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The official CAPCOM Super Street Fighter 4 NAKKY blog was updated today, and while nothing really all that new was announced, it appears we will be seeing some real updates next week. Jigsaw from SRK translated the entry and at the end it reads:

And right now, as I'm writing this, the team is working diligently on the rest of the portraits!! For those guys and girls you don't know about yet, too... He he he. They will be announced successively, so stay tuned!!

OK everyone, maybe you'll get to see something next week too?!

So hopefully some new characters will be confirmed, or something just as interesting. My bet is on the gameplay system, but either way we will learn a lot more about the game next week with the new blog update and CAPCOM Fight Club taking place on the 22nd in NYC.

All that aside, the majority of this entry is about the new character select screen art and how they use in game models to help with the process of finding a pose for each character. Personally, I'm more of a fan of the artwork we saw last week -- Juri looks a bit demented but perhaps that's what the artists were aiming for?

Full translation after the jump!

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Looks like Gamestop has thrown Super Street Fighter 4 up for presale on their website. Seems like it's only gonna run you $40 bucks and some change. It also gives us a release date: March 23, 2010.

I'm pretty happy that its only going to run me two Jacksons, I was pretty sure that "not going to be full-priced" meant $50 dollars or something along those lines. Thanks Capcom!

(On another note, I would probably still buy the game even if it was $60 bucks. I've gotten way more than $60 dollars of gameplay out of my copy of Street Fighter 4.)




This shouldn't be surprising to anyone (due to a website leak about a month ago) but IGN has just confirmed Zero and Joe The Condor for the USA release of Tatsunoko Vs Capcom. I'm very excited to see both of these characters finally confirmed, both of these fighters look very very awesome.

I'm actually very excited about the US release of TvC. I was kinda bummed when the game didn't really pick up speed. I think the game is pretty damn fun and aesthetically pleasing. The tourney scene seemed to die out pretty quickly as well. (Probably due to the fact that Karas damn near breaks the game.)

Here's hoping for success and the future of TvC!



I wanted to give you guys a quick heads up on some recent changes I've made to the Sagat guide here at iPlayWinner and also use this as a chance to talk about how our new guides work.

For the Sagat guide, I added notes to the Normal & Special Move sections and also the match up notes section. Most of this is based on the time I spent in Japan observing higher level Sagats and also techniques of my own that I've been implementing into my own game as of late. I also added some tutorial videos on how to set up safe Tiger Knees and how to Kara Tiger Shot. I'll be adding more videos in the following week covering other topics like Kara Tiger Knees and Uppercuts so keep an eye out for those.

Beyond that, I added some more match videos to the match up chart, and if you're not aware of how this works, this is a way you can watch match videos between specific characters. So if you want to see some C. Viper vs Sagat matches, click C. Viper's profile pic on Sagat's guide and it will take you to that page, displaying as many C. Viper vs Sagat videos that we have on the site. Keep in mind that the great thing about this system is you can be notified anytime we add a new video to a specific match up by subscribing to that page via RSS. Most web browsers will allow you to do this right within the browser itself so don't forget to do that on any match ups you have problems with.

Keep in mind there are other Street Fighter 4 guides here that have been getting a lot of TLC as well, such as the Balrog, Zangief, M. Bison and Blanka guides so check those out too.

With that being said, we still have a lot of work to do here and could use some help from our community. Not only do we need more information for some of the console characters, we could also use help finding match up videos for characters as well. So, if you have any videos and/or strategy you'd like to send in to help us fill in the blanks, please use the form on the left hand side of the page to do that. Those who submit info would be credited accordingly of course.

Anyway, a lot more is right around the corner so stay tuned!



Capcom threw this on their blog today:

Below the image they included the tagline "...It’s gonna be super.". Could this be the location test for the massively hyped "Super Street Fighter 4"? I hope so! Hopefully we will see more characters and we'll have a better understanding of the new Ultra system that is much talked about!



On this weeks "Great Moments In Fighting Game History":

You've all heard by now that Justin Wong won the last Battlefield Arcadia invational tournament with Fei Long. While Fei Long is universally known as a "Low-Tier" character, Justin really showed some amazing play with him while taking out some of the best players "Empire Arcadia" have to offer. A big thank you goes out to FrameAdvantageDotCom who was nice enough to post some of the matches to youtube.



Justin Wong (FL) vs. Mariodood (ZA)

Justin Wong (FL) vs. Nica KO (AK)

Kin (BL) vs. Justin Wong (FL)


I hope nobody has forgotten about "Third Strike" and if you have, this video will remind you why you used to love the game. (Hey, I still love it!) It's a stellar collection of the top Japanese players doing absolutely amazing things. It really shows how flexible the Third Strike engine can be. This is some of the best gameplay I have EVER seen. Urien unblockables, crazy Dudley chains, parry magic, mindgames, and long didn't-think-that-was-possible combos. Lets get it on now! 


Check back next week for "Great Moments In Fighting Game History" #2!


STREET FIGHTER 4: Chun-Li Infinite vs Dhalsim

This was originally sent over to me by Oichi from Versus City, but Kensk ended up uploading it to Youtube. This is a character specific infinite that only works vs. Dhalsim.



MarkMan over at SDTEKKEN broke news of a new line of Hori joysticks that showed up at Tokyo Game Show a couple weeks ago, and I've been meaning to make a post about these ever since then.  Beyond the new wireless Tekken 6 sticks that are coming out, there is a prototype for the spiritual successor to the HRAP3 called the Hori Real Arcade Pro V. Many of you will be happy to see that they abandoned the goofy layout of previous sticks with the awkward button arc, and replaced them with a layout that is identical to the MadCatz Tournament Edition sticks. Either way, the HRAP-V looks really sick and can't wait to get my hands on one.

No idea when these are coming out, but BLACKB0ND put together a nice video showcasing the new line up of HORI sticks along with some additional information. Again, thanks to MarkMan for the heads up on this one.


STREET FIGHTER 4: UTJ (DH) vs Alex Valle (GK)

Now, Dhalsim vs Gouken isn't exactly a match up you see everyday, but after watching this video of Alex Valle versus UTJ it makes me think we will see a lot more of it in the future. Using Goukens parry attack is a great way to punish Dhalsim's limbs and send him flying into a corner where he is at a serious disadvantage. Just goes to show how viable console characters can be in certain match ups. Check it out --

Thanks to IronFist for the heads up on this one.


Marvel vs Capcom 2 patch getting closer

Fans rejoiced earlier this year when Capcom finally confirmed that Marvel vs Capcom 2 would be released on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 as a downloadable title.  Capcom hoped that this re-release would be the definitive version of the game, featuring the same acclaimed network features as Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix, everything unlocked from the beginning, and sharp looking graphics filters to update the game's visuals.

Soon after release, reports of bugs, crashes, and other inconsistencies have surfaced.  Enough problems have surfaced that many tournaments have resumed using the Sega Dreamcast version for their events. Capcom revealed in August that they were aware of the many reports of bugs, crashes, and inconsistencies and that they were working on a patch but that we shouldn't "expect a patch to be released for a month or two" due to development, testing, and approval.

Yesterday, JimmyRey of Capcom issued an update on the status of the patch via the Capcom Unity forums. He said that "...we are working on a patch and we're actually winding down and hope to submit soon.  When I have a confirmed release schedule, I'll announce it on the blog along with the patch contents."

This is great news for those, like myself, who purchased Marvel vs Capcom 2 on a modern console and hoped that it would live up to being the definitive version of a Capcom classic.



CAPCOM-UNITY posted up some new character art for Super Street Fighter 4 a bit earlier today. Some really impressive artwork if you ask me -- leaps and bounds better than the art for the vanilla Street Fighter 4.

Sagat bustin' up some rocks is pretty sick but maybe he is just mad he got nerfed to hell in Super Street Fighter 4?



Hello and welcome to the newly redesigned!

All of us here spent a lot of time reworking the entire site so we hope you enjoy the changes. I will have a full update on how to use some of the new features soon, but we are still tying up some loose ends here and there.

To get a better idea of what direction we are moving in here, head over to the Street Fighter 4 guides and check out what we have to offer.

In the mean time, if you have any questions on the redesign, please leave a comment and I'll answer them as best as possible.

A special shout out to FuriousRGD, Coopa, LVC, Quash & Thrust07 for all their hard work in getting this off the ground!

Keep in mind this is just the beginning -- we have a ton of great features and content lined up for all our fans so stay tuned!



Kensk sent in the first real full length footage of the new BlazBlue characters, Hazama and Tsubaki. Although the videos are cellphone quality, it appears Hazama has a lot of options after one of his Drive moves (a long range chain) connects, allowing him to close in on his opponent. Another one of his Drive moves appears to be an air grab, but there is the possibility he could do something besides a grab after the initial hit. There is also a clear shot of one of his Distortion Drives as well.

It's hard to tell much about Tsubaki's game from the videos due to the quality so we will just have to wait to see more of her in action. We'll be sure to post up more videos as soon as they are available.



Even more NEW info on Super Street Fighter 4!

Looks like Ono loves giving interviews as of late because IGN just posted a new interview with him.

IGN also posted a new article called "Super Street Fighter 4 Blowout"

  • No more "Indestructible". Looks like they got a bunch of negative feedback regarding the song.
  • Juri is a "sinister" character
  • CPU Seth is going to be even harder.
  • All characters come pre-unlocked
  • Focus attacks will have different frame data. 
  • Mentions that "joke characters" are an integral part of the Street Fighter universe.

Looks like Capcom is really paying attention to the fans for this release. This has me very excited but also concerned that the game is being rushed out the door in some way. Eight new characters? How could that possibly be balanced? Then again, Capcom can make miracles come true! So lets make it happen Capcom!

Also, I liked "Indestructible". You guys suck.


(Thank you to "HeartOfBattle" for the youtube version of the interview)




Ahh.. the rollercoaster of emotions that is Super Street Fighter 4.

Today CAPCOM updated their official website containing screenshots of Dee Jay and also the full trailer that most of us have seen by now featuring T. Hawk, Juri and Dee Jay. So, nothing too earth shattering on that front unless you were on the edge of your seat waiting for Dee Jay's bio.

With that being said, if you make your way over to the official Super Street Fighter 4 blog you will find some encouraging news -- it looks like they are fighting hard for an arcade release of Super Street Fighter 4 after all!

Here are a couple translations from SRK:

Sabin's Translation-

they dont give up sf4 arcade and they know ppl are crazy about sf4 now
and super sf4 is been made for both arcade and console and they are sure ppl can enjoy it both at game center and home
they are creating it without compromizing and fight everyday each other so "please expect and wait for it"

Originally Posted by 特別な外人

"'Right now, it isn't 100% certain that SSF4 will not get an arcade release. I'd first like to let you know, we've decided not to abandon the [Super] Street Fighter 4 for Arcade. Because we don't want to quench the enormous flame people have for the game, I think we'd like to continue it, but everyone, we need your assistance!'...I know it was written in such a strange and serious way, but we want to make sure everyone (Everyone who plays SSF4 in Arcades, and everyone who plays SSF4 at home) knows that we're putting the finishing touches on something that is fun for everyone! Similar to SF4, because the development staff is working as hard as possible without any compromise creating this game, please wait with hope!"

Probably not 100%, but it's all I can be asked to do at 2:00 am. lol

So there you have it -- looks like Super Street Fighter 4 may be coming to arcades in some shape or form after all. The only question at this point is: why does Yoshinori Ono like playing with our emotions so much!?

Keep checking back to iPlayWinner for more updates and news on Super Street Fighter 4!



Famitsu posted a ton of new images mainly featuring DEE JAY today on their website along side some more character portraits. You can also get a closer look at the super and Ultra bar, which we still have a lot to learn about with this new revision.

As far as I know there will be another update on CAPCOM's official Super Street Fighter 4 website tonight featuring Dee Jay, although I don't know how much of it will differ from what is already posted on Famitsu.




HAZAMA: CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEGAMEWATCH Impress and Dengeki Online posted some new images of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift featuring the newest addition to the roster, Hazama. Personally, he kind of reminds me of Axl Low from Guilty Gear since it appears in many of the images that he can attack with chains of some sort, but who knows -- he may play completely different.

Also, as you can see, the previously announced new character Tsubaki also appears in some of the images as well, although its mainly images of her getting beat up. Arakune shows up in a couple of the shots too -- in one you can see how they made his bugs much larger and more detailed.

Also, in many of the screenshots you can see that ARC System Works revised the HUD quite a bit, moving and restylizing many of the bars and meters. I'm not 100% how this will affect gameplay, but you can head over to Dust Loop forums where they have a lot of information on all system changes.

And if you're wondering, yes this is coming to arcades.

Thanks to reader and iPlayWinner contributor Furious RGD for sending in the links!



In a recent interview with Yoshinori Ono from GameReactor (thanks to HeartofBattle for the YouTube version), Ono mentions that there will be no arcade release for Super Street Fighter 4. Even though there is the possibility that something got lost in translation, this has obviously sparked a lot of debate across message boards on what this means for the future of the game and also the future of arcades.

There seems to be two sides to the argument at this point: those who want an arcade release and those who don't care. Both sides have some valid points and I'll try to list as many as possible here.

Those who want an arcade release:

  • Without an arcade release we wont see high level play from Japanese players considering most Japanese players only play in arcades.
  • There wont be widespread testing of the game to find possible bugs/glitches/imbalances before the console release.
  • We lose the arcade atmosphere here in North America where high-level strategies are exchanged and a lot of our own top players are bred.
  • Could be a huge blow to some arcades and also arcade only tournaments such as Super Battle Opera.

Those who don't care about an arcade release:

  • A full console release means that everyone, not just those who are close to an arcade or go to Japan will be able to play this game the day it comes out.
  • Who cares if the Japanese wont play it? It wont stop our top players for playing it and wont put an end to competitive play in the states anyway.
  • This is a harsh reality -- get used to it along with online play and online tournaments becoming more and more accepted.
  • Immediate access to training mode will allow players to more quickly find new combos and strategies since they can sit there for as long as they would like testing different aspects of the game.

So as you see, on paper, it would seem that an arcade release is of less importance to most players, especially those in the states, than getting a console release as soon as possible. Personally, I just keep asking myself: why cant we have both? Since this isn't a complete overhaul of the game and is essentially using the same hardware that Street Fighter 4 came out on, one would think that making an arcade update along side  360 and PS3 version wouldn't be that hard.

One thing I have thought about is this may not be the final version of Street Fighter 4 and CAPCOM may wait until the final version of the game before making a proper arcade release. In the past, virtually all the Street Fighter games received more than one overhaul -- just look at Street Fighter II and Street Fighter III. This is probably just wishful thinking on my part though.

At the end of the day I am an arcade player. I like going to the arcade whenever I can to meet new people and play against those who I haven't played yet. Some will argue that online offers that same experience but it's just not true. Playing Street Fighter online to me feels like I am almost playing a completely different version of the game compared to local or arcade matches.

There is an emotional aspect to all of this as well because I cant help but look back at the magic that was Street Fighter 4 when it first showed up in arcades here in California. San Francisco State was the first arcade in my area to get the game and I was there day one. There was a small tight knit group of us who would show up 2-4 times a week to play and figure out new strategies and combos. Fast forward 4-6 months and I see myself going down to California Regionals at Denjin Arcade with MAGUS1234 for one of the largest Street Fighter 4 tournaments yet.  Even SBO Quals at Denjin Arcade was an arcade only Street Fighter 4 tournament and was one of the most memorable tournaments I have been to.

Looking forward, without an arcade release in Japan, going to Japan next year for Super Battle Opera may not even be a factor if the main game that I play and enjoy is not even a factor out there. Also, further down the line, this could be a huge blow to Super Battle Opera if they decide to continue to be the largest arcade only tournament in the world.

Of course my own personal experiences with Street Fighter 4 are fairly meaningless to the majority of people who play this game and just want the new release as soon as possible. Still, It still saddens me that we wont have any time to enjoy the game in an arcade atmosphere.

So what do our readers think? Is a console-only release the way to go or is not having an arcade release of the game a huge slap in the face to arcade owners and players who continue to support the arcade scene?



Some more Super Street Fighter 4 cam-footage showed up today, this time showcasing some DeeJay gameplay within the new trailer. There is also some more Juri and T. Hawk footage, but most everything else in the trailer we have seen at this point. I assume this is the same trailer Capcom will post to their site in the following days.

Thanks to "four-two" on NeoGAF for the find.



Some solid footage of T. Hawk and Juri from the Capcom Lineup Presentation (TGS? Not sure). The video gives us a glimpse at the different move sets for both characters. I'm personally really impressed with Juri --looks like she will play very fast and stylish, with one of the sickest looking Ultras yet. I just hope she has the stamina to back it up!

Thanks to PhatSaqs for finding this one.