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As many of you know, BlazBlue Portable was released for the PSP recently and had me put together a review of the game. In short, after testing multiple combos and set ups with a number of characters, it's more or less a direct port of the console version as far as I could tell. So, don't expect any major balance changes or anything but if you enjoyed Calamity Trigger for PS3 or XBOX it's a great addition to your PSP library. The game looks really amazing as a PSP title and gives players a look at Legion Mode, which is a new addition in the series that will be added to the console version of Continuum Shift.

You can read the review by clicking here, and if you want to buy the game via Amazon, it's available now for 27.99.



Justin Wong Super Street Fighter 4 Videos from Pax East

Justin Wong played some Super Street Fighter 4 at Pax East and we have the videos to prove it. In these videos he plays as Ibuki, Dee Jay, Makoto, and Dudley. If you're looking for a Super SF4 fix for today, here you go. Check out for even more videos from Pax East.

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The King of Fighters XIII Official Website Opens

The King of Fighters XIII official site opened today.  It is a very slick looking (and sounding) site and features the usual stuff like character sections with profiles (of 25 of the apparently 31 characters) and sprite art. 

According to Andraisang, the location test report (the location test which started last week in Japan) lists some interesting stats. The most heavily used characters from the tests were, expectedly, the newly added girls, with Yuri at top with 12%, followed by Mai with 11% and King with 9%. Kyo and Ryo follow with 5%.

Source: Andriasang



WorstGiefEver sent me a heads up on a new documentary that is coming out about the World Game Cup tournament which produced some of the most entertaining Street Fighter 4 videos in months. In a little over a week we should receive more details on this documentary when their website launches,

In the meantime, check out this trailer:



The original Street Fighter 4 will not go quietly into the night. Posted on IRC just a day or two ago is a handful of ways to set up unblockable Ultras with Sagat, Seth, Rose and Ken. The original video was taken from NicoVideo but since then many more videos have shown up giving players a look at how this works. The basic idea is there is a short time during the Ultra freeze where the character cannot block. By sending a projectile their way that hits them in this short period of time allow these characters to follow up with an Ultra.

The big questions is, will this still be possible in Super Street Fighter 4? If so, it could change the landscape of the game dramatically for those with a projectile, but at the same time it's been reported that most of these are pretty hard to do with any sort of consistency.

Here is an example with Sagat, and you can check out the full thread on SRK for all the nitty gritty details.


Source: #capcom, SRK



The same channel that uploaded the last batch of Ruliweb videos, JuriHDRemix, posted a handful of others featuring Cody and Adon. Cody appears to have a lot of fairly standard combos, but no real reliable reversal so players will have to make good use of his normals to keep the opponent from landing a throw or a sweep. Adon is still a wild card, but these videos make him look like there is a lot of potential in his game.



Oichi from Versus City gave me a heads up recently on some details he posted about the upcoming revision to the BlazBlue series, Continuum Shift. The game is about 75% done and is slated for a Summer 2010 release date.

Many fans will be happy to know that ARC System Works is being very clear that the game is designed to receive balance changes via DLC. Granted, the game is apparently much better balanced than Calamity Trigger, but everyone knows on a long enough time line there is a chance overpowered strategies will emerge with certain characters. I have not kept up with the arcade release to be honest, so there may be certain issues that need to be addressed already, but it is great to see a fighting game company taking this stance on continual (har-har) updates for their games.

Here are Oichi's notes about the game:

- Game is 75% complete
- Story mode will be 1.5 or 2 times bigger than Calamity Trigger
- The game will be patchable for character balance.
- Continuum Shift is incorporating Street Fighter 4's Arcade Fight Request, which allows you to play through single player while waiting for an online opponent. But now you can turn this feature on during Training Mode and Arcade Mode.
- Player rankings for 360 and PS3 were separate before, but now they will be CROSS-PLATFORM. Note you cannot play cross-platform, it's just the ranking of all the players.
- Training Mode will be voiced by Rachel as she teaches you how to play the game.

Source: VersusCity, NeoGAF



I know, I know, I've been slacking on the Twitter Q&A front, but for good reason! Crackfiend pulled up a couple of your questions and spent some time to answer them. He goes over the EVO 2009 5v5, his thoughts on more SF4 exposure through MLG and how to look into picking your main character.

Those of you who sent in Super Street Fighter 4 questions last week, I am saving those questions for the Game Night stream, so hang tight. In the meantime, keep sending more questions about strategy, tournaments and anything fighting game related and we'll see what we can do to offer some insight!

To send us a question just tweet: @iplaywinner [your question goes here]



To whom ever answers this - What was your most devastating loss, greatest victory and funnest matches you've played in?  

Crackfiend: The EVO 2009 5 vs 5 Exhibition is the epitome of all the mentioned experiences for me. It was a big deal because Norcal wanted to be on the map. But as I watched LPN, Magus1234, John Choi, and Ricky Ortiz lose their matches, I expected to lose to Buktooth in the 4th match after he had toyed with me at SBO Qualifiers. Somehow, I pulled my game together and took out 4 members of team Southwest.

After Buktooth, I had to play against Fubarduck, who beat me in the final round with a wake up raging demon. I'm not going to lie, it was pretty devastating losing to a wake up raging demon in front of the entire world. On top of that, the crowd had been cheering for an OCV and I felt like I disappointed everybody, especially NorCal. However, it has become one of the most memorable experiences of my life, apart from getting absolutely drunk and not remembering anything else from that point on. 

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JuriHDRemix on YouTube is uploading a number of Ruliweb Korean Super Street Fighter 4 videos where you can watch some pretty solid play from both Juri and a handful of other new characters. I've posted up a couple where she gets scraped by Ibuki and Makoto, but you can click this link and check out the rest of the videos where she fares a little better. You'll notice that she has multiple ways to combo into her Ultra, and even though that's not the end all be all recipe for a good character, it's hard to deny at this point she will end up becoming a tough opponent for many players. 

If anything, these videos prove that Ibuki will be a real pain in the ass when fighting against any player who has her SJC into Ultra combos on lock. Yes, she has some of the lowest life in the game, but with so many chain combos and mix ups I think she will end up doing just fine in the hands of skilled players. 

Source: SuperAwesome on NeoGAF



Photo by Terry Ng -

Oichi put together a dope feature on VersusCity, detailing 5 of the best arcade to visit while in Japan. I've been to two out of the five listed, not bad I guess! 

Kineda also has an ongoing feature about Japanese arcades where he is posting photos from Street Fighter arcades across Tokyo, his latest entry is on Takadanobaba's BIG BOX arcade, which is the arcade I spent the most time at while in Japan. The picture above is from his feature, and check out his site for all the rest.

Here is a small excerpt from VersusCity on one of the other arcades I visited last summer, Club Sega Shinjuku West Exit:

For any game that you’re interested in, this Shinjuku-based arcade has it, whether it’s fighting, racing, shooting, or rhythm. This massive multi-storey building has a range of games including Street Fighter 4, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Border Break, Lord of Vermillion, Senko no Ronde, VOOT and more. There are tournaments for multiple games on every weekend, even for older games such as the Vampire series, so you’re bound to find something you like here. While it does carry the standard 100yen per play price model, its location is one of the best; not only do you have access to the best variety of games, but the arcade is also set in one of the busiest parts of Tokyo, with an exciting nightlife.



The Super Street Fighter 4 NAKKY Blog was updated just a day or two ago and Azrael from SRK came through a with a nice break down of the blog. This isn't a complete translation but will give everyone a good idea of what was included in this massive Q&A.

Also worth noting, AndriaSang translated that winning teams will receive Gold, Silver and Bronze boxing gloves for the upcoming Street Fighter 4 National tournament in Japan. As far as I know, all of the qualifying tournaments have concluded and the tournament will take place on April 4th.

Here are the notes from the NAKKY blog:

Says that with Hakan reveal, ALL characters have been introduced (ie no more hidden characters, but as always she never says anything concretely).

Endless battle has no win limit, but the counter only goes up to 3 digits, so aim for 999 wins.

All chars unlocked from the beginning.

Casual clothes were considered for Chun-Li's 3rd alt, but the idea didn't make it in the end.

Colors and taunts have to be unlocked, but will be much easier than in SFIV.

Can search for region for online battles, and set region preference in Fight Request.

Characters who already had a remixed theme in SFIV will have the same theme in SSFIV.

Not every character has 2 rival battles. Some only have 1.

No facial adjustments/tweaking for the female characters.

The soundtrack featured in the Collectors Package is only character themes. So there are no plans to release the BGM for the new stages on CD just yet, but she notes that they would like to at some point.

Can't search for specific player data, or various types of BP ranking like the arcade, but there are two new rankings - BP by region, and BP by character.

She says that ultra select will take place after you and your opponent have picked your character, and that the blind select will be turned off. In other words, blind select pick your character, see each other's character, then ultra select. Yes, I know this is in contrast to what s-kill said, and I don't know why. That's just what she's written.

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All you Bison players will be happy about this change to the Psycho Crusher.



The fighting game culture has evolved immensely since the release of Street Fighter 4: there are more sponsors involved with events, more coverage, more money involved, and most importantly, more people in the fighting game community. I've met a lot of these people through attending events, gatherings, and sessions. I've also been privileged to have been acquainted with many of you who I've never met, but have talked to online through chat or e-mail. 

One of them is an individual named Sean Thurman.

Sean is a high school senior in Pennsylvania who e-mailed me about 3 months and said, "As a requirement for us to graduate, we have to complete a graduation project that we create on our own. My graduation project is on the Fighting Game Community and I'm learning what it takes and how to prepare for higher level play."

Since then, we've kept in touch and he's come up with a tutorial video for his senior project. This isn't the best tutorial video available, however, you get to see the effort he put forth into it.

On a note, if you're going to comment his YouTube video, please be constructive with what you say. This young gentleman has put in a ton of effort to create his project/tutorial video. He chose to do the project about who and what we are, followed through with a tutorial video, and then e-mailed it to me. Someone who's done all of that should earn some respect. The community will continue to have young blood, like Sean, who are interested in what we do. How we treat and cultivate them will help determine how much further our community can go. In other words: be nice to the new guys.


Wave of Official King of Fighters XIII Screenshots and Artwork

The first wave of official King of Fighters XIII screenshots and artwork has arrived.  There are 30 new screenshots for the game as well as official artwork for the game's characters. You can view them by visiting the King of Fighters XIII Art and Screenshot Gallery via the links below:

Also of interest is a nice official shot of the character select screen.  As noted previously, there are some spots on the character select which are currently blank.

Any King of Fighters fans out there care to guess which characters have yet to be revealed, or have any characters they would love to see on this roster?


Ask Capcom: Super Street Fighter 4's Boxart may not be final (Yay!)

Capcom Unity has a forum, appropriately called Ask Capcom, where readers ask questions and sometimes Capcom staffers answer them. IPW will post the more interesting q&as for your convenience.


Is this it? If so, is there still time for you guys to change it? If it's not, then could you tell us when to expect a new one?


We'll have the next installment of the popular "SSFIV Boxart Saga" as soon as this week I think.  Stay tuned to the Unity front page blog.


The event is said to feature an official SSF4 arcade cabinet. Would that be a proper TTX2 cab, or just a X360/PS3 hooked up to a Viewlix? (Editor's note: Another news site reported originally that the now-cancelled UK Super Street Fighter 4 Preview tourney could have a Super SF4 arcade cabinet, when the event only specified they had an arcade cabinet which they specified later was a specially modified cabinet to play Super in, not an official Super SF4 arcade cabinet)


I'm not familiar with the event so it's speculation on my part BUT if it's in the UK, I suspect it's either an original SFIV arcade unit (not Super running in it) or a PS3 hooked up in a Viewlix cab. The sticks in the Viewlix are all USB and I suspect they'll run natively on PS3, but not x360 (which has encryption).

In the past, we've run other platforms inside Viewlix cabs for demonstrations. The displays on the Viewlix cabs are very nice and the cabs themselves are VERY expensive.


Confirm/deny = deny.

That ain't a SSFIV arcade machine.  Nothing in the story says anything about SSFIV running on an arcade machine, it just says they have SSFIV and an official Capcom arcade machine.  That said, keep hope alive...




CYBERFANATIX -- which if you guys don't know by now is a awesome SNK site, seriously these guys are true dedicated fans of KOF -- posted up some new info on the gameplay system for King Of Fighters XIII. You can also check out the move lists in our King of Fighters XIII Gallery for the characters that are announced so far.


Many players will be happy to know that apparently the Critical Counter system will not be present in this installment of the series. Personally, this is great news in that I really tried to enjoy King Of Fighters XII but the Critical Counter system just killed it for me. Playing casually with friends we found over time that we were better off spamming the Counter moves for each character rather than learn any of the finer details of the game and quickly grew tired of the repetitive gameplay. In high level play this may not be the case -- I don't know, I'm not an expert with KOF games -- but for those of us just getting into the King of Fighters XII found it hard to dive deeper into any other elements of the game that may have been lurking under the surface of the game's custom combo system. That said, by removing the Critical Counter system I think KOF series is on the right track.

The KOF series better be on the right track, because I've also heard that the games producer mentioned that if KOFXIII does not succeed, it's over for the series entirely. If true, I find this to be a huge slap in the face to all SNK fans -- how can you release a sub par game and more or less threaten the fans if the next one does not pan out? If KOFXIII turns out to be less than what people are expecting and does bomb, this could be a blessing in disguise in that perhaps another company could pick up the character rights and do the game justice.

Anyhow, enough ranting about a series I'm an absolute scrub at. Here is the gameplay system info from CYBERFANATIX.

EX Mode - Characters can do new “EX” specials and supers by using up their power meter. EX versions of the moves can have various effects ranging from multiple hits, invincibility, hit detection after move hits, and in cases of some projectiles- faster speed, penetration. Most, but not all moves have an EX version.

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NEW SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4 TRAINING MODE VIDEO posted a Super Street Fighter 4 training video showcasing the different properties of some of the characters Ultras. They have some other videos on their YouTube Channel so be sure to check it out.

  • Cammy Ultra beats SRK, Level 1 and 2 Focus Attack but loses to Level 3 any any attack from behind. 
  • Vega's Ultra 2 travels full screen an appears to go under some attacks. Should help him out a lot.
  • Bisons Ultra 2 looks infinitely better than his last one, useful for punishing fireballs and sets up some dirty cross up shenanigans.


Gootecks is hosting LA RIOTS III this weekend and for those of you who live in SoCal and want to check out this event, he's giving away two tickets to a few lucky iPlayWinner users. To enter the contest, you must be a registered iPlayWinner user, log in and post in the comments why you are entitled to free entry to this event! The two most cocky and arrogant answers will be put on the Guest List +1!

It's $10 at the door and if you were on the fence about checking out, here is your chance to swing thru Jakes Burgers & Billiards in Pasadena, CA, grab some grub and check out some high level Street Fighter. This event will not be streamed, so if you want to experience the action live and not have to wait for the match videos, you'll definitely want to check this out.






Here are all the details on the first round bracket from Gootecks:

  • Shizza (Chun Li) vs. Keno (Balrog) – LA Riots I rematch: Keno – 1, Shizza – 1
  • Kai (El Fuerte) vs. Combofiend (Abel/Cammy) – LA Riots I & II rematch: Combofiend – 1, Kai – 1
  • Mike Ross (E. Honda) vs. Hugo101 (M. Bison) – Bar Fights @ Hooters rematch
  • OnlineTony (Seth) vs. Ken I (Rufus/Akuma)

Gamespot Interviews Some Australian Pros About Super Street Fighter 4

Gamespot interviews Jack and Benson, 2 Australian SF4 pros about Super.  They give their thoughts on the game and on the new characters.  It's interesting to get as many pro opinions on the game out there that we can, to see where they are the same and where they disagree.


Seth Killian profiles Makoto and Ibuki for Bitmob

Capcom's Seth Killian has contributed to a nice profile of Makoto and Ibuki for  They are nice overviews of the characters, if you are still deciding upon a main for Super.  I expect more profiles for new characters to hit Bitmob shortly.

Here's a sample from Makoto's profile:

Beginning with her command grab.... A lot of her offense centers around either her command grab or the threat of a command grab -- and there's a lot of range on that grab. She's sort of like a mini-Zangief, but she's actually more dangerous than that because she has a superfast dash, which makes her really mobile. She's got this very dangerous command grab, but she's faster than Zangief and can actually do more damage than he can...because the command throw leaves you vulnerable for a minute just like in 3rd Strike, and you can land a combo.

Basically, when you're playing Makoto, you're in this sort of offensive flow, and you're keeping the opponent on the defensive. And if they pause for even a second -- if you see a moment of hesitation from them, or they start to get scared, or they're like, "Ah! What should I do?" -- Makoto is in a unique position to punish that. She can grab you, she's got a lot of great rushing strikes, she can chase you in the air pretty effectively, she has one of the fastest dashes in the game...she's just an offensive beast.

Source: Bitmob