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For Weekend Fun: A look back at some of Capcom's 90s promo videos for Street Fighter 2

Just for fun, over the weekend, let's take a look back in time at some of Capcom's promo vids for versions of Street Fighter 2 for the SNES and Genesis back in the early 90s.

Street Fighter 2 Turbo promo video sent out by Capcom in the 90s to promote the SNES version as well as some other Capcom products. 

Here's a promo vid for Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition for the Sega Genesis. It reuses some of the footage from the above promo for Turbo.

Thanks to NeoGAF for pointing one of these videos out!


Capcom Store Now Taking Preorders for Super Street Fighter 4 Dojo Edition

You can pre-order the Super Street Fighter 4: Dojo Edition now for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 for $79.99.  This collector's edition is only available through the Capcom Store and has items you can't get anywhere else. Here's what's included:

• Super Street Fighter IV game
• Super Street Fighter IV Dojo Edition Gym Bag
• T-shirt featuring Dudley tossing his rose
• 24 oz aluminum water bottle with carabiner (BPA free) featuring Ibuki
• Super Street Fighter IV Dojo Edition head band
• 1 GB USB drive featuring Juri and containing character art, wallpapers, comics and more...



Everyone's favorite Korean Street Fighter 4 player is already on that Super Street Fighter 4 grind! Here are a couple videos that showed up on Ruliweb of Poongko playing.

The first one he is playing Rose and Ryu and the second video he is playing C. Viper and Cammy. Check out TheKingofTekken6 YouTubeChannel for more videos!



Keiran sent this pic of his scene in Ireland. In this event ( 2) they held tourneys for Third Strike and Street Fighter 4.The release of Street Fighter 4 on consoles last year was a tremendous boost to fighting communities everywhere.  Areas with small communities gained new members, while passionate players found ways to establish scenes where none previously existed.  With Super Street Fighter 4 set to arrive soon, the fighting game community once again has a tremendous opportunity to expand.

So, if you don’t have a fighting game scene in your area and you would like to start one how do you go about doing so?  How do you grow a small fighting game community into something more?  If you are lucky enough to have a mid-size to large scene, how do you level up? 

There are likely many people out there who have these kinds of questions.  We do not have all the answers (nobody does), but we would like to create a place where we can share ideas.  With this series of articles, we will establish a guide for this purpose.  It will be a continuous work-in-progress, and we will try to incorporate any good idea that we come across into the guide.  Our hope is that by having ideas in one place, people can be inspired and empowered to do more in their areas. Perhaps we can even create a cycle where ideas can inspire new ideas and tips.

Our hope is that we can contribute to maximizing the potential to expand fighting game communities everywhere this year.  You don’t have to be a Street Fighter fan either to use some of these ideas.  Whatever your games of choice, many of the topics to be presented and discussed can be applied or can be modified to your specific needs.

So, with this we are reaching out to the community for help.  We will be asking for ideas from people who have already created scenes or who have been successful at growing them.  We will be seeking advice on our own IPW Forums and elsewhere.  As we collect ideas, we will create a permanent guide on IPW which will organize them all. 

Remember those pics of fighting game scenes we asked you to send in a few days ago? We thought it would be a great idea to incorporate pictures of actual fighting game scenes of all sizes from around the world into the guide.

Topics will include:

*tips for establishing a scene where none currently exists

*tips for growing if you already have a scene established

*being a good tourney organizer: critical for success

If you want to contribute to this effort, you can do so in several ways.  You can always post random tips and ideas in the articles like this one. You can also send them to

However, we would love to invite you to join us in the IPW Forums in the Tips for Establishing and Growing your Fighting Game Community thread.  Join us in the effort to create a bigger, stronger fighting game scene!



The GODSGARDEN staff has started uploading some HD quality videos from GODSGARDEN2 which took place in Japan just a couple weeks ago.  These first couple videos appear to be from the qualifying round, with a couple good fights with Bonchan vs Reiketsu Hidou and Ichi vs Mahou shoujo Zangi-tan. Keep an eye on their YouTube Channel for more uploads!



I just had a conversation the other day with a friend talking about how it's frustrating that all these new Super Street Fighter 4 videos have been showing up online, but most of the gameplay is just so bad that it's making the wait for the game itself more and more unbearable. You'll wait through 4 minutes of footage and maybe see one real combo or some interesting set up, sometimes totally unintentional to begin with.

Well, Ruliweb has come through with some pretty solid Super Street Fighter 4 videos showcasing a lot of the new characters with some decent gameplay to boot. There videos were uploaded by RajmanGamingHD and it looks like they are still in the process of uploading more, so keep checking their YouTube Channel for updates. I only included videos that have the new characters in them, although there are more videos on their YouTube Channel of some of the returning cast as well. 

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Seth Killian put together a character walkthrough of Hakan for Gametrailers and it breaks down most aspects of the Turkish oil wrestler's game. One thing that the video details that some of you may not have known is that when Hakan is oiled up he can move while he is charging up a Focus Attack! This will make for some really interesting match ups as long as the Hakan player can stay oiled up of course.




Reno Revolution Tournament Confirmed and Rumored Players

Just as a reminder, tomorrow is the large scale Reno tournament. From what I've heard, there will be a live stream of this event. For those of you nearby, come by for some top-tier caliber competition! Especially with a list of these confirmed players attending:

Filipino Champ
Ricky Ortiz
Jason Nelson

Rumored players to be attending:

Erik Choi
John Choi

For original information regarding the tournament, click here.


Summary of This Week's Japanese Official Super Street Fighter 4 Blog Entry

Dan approves!

There isn't much to the latest Japanese official Super Street Fighter 4 Blog entry this week.  Azrael has provided a short summary of the post's contents, as a full translation isn't necessary. Here's what they had up this week, Dan approved!

--Really happy to the response to Hakan, its better than they'd predicted.

-- All characters, including Hakan, will be available to play at the SSFIV setup at the National Tournament.

-- Opened the "Saikyo Dojo" on the official site. Using "Dan-sensei", Sakura and Jimmy, they will give various explanations about the SSFIV system. Mostly geared towards players who didn't play SFIV but want to give Super a try. SFIV players might be bored, but watching their explanations may be good for a laugh. There will be 6 updates, ending no 4/23, right before the release of Super.

-- New wallpapers on the mobile site - Ryu/Ken, Chun-Li/Cammy/Viper, Dudley/Balrog. More updates next Friday and in the following weeks as well.

-- Next week's blog will be another Q&A session, so hit her with your questions/comments/concerns/tears/love, etc.

-- There are also plans to release more info about the MAD CATZ sticks next week.

Source: Super Street Fighter 4 Blog (Japanese)


Sonic Hurricane: New Street Fighter 4 Art Screenshots


You know, I've put hundreds of hours into Street Fighter 4 now and I think I've come to take its visuals for granted... until I see the next round of Maj's screenshots.  His artistic shots not only show off his artistic creativity, but also remind me just how good looking Street Fighter 4 really is.

For more screenshots, hit the source link below.

Source: Sonic Hurricane



This time around we have a question about going to your first major tournament and what to expect if you've never been to one before. Also, we have a couple questions about Street Fighter 4, one being dealing with El Fuerte's 50/50 mix ups and what to do versus high pressure situations like Sagat's Tiger Knee Corner Lockdown. 

To send us a question just tweet: @iplaywinner [your question goes here]


Is it worth the risk to go out to a huge tournament and test your skills even though you know you might lose? 

You have to realize the risk isn't going to a major tournament and losing, it's not going to a major tournament and continuing to play at the same level year after year. Chances are, you'll go in there and lose, maybe get a win or two if you do really well, but the pressure of a large tournament is a little different than a local meet up or even a small scale tournament. The amount of shit-talking and overall pace of a major will really put a lot of things into perspective for you.

It will be pretty intense the first time around but it can also be a lot of fun if you go in there with the right attitude. If you practice hard, learn all your match ups, you may surprise yourself. Fact is, you'll be at an advantage in some cases in that many players will underestimate you because you are not known in the scene yet but can still put up a fight.

At the end of the day though, after any major tournament you will come away with a lot of things to work on. Be sure to document your matches, both tournament and warm up matches and after the tournament is over, hit the lab and start grinding on things you felt were lacking in your performance at the tournament.

After you go to enough tournaments, both small and large, the nerves and pressure wont be as bad. You'll continue to do better, and more than that, you'll play better in casuals and against people who don't play in tournaments at all.

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Top Player Mentality Article at Shoryuken

There is a great article posted at Shoryuken about Top Player Mentality written by J.D.  As a tourney player myself (a pot monster!), I found the article fascinating. Here's a sample:

TPM Tip #4 – Do everything with a reason, don’t follow a script

“Your opponent is just as good as you let him be” – Alex Valle

Have you ever realized that there are a lot of things we do on a match that we didn’t really have to do. That’s because lots of players are really impulsive, and they freak out when something that they’re not familiar with happens.

You have to get the habit of questioning everything you see, understand why and go from there. Only a fool uses something cause they think that if a top player does it then it must be right. You CAN disagree with a top player’s method.

“Don’t do something cause you think its good if it hits, do something cause you think it will hit” – Ohnuki

What Nuki means is that if you understand something, then go for it, don’t hesitate, go for the hit. Trust yourself; trust what you’ve been observing. You’re not always gonna be right on what you think is gonna happen, but I can assure you that this habit creates champions since you will actually train your mind into reading your opponent as you look for reasons to do something.

Even if you don’t land every single hit, the habit of doing everything with a reason will improve your skills a LOT.

Source: SRK


SNK Playmore Announces Dates for Unveiling & Location Test for King of Fighters XIII

SNK Playmore will finally unveil The King of Fighters XIII on March 25th at an Official Preview event which will take place at Bellesalle Akihabara in Japan.  Even further, the company will put the game on location test starting the following day! 

The location test will be conducted from March 26 through March 28 at the Hey arcade in Akihabara. 

No further details about the game, the event, or the location test have been revealed.  However, for fans of The King of Fighters series, firm information on the game is coming soon!

Sources: Andriasang, SNK Playmore KOFXIII Announcement Page


The Next Game Releases... What Is Important To You?

With Super Street Fighter 4 due out in less than two months and BlazBlue Continuim Shift due out within the same quarter, the next wave of hype is coming.  No doubt, there will be huge excitement; perhaps we will see more than last year.  There isn't a question over if this new year will be a fun one - we know it will be.  There isn't a worry about coverage of these games - wheels are in motion and preparation to bring the masses more VODs and Live Streams than ever imagined in the last year.  This is true for IPW and of course sites such as uFrag, Get Your Tournament, Frame Advantage, and every YouTube All-star that ever lived.

The thing that we don't know?  What is important to you as we transition into this new year?  In regards to media what do you want to see continue?  What do you want to see develop?  What wacky idea is brewing in your head that nobody has done yet that you wish to see?

With these new games, we at IPW want to make sure you people get what you want.  Not everyone can play with real top level competitors, and we brought you the "Haunts vs the World" series.  Some of you had never understood the culture and personalities that the fighting game scene has, and we brought you live broadcasts of real fighting game training sessions, such as Keystone II.  Some of you were only ever exposed to online level play, and we brought real high level tournaments, like Nor Cal Regionals 2009, to your very own home - live!

Yet, I feel that all of this was still not enough.  There has to be something more.  There has got to be something we are missing.  I can feel it, I just can't put my finger on it.  Please share with us your hopes for the future as you join us for yet another hype year.

With that, I leave with one final teaser.  



For sometime now I've wanted to have a series of strategy articles on iPlayWinner, but to be honest I can never really come up with anything to write about! I know this sounds ridiculous since I go to some form of Street Fighter tournament on a weekly basis, but sometimes it's hard to put your own play style into words.

So instead of just typing away and hoping people read what I write, I figured it would be a better idea to get our community involved and see what's on players minds. If you're following us on Twitter (@iplaywinner) we will now be taking questions about strategy, tournaments and really anything fighting game related. We will be answering those questions here on the site as frequently as possible so send them over and I'll do my best to get them answered.

To send us a question just tweet: @iplaywinner [your question goes here]

A lot of the questions will be answered by me, but I'll also try to bring in other players to help respond to the questions as well. Also, don't be afraid to disagree with us! One of the best ways to learn via text is debating techniques and strategies so we all can possibly learn from each other.

Anyway, enough rambling, here are a couple good questions that were sent over just in the past day or so. If you don't see your question, don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you.

Thanks to @SpeedBrkr for the tagline, by the way.


I feel I've hit a plateau,I practice frequently and play constantly yet I dont feel I'm getting better. Any advice?

I think one thing to really look at here is what do do you use as a measurement for improvement? Is it the amount of wins you come away with while playing online or your current rank in Championship Mode? If so, know that online isn't the best way to see if you're getting better because so many variables go into online play. Everything from varied skill levels and lag will have an affect on your perception of current skill level.

Even with local casual play sometimes it can be hard to tell if you're really improving. Sometimes you will get away with stuff because the other guy is testing new strategies or you'll end up losing because maybe they have been playing all day and are just a bit more warmed up than you.

Personally, I don't use online or casual play as a way to measure my own skill -- only tournament matches and results. Tournaments will really put everything you have worked for to the test. So if you see that you continue to do better in tournament each time or keep playing better against stronger opponents each time then you are on the right track.

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Ask Capcom: Blind Select Ultras in Super Street Fighter 4

Capcom Unity has a forum, appropriately called Ask Capcom, where readers ask questions and sometimes Capcom staffers answer them. IPW will post the more interesting q&as for your convenience.


I was wondering Seth how the blind select ultras will work. I'm a little bit skeptical of it, because I don't think it's necessarry. The purpose of these new ultras are for players to adapt to a play style of their liking, making them blind sort of disputes that. Will that apply to player matches as well? I think that only the character select should be blind and you get to select your ultra after you see what character your opponent picked.

Seth Killian's Reply:

I hear where you're coming from, but blind-select means just that--you choose your stuff and go into the match blind.  No forewarning about who you're up against, or what Ultra they're using.

If blind-select is not your cup of tea, try player matches, or head to the "Endless Battle" mode with some friends (aka "lobbies").



Even though this is a short interview, it's actually pretty cool becuase it gets right to the point on a couple topics. LaSwagga asks Justin what he thinks about Super Street Fighter 4 and some of the new characters such as Dudley and Makoto. His thoughts on Makoto seem to be similar to my own -- she will be good but is missing some "trickery" that she had in Third Strike to make her top tier.

This interview is from Final Round XIII by the way, which took place this past weekend. 



In a recent interview with Street Fighter 4 producer Yoshinori Ono, conducted by Shacknews, they ask Ono what his dream project would be. He responds that if had the resources and permission to do so, he would create the next installment of Darkstalkers.

As far as I know, Ono has mentioned in previous interviews that he would love to work on a new Darkstalkers so this could be more than just a "dream project" by now, but is that what the fans want? Would you rather have another Darkstalkers or Capcom vs SNK3? Perhaps a new crossover game such as ARC System Works vs CAPCOM? 

Here is an excerpt from the interview, and hit this link for the rest:

Shack: Do you know your next project? If not, do you have a dream project you'd like to do?


Yoshinori Ono: The project I really want to work on right now is to take my wife to Disneyland again. We've been married for 10 years and haven't been back since. That's my big project at the moment.

As far as a dream project is concerned, there is another fighting game series established shortly after I started at Capcom. A little something called Darkstalkers. If I was given the resources and permission to do so, I'd love to make a new Darkstalkers.

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Daigo Answers Questions at Capcom Unity

Daigo "The Beast" Umehara is known to be reclusive.  However, it seems like he has started to become more outspoken in recent months.  This time he has chosen to answer some of the questions that were sent to him via Capcom Unity. Here's a sample. Please hit the source link below to visit Capcom Unity to read the rest:

If US is behind Japan in rankings, what do you think American players should do to improve themselves?

Daigo: The absolute differences between the US and Japanese players are skill levels. Yes, the Japanese players have had advantages of having a rich arcade culture and game releases normally earlier there than in the US, but regardless of the advantages, it is definitely apparent that the Japanese players take it more seriously to practice and acquire skills they must have for their victory. As long as you have software at home, everyone can practice fundamental skills from anywhere in world, like combos and counter moves. The US players first have to close the skill gap that is now apparent from the Japanese players. Once you do that, I believe the almost all the improvements are made, and there will be nearly no differences between the US and Japanese players.

Source: Capcom Unity


Street Fighter 4 is a success on iPhone. They have plans for DLC already, and why no Super?

Street Fighter IV is already looking like it's quite a success on the iPhone, having already landing on the top 10 charts for gaming.  Capcom is already looking at future plans for the game and to possibly follow it up with other fighting game titles on the iPhone.

Capcom's Takeshi Tezuka has told Kotaku that Capcom already has plans for downloadable content for Street Fighter IV iPhone, but nothing is yet set in stone. He also said that if this game sells well enough it's possible that the publisher could start looking at their popular Versus series of games for the next title they might bring to the iPhone.

Why not bring Super Street Fighter IV to the iPhone instead of Street Fighter IV?

"We couldn't release Super Street Fighter IV before the console version because (Super Street Fighter IV Producer Yoshinori) Ono is going to get annoyed," Tezuka-san said. "At some point, though, it would be very interesting if we could release the console version and the iPhone version at the same time."

Source: Kotaku