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February 15th 2010 – March 31st, 2010

PRIZE: $50 Gift Card to Amazon or Gamestop (Winner’s Choice)


As many of you may have noticed, we now have a public registration feature on iPlayWinner and what better way to announce new features than with a contest? After a couple roundtable meetings with the team, we decided the best thing we could do at this point is give back to those of you who provide insightful, humors and over all great comments to each article we post. 

REGISTERED USER EXAMPLEOver the next month and a half, the iPlayWinner team will be reading the comments of each post (not like we don't already!) and look for users who provide the best comments over that period of time. The winner will receive a 50 dollar gift card to or, which ever they prefer!

To be eligible for the contest (and most future contests from here on out), you must register for an account on iPlayWinner. This not only will help us identify and contact the winner, but it will also provide some new features that are available now and many more in the future.

 Registered Users Feature List:

  • STAND OUT: Special comment stylings to make your comments stand out amongst the crowd. 
  • E-MAIL UPDATES: Be the first to know about new Super Street Fighter 4 news with the ability to have new article and comment updates sent directly to your e-mail 
  • ELIGIBLE: Future contests will only be for those who are registered, active members of this community.
  • TEAM iPW: Registered users, based on their comments among other factors, will be considered to be brought on as fulltime contributors.
  • UPGRADES: In the coming months there will be a lot of upgrades for registered users -- stay tuned!

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European BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Limited Edition Contents

North American players have been playing BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger for months now.  It's bizarre that the game will finally hit Europe on 19 March of this year!  It gets more strange when you consider that a home version of the game's sequel, Continuum Shift, is already being talked about!

At any rate, it's finally almost here for European players, which is still a good thing for the entire BlazBlue community.  Europeans who did not import the game can finally play this amazing game.  Players in other markets benefit too because it means that new players will hit Xbox Live or Playstation Network.

The contents of the game's European special edition have surfaced. Above you can see promo shots of what the game will include, and here is a description of what is in the box:

The special Limited Edition includes the game, a bonus DVD with around 2 hours of fighting tutorial guides and deep character specific strategies. Plus a gorgeous 96 page full colour book with original art and illustrations from the design team at Arc System Works. All this in a beautiful collectors BlazBlue emblem design.

Source: Thanks to Neo-Empire for the tip!


New Street Fighter 4 Combo Vid from Biffotasty aka DESK

Here's a new combo video from Biffotasty aka Desk from the UK. As usual, the combos are really crazy. What's also interesting is that he says in the video discription that the music for this vid was done by his band. Check it out until more news hits the webs.

Source: Biffotasty's Youtube Channel


GiantBomb's Jeff Gerstmann Gets Surprise From Capcom: Dudley hint for Super Street Fighter 4


GiantBomb's Jeff Gerstmann recieved a suprise from Capcom: A blue boxing glove holding a rose.  Anybody who knows anything about Street Fighter 3: Third Strike knows that these two elements are trademarks of Dudley.  This is a pretty obvious hint that Dudley will be indeed be confirmed as being one of the four remaining unknown characters in Super Street Fighter 4.

Source: Jeff Gerstmann's Twitpic


New Super Street Fighter 4 Trailer: Cammy, Chun-Li, Juri

This new trailer is showing off more of the game's opening cinematic. I must say that I'm digging this trailer's art style. 


New Japanese Official Super Street Fighter 4 Blog Post Partially Translated (Full Translation Soon)

The new Japanese Official Super Street Fighter 4 blog post is up for this week. Azrael doesn't have time to fully translate it right now, so hopefully we will have a full translation soon. Here are the Cliffs Notes he provided to tide us over:

-- SSFIV is sold separate from SFIV because they’ve in essence built it from the ground up, so its too much to be handled as additional content.

-- More hinting at Ibuki.

-- No special conditions to get to the bonus stages.

-- The developers and producers (Ono included) read the comments on the blogs.

-- No “Making of” video, but that’s what the Dev Blog is for.

-- No plans for any SF1 character, but who would you want to see?

-- Would be cool to one day have the characters actually speaking their respective languages (ie Russian for Gief, Chinese for Chun).

-- Someone asks for a flight suit alt for Guile, and she points out a picture showing Guile throwing a sonic boom while wearing sunglasses - is this a new item, or a new move?

-- SSFIV will run at 720p just like SFIV.

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Capcom just posted new ultras for Vega, Guile, and Dhalsim on their Japanese website. Pretty cool stuff. Check it out. 



 Guile's ultra looks awesome, but it doesn't look very comboable. Sonic Hurricane was my favorite super in Capcom vs. SNK 2 so I'm happy to see it back. 

Dhalsim's is just bizarre! I wonder how this will be used in real match! 

As with Guile's ultra, Vega's second ultra looks amazing but it doesn't look like theres a way to combo into it. 


So far, what is your favorite second ultra? Mine is Viper's! So awesome. Vipers pro-skater! Hahaha! 



Last week, I wrote about Street Fighter references within MMA culture. This week, I found a video on Sherdog that is sponsored by Tatsunoko vs Capcom, which you can view on the video below within the first few seconds. (The rest of the video displays an MMA technique, nothing else SF related)

Yet another sign of the fighting game culture infiltrating or making an attempt to integrate with mainstream media. However, with all the events, streams, and promotions occuring with the fighting game crave, an impending question is raised: Will the fighting game culture ever make a breakthrough into mainstream audiences across the US or the world? What do you guys think?




A new video featuring some devastating combos from multiple Tatsunoko vs Capcom characters showed up on Capcom Unity today thanks to S-Kill. I am a Tekkaman Blade player myself so I think that last combo is pretty boss, but those Saki combos are pretty ridiculous as well!

What are your favorite combos in this video and what characters are you guys using as of late?

My current team: Ryu & Tekkaman Blade!

Source: Capcom-Unity



Lord of Ultima has put together some great tutorial videos going over some crucial fundamental aspects of Street Fighter 4 (and many other fighting games for that matter). Not only do these videos have some great information in them, they are also extremley well produced with some top notch editing.

His latest video goes over option selects, a subject many players are interested in learning about recently.

He also released a video a couple weeks back that goes over hit confirming, which is another very important technique to master if you plan on being a competitive player.

Be sure to check out his YouTube channel for many more videos including some great tutorials on Akuma.

Source: iPlayWinner Forums


Street Fighter 4 (PC)/Mad Catz Fight Pad Bundle For $34.99 at Newegg

If you are a) still looking into getting a Mad Catz Fight Pad for Xbox 360/PC and/or b) want a copy of Street Fighter 4 for PC, I think you're in luck! Newegg has the Street Fighter 4/Fight Pad bundle on sale for $34.99. 

Right now, buying either one individually costs more than the $35 you'd spend for this bundle, so it's like getting a small discount on one of the bundle items and getting the other one for free.  Yes the pad works on both PC and Xbox 360.

If you're interested, check it out here.

Thanks to Capcom Unity for the tip.


Street Fighter Legend Alex "Calipower" Valle Interview at Sonic Hurricane

Sonic Hurricane has just posted a great interview with Street Fighter legend Alex "CaliPower" Valle. If you want to know about his storied past or find out his feelings on Street Fighter 4 (and more), give it a read! Here's a snippet of him recalling meeting another legend, Mike Watts. Hit the source below for the full interview.

The vid above is a cool video made showing Alex's history from those early days all the way to today.

Maj: How’d that go? What did you think of watts when you first met him?

CaliPower: Cocky guy. Couldn’t beat him. Instant ego. All traits of a champion. I was fortunate that my friend introduced me to him, ’cause Watson had a reputation of just clowning your play from day 1. So it wasn’t too bad when he was beating me, since we were formally introduced. =P

Maj: Nice. Yeah, i’ve heard he was pretty much the king of SFA1. Did you want to be friends with him or did you just want to beat him down?

CaliPower: Lol, I just wanted to beat him. Back in the days you couldn’t sleep if you kept losing to someone in SF. It’s like, “Wtf man… I thought I was good…” ‘Cause I was the best player from my arcade, even versus random new players. So Watson was the only guy that just destroyed me – made me play harder.

Source: Sonic Hurricane


Samurai Showdown: Edge of Destiny Coming To North America this Spring as Samurai Showdown Sen

The latest in the Samurai Showdown series is coming to North America. If you're a big Samsho fan, you knew that already. What we did not know until today is that its got a new timeframe, a new subtitle, and a new publisher.  It will be called Samurai Showdown Sen and it is coming this Spring for the Xbox 360 (exclusively, sorry PS3 owners) and it will be published by XSEED Games, not Ignition Entertainment as previously believed.

Samurai Showdown Sen is the first entry in the series to be in 3D and will also feature online play.

Here's the press release that gives all kinds of official info on the game:

XSEED Games announced today that it has secured the North American publishing rights to SAMURAI SHODOWN SEN. In a strategic move to further build its profile as a proven independent-minded game publisher across multiple platforms, XSEED Games has partnered with SNK PLAYMORE to release the next installment of the popular arcade fighting game series. Formerly known as SAMURAI SHODOWN: Edge of Destiny, SAMURAI SHODOWN SEN is the latest iteration of the legendary weapons-based fighting series developed by SNK PLAYMORE. The game is in its final production phase and is scheduled for release this spring exclusively for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

"We are ecstatic to have our first offering on Xbox 360 be the latest iteration of such a highly-regarded franchise," said Jun Iwasaki, President of XSEED Games. "The SAMURAI SHODOWN series was a pioneer in the weapons-based fighting genre when it first took arcades by storm over a decade ago, and will now be bringing that same kind of innovative spirit as the series is reborn in 3D with online play."

SAMURAI SHODOWN SEN reveals a society on the brink of collapse, as encroaching Western influences threaten to overrun the ancient, once-hidden culture of lords, serfs, and samurai. Impressive 3D visuals, huge roster of new and returning fighters, brutal finishing moves and online play and leaderboards via Xbox LIVE® online entertainment network complete the series' much anticipated rebirth on a next-gen platform.

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Fans Create Fake Capcom Advertisements at Capcom Europe Forum

Capcom Europe forum, readers have started to create fake Capcom ads for fun.  It always astounds me to see some of these kinds of threads, as it shows how talented and creative some of the people in our community are.  There are a few in there already for Super Street Fighter 4 and some really impressive ones for other games if you want to take a look.

If you like that thread you'll love the NeoGAF thread that inspired them! Tons of amazing fan-made ads for lots of games, including a bunch of incredible Street Fighter 4 ones, are found within!

Source: Capcom Europe Forum via Capcom Unity



Marvel vs Capcom 2 Gamerpics hit Xbox Live

Today, Capcom has three sets of 10 pics available for only 160 MS points. Tomorrow, they will post two more collections of 10 pics and 1 more of 5 pics (this one for 80 MS points). Whether you are a fan of the actual game or not, the game has tons of characters that appeal to almost everyone.

The Metal Head Collection: The Iron Man, War Machine, Doctor Doom, Sentinel, Juggernaut (yes, I know his gear is not made out of metal), Mega Man, Roll, Servbot, Tron Bonne and Zangief

The Lovers, Villains, and Babes Collection: Magneto, Rogue, Gambit, Blackheart, Spiral, B.B. Hood, Chun Li, Cammy, M. Bison and Felicia

The Wow, That's a lot of Popular Characters in this Collection Collection: Cyclops, Cable, Storm, Psylocke, Colossus, Ryu, Ken, Morigan, Jill Valentine and Akuma

Tomorrow, two sets of 10 pics and one set of 5 pics (80 MS points) will be available for a total of 55 gamerpics!

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iPlayWinner presents you with our first international interview featuring none other than the legendary Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Alex Player, KSK! He is more than just a player though -- he is an integral part of the Japanese fighting game scene as he owns and operates Gamer's Vision, a hot bed for some of the best players in Japan.

KSK is also the organizer of the GODSGARDEN tournament,  which was met with much international acclaim as it features top level players such as Daigo and Mago, with a top notch live stream to boot. It was also one of the first events to have a females only Street Fighter 4 tournament which helped promote female players in Japan such as ChocoBlanka.

With GODSGARDEN 2 right around the corner, we wanted to talk to him a bit about the Japanese fighting game scene, running an arcade, multiple events and also how the console-only release of Super Street Fighter 4 will affect Japanese arcades.

iPW: What do you think of American tournaments? 


KSK: From my experience, Double Elimination, like EVO, is very exciting. I know it takes much longer but players can get more satisfaction and some ease compared to a single elimination, whether win or lose. I love the pressures when I'm in losers tournament, I love the feelings of superiority when I'm in winners one. It makes good contrast between winners and losers.


iPW: Do you ever watch streams of American tournaments? 

KSK: I watched EVO'09 on the stream. It seemed well equipped with gear such as cameras so I could watch players' faces and feel atomosphere. It was great!



iPW: Are more arcades in Japan looking into doing live streams? 

KSK: I think the pioneer of live streaming from arcade is Nakano-TRF. It brings many newcomers to the arcades -- but, on the other hand, when said player watches the live streams, he's at home, not at the arcade. They provide no revenue to the arcades so it makes arcade owners negative or passive about live streaming. Still, I think that live streaming is very effective to show the excitement of arcades.


iPW: Do you still play 3s often? Why do you play Alex? 

KSK: I still play 3s. I'm taking part in grade matches for 3s at NishiNippori-VERSUS. I restarted Ranking Battle for 3s at Gamer's Vision [ KSK's arcade ] recently. I love Alex's dynamic moves and arts. Fact is, I'm not good at complicated inputs. Alex is easier to handle!


iPW: How did you come up with the idea of Gods Garden? 

KSK: In Japan, arcade players are becoming fewer year by year. So, when I try to give a boost to arcades, there's not enough man-power. Teenagers in Japan rarely come to arcades and have chance to learn how to play fighting games. So they don't know how it is to be a serious fan of fighting games -- they only play on console! At one point, console games were no more than substitute for the games in arcades, but now we can play games for the arcades on console. Sometimes, the games for console is superior to the one in arcades.

It means that there's no reason to visit arcades for teenagers, but I want show them how exciting the arcade atmosphere is. I want to show them how great players in the arcades are. This is a motive for organizing Godsgarden.

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Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars Level 3 Hyper Combo Compilation Vids

Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars is very flashy, especially its hyper combos. If you want to see what all of the Level 3 Hyper Combos look like in two vids (one for Capcom side and one for Tatsunoko), here you go!

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Montreal Canada's Expanding Fighting Game Community

When Street Fighter 4 released, existing fighting game communities expanded and new ones sprung up where there currently was none.  In Montreal, Canada, the tourney scene has grown tremendously over the last year due to the great fighting games released last year.

With Super Street Fighter 4 now looming large on the horizon, it will be yet another opportunity for our fighting game community to grow. New players will want to go to tournaments and some passionate people will work to create new scenes.

If you are not going to tournaments, this video can give you an idea of the kind of fun that you might be missing. Congrats to Montreal for their accomplishments.

Source: Tons of great people on NeoGAF for passing this around



Have you ever stopped and wondered why MadCatz seems to be practically giving their joysticks away over the past month or so? If you've looked around Amazon or other online vendors, it seems there are deals going on for their flagship accessory, the Tournament and Standard Edition FightSticks, pretty much every single week. Who knows if this is the real reason, but perhaps it's because they have money to burn at this point.

According to an article on Joystiq,  MadCatz released their earnings report for the third quarter of their fiscal year which ended December 31st, 2009 stating that their net sales came to $48.8 Million. In MadCatz's official earnings report they state a "Gross profit of $15.9 million in the fiscal 2010 third quarter represented an increase of 51% from $10.5 million in the same quarter of the prior year." This stands as their second best quarter of sales in the company's history.  They mention that this is largely due to moving away from lower priced accessories and focusing more on high end products (read: quality) such as the FightStick joystick line. 

TL;DR - MadCatz is super flossy, ballin' out of control makin' mad bank. Chad Warden would be proud. 

This is great news for all of us who have bought and love Tournament Edition sticks, in that we can expect more top notch products directly related to the fighting game scene in the future. With the new Super Street Fighter 4 joysticks right around the corner, who knows what MarkMan and the team have planned for us next!

Source: Joystiq



iPlayWinner Fighting Game Glossary

The team here has put together a great glossary of terms relating to fighting games, and I just now organized them for everyone to check out. This is something we have been meaning to do for quite sometime now, so I am glad to finally make it live! Keep in mind we have many more updates coming so keep checking back.

I've separated the glossary into different sections in regards to general terms, movement, inputs and even fighting game slang. So if you're not sure what it means when someone gets "Greenbar'd", be sure to check it out to catch up on the fighting game lingo that gets tossed around so much on streams.

If you have any suggestions for new terms or feel there is a correction to be made, please email me:

Thanks to Quash, LB and Crackfiend for all their hard work on this.