players are asking for in Super Street Fighter 4, he has gone through the trouble of paraphrasing what various Japanese commenters on that Japanese Blog Post have requested or commented about.  Some of these are AWESOME ideas!

Here are some comments from Japanese players, paraphrased to get an idea of what they were asking for or commenting about (Note: I added images to break it up to make it easier to read and may not be related to adjacent comment topics):

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Capcom's Seth Killian clarifies "preserving" netcode from yesterday's Super Street Fighter 4 Blog Translation and Confirms Ability To Save Replays at Will

Of all the juicy information that was contained in yesterday's translation of the latest Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 Official Blog entry (found here), the following line caused quite a stir around the interwebs:

Azrael's translation:

"Working to "preserve" the quality of the netcode from SFIV even with spectator"

Capcom's Seth Killian, in a post on his own blog about the translation, felt it necessary to clarify this issue as he feels something was lost in translation.

"Lol. The "preserving" the netcode stuff is misleading translation at its finest, not something significant (why is it in quotes at all?)"

"What the team is referring to is simply that it can get difficult to sync all the spectators with the competing players themselves, in terms of image AND voice. Basically the issue they are struggling with is that sometimes the spectators will be watching at slightly different speeds, so that if I'm across the country and watching a few frames behind my friend, I might still hear him cheering his buddy in victory before the final blow has landed for me. It's not a major issue, applies only to spectating, and is still in development. Geez! :) "

The Street Fighter community (ourselves included) appreciates translations by such kind folks as Azrael, Jigsaw and others. But thanks also go out to Seth for the clarification, as speculation about this line had to be addressed.

In addition, Seth Killian's blog post also confirmed what for many is absolutely huge news: In Super Street Fighter 4, we can finally save our own replays!

Seth Killian:

"...and to add to what has already been said, yes, you CAN record and save your matches at will".

Finally we get it confirmed that we can save our own replays! This alone is a significant feature for Super Street Fighter 4 as it is a tremendously useful training tool.  Now you can save replays at your leisure so that you watch yourself dropping combos and doing stupid stuff you shouldn't be doing and learn from your mistakes.

Blanka is doing back flips with joy!!

Source: Capcom Unity


Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 Developer Blog Talks Network Modes

Azrael from the Shoryuken Forums was kind enough to translate the latest entry to the Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 Developer Blog (found here) to English. This edition deals with the various network modes in Super Street Fighter 4 and is an interesting read. Big thanks again to Azrael.

Here's Azrael's "Cliff Notes" summary for thos who do not want to read the whole blog post:

  • More "community" feel than the last game.
  • All multiplayer lobbies will have the ability to spectate matches
  • Working to "preserve" the quality of the netcode from SFIV even with spectators
  • Can use Fight Request while you wait for all members of a team battle
  • For a private team match, the host can divide up the teams. Otherwise, done automatically
  • Auto team placement uses Player Points as well as some randomness
  • Voice chat available while watching a match
  • Endless Battle has no effect on Battle Points/Player Points
  • In Ranked, Battle Points is divided up into BP/PP - PP will be your overall score, while BP will be character specific
  • In Ranked, you can upload a replay after 3 straight wins
  • Blind character select for all network modes, including no cursor motion sound
  • Preset comments available for entering a lobby

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Street Fighter 4 Snuggie Can Keep You Warm as You Train

You see, this is what Twitter is good for. It's good for spreading the word about funny, weird, oddball stuff.  This has to be one of the strangest franchise merchandising ideas I've seen.  It's a snuggie to keep you warm.  Now you can be surrounded in the warm embrace of Street Fighter 4 while you are playing Street Fighter 4. Click Thumbnail for full-sized image.

Source: Capcom Unity Twitter


Gamestop Exclusive Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Madcatz Tournament Edition Stick Available 18 November

This came from a Capcom Unity Twitter post. Apparently Gamestop will be selling Madcatz Tournament Edition sticks with Marvel vs. Capcom 2 artwork.  If the sign is to be believed, it will be a Gamestop exclusive and will go on sale on the 18th of November for $159.99.  If you are looking for a TE stick or were waiting for one with MvC2-style, here you go. Is the TE stick any good, you ask? Watch any major tournament vid showing players milling around and take note of how many TE sticks you see.

Source: Capcom Unity Twitter


New to Tekken 6 or Want a Refresher? IAMTekken's "Level Up Your Game!" Tutorial Videos are Here!

Tekken 6 is a huge success.  If you are a new player to the series or haven't played Tekken for a while and need a refresher, getting into this game can seem daunting. However, you are in luck! has unveiled a new webseries called "Level Up Your Game!" to help you out.

According to Rip, one of the series' producers, the goal of this series is simple. " This is a new video series aimed to help get new players up to speed quicker with the game and provide insight for/from veteran players regarding each of the characters in the game."

This series of videos is absolutely amazing to get you into the game. It starts with the absolute basics such as movement, how to read combo annotations found on the web and elsewhere, how the game's systems work, and then progresses to more advanced concepts. The series is broken into several videos so that you can watch one, have time to process the information, and then move on to the next one when you feel ready.

Seriously, if you are a new player, you should check out these videos. I, personally, am a new player and I am watching these videos myself.  I wish the actual game could have included videos like this, in the same manner that BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger's home release had a tutorial DVD. 

Check out all of the videos at their YouTube channel Level Up Your Game

Also check out IAMTekken. Thanks to IAMTekken and everyone involved in putting this together. Complete scrubs like myself appreciate it!


First Look at BlazBlue Portable for PSP

Famitsu has once again scored new information on the forthcoming BlazBlue Portable, coming February 25th in Japan for the Sony PSP. No announcements have been made for release outside of Japan.

It appears as though the graphics have been scaled back slightly over its current generation brothers, but the game should still look quite gorgeous on the PSP's crisp display.  The backgrounds still look particularly nice as well, although we will have to wait and see if they still retain all of their animations and pre-fight transitions.

We all knew that Arc System Works would have to make some changes to the graphics to make it work on PSP.  What they are not compromising on are the game's modes or features.  All 12 of the fighters from BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger are present in BlazBlue Portable. This includes "Unlimited" versions of all 12 characters. The story mode and all of the other modes from the original are present in the portable version. 

(Click thumbnails above for full-size images)

The big new mode in BlazBlue Portable is the Legion Mode.  In this mode players will face off against an enemy force in a series of one-on-one fights. If you win the battle, you can add one of the characters from the defeated army to your own, which can grow to up to 20 total characters.  As you progress and build up your army, you will eventually face off against Unlimited characters who act as bosses.

BlazBlue Portable features ad-hoc multiplayer with support for up to four players.  Two will watch the current match while waiting for their turn to battle.

Check out Famitsu's Japanese website for a lot more screenshots for BlazBlue Portable by clicking on this link.

Source: andriasang


King of Fighters XII Team Japan Combo Video from Bullet Proof

Here is part 1 of Bullet Proof's team combo tutorial videos for King of Fighters XII. In his own words from YouTube: "This video will give you a crash course in KOFXII combos with the original Japan team: Kyo, Goro and Benimaru. You will find combos for beginners and also for experts with a better understanding of the combo system."

Source: Neo Empire


Arcade UFO's Ryan Harvey Talks Super Street Fighter 4

Ryan Harvey, owner of Arcade UFO in Austin, Texas, was recently interviewed by Gamesplusblog. This interview is interesting because it is one of the few related to Super Street Fighter 4 which is from the perspective of an arcade owner, one of few remaining in the US.  Ryan Harvey pulls no punches in his opinions about Capcom, Super Street Fighter 4 producer Yoshinori Ono, and the game's prospects related to an arcade release. For the full interview, go here. Thanks to Desert Chicken for the tip!

Contributed by Desert Chicken via IPW submission form


Street Fighter YouTube Craziness

"Good Morning, Mister Masters": Caution! This one is catchy!!!

 Contributed by Oichi via Versus City

"ALEX vs URIEN@SVR2007": This one is old but it's the first time I've seen it and maybe some of you out there haven't seen it yet either. Since I'm already posting the vid above, why not post this too. Someone made Alex and Urien in Smackdown vs Raw 2007 for a match.

Contributed by Deadend via IPW submission form


Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Producer Explains Why It Will Likely Remain Exclusive to Wii And more in Gamasutra Interview

The newest title in Capcom's "vs" series is due to hit the Wii in North America in January of next year.  It will re-balance moves for existing characters as well as adding new ones. It is flashy and it is fun.  However, if you are hoping that Capcom will re-release the title on Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, it does not seem to be in the cards right now.

Capcom producer Ryota Niitsum, in a a recent interview with Gamasutra, explained why such a port is not likley.

"To actually put this game, which I said utilizes the Wii's potential to its fullest capabilities, on, say, the 360, we'd really have to rework it," he explained.  "It wouldn't be a matter of just changing the texture maps or anything like that. It involves so much time to actually rework the title that it would be a completely new title. And if we're going to spend that much time doing it, then we might as well just make a new title anyway."

"I guess you could say that when you put it on a system, you want to utilize the capabilities of each specific system, so if you put it out on the Xbox 360 or the PS3, you want to make it for those systems and utilize them to their full potential."

Of course, there are no absolutes in business except that companies like money. Knowing this, he leaves the door open a little by saying: "...Capcom might come down on me and say, 'Hey, we want to make more money, so put on this,' but that's on them."

Head over to Gamasutra for the full article related to this topic.

However, this article was only one part of a larger article. Gamasutra had a full interview with Ryota Niitsuma which touches on other topics related to the game's development including getting the controls right, talk about the graphics, and why Tatsunoko was chosen for this title. Head over to this article for the full interview here.

Contributed by: Dragon316


DROM'S Tourney Results and Report

This event was very surprising to everyone.  It was an event that there was not a lot of hype about.  We didn't really advertise the event too much and were expecting a very small turnout of about 12 people.  However, I am pleased to say that we ended up having 30 total entries.  At $8 a person towards the prize pot ($2 to venue) there was quite a lot of money on the line.

This event served as quite a good experience to myself as we approach closer and closer to NCR.  This may be news to some people - we at I Play Winner will be covering the Nor Cal Regionals so please join us here for the livestream if you are unable to attend.  This was officially my first  "big" event to Stream and Commentate and it was extremely fun.

To the people that got a chance to view the stream please drop in a comment.  Let us know how the quality, smoothness, an commentating was.  We are determined to provide the best streams out there and need your help in order to do so!  We aim to be the premiere spot for all media coverage not only in Nor Cal but we aim to be the best period.

Thanks to all participants that came out today.  Thanks to all people who tuned in.  Finally, thanks to Drom's Comics and Cards for hosting a very fun event.  I hope it was enjoyable for those who tuned in!  See you guys in 2 weeks for NCR!  GET HYPE!

Drom’s Comics and Cards 8 November 2009
30 Entrants

1 Filipino Champ ($168)
2 Eric Choi ($48)
3 Tihn ($24)
4 Hiro
5 Masarap
5 Popo
7 Allen Chang
7 Ramin

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Capcom hints at something "Totally Awesome" to be announced in coming months from Street Fighter 4 Producer

Don't you just love announcements of announcements?

From Capcom Unity's Twitter:

"Ono showed us something TOTALLY AWESOME that we're not allowed to talk about for a few months. He's a total tease..."


"Ono-san is full of surprises today. Hotness incoming..."

The Ono being referred to is Yoshinori Ono, producer of Street Fighter 4 and now Super Street Fighter 4.  These tweets certainly hint at a new title coming down the line.
Ono has expressed interest several times in doing a new Darkstalkers game.  However, it could be something different. His past producer titles have not all been fighting titles. Shadow of Rome and Chaos Legion are just two of several non-fighting game titles he's been involved in at Capcom. We shall see.




Yo! I asked our fans what the #1 thing they want to see more of on iPlayWinner, and the answer is podcasts! So here we are with episode 4, bringing back Pherai from Denjin Arcade and also introducing LVC, one of our newer contributors to iPlayWinner. Don't worry, Oichi from Versus City will return!

We are going to make the format more of an open discussion about fighting games moving forward so we can produce more podcasts on a more regular basis. We cant always guarantee international guests, but we feel there are enough people in the community and enough topics to cover to make this a more frequent occurrence.

In this episode we cover a range of topics such as:

- iPW Site Updates

- Bar Fights II and what the West Coast needs to do to get better.

- Strategy involving limiting your opponents options.

- Tekken and other games we are currently playing.

- Can a fighting game survive without solid netcode!?

..among various other topics that come up as well.

If you guys like this format let us know! if you have ideas for topics and guests, let us know! We hope you enjoy it!

Download the full MP3 here!

Subscribe to the podcast feed!

Subscribe in iTunes here!



Super Street Fighter 4 Online Modes Confirmed: New Tournament Mode Revealed!

The "big announcement" we were expecting is finally here. Some of this information leaked out early but there's a lot of great stuff in here, and it's all official now.  They have said that they are listening to what the fans have been asking for in making this game, and it is obvious.  The new Tournament Mode sounds like an amazing new mode!

New trailer highlighting the modes unveiled



Endless Battle (Quarter Match Mode is Confirmed!)

This is the mode many of you have been asking for. Endless Mode is another name for what is called Quarter Match mode in Super Street Fighter II HD Remix. 

  • As the name suggests, you can play endlessly in this mode. 
  • In this mode the winner stays and the loser goes to the back of the line to wait for his turn to challenge the current room champion. 
  • When you are not in the match you can spectate and even talk amongst yourselves using voice chat. 
  • This mode is for up to 8 players.

Team Battle

  • This mode is for up to 8 players broken into 2 teams: Red and Blue team.
  • Players can manually set up teams or players can be automatically split into 2 teams based on their Player Points. Even if Player Points of individual players are uneven, the teams that are automatically generated will try to produce a combined level for both teams which is as even as possible.
  • Once teams are decided, you can decide the order in which the players on a team will take their turns. You can also let the game automatically decide the order.
  • You can create Team matchups in any combination of 8 players!! You can do 2 on 2, 3 on 3, or 4 on 4 for even matchups. However, you can also do mis-matched teams where 1 can face 7, 2 can face 6, and so forth! 
  • You can use the Arcade Request feature for this mode. You can play in arcade mode until the room is filled.
  • Like Endless Battle Mode, when you are not playing in a match you can spectate and talk amongst yourselves using voice chat.
  • You can invite specific players to be on your team.

Replay Channel

(This is a direct translation by Jigsaw of the description of this mode from the Japanese Super SF4 Blog)

This is the mode that Taguchi and his engineers have been working on harder than anything else!

You've all been requesting "We want to watch match replays!", and here is our response - a new ground-breaking feature following the Arcade Request, a mode where you can watch match replays with (almost) no limits!

As you're fighting, round up a collection of replays. Afterwards, watch them with one hand in your bag of potato chips, just as if you're watching TV.

In this mode, there are several different channels, so if you feel like "I just want to see matches with boss characters!" or "I just want to see matches with the new characters!" you can narrow down your search to whatever you want to watch. In addition, you can save your favourite replays to your "My list" channel and just watch those.

The "My list" is just for you... but the replays in all other channels will be shared with all the players across the world, so please enjoy watching them together while voice chatting!


This mode is a surprise! This is not the Championship Mode that was added via DLC to Street Fighter 4.  It looks to be an ultimate version of the tournament mode in Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix!  This mode will be released as DLC after the game goes on sale.

  • Recruit up to 8 players and hold your own tournaments!
  • Spectate the other players' matches!
  • Voice chat! (with 9 people, including the tournament organizer)
  • Save replays, even from matches where you were only a spectator!
  • Visual tournament brackets and results!
  • Award tournament winners with unique titles!

To summarize, the biggest difference from Championship Mode is that you now can host your own tournaments!


  • You can find more screenshots of the bonus stages here.
  • New voice samples for all 25 returning characters will be recorded. If you want to hear some of the voices, they have added voice samples to all of the character bios they currently have up on their Japanese Super SF4 site. Go here to give them a listen.
  • If you want more screenshots of the online mode screens, go here. They are in Japanese but at least you can see what they look like.


Avalanche of Awesome!

Sources: This information originated from Capcom Japan's Super SF4 website.  Big thanks to Jigsaw for his awesome and timely translations, so that Street Fighter fans around the world can get this information. If you wish to read his translation of the Japanese Super SF4 Blog post where this information came from, visit his Blog on Capcom Unity here.


Official Super Street Fighter 4 Bonus Stage Screenshot

(click image for full size version)

Capcom's Seth Killian released the first official screenshot of a bonus stage from Super Street Fighter 4. Now we don't have to squint at blurry scans of Japanese magazines to see what they really look like.  For those who don't know, in this bonus stage you literally beat a car to pieces in the fastest time possible to score points.  This bonus stage was also in Final Fight, Street Fighter 2, and Street Fighter 3.  Looks perfect to me!

Look familiar? It's the car-wrecking bonus stage from Final Fight. Thanks to GamePnoy74 from the NeoGAF forums for pointing out the pic.

Source: Capcom Unity Blog


Super Street Fighter 4 Network Mode Screenshots

The Famitsu blog has revealed 3 screenshots of some of the network features to be included in Super Street Fighter 4. Click thumbnails below for larger version of images.

This screenshot is from the new replay mode. From the screenshot you can see that you now have far more options than what was available in the original. You can now select channels to filter replay types.

This is a screenshot of a new lobby type for the replay mode.  In Super Street Fighter 4, you and your friends can now jump into a lobby in the replay mode to watch replays together. Voice chat is enabled so that you can talk amongst yourselves as you watch your selected replays or argue over what replay to watch next. It appears that up to 8 players can join this type of lobby.

Here's a screenshot of the new Team Battle mode lobby.  In Super Street Fighter 4, you can now have 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, or 4 vs 4 Team Battles.

Here's a translation of the left-side Japanese menu options. Thank you to Takari in the SRK forums for this translation:

Comment Options
Team Options
Display Player Information
Game Card (!)
Invite Player
Kick Player
Mute Options


(And right top corner, TEAM BATTLE / Lobby)

Source: Famitsu and SRK