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More DLC on the Way for Tekken 6? If so, it will be Free

Tekken 6 producer Katsuhiro Harada told Playstation Europe that his team is considering making additional downloadable content for the game.  He also stated that if it were to come to pass, it would be free.

When asked about plans for more downloadable content, he said, "There is a strong possibility we will. However, even if we were to do so, it would be free to the end user."

He is not talking about the online cooperative scenario mode DLC that is coming later this year or the online patch that is due on Thanksgiving.  Both of these are confirmed.  We will keep you informed.

Source: Playstation UK


NorCal Regionals 2009 Live Stream Postmortem

Photo courtesy of"One of the best streams I've ever seen."
- PeterTheBohemian

"[…] The new benchmark in professional tournament streams."
- LuLu SmacKs

“Absolutely godlike.”
- Hoonyo

“Stream is a fucking joke.”
- Splash


After months of planning and a few grey hairs or two later, the iPlayWinner broadcast of the 2009 NorCal Regionals had come and gone in a 72 hour blur of sleepless nights, crazy hype and too much fast food. By the end of the weekend, a little over 20,000 unique visitors watched the likes of John Choi, Ricky Ortiz and Alex Valle do battle with some of the best in the business at the biggest games in our scene, totaling up to 843 days worth of viewing hours. Not too shabby for a couple of kids with some USB cameras.

What was accomplished by the stream team at NCR was two-parts careful planning, one-part creative thinking and just a smidge of dumb luck. The setbacks we encountered were considered trivial compared to the end result and while some can easily be rectified the next time around, some were – much like the internet itself – due to the inherent chaos of doing a live broadcast.

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So you think gamers ain't sick wit it? Check out my boys Cole, Haunts, Tim, and homey John aka KayOss from one of bay areas most reputable dance crews, DS Players (that would be homeboy in the yellow hoodie) get down in a cipher at NCR. On a side note, John, holla at me for some SF4 sessions in the bay!



This is why I love the community, there are so many layers and subcultures within it. However, the spectrum of it is hardly ever covered. This is only just a small part of who and what we are as a community. I hope we'll get to see more things such as this or similar in context sometime in the future.



Looks like the next batch of characters coming to Super Street Fighter 4 are from the Street Fighter Alpha universe!  Cody, Guy and Adon are shown in these Famitsu magazine scans rounding out the confirmed new characters to six total.


Many interviews from CAPCOM hint that perhaps eight may be the final number of new characters to show up in the next revision of the game, but we will just have to wait and see. Sound like they are on a tight development schedule so I am sure they are trying to fit in as many characters as possible while still keeping the gameplay balanced.


Tekken 6 Online Patch Confirmed for Thanksgiving: Details

Namco Bandai's patch to improve the online play for Tekken 6 is apparently arriving on Thursday (Thanksgiving). Here are some details on what the patch will do.  All of which are designed to improve the game's online play.

1) Improved input response

2) The ability to search by location and connection quality when looking for ranked matches.

3) Bandwidth optimization between players and spectators

4) Improved signal strength bars

5) The ability to cancel a match before it starts if your opponent's improved signal strength bar has not improved.

Source: Kotaku


Translation of Latest Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 Developer Blog Post

It's time for this week's Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 Developer Blog translation, brought to you by Azrael! This one deals with bonus stages.

Now, onto the translation:

I want to go to the (National Tournament) regional qualifiers!
Hello everyone. This is Tsukamoto.

Today, director Okada, engineer Taguchi, and myself would like to talk about the bonus stages in SSFIV, and what it took to add them in.

Tell us the details of adding the bonus stages to the game.

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Marvel vs Capcom 2 has Surpassed Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix in Sales


The re-release of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix was perfectly timed to ride the rising wave of enthusiasm leading up to the release of Street Fighter 4.  Capcom and Udon invested tremendous resources into the game, and regardless of what you personally think of the game, the fact that it was a sales success is no surprise.  After all, it was perfect at rekindling the memories we had for the timeless classic with a new presentation and with amazing netcode for multiplayer action.

Well, it apparently didn't take long for the re-release of Marvel vs Capcom 2 to catch up.  Not only did it catch up, but according to Capcom's Christian Svensson, it has passed HD Remix in sales.  Mr. Svensson had this to say in a recent interview with

"We have three titles that have drastically over-performed our expectations, the most recent of which was Marvel vs Capcom 2, which we didn't expect to exceed Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HG Remix's numbers, but it has." 

It is good to hear that all of Capcom's fighting genre foreys since Street Fighter 4 have been sales successes.  That bodes well for the chances that Capcom will continue to support the genre with further remakes, sequels, and possibly even a new franchise someday.



BlazBlue: Continuum Shift In Action!

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift is finally released in arcades, having an official release date of November 20th.  It has been in location tests for months now, but the official arcade release is now out in the wild.

Here are some matches that were uploaded yesterday.  There are some really wild matches going on.  Like Super Street Fighter 4, getting used to the new announcer in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift takes a bit but I'm starting to like it fairly quickly.

If you are a BlazBlue fan and are curious about Continuum Shift, check these videos out!

If you are a BlazBlue fan and you see some interesting information or videos that you think should be shared with the community, tell us about it by sending us an email to, putting it in a comment on this article, or let us know in the new IPW Forums.

Now, onto the videos:

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Get Your Tournament Interviews Ricky Ortiz, Norcal Regionals Street Fighter 4 Winner

Ricky Ortiz, legend in the competitive fighting game scene, continues to be a dominating player. 

He took first place in Street Fighter 4 at this weekend's Norcal Regionals. A win over fellow legend Alex Valle completed the victory. 

In all, Ricky Ortiz won first place in three of the event's games: Street Fighter 4, Capcom vs. SNK 2, and Street Fighter 3: Third Strike.

In all three tournaments he went undefeated.

Get Your Tournament has an audio podcast interview with Ricky Ortiz. The interview talks about his tournament wins, which one meant the most to him, and how he got through the Street Fighter 4 tournament. 

Hit the Source link below for Get Your Tournament to take a ride right to the article. The audio file is at the bottom of the article.

Picture by Kara Leung.

Source: Get Your Tournament


LA Riots Street Fighter 4 Tournament Coming December 5th: To Be Live-Streamed

LA RIOTS – Street Fighter IV Tournament is coming Saturday Dec 5th 2009 to www.TheStream.TV brought to you by Gootecks, COIN-OP TV and Evo Energy.  Eight lucky SFIV players in the Los Angeles have been invited to take place in this elimination match with the winner going home with a $500 cash prize!  This event will be live and streamed with multiple cameras and commentators before, during and after the matches. 




Norcal Regionals is now over.  The matches were epic and it was a great show. Norcal Regionals is going to be even bigger next year thanks to the success of this year's event.

The Live Stream = S-Rank

A big shout-out goes to everybody who was involved in putting together and running the stream for this event.  I know that Haunts poured weeks of time and lots of heart into making this stream something special and it showed.  I'm speaking personally here but I have never seen a better live stream than this one, and I'm not just saying that because it was an IPlayWinner production.  I knew that Haunts and others were working soo hard on this stream for weeks and to see the result simply amazed me. 

Just check out the intro for the stream:

The overlays were really clean, easy to read, and looked great:

The cutaways between watching players to watching the matches was fantastic:

And the commentary was very entertaining! (Capcom's Seth Killian on left, Andry "Magus1234" Kane on right)

It was an amazing event filled with truly legendary players.

Here is a quick rundown of the results per game.  I hope those who watched the event enjoyed it as much as I did, and stay tuned to IplayWinner for more coverage of this and other events in the future.

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New Stage Speculation Weekend!

Because there usually isn't a whole lot going on over the weekend, I thought maybe we could have a little fun.  What's more fun than speculation? 

Here's the screenshot released by Capcom Japan.  It clearly is a new stage and is intentionally cut in half in order to a) not show you who Chun Li got focus attacked by and b) to not show more of the stage.

So what is the stage?

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Latest Japanese Official Super SF4 Blog Translation: Another New Stage and Something Big Coming Next Week! (Update: Stage is Metro City? See Bottom of Article)

Updated on Friday, November 20, 2009 at 6:37AM by Registered CommenterFuriousRGD

The official Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 Blog has been updated once again.  This time there isn't a whole lot of information, but what's there is very, very exciting! 

The first is the (partial) reveal of yet another stage to compliment the new India stage revealed yesterday.  It's obviously a New York setting with a sky-scraper under construction and the Empire State Building in the background. Like the India stage, it looks flat out awesome!

The second piece of excitement is yet another announcement of an announcement.  The  image provided with the blog entry (see below for full sized version of the picture) is obviously cut in half and we can see a large-sweeping arc of a focus attack.  Also, read the text below this pic in the blog entry below. Is there any doubt it's a new character reveal? With that wide arc of a focus attack, does anybody care to speculate on which character it will be?  Is the "something really big" to announce possibly a clue? Let us know in the forums or in comments. We'd love to hear your guesses.

For now, here's the translation of the Blog entry. Once again, big thanks to Azrael for the translation!  The rest of the Blog translation is about the upcoming Japanese national tournament and the re-release of a Street Fighter art book. We've included it for completionist's sake. Enjoy!

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This Week's IPW Site Updates

For the last few weeks, Haunts has been busy on contributing to a big event you may have heard of: Norcal Nationals, which happens this weekend (21-22 November)!  Because of this, he has had a lot on his plate.  We have not slacked off, however.  In fact, behind the scenes, we are very hard at work trying to build guides and site features that will be helpful to players.

Every week we add match videos to the site.  Where do they go? Each character guide for Street Fighter 4 (and coming soon to other games) has a Matchup Notes and Videos section.  From here you can see videos broken down by specific matchups.  Let's say you are a Ryu player and you want to watch some videos of Ryu against Sagat. Instead of searching through YouTube you can come here, go to the Ryu Guide, click the "vs. Sagat" image in the Matchup Notes and Videos section, and you will find several videos of that matchup.  These videos aren't random scrubs either. They are videos featuring pro players or players who exhibit exceptional skill.

So keep an eye out each Friday for what we have added to the site. If you would like to contribute, you can give us an email at, you can post in the IPW Forums, or you can use the handy submission form on the left-hand side of the site.

Now, onto the updates.

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The New Super Street Fighter 4 "India" Stage: Dhalsim's Wife?

It has been an exciting day for Super Street Fighter 4 fans! In the last 24 hours we now have not one but two new stages revealed.  The first of these stages is the India stage revealed yesterday evening in the G4 video.  What is shown above is simply a screen grap from that video (thanks to laudanum09).  If you want to see this stage in high quality action, watch the video here.  

Something very interesting has been brought up by Shoryu Reppa.  Shown below is the India stage from Street Fighter Alpha 2.  In the background you see Dhalsim's wife, Sari, cheering him on.  In the new stage, you clearly see a woman in the background standing a very similar way wearing a similar dress. Could that be Dhalsim's wife, once again present?

Source: Shoryuken Forums


(Click thumbnail above for larger image)



G4 Interviews CAPCOM's Seth Killian on Super Street Fighter 4. Not only is there footage of the new characters, but they also reveal one of the new stages! It looks like it's set in India with some highly detailed background models such as elephants draped with intricate looking tarps.

Thanks to Dragon316 once again for giving us the heads up on this one.


King of Fighters XII "Ikari Team" Combo Tutorial

Bulletproof over at Neo Empire has put together another outstanding tutorial video for King of Fighters XII.  This video will demonstrate KOFXII combos with the Ikari team: Ralf, Leona and Clark. You will find combos for beginners and as well as for experts.

Source: Neo Empire


Tekken 6 PSP Goes Gold: Available Soon at Retail and PSN


Tekken 6 for PSP has gone gold (meaning it is completed and is ready for manufacture) and will be available in the coming weeks.  Soon enough you will be able to play Tekken 6 on the go. Here's a snippet from the press release:

Players can test their might in a variety of game modes such as Arcade, Story, Time Attack, Survival, and Gold Rush to collect in-game money, customization items and view character specific storylines. In addition to containing all 18 battle stages and 40 playable characters found in the home console version, Tekken 6 for the PSP will also support ad-hoc multiplayer battles across an additional four stages. Furthermore, players will have the ability to transfer ghost data allowing fights against opponents' characters even when not connected with them.

Tekken 6 for the PSP, rated “T” for Teen, will be available at retailers nationwide on Nov. 24, 2009 and through the PlayStation Network on Dec. 10, 2009 for $39.99.

Source: Namco


Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars Producer Shares Experience Implementing Wi-Fi Support for the Game

Ryota Niitsuma, producer on Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars for Capcom, has written a blog post for Capcom Unity about his experience trying to get Wi-Fi online support implemented for the game.  Here's a small slice of the post.


Because it will be against Nintendo's regulations and policies, I can't mention too many details, but basically, it's about matching those with good connection and the one that is not as good, determining transmission speed, and nailing down where it is the most appropriate to develop and implement the online battle mode while we figure out the development restrictions that we have.

Through a long testing process with extensive trial and error, we were able to make it happen, so it would be great if you could try and test it when the game is released.

If you would like to read more on Niitsuma-san's work to get wi-fi implemented into the game, follow the source link below.

Source: Capcom Unity



Have you ever had the feeling of "I wish I never had the internet"? I have that feeling almost everyday. The internet has ruined my innocence forever. 

This week on "Bizarre Fighting Game Finds" we dive into the world of uncomfortable combo videos and Street Fighter 2 hacks that just don't seem quite right.

Hope you enjoy!

                  The King Of....weird combo videos?                   

Have you ever watched something only to find yourself scratching your head afterward? This video definitely made me pull out a few hairs. The awful editing, the out of place music, and awkward pacing makes for a video that leaves you feeling dirty.

The Ballad of Koryu

If you've ever played a Street Fighter 2 hack named "Koryu" then you know what to expect. If you haven't, I recommend watching the video and tracking down a copy of the ROM ASAP. Imagine SF2 but flipped upside down and thrown into a blender filled with programming bugs and vomit. Set this all to JPOP and you have yourself a pretty bizarre video. 

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