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Yo! I asked our fans what the #1 thing they want to see more of on iPlayWinner, and the answer is podcasts! So here we are with episode 4, bringing back Pherai from Denjin Arcade and also introducing LVC, one of our newer contributors to iPlayWinner. Don't worry, Oichi from Versus City will return!

We are going to make the format more of an open discussion about fighting games moving forward so we can produce more podcasts on a more regular basis. We cant always guarantee international guests, but we feel there are enough people in the community and enough topics to cover to make this a more frequent occurrence.

In this episode we cover a range of topics such as:

- iPW Site Updates

- Bar Fights II and what the West Coast needs to do to get better.

- Strategy involving limiting your opponents options.

- Tekken and other games we are currently playing.

- Can a fighting game survive without solid netcode!?

..among various other topics that come up as well.

If you guys like this format let us know! if you have ideas for topics and guests, let us know! We hope you enjoy it!

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Super Street Fighter 4 Online Modes Confirmed: New Tournament Mode Revealed!

The "big announcement" we were expecting is finally here. Some of this information leaked out early but there's a lot of great stuff in here, and it's all official now.  They have said that they are listening to what the fans have been asking for in making this game, and it is obvious.  The new Tournament Mode sounds like an amazing new mode!

New trailer highlighting the modes unveiled



Endless Battle (Quarter Match Mode is Confirmed!)

This is the mode many of you have been asking for. Endless Mode is another name for what is called Quarter Match mode in Super Street Fighter II HD Remix. 

  • As the name suggests, you can play endlessly in this mode. 
  • In this mode the winner stays and the loser goes to the back of the line to wait for his turn to challenge the current room champion. 
  • When you are not in the match you can spectate and even talk amongst yourselves using voice chat. 
  • This mode is for up to 8 players.

Team Battle

  • This mode is for up to 8 players broken into 2 teams: Red and Blue team.
  • Players can manually set up teams or players can be automatically split into 2 teams based on their Player Points. Even if Player Points of individual players are uneven, the teams that are automatically generated will try to produce a combined level for both teams which is as even as possible.
  • Once teams are decided, you can decide the order in which the players on a team will take their turns. You can also let the game automatically decide the order.
  • You can create Team matchups in any combination of 8 players!! You can do 2 on 2, 3 on 3, or 4 on 4 for even matchups. However, you can also do mis-matched teams where 1 can face 7, 2 can face 6, and so forth! 
  • You can use the Arcade Request feature for this mode. You can play in arcade mode until the room is filled.
  • Like Endless Battle Mode, when you are not playing in a match you can spectate and talk amongst yourselves using voice chat.
  • You can invite specific players to be on your team.

Replay Channel

(This is a direct translation by Jigsaw of the description of this mode from the Japanese Super SF4 Blog)

This is the mode that Taguchi and his engineers have been working on harder than anything else!

You've all been requesting "We want to watch match replays!", and here is our response - a new ground-breaking feature following the Arcade Request, a mode where you can watch match replays with (almost) no limits!

As you're fighting, round up a collection of replays. Afterwards, watch them with one hand in your bag of potato chips, just as if you're watching TV.

In this mode, there are several different channels, so if you feel like "I just want to see matches with boss characters!" or "I just want to see matches with the new characters!" you can narrow down your search to whatever you want to watch. In addition, you can save your favourite replays to your "My list" channel and just watch those.

The "My list" is just for you... but the replays in all other channels will be shared with all the players across the world, so please enjoy watching them together while voice chatting!


This mode is a surprise! This is not the Championship Mode that was added via DLC to Street Fighter 4.  It looks to be an ultimate version of the tournament mode in Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix!  This mode will be released as DLC after the game goes on sale.

  • Recruit up to 8 players and hold your own tournaments!
  • Spectate the other players' matches!
  • Voice chat! (with 9 people, including the tournament organizer)
  • Save replays, even from matches where you were only a spectator!
  • Visual tournament brackets and results!
  • Award tournament winners with unique titles!

To summarize, the biggest difference from Championship Mode is that you now can host your own tournaments!


  • You can find more screenshots of the bonus stages here.
  • New voice samples for all 25 returning characters will be recorded. If you want to hear some of the voices, they have added voice samples to all of the character bios they currently have up on their Japanese Super SF4 site. Go here to give them a listen.
  • If you want more screenshots of the online mode screens, go here. They are in Japanese but at least you can see what they look like.


Avalanche of Awesome!

Sources: This information originated from Capcom Japan's Super SF4 website.  Big thanks to Jigsaw for his awesome and timely translations, so that Street Fighter fans around the world can get this information. If you wish to read his translation of the Japanese Super SF4 Blog post where this information came from, visit his Blog on Capcom Unity here.


Official Super Street Fighter 4 Bonus Stage Screenshot

(click image for full size version)

Capcom's Seth Killian released the first official screenshot of a bonus stage from Super Street Fighter 4. Now we don't have to squint at blurry scans of Japanese magazines to see what they really look like.  For those who don't know, in this bonus stage you literally beat a car to pieces in the fastest time possible to score points.  This bonus stage was also in Final Fight, Street Fighter 2, and Street Fighter 3.  Looks perfect to me!

Look familiar? It's the car-wrecking bonus stage from Final Fight. Thanks to GamePnoy74 from the NeoGAF forums for pointing out the pic.

Source: Capcom Unity Blog


Super Street Fighter 4 Network Mode Screenshots

The Famitsu blog has revealed 3 screenshots of some of the network features to be included in Super Street Fighter 4. Click thumbnails below for larger version of images.

This screenshot is from the new replay mode. From the screenshot you can see that you now have far more options than what was available in the original. You can now select channels to filter replay types.

This is a screenshot of a new lobby type for the replay mode.  In Super Street Fighter 4, you and your friends can now jump into a lobby in the replay mode to watch replays together. Voice chat is enabled so that you can talk amongst yourselves as you watch your selected replays or argue over what replay to watch next. It appears that up to 8 players can join this type of lobby.

Here's a screenshot of the new Team Battle mode lobby.  In Super Street Fighter 4, you can now have 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, or 4 vs 4 Team Battles.

Here's a translation of the left-side Japanese menu options. Thank you to Takari in the SRK forums for this translation:

Comment Options
Team Options
Display Player Information
Game Card (!)
Invite Player
Kick Player
Mute Options


(And right top corner, TEAM BATTLE / Lobby)

Source: Famitsu and SRK


Tekken 6 Online Patch in the Works

Namco Bandai is developing a patch for the newly released Tekken 6.  The purpose of the patch is to improve the performance of online matches.  According to a company statement, the patch will be available as soon as it has "passed rigorous testing procedures".  More details on the contents of the patch are expected shortly. Note that this patch is separate from the online co-op Scenario Campaign mode update which is scheduled to hit this winter.  So, if you are one of those guys who is not having the best connections with Tekken 6, this is good news.  

Source: Giant Bomb


Hot New Juri Art by Udon Artist

Deviant Art has posted an absolutely incredible piece of art by ~arnistotle.  It is Juri from Super Street Fighter 4.  The artist has integrated some of the line-hatching art style used by Capcom's own artists. The use of color really makes it stand out. Hit the source link for Deviant Art below to check out the pic in all of its high-resolution glory.

Source: Deviant Art


BlazBlue Coming to PSP in 2010 According to Famitsu

The latest edition of Famitsu has more in store for fighting game fans than just information on Super Street Fighter 4, it seems.  The magazine has also revealed that BlazBlue is coming to the Sony PSP early next year.  The only known information is the release date, which is 25 February, 2010 for the Japanese release, and that it will be called BlazBlue Portable.  There is little doubt the title will look gorgeous on Sony's hand-held. The game's control scheme seems well suited to the PSP as well. With the recent Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, the upcoming Tekken 6 and now BlazBlue, the PSP has been seeing some fighting game loving recently.

Source: Examiner


Famitsu Confirms Return of Bonus Stages to Super Street Fighter 4, Shows Online Components

The latest issue of Famitsu, a prominent Japanese gaming magazine, has tons of new information on Super Street Fighter 4.  While the scans are not very high quality, it is easy to see screenshots of what are obviously Super Street Fighter 4 Bonus Stages. Also shown are screenshots of online elements. Once we get the Japanese translated, we will update this post with any new information. We get to kick the crap out of a car again!! Good times!



 (Click Thumbnails Above for Full Sized Image)

Source: SRK Forums courtesy of Aditya



This week on "Great Moments In Fighting Game History", I bring you some rather "classic" entries. Last week we dove into something new (Justin playing Fei Long), this week we have a bit of everything. Enjoy!


Iyo vs RF in the Street Fighter 4 National Tournament

Who ever thought that a Dhalsim would win the first Japanese SF4 national tourney? I certainly didn't. In this video you see some amazing Dhalsim play along with some seriously clutch moments from Iyo. Why did he have to retire? :(

J double perfects Kokujin 

J lays some of that Makoto magic on Kokujin and ends up double perfecting him. Completely hilarious how Kokujin gets up after the second perfect. Too sweet for words.

Ricky and Emphy style on each other at Keystone 2

Two of Americas best "Third Strike" players duel it out in this intense series of fights. Watch Emphy pull a "Daigo" and perform a stylish comeback! Simply legendary stuff!

Mike Z dominates Heartnana at EVO2009

Heartnana might have swept EVO2K9 with his Japanese-trained Noel, but never underestimate "BIG SOVIET DAMAGE!" Mike Z. As we can see here, Mike Z gets inside Heartnanas head and completely dominates him.


The Japanese will never let this go. Let's go Justin!

Dark Prince Vs. Clockw0rk Money Match

Didn't your mama say "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all"? Unfortunately, Dark Prince never took this to heart and trashed talked the whole east coast accumlating in a money match between Clockw0rk and Dark Prince himself. Clockw0rk won and we haven't heard much from Dark Prince since. I wonder where he went? 


Thanks for reading! If you have any moments you would like to share you can send them straight to my email. See you guys later!


New Super Street Fighter 4 Footage from France

It appears that France is the center of all-things Super Street Fighter 4, for this week or so anyway.  Thanks to Capcom's presense at the recent Micromania Game Show in France, lots of new information and footage of the game in action is coming along. Recently, French gaming website JeuxActu has put up a preview of Super Street Fighter 4.  If you speak french or wish to use Google translator, you can view it here.  The video presented here is new footage from JeuxActu's YouTube channel featuring Dee Jay and Juri.

Source: JeuxActu


Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix's Unused Remixed Introduction Sequence

Udon Entertainment, the company who parnered with Capcom to do the artwork for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, has released a video of the unused introduction sequence.  This sequence, for whatever reason, did not make it into the final game. It's too bad, because it really looks fantastic!

Source: YouTube via


Seth Killian on re-releasing Capcom vs Snk 2 and other classics on Xbox Live and Playstation Network

Capcom's Seth Killian made a very interesting post on the Capcom Unity boards today about the considerations that need to be made as to whether or not to re-release a classic Capcom title, such as Capcom vs SNK 2 being the subject in this post, on Xbox Live and Playstation Network.

Seth Killian:

"I too would love to turn on my consoles and have my choice to play any of my past favorites, but a few things to keep in mind for CVS2, or really any Capcom fighter not currently available on next-gen systems:

"Just release it on PSN (or XBL, etc.)" is much harder than it sounds.  As you can see from MVC2 and SF HD Remix, we aim high in terms of overall standards even for digital-only releases, and getting online right, much less the port itself, can be a very painstaking process.  Having been a part of both of these from the inside, the amount of work that goes into the games, even when they are just ports+online (like MVC2) would likely shock you.   It takes a lot of time and effort, all of which costs money.

Click to read more ...


Tekken 6 Ships 2.5 Million Worldwide

Tekken 6 seems to be on the road to being a big success for Namco Bandai.  According to Gamez, the game has currently shipped 2.5 million copies to retailers worldwide.  Now, it is important to note that this is not how many copies were actually sold, just the amount of copies shipped.  However, such a large number being in retailers' hands is usually good for a game's prospects for success, and 2.5 million is a lot of copies.

Source: Kotaku


King of Fighters XII Finally Gets Patched for Xbox 360

This update is for those who are still waiting anxiously for a King of Fighters II patch for Xbox 360.  Good news! It's finally here! This patch comes months after the game's release and weeks after the same patch was made available for the Playstation 3 version.  Microsoft certification is cited as the cause for the delay.

The patch does the following, according to a press release issued by the game's publisher, Ignition Entertainment:

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Ono Interviewed at Micromania Game Show about Arcade Release for Super Street Fighter 4

Capcom was present at the recent Micromania Game Show in France to demo Super Street Fighter 4.  The producer for the game, Yoshinori Ono, was also there.  This video shows an interview of Ono by French media. 

Some of it is hard to make out due to the thick accents, but they spend most of this video talking about an arcade release for Super Street Fighter 4.  Of all the interviews I've seen, this is the most pressure I've seen any media-type put on Ono for an arcade release. 

At first Ono does some English but most of the rest of the interview goes through a translator, so it's much easier to follow after the beginning.  Good work on making the case for an arcade version, French media!


Rumor: Super Street Fighter 4 Coming to Arcades Before Console Release?

Arcade Infinity, an arcade located in Southern California with a storied Street Fighter legacy, has used its Twitter account to do what Twitter accounts do best: release a short snippet of information that gets people talking. Hours ago, they posted a pretty definitive statement that Super Street Fighter 4 is not only coming to arcades, it's going to come before the retail release.

Twitter from Arcade Infinity's Twitter account: "Super Street Fighter 4 upgrade coming to arcades, at least before the console release."

Obviously this is a big fat rumor. However, Capcom seems to be taking a lot of heat lately from fans and media about an arcade version and Capcom's own language in interviews has shifted from denial all the way to quite possible in a short period of time. This rumor is coming from a highly respected arcade which has supported the arcade version of Street Fighter 4 heavily, so it is likely to cause a bigger stir than most Tweets.

Source: Shoryuken (SRK) forums



This new footage from Micromania Game Show in France was sent in by one of our readers, "Dragon316". Check it out!


Capcom Committed to DLC and Digital Distribution as Part of Ongoing Strategy

Capcom's strategy for downloadable content (DLC) may have gotten mixed reception by fans but the company is committed to a plan using digital distribution of titles and DLC to maximize market opportunities. 

Capcom offered the following as one of its strategies for the second half of its fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2010.


Use digital distribution to maximize opportunities to sell software

  • Sell game software by using network downloads in order to give users more options.
  • "Marvel vs. Capcom 2", "Fate / unlimited codes" (overseas), and others
  • Constantly offer upgrades and earn profits by using PSN and XLA [sic] to distribute additional content.
  • Constantly sell "Resident Evil 5", "Street Fighter IV" and other additional content

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Yo! Whats up iPW fans? We're gearing up our first ever contest where you can win a copy of Tekken 6! The contest is called the "NEW CHALLENGER CONTEST" and it involves designing your own original fighting game character! We are accepting all types of entries, from text, video, art and even cosplay! Just be creative!

To enter the contest, head over to our new forums and post up in the thread! Good luck!


Gamervision Seth Killian Interview about Super Street Fighter 4

Gamervision recently posted an interview with Capcom's Seth Killian about Super Street Fighter 4. He talks changes, improvements, new characters, the price point, and more.  There's nothing here for those who check on a daily basis for news on Super Street Fighter 4, but for those who want to catch up on all the major stuff announced about the game at this point in one swoop should check this out.