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I've decided to create a series of articles called "Street Fighter 4 Strategy Concepts" which is a comparison/correlation of concepts between Street Fighter video games and sports. Before I go on, I would like to share a story about myself and the competitive scene.

I had previously hated video games, period. I thought it was a waste of time and you could do nothing productive with it other than kill time. I was also a very big sports guy, and I played basketball throughout most of high school until I suffered some knee injuries which caused me to stop playing. While in my first year of college in fall of 2002, I stumbled upon Marvel vs Capcom 2 and I met some people from SRK ( The competitive nature and diversity of the crowd really drew me in which eliminated most, if not, all stereotypes of video gamers. 7 years later, here I am telling a short story about how a non-video gamer became a video gamer, but not without cause.

The reason I mentioned this is because I use a lot of my basketball fundamentals to my gameplay and style. I also watch and learn other sports in order to use their strategies and concepts in my matches as well. Today's topic will be the battle for distance. Below this paragraph is a video of me and Ricky Ortiz playing at the SFSU arcade. I'm going to break down 3 sections in which spacing is highly involved in top play.

2:05 - I begin getting Ricky to the corner by making him block dash punches and my sweeps. By having the right spacing for my moves, I'm able to cause Ricky to misjudge some of my attacks which allows me to dash punch in and then weave out by dashing back (This is a stategical technique that I like to call in-n-out), then moving forward a little bit to continue to steadily work him in.

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iPlayWinner Crew on's Game Night feat. MVC2 had the iPW crew swing by and play some Marvel a little earlier this week for their Game Night stream. There were some technical difficulties but it turned out to be pretty good anyhow. We showcase the new demo and talk about gameplay strategies while playing the Dreamcast version. Check it out!


BlazBlue CE Pre-order & BlazBlue 2 on the way?

Like most next-gen games coming out these days, BlazBlue is receiving its own collectors edition that includes a soundtrack and DVD containing strategies and combos for each character. Also if you pre-order online you will receive an official art book for the game as well. Not too bad considering its priced at $59.99 - the price of a normal PS3/360 game!

On top of that, is reporting that a new version of BlazeBlue (perhaps BlazBlue 2) is set for release in Japanese arcades come October. No one knows yet whether this is a full blown sequel or just a incremental upgrade to game play features and what not.



This week NAMCO announced Tekken 6 and an entirely new Soul Calibur game are headed to the PSP.

Tekken 6 will come with new stages and additional content, but its not clear yet if the original characters they speak of are separate from Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion's Lars and Alisa.

Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny will feature not only some of the main characters from previous entries in the series, but will also have a handful of new characters to choose from as well. Check out's article for more details.

Tekken 6 is slated to release later this fall next to the PS3 and 360 versions and Soul Calibur is coming this summer to North America but no release date set for Japan yet. With this in mind, Richard Li from 1up asked about the popularity of Soul Calibur in North America compared to Japan in an interview with the game's director Noriyuki Hiyama.

1UP: Do you think the North American market likes Soul Calibur more than, say, the Japanese market?

NH: Yes, I think the North American market is much more Soul Calibur oriented. That could be because of population, install base, or many other reasons. I definitely feel the US market is important. Of course, Japan and Europe have a Soul Calibur fan base as well. We took the entire world in context when developing Broken Destiny.



Some shots of the PC version of Street Fighter 4 surfaced today thanks to French gaming site Juex Video, showcasing a feature called "Ink Control" which allows you the adjust the ink shading on the character models. You can go for a heavy dark ink outline look or even give a more watercolor type appearance for the characters.

Not many other features are known about the PC version at this point, but this is a pretty big indicator that players will have a lot more options to play with on the PC version compared to the console versions.



Marvel vs Capcom 2 confirmed for PSN and XBL Summer 2009

Marvel-heads rejoice! All the rumors were true. Marvel vs Capcom 2 is confirmed for the PS3 and XBOX 360, and is scheduled for a Summer 2009 release- now with online play!

The countdown on signaled Capcom's official announcement of the game. See the all new trailer at and GET HYPE!



Here's a quickie on yesterday's tournament: LPN vs Ricky Ortiz

Some of you guys may have skipped the video and just went on to continue reading this article. If you did, watch it right after you read the article. Let me tell you two things that happened yesterday:

First off, we had to cap off the tournament entries at 128, and people still wanted to join the tournament. Here's how bad it got - people were selling off their spots for $20, and we had probably 5 - 10 spots sold (Entry fee was $5).

Second of all, Ricky Ortiz was one of the guys who bought a spot in order to get into the tournament, and in the match between him and LPN, there was a lot of side betting going on. To make things simple and short, there was at least $300 involved for the total pot. How much more hype can it get? Stay tuned for the full article when we post it this week!



WCG Fighter Club wrapped up this weekend in New York with Justin Wong taking another first place victory- this time with Abel! Almost more interesting is the fact that Arturo "Sabin" Sanchez took 2nd using Seth, who was originally banned from the tournament until the players spoke out against it.

Here are the Grand Finals with J. Wong and Sabin. Check the full YouTube channel for more videos from the event!

Here is Top 8 - check the SRK results thread for more information.

1- Jwong - Abel, Rufus
2- Sabin - Sim/Seth
3- Nestor - Sagat
4- Joe - Sagat
5- Sanford - Ken
5- Rashaan Sim/Viper
7- NerdJosh - Sagat
7- Fascinating - Ryu



This is a Bay Area stream for Street Fighter 4 that should last until about 12 AM PST. Check it out - you never know who will show at the Cannery!

This should be a good stream with so many people practicing for the big tournament at Fuddruckers tomorrow.

Apr232009 Podcast Episode 01 - Oichi From VersusCity

So we finally got around to putting together a podcast and our first guest is Oichi from He gives us an inside look at Japanese arcades, the situation with new games breaking into arcades and what we feel should be changed in Street Fighter 4.

This is our first attempt so bear with us in that we are a little all over the place, but we hope to keep this going on a weekly/monthly thing. If you have any ideas for guests or if you have some questions for us, post up in the comments section!

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This last weekend has been filled with plenty of events and festivities, and finally I've got some time to do a quick breakdown of everything that's been going on. To start this off, let's begin with the overview of the UC Davis Muga Tournament.

The "Muga" is the name of the arcade at the University, and we had a total of 35 entries for the tournament. I gotta tell you, the Top 8 matches started getting pretty intense. Coopa, the UC Davis Zangrief player, is just hands down a beast. The man specializes in gimmicks (he has openly admitted to it), but will showcase some very impressive footsies/ground games to complement his game, allowing him to create more opportunities because you have to respect his game. See the vid of him taking me out from Winners Finals

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So when I first started I set up a blog for video analysis to hopefully give people an idea of what's going on in more high level matches. Although I loved doing it, since then I've found it to be real difficult to keep up with the site and watch videos all day so I need your help!

If this works out the way I want it to, each week or so I will ask for people to submit videos they've found online and I will have either myself or someone from the crew break down the videos that we find most interesting or worth talking about. Hopefully this will give people a different perspective on certain match ups and help see the game in a different light.

How do you submit a video? Easy! Just post up the YouTube link in the comments section and I'll be sure to check out each one!



At the Street Fighter 4 Nationals tournament not only did we have a chance to interview Daigo, but we also asked a couple questions to Iyo who is currently the Japanese National Champion.

One important thing to note about this interview is his transition from CVS2 to Street Fighter 4. Essentially he was not very good at the game when he first started playing, but through the support of his friends and other players he was able to become much better at it. Considering this guy is the National Champion this says a lot about getting out there, finding people who are better than you who can coach you and help you get better!

Like the Daigo interview, it's hard to hear everything due to all the noise in the venue so we included a transcript of the whole interview below the video. Check it out!

Haunts Question 1:

Do you play on XBOX live at all or do you only play in the arcade?

Iyo/Shino Answer: He sometimes plays on Xbox Live.

Haunts Question 2: Can you still find good competition on there like in the arcade or is it just for fun?

Iyo/Shino Answer: There are many players out there on XBOX live so he can compete against so many players on there so it is comparable to playing in the arcade.

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So between the joysticks, ERSB rating and all the other leaks over the past couple months I think it's pretty safe to say to say CAPCOM wanted to create a little buzz about Marvel vs. Capcom 2 coming to XBLA/PSN even before the official announcement.

Now a new teaser site has popped up with a countdown clock, TU4AR.COM - which if you think hard enough I'm sure you can figure out what it stands for. Anyway, it looks like next Monday we should receive some official news!



Before the tournament, Anthony, Richard and myself were able to spend about 5 minutes with Daigo and his translator Shino to ask him a couple questions about the game. Although none of us can speak Japanese of course, he seemed like a really down to earth mellow guy.

I found a couple things interesting about the interview, the first being that he loved the energy and hype surrounding the event with all the fans and people just so into it. I guess he doesn't see a lot of that outside of maybe SBO and major events or perhaps Japanese players and fans are a bit more reserved than here in the US in general.

Also, when I asked him what is the number one thing someone can do to get better in Street Fighter he mentioned throwing. Coming from Daigo that means a lot and made me think about ways I can improve my throwing game. As you'll read below, it seems he is talking about all aspects of throwing including set ups and escaping.

It was very loud in the venue so we apologize about the sound quality, but we do have a transcript of the translation below. We have another interview with Dhalsim player Iyo in which we will upload sometime this week along with all the other footage we have from the event as well. Enjoy!

1st Question from Anthony: How does the competition in Japan compare to the United States?

[Shino Translation:
“The venue is definitely bigger in the states, but in number, though I don’t know the size of this event, I think you see more people at events like this one in Japan. What I really like about in the US is though the fans know how to create an exciting atmosphere for the players. “]

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Gamestop National Tourney Swag

What makes a memorable event even more memorable you ask? Free stuff of course!

There were shirts that were given for those who donated a can a food or made a cash donation to the Second Harvest Food Bank charity organization. You had a choice of 2 shirts for your contribution.

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We have a ton of great footage from the event including matches of the iPlayWinner crew vs. Poongko, interviews with Daigo and Iyo among some other great clips. Expect those gems with a full write up on the event sometime soon- but before all that we figured we would upload a teaser clip, and a good one at that: Korean National Champion Poongko vs. Daigo "THE BEAST" Umehara.



CAPCOM announced today that April 24th is the official release date is set for the free Street Fighter 4 Championship Mode DLC. Despite some quirks with XBOX LIVE displaying Championship Mode as a request feature on some users profiles about a week ago, this is coming a bit sooner than most people expected. This patch was originally slated to drop around the same time the PC version should which is in June 30th.

Seth Killian also details on his blog about how the tournament ranking systems works, enabling you to enter exclusive tournaments composed of higher skilled players as you progress. This rank also ties into the ability to save replays - essentially the top 5000 ranked tournament players will have the ability to save and upload replays of their matches which are generated straight from the tournament matches themselves. For the PS3 version other users can add comments to the videos themselves.

Good news all around of course, but best of all, people who pull the plug will be penalized with a big fat display of their percentage of disconnects. With ranked matches still in play, rage quitting isn't a compete thing of the past but this will obviously now give those of us who can handle a loss a place to play without the worry of someone quitting mid match on us.



Not 100% sure about the validity of this but a poster on NeoGAF found this link on a UK gaming shop website where they seem to have information on a new MadCatz Tournament Edition stick coming out in early to mid July. According to the description it sounds like it's the same as the Street Fighter 4 TE stick with different artwork.

More than the fact that there may be a new batch of sticks coming our way, this is also a pretty strong indicator that Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is coming back in some shape or form around summer time. With the game being rated by the ERSB and and now this I wouldn't be surprised to hear an official announcement from CAPCOM sometime soon. We'll keep you posted.




Versus City has updated their list of the current top 20 Street Fighter 4 players in Japan according to BP rank. Two players, Mago and Ojisanboy have broken to 200k mark while Daigo still trails by quite a bit. Even with 7 Sagats in the full top 20 it's still a pretty good mix of characters with an Abel, 'Gief and two Chun's in the top 10 alone.

Check out Versus City for the full top 20, here is the top 10:

1. Mago (Sagat) - 208,847
2. Ojisanboi (Sagat) - 204,221
3. Umehara (Ryu) - 184,268
4. RF (Sagat) - 172,157
5. Nemo (Chun) - 126,193 (+1)
6. Tokidokinukinkusu (Chun) - 123,428 (-1)
7. Shiro (Abel) - 117,515
8. Radiowave (Sagat) - 112,953
9. Bouya (Zangief) - 102,598
10. Maakun (Sagat) - 101,612

Also keep in mind VersusCity is also displaying the top 5 players for certain characters and this week they have the top 5 Zangief, Guile and Bison players!