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As mentioned in the article that goes along with this video, Street Fighter 4 so far lacks any really insane combo videos. Everyone has seen combo videos using repeated jabs mixed with some Focus Atack Dash Cancelling, but I have yet to see anything as crazy as the exhibition below.

You can check out Maj's post on Sonic for a full breakdown on the combos and what was involved in making this video. Also, lucky for us looks like this will be a regular feature on his site so keep checking back for more!


More Super Street Fighter 4 Video from Capcom Fight Club plus Commentary by Seth Killian

Here are a few more vids from Capcom Fight Club, which took place last night. These vids show more action from the new characters. The vids are courtesy of the Console Warzone YouTube channel.

It is interesting to note that, once again, Capcom's Seth Killian stated that Super Street Fighter 4 will not be a full priced game on release next year.

Seth Killian also said that if you added up every upgrade to every version of Street Fighter 2 together, you would not get an update as good as we will be getting for Super Street Fighter 4. That, combined with reduced retail price, make Super Street Fighter 4 a true value, far and beyond anything you can possibly expect from a patch update.




Tomorrrow, CUT2 (Californa Unification Tournament) will be streamed at Top Tier Gaming on BlazBlue is sure to be streamed, while Guilty Gear is still a maybe at this point.

You can watch the stream tomorrow around 6 PM PST for BlazBlue. If Guilty Gear is going to be streamed, that will be shown around 1 PM PST. Casuals for those games and possibly others (MBAA, HnK, etc) will start streaming at 9AM PST.



What is CUT? (from the first post of the thread on Dustloop)

California is a pretty big state, and people from the north don't have opportunities to get together with the southern players very often. That's why those of us in San Luis Obispo, in the middle of the two, would like to host a tournament that maybe both sides could attend. Hence the name, California Unification Tournament 2, since this will be our second time hosting!



Pherai from Denjin Arcade stopped by Gooteck's Bar Fights and interviewed a handful of the players who were competing in the exhibition only event. He talks to East Coast players L.I. Joe and Arturo Sanchez about the differences between West Coast and East Coast players, getting their input on the different play styles in each region. He also gets feedback from the always outspoken Filipino Champ about the upcoming matches, with a little input from MAGUS1234 as well.


Capcom Fight Club Impressions

Only just weeks after announcing Super Street Fighter 4, Capcom held an event in NYC displaying it for the first time in public. While this was a noble attempt, I genuinely think Capcom should have held back a few weeks and maybe have shown off a more complete build that more people could play. Only a lucky few got to play the game up front against strong players such as Marn, Justin Wong, and Sanford Kelly, but it seems this really wasn't enough to satisfy the thirst of most of the players there, leaving an aura of disappointment in the building.

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Capcom Fight Club Stream Now Live


Capcom has set up a live stream for tonight's Capcom Fight Club in New York. If you want to get a first look at Super Street Fighter 4 in action, this could be your chance.  If you are looking forward to seeing the North American release of Tatsunoko vs Capcom in action, with new characters and balance tweaks, that will be present as well. It seems strange that it is there in my opinion, but Marvel vs Capcom will also be there.  The tagline for the stream is "Watch the Unity Team (Capcom) play against their fans", so we might see some Seth Killian taking on attendees.

Free live streaming by Ustream

You can also keep track of tonight's events via a special website Capcom has set up which will feature Twitter updates. Stay up to date on what is going on behind the scenes (and the stream) here.


Capcom still pondering bringing Super Street Fighter 4 to arcades, but if they do it will not be difficult

Capcom has been annoyingly back and forth about the prospects of bringing Super Street Fighter 4 to arcades.  At first they said no, then they said it was not an absolute no (probably after the quick backlash), and then a spokesperson said that the arcade version will depend on sales of the console version.  All we know at this point is that Capcom itself does not know itself and perhaps the back and forth in their statements is reflective of the struggle within Capcom itself over the issue.


Kotaku once again got some information on this issue recently from Capcom's Seth Killian. When asked, Seth told Kotaku that they still have not decided whether or not to bring Super Street Fighter 4 to arcades.  However, as arcade enthusiasts already know, if Capcom decided to do so, Killian confirmed that it would be a fairly easy transition.

The arcade version of Street Fighter 4 runs on the Taito Type X2 arcade board, which includes a hard-drive for storage.  As such, Killian stated that updating a Street Fighter 4 arcade cabinet to Super Street Fighter 4 would require simply installing the new software and then changing the cabinet's artwork.

If Capcom does not update the arcade version of Super Street Fighter 4 it will considerably widen the gap between the arcade version and the console version, which will have implications even in North America, where there are only a handful of arcades remaining. 

Source: Kotaku and Arcade Shock for the Taito Type X2 image.


TEKKEN 6 Launch Event In Los Angeles This Weekend!



Presented by ACTivegamerS LA
In cooperation with SDTEKKEN, SHORYUKEN.COM, and the fighting game community!

Sponsored by Namco Bandai Games, Mad Catz, & Starbucks.

Southern California fighting game fans!  Get ready for the next battle!  Celebrate the launch of TEKKEN 6 in style with ACTivegamerS and the rest of the fighting game community as we party the night away on Saturday, Oct. 24 in Hawthorne, California.

Join hundreds of TEKKEN fans as we unveil the fully playable retail version of TEKKEN 6 to the public! Join in on the launch tournament and participate in our awesome raffles and win some cool TEKKEN prizes, such as: Shirts, tattoo arm sleeves, hair pieces, and for the select few, an early copy of the game!

The TEKKEN Swaggin’ Wagon will also be at the event with TapouT TEKKEN shirts and other cool TEKKEN swag!  Take your picture with the Swaggin’ Wagon and it’s beautiful TEKKEN art & detailed finish!

An all-star list of TEKKEN community members will be in attendance…  Play against the top tournament players from the Southern California region and enter the first official console TEKKEN 6 tournament for your chance to win more prizes and maybe even an early copy of TEKKEN 6! Bring your game pads and arcade sticks!  The grand prize winner of the tournament will receive a Limited Edition TEKKEN 6 Wireless FightStick Bundle!

Among the who’s who of TEKKEN community members in attendance, include:

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The internet is a strange, dark, damp world full of things that you wish you never saw and full of things you wish you never would forget.

I spend most of my time on the internet poking around on youtube, and every once in a while you'll come across something fighting game related that will leave you scratching your head in disbelieve and awe. This week I thought I would show you some of my favorites!

KSK and MOV fight a blind kid in Mortal Kombat on Japanese TV?

Can someone explain this to me? What I can take from just watching it is very limited. KSK and MOV (Two top Third Strike players) go on a Japanese gameshow to battle a blind kid from the US(?) in Mortal Kombat? I'm not exactly sure what to think of this but KSK looks really stressed out when hes playing the game.


A collection of Street Fighter II bugs from a Japanese DVD

What we got here is a collection of some of the strangest bugs from the Street Fighter II series. We've all seen Guile's "handcuffs" (the first bug in the video), but some of these I've never seen before such as the duo-Blanka bug and the bonus stage related bugs. Pretty insane stuff.


Mugen is pretty stupid.


Have you ever seen "Evil Dan" fight "Street Fighter the Movie" Guile and some weird Japanese character that spanks you with a spoon? Well, now you have. Also, why does this look like it's ripped from a casette tape?


The Ballad Of .......Guilty Gear?

This is another one that leaves me speechless. What looks/sounds like a normal Japanese ballad turns into a fight of Guilty Gear XX. On top of being bizarre on its own, it's littered with off-kelter soundbites from something completely different. After I watched this I locked myself in my room and called my mom. Help.


A collection of "lose faces" set to Russian music? Really?

I found this while poking around on youtube. The title explains it all really. Really? Really.

Check back next week for some more and always feel free to submit your own clip and I'll probably post it on here!



This past week FilipinoChamp stopped by HAUNTS HQ for some matches and I was able to get in some much needed practice vs Dhalsim. For those of you who don't know, with his top 8 placement at West Coast Warzone and coming off his recent win against UTJ & Bryant the Tyrant at Bar Fights 2, FilipinoChamp is currently ranked as one of the top 3 Dhalsims in the country. He is also a self proclaimed "Sagat killer" having beat most of the top Sagats in the country at some point.

The Dhalsim vs Sagat match is certainly an unorthodox match up which can give Sagat serious problems if he is not familiar with how to handle it. Even though 'Sim takes a lot of damage, being able to get in to do that damage and keep him locked down can prove to be a difficult task if the Dhalsim player is on point.

I recorded many of the matches here and decided to post them up and break down what was going through my mind, what I learned during these sets and also what I assume Ryan was trying to accomplish during the match as well. Although I won maybe 2-3 matches out of 10, you'll see most of the rounds come down to the wire with a minor misstep on my end that costs me the round/match. You'll see there is a lot of experimentation going on as well with these being casual matches -- many of the better strategies start to solidify later on in the set. Hopefully some of you will benefit from the beating I took and learn a couple things about this odd match up as well.

Here are the videos with match up notes below:

Close Range Advantage: Sagat

Although I usually have few opportunities to apply close range pressure vs Dhalsim, once I'm in there I am at an advantage. 'Sim has some solid pokes/normal moves, a teleport and a back dash to give himself some breathing room, but over all once I'm in, even one Tiger Uppercut or EX Tiger Shot combo will typically put me in the lead. There are many ways to counter Dhalsim's options when he gets in close or tries to evade: well timed Kara Tiger Uppercuts will stop back dashes, standing medium punch will stop close range teleports (need to punish these more myself), and one throw into the corner will put the round in your favor.

As I mentioned, getting in takes some work. Dashing in after he blocks a Tiger Shot then FAing through any follow up limbs will work, and Kara Tiger Shots can help Sagat gain ground as well. You can Tiger Knee over Yoga Fire but the timing is a bit different than Tiger Kneeing over other projectiles in the game since Yoga Fire moves slower than say a fireball.

Once you have him in the corner, Tiger Shot pressure is usually your best option. If you are point blank and start an EX Tiger Shot combo, if he blocks it you can follow up with a crouching jab with no risk of a counter attack to continue your pressure. Watch out for slides in that is one way 'Sim can slowly push Sagat back out. Tiger Knees in the corner do not work as well against 'Sim compared to other characters due to his small hit box and the fact that he can slide under them, but a well timed meaty Tiger Knee can be a good way to start a pressure string.

Mid-Range Advantage: Dhalsim

Generally speaking, at mid range you will see that Dhalsim has a ton of options to stop Sagat from advancing, giving him the advantage from this range. He can stop Tiger Shots with a fierce, use Yoga Fire to set up teleport cross ups and Jump Fierce to punish Tiger Shots as well.  Fighting from this range is not recommended for Sagat, and once you are in the corner with Dhalsim advancing to mid range you will see how bad it can get. From this position there isn't a whole lot you can do out side of some random upper cuts or waiting for a mistake. If he already has an Ultra, in many cases the round is over once you are in the corner fighting from mid range, as you'll see in the videos I posted.

Jumping in is typically a bad idea as well, even though it's hard to resist the urge to land a jump in combo from mid-range. Sim has a ton of anti-air options, and maybe 1/5 times you attempt to jump in will you even connect with your attack. It may be a good idea to test the 'Sim players anti airing ability once the round starts, but once you see they can hit you on reaction its best to just back out to full screen and restart the projectile war.

With two stocks of EX meter you can safely Kara Uppercut from mid range to gain some ground and even land a counter hit and follow up with an Ultra, but this is in no way a strategy you can use through out the entire match.

Also, one area where Sagat has an advantage from mid screen is when 'Sim jumps in from mid range and throws out a move such as a fierce, you can FA through it and start an offense and even follow up with a F+RH from the right distance.  Uppercut can also be a good option but beware of 'Sim baiting uppercuts with a teleport.

Full Screen Advantage: Sagat (slightly)

From full screen I feel Sagat has a slight advantage due to the speed of his Tiger Shots, the ability to Kara Tiger Shot and EX Tiger Shot which will do a nice chunk of damage and also send 'Sim closer to the corner. You will most likely spend most of the match at this range and inflict as much damage as possible through Tiger Shots until you have the opportunity to move in.

Beware that even from full screen 'Sim can catch Sagat throwing a Tiger Shot and start a combo. You can feint Tiger Shots with a standing jab or crouching Fierce to counter this strategy.

A well timed crouching jab will stop many of his attacks, and you can of course cancel that into a Tiger Shot to apply more pressure. Be careful when throwing our normal moves though, in that a couple mistimed moves will cost you a nice chunk of life.

Overall Match Up Advantage: Even

I feel at the end of the day this is a 5-5 match up with maybe a slight advantage for Sagat due to his damage output. As you see, a good 'Sim can really give Sagat a lot of problems due to his ability to keep Sagat at full screen and also completely shut down most of his options once he has him in the corner.

...or am I completely out of my mind and just have no idea how to fight 'Sim? Is this all solid advice or the blind leading the blind? Sound off in the comments and let me know!



Capcom listens to fan feedback for Super Street Fighter 4: Seth to be "cheaper and more irritating"

Seth vs Your Willpower Not to Throw Your Controller: Round 2

Kotaku has gotten a chance to talk to Capcom's Seth Killian about Super Street Fighter 4 and to see the game in action. While a lot of the information in the article is not really new, there are a few interesting items.

For those who like to punish themselves for pleasure, Street Fighter 4 boss Seth had you on cloud nine. For us normal people however, it left us wanting to throw our controllers or to abuse AI exploits to win. It looks like Capcom has taken the feedback from fans and has responded in an interesting way. Capcom's Seth Killian told Kotaku that "Seth will be even cheaper and more irritating" in Super Street Fighter 4.  

Another interesting item is that some existing characters will get new moves in Super Street Fighter 4. Ken was one character specifically mentioned. Killian said that while some charactes will have new moves and characteristics, they are not introducing any new radical changes like adding parries to the game (sorry Third Strike fans).

Lastly, it was a relief for many (including myself) when Capcom said that they would not be using the same studio to provide crappy, low-budget Saturday-morning cartoon quality animated sequences to tell each of the character's stories in Super Street Fighter 4. More interestingly, especially to fans of Street Fighter fiction, every character in Super (all 25 original characters plus all new characters) will have a new story for the game.

For the full story, head over to Kotaku.


Anti-Projectile Strategy Vids by NeoRussell

I came across these vids today. They are made by NeoRussell.  He has made some really nice strategy/tutorial vids on various topics for various games.  One example of this is his two-vid series on Anti-Projectile strategies.  It gives basic strategies for every character in the game.  These videos are geared more towards beginning players but some intermediate players may find a surprise in there.

If you want to see more of his vids visit NeoRussell's website at:

Also you can see vids at his YouTube channel located at:



Our friends over at posted up some videos from Seasons Beatings, not of the actual tourney but some money matches between top players and Daigo. As expected the gameplay is top notch, but Chris Hu's commentary is what really sends it over the top. I'm just posting a couple matches out of many from FADC's channel, so be sure to check out the rest!





Capcom just updated their blog detailing how to sign up for "Fight Club" and what to expect:

"Wanna throw down at the NYC Capcom Fight Club? Sign up by sending a message, and be sure to include your full name (so your name is on the list--duh).  We'll send you the address, then just show up in your best fighting pants.

In the TvC: Ultimate All-Stars department, it's the world's first chance to go hands-on with Mega Man Zero and Joe the Condor, plus Tekkaman Blade, Frank West, and all your rebalanced returning TvC favorites.  On the Super SFIV tip, it's an exclusive taste of Juri, T. Hawk, and Dee Jay.

Sign up now--hotness is guaranteed."

Everyone in NYC should get on this asap! Sounds like quite the exciting event!




This years "Seasons Beatings" was pretty damn exciting. I found myself at the edge of my seat watching the SF4 finals. Big shout out to for stepping up to the plate and streaming the event for all of us to enjoy!

Heres the results! (Thanks to EventHubs for the Marvel and SF4 results.)


Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

1. Issei (Yun)
2. Justin Wong (Chun, Ken)
3. Frodo (Ryu)
4. Daigo (Ken)

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

1. Lex
2. "ILoveU" Joe
3. Jakki
4. JohnnyCakes
5. FLoE
6. Calm Warrior
7. Tim Static
8. Moses
9. Lucky Day
10. Larry

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: HD Remix

1st: Daigo
2nd: DGV
3rd: damdai

Street Fighter 4 (Singles)

1. Daigo Umehara (Ryu)
2. Justin Wong (Rufus, Fei Long)
3. Joe "ILOVEU" Ciaramelli (Sagat)
4. Ari "Floe" Weintraub (Sagat)
5. Eduardo "vVv Scrub" Perez (Balrog)
6. Dr. Chaos (Ken)
8. Andre "TwistedJago" Foney (M. Bison)
8. Issei Suzuki (Akuma)
12. Sanford "Santhrax" Kelly (Cammy, Akuma, Ryu)
12. Eric "Ramza" Kim (Sagat)
12. Chris "Fascinating" Hu (Ryu)
12. Lud (Chun-Li)
16. Checkmate (Ryu)
16. Brandon "DemonHyo" Deshields (Blanka)
16. Wolfkrone (C. Viper, Rose)
16. Vegita-X (Zangief)

Street Fighter 4 (3vs3 Teams)

1. Team Best Friends Forever (BFF) — Justin Wong (Rufus), Joe "ILOVEU" Ciaramelli (Sagat), Noel Brown (Zangief).

2. Team WTF — Sanford "Santhrax" Kelly (Cammy), Ari "Floe" Weintraub (Sagat) and Vegita-X (Zangief).

3. Team Daigo — Daigo Umehara (Ryu), Larry (Zangief) and Moses (Rufus).

4. Team Puerto Rico — Jose "Frodo" Llera (Ryu), Ryan "Fubarduck" Harvey (Akuma), Eduardo "Vvv scrub" Perez-frangie (Balrog).

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

1. Sanford "Santhrax" Kelly (Storm, Sentinel, Cable, Captain Commando)
2. Justin Wong (Storm, Sentinel, Cyclops)
3. Alex "Chunksta" de Souza (Magneto, Storm, Sentinel, Captain Commando, Psylocke)
4. Loren "Fanatiq" Riley (Magneto, Storm, Psylocke)
6. Chris "Magneto-X" Creecy (Magneto, Iron Man, Sentinel)
6. Neo (Sentinel, Storm, Captain Commando)
8. Josh 360 (Magneto, Ironman, Sentinel)
8. Chris "Matrix" Ellis (Cyclops, Sentinel, Cable, Storm)


This was a thrilling tourney! JWong vs Daigo in the SF4 grand finals was an awesome match to watch. Justin pulled out some Fei Long magic, but it wasn't enough to win the set sadly. (Sigh, I really wanted to see Justin finally beat Daigo!)

On another note, I found an awesome youtube video of Daigo being picked up from the airport before "Seasons Beatings", he talks about the tournaments in Japan compared to the US and Street Fighter related stuff while someone translates for him. Pretty interesting stuff!




The official CAPCOM Super Street Fighter 4 NAKKY blog was updated today, and while nothing really all that new was announced, it appears we will be seeing some real updates next week. Jigsaw from SRK translated the entry and at the end it reads:

And right now, as I'm writing this, the team is working diligently on the rest of the portraits!! For those guys and girls you don't know about yet, too... He he he. They will be announced successively, so stay tuned!!

OK everyone, maybe you'll get to see something next week too?!

So hopefully some new characters will be confirmed, or something just as interesting. My bet is on the gameplay system, but either way we will learn a lot more about the game next week with the new blog update and CAPCOM Fight Club taking place on the 22nd in NYC.

All that aside, the majority of this entry is about the new character select screen art and how they use in game models to help with the process of finding a pose for each character. Personally, I'm more of a fan of the artwork we saw last week -- Juri looks a bit demented but perhaps that's what the artists were aiming for?

Full translation after the jump!

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Looks like Gamestop has thrown Super Street Fighter 4 up for presale on their website. Seems like it's only gonna run you $40 bucks and some change. It also gives us a release date: March 23, 2010.

I'm pretty happy that its only going to run me two Jacksons, I was pretty sure that "not going to be full-priced" meant $50 dollars or something along those lines. Thanks Capcom!

(On another note, I would probably still buy the game even if it was $60 bucks. I've gotten way more than $60 dollars of gameplay out of my copy of Street Fighter 4.)




This shouldn't be surprising to anyone (due to a website leak about a month ago) but IGN has just confirmed Zero and Joe The Condor for the USA release of Tatsunoko Vs Capcom. I'm very excited to see both of these characters finally confirmed, both of these fighters look very very awesome.

I'm actually very excited about the US release of TvC. I was kinda bummed when the game didn't really pick up speed. I think the game is pretty damn fun and aesthetically pleasing. The tourney scene seemed to die out pretty quickly as well. (Probably due to the fact that Karas damn near breaks the game.)

Here's hoping for success and the future of TvC!



I wanted to give you guys a quick heads up on some recent changes I've made to the Sagat guide here at iPlayWinner and also use this as a chance to talk about how our new guides work.

For the Sagat guide, I added notes to the Normal & Special Move sections and also the match up notes section. Most of this is based on the time I spent in Japan observing higher level Sagats and also techniques of my own that I've been implementing into my own game as of late. I also added some tutorial videos on how to set up safe Tiger Knees and how to Kara Tiger Shot. I'll be adding more videos in the following week covering other topics like Kara Tiger Knees and Uppercuts so keep an eye out for those.

Beyond that, I added some more match videos to the match up chart, and if you're not aware of how this works, this is a way you can watch match videos between specific characters. So if you want to see some C. Viper vs Sagat matches, click C. Viper's profile pic on Sagat's guide and it will take you to that page, displaying as many C. Viper vs Sagat videos that we have on the site. Keep in mind that the great thing about this system is you can be notified anytime we add a new video to a specific match up by subscribing to that page via RSS. Most web browsers will allow you to do this right within the browser itself so don't forget to do that on any match ups you have problems with.

Keep in mind there are other Street Fighter 4 guides here that have been getting a lot of TLC as well, such as the Balrog, Zangief, M. Bison and Blanka guides so check those out too.

With that being said, we still have a lot of work to do here and could use some help from our community. Not only do we need more information for some of the console characters, we could also use help finding match up videos for characters as well. So, if you have any videos and/or strategy you'd like to send in to help us fill in the blanks, please use the form on the left hand side of the page to do that. Those who submit info would be credited accordingly of course.

Anyway, a lot more is right around the corner so stay tuned!



Capcom threw this on their blog today:

Below the image they included the tagline "...It’s gonna be super.". Could this be the location test for the massively hyped "Super Street Fighter 4"? I hope so! Hopefully we will see more characters and we'll have a better understanding of the new Ultra system that is much talked about!