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IGN just published their Tatsunoko vs Capcom review and it looks like they are in love with it. Check out their full video review below.



An Upcoming Strong Stream w/ Style

Strong Style 4 01/30/2010 - 01/31/2010 Ok so this has been a bit hush hush while we were flushing out details... However, we at I Play Winner are pleased to make a special announcement to the Tekken 6 fans!  I Play Winner will be broadcasting Nor Cal Strong Style 4 live at the Doman Hotel in Sunnyvale, Ca.

This is big news for the Tekken guys.  Strong Style is a major event in which competitors from out of state (and a few from out of the country) come to compete.  This event will be using the same venue as NCR 2009.  The IPW staff is looking very forward to working with the Strong Style staff and bringing you guys another great weekend of intense matches.

Please remember to tune in, get hype, and get ready for the next battle!


More Character comments from Ryota Niitsuma, Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars Producer. New characters via DLC possible based on sales

Ryota Niitsuma, producer for Capcom's forthcoming Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars, talked about characters once again with Kotaku. 

On selecting characters:

"We started by sitting around and deciding what characters from the anime we would like to see in a fighting game," Niitsuma said. "Then we had to consider licensing issues. Once we had that list we had to figure out how to make a balanced fighting game. On top of that we wanted a good balance between male and female characters.

"We mainly plucked the main characters from the anime we used, and not too many villains."

On characters from Genesis Climber MOSPEADA not making the cut for the game (MOSPEADA was used as the basis for the third generation storyline in Robotech. Personal note, as a Robotech fan myself, seeing a MOSPEADA transforming motorcycle power suit in TvC would have been amazingly cool):

"They told us what we could and couldn't use," he said. "If they said no we cut them.

"We weren't privy to a lot of their decision making process. They didn't share a lot of reasons with us. When they said no and we asked why, they wouldn't tell us, but would give us another suggestion."

Interestingly, according to Kotaku, Niitsuma-san said that they might consider releasing more characters for Ultimate All-Stars via downloadable content (purchases) if it does well enough in sales.

There were a few more comments but we already posted those replies in other very recent articles.  Check out the source for the full read.

Source: Kotaku


IPW Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars Guide On the Way (Sneak Peek)


Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars for the Nintendo Wii is just a few days away from hitting store shelves (ships 26 January).  Behind the scenes, we've been working on a guide for the game here at IPW.  New IPW staff member and TvC player frustratedsquirrel has contributed tremendously to this new guide.  In addition, Haunts has an advanced copy of Ultimate All-Stars.

To give you a taste of what the guide will look like (initially), check out our guide page for Alex.  Keep in mind that the guide is not 100% complete and we have some rough edges to iron out here and there but you should get the idea of what it will contain.

We intend to have all of the original TvC characters complete by the time the game ships next week and will be adding information on the new characters as soon as possible (it takes time to test things). 

Also, the guide we will start with next week is just a general framework. We intend to add new tips and strategies to the guide over time as they come to light once the game gets into people's hands.

So if you are planning on getting Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars, be sure to check back here at IPW for our guide.


Dj-B13's Street Fighter IV Combo Exhibition 2 Video

Here's another amazing combo video!  It features some astounding combos for many characters, and has some slick presentation to boot. Definately check it out. 

Source: DjB13's Youtube channel


Compilation video of Super Street Fighter 4 Ultras for New and old Characters (Higher Quality vid)

Here's yet another compilation video of Ultra's for both the new and the old characters.  The video in this compilation was taken from the recently updated Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 site (which now lets you see a nice clean video of each character's Ultras).  If you're getting tired of seeing these Ultra compilations, we're only posting this one because the video quality is much better. If you are tired of seeing them, there's nothing new here.

Source: Eventhubs Youtube channel



The official Super Street fighter 4 blog was updated today with a new NAKKY Blog which details some of the new Ultras in the game, results of the first National Tournament Qualifier and also teasing at a major update that is right around the corner (next Tuesday).

The character pages were updated as well showcasing many of the new Ultras for the characters. One of the lesser known ones, Seth's Ultra II and as far as I know a first look at a full custom combo from Juri. I am pretty much convinced I'll be playing Juri after seeing this video!

New images taken from the NAKKY Blog: 




Hello everyone! Thank you to everyone who in the comments for the last blog were concerned about my health.
Well then, today there are a few things I'd like to share with you!

First is the character page on the official site! For the newcomers in SSFIV like T.Hawk and Guy, but also for the returning SFIV cast as well, for 21 of them under the "Characters" page we have movies up of their Ultra I and Ultra II!

Personally, I like Balrog's "Dirty Bull", Cody's "Last Dread Dust", and Ken's "Crimson Hurricane Kick"! Within the Capcom offices, Rufus's "Big Bam Typhoon" is a big hit!

Click to read more ...



2010 began with an incredible lineup of tournaments from all over the globe. We've got weekly streams from Cicada and Keystone II on the west coast; Exceed 2 Tournament which took place in the UK recently and plenty of footage over at Frame-Advantage from the east coast.

However, one event will be a standout amongst the rest.

Brought to you by the players for the players: Vittorio, Ramin, Nima, iPlayWinner, and Keystone II Production presents the Fuddruckers Tournament Series.

Some of you may remember last year, when the Fuddruckers ran 3 singles tournament, each capping at 128 entrants, with the exception for the final tournament of 2009 which peaked close to 200 entrants! This year we've decided to spice things up a bit with the team tournament 3v3 format

The attendees of the tournament are primarily from Northern California, but has now generated interest from players from across the nation. If you don't think the competition is tough, check out some of the teams in contention for the top:

Team KapitaL
Ryan "Perfect Sin" Bartlett
Peter "Flash Metroid" Susini
Martin "Marn" Phan

Team You Bastard
Vance "Vangief" Wu (Zangief)
Long "LPN" Nguyen (Bison)
Anthony "Crackfiend" Nguyen (Balrog)

Team Free Money
Ricky Ortiz (Rufus)
Ryan "Freelipino Chump" Ramirez (Dhalsim)
John Choi (Ryu)

Team SoCal (Rumored team)
Keno (Balrog)
Mike Ross (Honda)
Combofiend (Abel or C. Viper)

Stay updated with iPlayWinner for the streams coming up during the weekend!



A new issue of Famtisu was released and they dedicated a two page spread on the new Ultras for Super Street Fighter 4, most of which were revealed at CES just a week or so ago. Obviously, this isn't the news I think most of us have been waiting for but we might get some new info on the Ultras themselves once a translation surfaces. 

I'll post a higher resolution scan and also the translation once it is available. Thanks to Oichi from for the heads up.


Depending upon sales of Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars, Capcom could announce a new "VS" Game this year

Tatsunoko vs Capcom producer Ryota Niitsuma is making the rounds while he is in town for the NYC launch event for his game. 

Niitsuma-san talked yesterday about the possibilities of a sequel to his game during yesterday's Q&A session, saying that it would be possible based on sales of TvC: UA.

However, he made more exciting statements for fans of Capcom's "vs" series while speaking with Kotaku.

About the possibility of another cross-over for the "vs" series:

"We get requests from fans to mix our characters with other video game characters all of the time," Niitsuma-san said.

"Based on those requests we might be able to do something with our characters and another company's characters for a future game," Niitsuma said. "Keep your eyes open and your ears open for some kind of news in the future."

Whats just as interesting is that while Niitsuma-san has already stated that a new TvC sequel would depend on sales, an announcement could come sooner than I expected:

"If sales are really good (for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars) then you can see an announcement within this year," he said.

Source: Kotaku


Capcom to utilize 2.5D for its Fighting games for the forseeable future says Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars producer

Capcom's Street Fighter 4 was a success in so many ways.  One of the reasons for that success is its fantastic use of 2.5D, where it uses 3D graphics to present 2D gameplay.  This allowed Street Fighter 4 to have modern, detailed 3D graphics and effects while still maintaining the 2D gameplay which made its predecessors gaming classics. 

Tatsunoko vs Capcom producer Ryota Niitsuma told Kotaku that not only was this style a fit for his game, but it will likely be the style employed by Capcom in fighting games in the forseeable future.

"I think that was the best way to present the Capcom and Tatsunoko characters to their fullest," Niitsuma said through a translator. "I think at Capcom one of our specialties is 2D fighting action and we have had a great history of making games like that.

"The 3D models on a 2D plane is a very good match and all of the (game) systems are capable of supporting such a feature. When making such games we can show our knowhow. Going out into the future I can't say it will remain like this forever, but for the forseeable future I can see us making our games in this style."

He also goes on to address what he considers to still be the biggest challenge to creating fighting games.  In his opinion there is a divide between fighting game fans and casual fans and he does not feel that a game has yet been able to address that divide.

Hit the source link below for more of his thoughts on the subject and the rest of the article.

Source: Kotaku


Sonic Hurricane Cammy Combo Vid

Amazing, as always. That's all I have to say.

Source: Sonic Hurricane


Level Up your Dhalsim! Secrets of Street Fighter 4 Featuring Arturo Sanchez: Mini Review

(This actually released a week or so ago, but I did not want to write an article until I listened to a copy first for a mini review of sorts)

Do you play Dhalsim and really want to level up your game?  Here's an investment that is well worth making.  It's Street Fighter 4 Secrets Volume 2 Featuring Arturo Sanchez. 

In this volume you get in-depth information from arguably the best Dhalsim player in the nation. How good is he? Hes the only player to beat Daigo "The Beast" Umehara in a money match at Evo 2009! He also spent weeks in Japan, facing their most fearsome players.

This set goes into superb levels of detail about everything Dhalsim.  Arturo tells us about Dhalsim's normals, how to fight up close, how to use teleports, playing the fireball game, and much, much more. It even includes his thoughts on Dhalsim's matchups, as knowledge of matchups is particularly important to a zoning character like Dhalsim.  Listening to this, its obvious that Arturo lives and breathes Dhalsim. He knows his character, and you can tell he is not reading a script. 

Click to read more ...


1Up's Game Night with Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

The good folks at 1Up have featured Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars on their Game Night session. The first video they had a small tournament in the game. The second video shows off the mini-game TvC: Ultimate All-Shooters at some point.

Source: GameVideos


Tatsunoko vs Capcom Live Q&A with Ryota Niitsuma Recap

In case you missed the live Q&A with Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars producer Ryota Niitsuma today, you have two options if you want to get caught up on what happened. 

You can watch the archived stream video here or you can read the short run-down of the main items right in this article.

Here's the recap:

- The reason the animated endings were replaced by still image endings, drawn by Udon, is that there were problems associated with localizing the endings as well as other issues.

- If the game sells well, they may do a sequel. So buy the game!

- The team did not want TvC to be focused on balance.  They said Street Fighter 4 is an example of a fighting game for fighting fans and, thus, requires that level of character balance. This game is about jumping in and having fun.

- The way you unlock characters in TvC is that the more Tatsunoko characters you use, you'll unlock Tatsunoko characters. The same for Capcom. Also, he said that the colors will not take much effort to unlock.

-The reason why Capcom selected the Wii as the game's platform is that Capcom makes games for all systems.  They wanted to make a fighting game for the Wii since the platform has no fighting games.  The "vs" style of game was selected because it fits with the Wii's style of game; flashy and fun where multiple people can play together.

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On the Haunts vs The World stream last night, I played Yeb and he was attempting this glitch mid match. I wasn't entirely sure what he was doing but he just released a new video explaining it. Instead of butchering his explanation, I will post up what he wrote in the details along with the tutorial video. 


So, this glitch is basically an extension of the old focus taunt glitch. The reason that glitch works (I think) is because you can kara cancel the focus into any move with greater input priority. The problem is that almost nothing takes priority over a focus - if you try to do an ultra at the same time as a focus, the focus will come out. Taunting is the only move that most characters have access to.

Gen has something unique though. Stance changing seems to have more input priority than even taunts, so kara canceling a focus into a stance change works. Stance changing has very fast recovery, making it practical.

It's not quite as hard as it sounds. The difficult part is timing the focus to absorb the instant you hit the buttons; stance changing during the absorb animation is relatively easy when you time the first part right. It doesn't need to be on consecutive frames like a kara throw or anything.

Everything in the video was done without macros or shortcuts of any kind.




Live Q&A with Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars producer Ryota Niitsuma at Capcom Unity


Tatsunoko vs Capcom producer Ryota Niitsuma is in Capcom's San Mateo office today.  While he is there, Capcom's Seth Killian has set up a question and answer session where you can leave comments on Capcom Unity and Niitsuma-san will answer them live on stream. This event starts very, very soon (around 1:30 PST start) so hurry over to Capcom Unity to submit your questions via comments or watch Niitsuma-san answer questions submitted by others. Hit the link below to head right to Capcom Unity.

Sorry for the short notice but we did not get word of this until recently.

Source: Capcom Unity


There will be no more additional hit after winning a round in Super Street Fighter 4

This is a tip I got from Shoryu Reppa, a very attentive poster at SRK.

Currently in Street Fighter 4 you can give your opponent a single additional hit after winning a round.  Some think it's playful.  Some consider it a taunt and/or is disrespectful to the other player.  Whatever your stance on the additional hit, it will apparently no longer be present in Super Street Fighter 4.

If you watch the below video at the 6:15 mark, Capcom's Seth Killian clearly tells the player: 

"There's no more fun additional hit... My least favorite thing about Super Street Fighter 4"

It will be interesting to see if players can find new, innovative ways to taunt other players in Super. Hey, at least it isn't like Marvel vs Capcom 2 where they can punch, kick, and hyper your unconscious body for a few seconds. Now *that* is just mean.

Source: Shoryu Reppa at SRK. Nice catch.



Yeah yeah, so I found this on Kotaku, so what? Anyway, looks like SOTA is gearing up for another batch of Street Fighter toys, this time creating some resin statues of new comer Juri. The face looks a little goofy, and she is missing her Feng Shui Engine eye or whatever it's called  but over all everything else looks pretty spot on. Nice pose, fits the character well I think. 

No word on when the figures will be available, but SOTA has a Facebook page where you can see more photos and get updates on new releases.  You can check out more photos of the figure here


Dogface Show: Part 5 of Interview with Justin "Marvelous" Wong

Here's the 5th and final part to the Justin Wong interview on the Dogface Show.  This really was a great interview in my opinion.  It's always interesting to get inside the mind of a top tier player, especially with Dogface doing the interview.

Source: The Dogface Show