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3rd Strike TV Returns : A look at the European arcade scene

Ok, I know most of you are thinking "3s?? SKIP", but this video gives you a fantastic glimpse into the European SF scene.  The video takes you into a new arcade called Versus Dojo in France to discuss with the owner...

  • The state of arcades in France
  • The work it took to open a new arcade
  • The popular games in France

I was very surprised to see the diversity of games at this place (they even had Hokuto no Ken!!). Furthermore, I think all arcades could learn from Versus Dojo and have a sofa!

I'd also like to mention this series has been going on for many years, and I think it's definitely worth your time to take a look at some of the older videos as they show some Japanese tournaments from around SBO time from years back, as well as have footage from some old US champions on there too.



Here is further proof that the Fighting Game genre is reaching a whole new level, with Daigo Umehara being officially sponsored by MadCatz. MadCatz published a press release with details of the signing today, and word has it that Daigo is just the first of many players to be sponsored by MadCatz

Here is the press release via IndustryGamers:

San Diego, April 27. 2010

Mad Catz® Interactive, Inc. (“Mad Catz” or “the Company”) (AMEX/TSX: MCZ), a leading third-party interactive entertainment accessory provider today announced a sponsorship and promotional alliance with Daigo “The Beast” Umehara, an internationally renowned professional gamer specializing in the fighting game genre.

An avid player from the age of 11, Daigo is one of the gaming worlds’ most esteemed players, participating in tournaments for over 15 years and winning prestigious titles across no less than 10 different fighting games.

A celebrity amongst gaming enthusiasts, Daigo regularly participates in various exhibition bouts, writes his own regular gaming column and continues to participate in tournaments worldwide, including the famous Evolution series of tournaments which he has won several times. In addition, Daigo is the reigning Street Fighter® IV champion.

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UltraDavid Hakan Techniques Video

UltraDavid, a well-known Zangeif player in Street Fighter 4, has been hitting the lab with Super Street Fighter 4's Hakan.  He shows you some of the techniques that he has discovered.  Check out his Youtube channel for more videos.

Here's the desciption of what's going on in the video:

First: you actually can cancel a backdash with a normal, it just has to be early.

Second: using focus and dash normal canceling to dance around the screen while having a focus out most of the time

Third: focus, dash normal cancel it into cr. mk, buffer cr. mk into slide+followup

Fourth: you can input the followup to the slide immediately upon entering the command for the slide itself

This one's a talkie, so you don't really need to read this. There's obviously a lot of work to be done in getting better at the 2nd and 3rd things and combining them with the things from Hakan Exhibition #2 (seen on his Youtube channel). This is just an early look at what's to come.

Source: UltraDavid's YouTube channel


Juri Bread and Butter Combo Video from TrueTech

TrueTech has created a good video showing some of Juri's combo potential. If you are a Juri player, maybe you can get some ideas from this video.

Source: TrueTech's YouTube channel


Video Showing All Super Street Fighter 4 Titles and Icons

If you want to know what all the titles and icons are in Super Street Fighter 4, VersperArcade has posted a video which shows them all.

Thanks to Valkyrie for the tip on the video.

Source: VersperArcade's Youtube channel


For old time's sake: Insane Sonic Hurricane Street Fighter 4 Combo Video Featuring Akuma and Bison

Every time I post one of these videos I have to find a new way to say how amazing they are.  Super Street Fighter 4 is now available, but don't let that convince you to skip watching this Street Fighter 4 combo video from Sonic Hurricane. It features Akuma and M.Bison, and the last combo in the video blew my mind. Check it out.

Source: Sonic Hurricane


Super Street Fighter 4 Now Available

Everybody oil up! Super Street Fighter 4 is HERE!It seems like it has taken so long, but the big day is here.  Super Street Fighter 4 is now available and on store shelves for your purchasing pleasure right now!

If you haven't done so, run out and buy a copy!  If you are a fighting game fan, it is truly one of the best $40 you can spend.

If it helps to convince you, Capcom's Seth Killian has conveniently compiled a bunch of reviews for the game for Capcom Unity.  They are all stellar. Here's a taste. Head to Capcom Unity for Seth's full list.

G4 – 5 out of 5 (Super Street Fighter IV review)

"Super Street Fighter IV is an excellent upgrade to what was already a stellar fighting game.”

Eurogamer - 10
“… will almost certainly be known as Capcom's defining work of the generation”



Although I doubt many of you need Richard and I to tell you this is a good game, we put together a video review for Super Street Fighter 4 detailing what makes it a "worthy purchase". 



Super Street Fighter 4 is just hours away from official release.  Some of you lucky people out there are already playing the game.  I am obviously thrilled about Super Street Fighter 4 and for its potential impact on our fighting game community.

However, I also feel a tinge of sadness for leaving Street Fighter 4 behind.  This is the first time I have felt such a thing for a videogame.  As I traded in Street Fighter 4 the other day, I felt like I was saying goodbye to a friend.  That's silly, you say! What a geek, you say!  Well, I've lived and breathed Street Fighter 4 months before the game released on consoles, living the scene vicariously through Gootecks' podcasts and videos from arcade players in southern California. 

After the game released on consoles on February 17th of last year, I logged over 300 hours of playtime on my Xbox 360 copy alone and a few hundred more on my Playstation 3 copy (It's amazing I've spent as much time on the game and still am only intermediate skill at best haha).  I've been to many tournaments and have hosted a few as well in that time, having many nail-biting matches and making many great friends. 

In September or so of last year I started writing for iPlayWinner, giving me yet another perspective on the game as part of the fansite media.  Add to all that time the many streams that I have watched and the time I have spent trolling forums at NeoGAF and SRK and you can see that Street Fighter 4 has been a significant presence in my life.  It's been one hell of a ride.

And that is just my personal experience with the game.  Street Fighter 4 has been such a huge revitalizing force in the fighting game genre that even the game's haters out there have to give it that due.  While some companies were indeed still putting out a few fighting games (such as Namco and Sega) with varying degrees of success, many considered the fighting game genre to be in decline, especially the 2D perspective fighting game.  It is astounding to me that Capcom considered the release of Street Fighter 4 a "risk", and that people like the game's producer Yoshinori Ono had to fight to convince the company that it was a risk worth taking.

So, as Super Street Fighter 4 ascends to take the crown from Street Fighter 4, I'd like to bid a fond farewell to the game that has done so much, and extend gratitude to the folks at Capcom for taking that risk in releasing the game. 


Mad Catz Super Street Fighter 4 FightPad Review

Mad Catz has released another round of FightPads for the release of Super Street Fighter 4.  If you are a pad warrior, especially if your system of choice is the Xbox 360, you should really give these FightPads a look.  I spent some time with the Xbox 360 FightPad, and here are my impressions.


D-Pad: If you are a Xbox 360 pad warrior, you know that getting a D-pad right is critical, not only to your execution but also to wear and tear on your thumbs.

The FightPad's D-Pad at first feels strange.  Mad Catz calls it a "floating" D-Pad and that's an excellent description. When I first took it out of the packaging I wondered how accurate the D-Pad would be.  My doubts were erased over my time spent with the controller.  Dashes, quarter-circle, half-circle, and full circle are all extremely easy to pull off.  The pad's inputs are accurate.  In fact, some moves were easier for me to pull off with this FightPad than they were with my TE Stick.  I used this FightPad to get me through a Super Street Fighter 4 Combo Trial I was having trouble with. 

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Samādhi Street Fighter

Super Street Fighter IV drops in less than twenty-four hours. Some of you lucky readers may already have the game. As you count down the hours to the retail release, what's your plan? How do you envision the hours after you get home and break that plastic seal? If you're anything like most tournament players, the first thing you're going to do is play mad scientist and hit the lab. Once you pick that new character, or learn your old character's new tricks, you're going to spend the rest of that time in Training Mode committing all that goodness to muscle memory. Good plan, but is that all there is to this game?

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iPlayWinner is teaming up with to bring our readers a special promotion on all of their t-shirts! If you're not familiar with BrokenTier, they create fighting game apparel you can wear anywhere with all the designs printed on high quality American Apparel t-shirts.

That said, you better act fast! The promotion only lasts for 24 hours, and the pre-order specific color schemes are only available for one week.

At check out, enter the promo code "MVC3WOW" to receive 10% off all their garments!

Also, BrokenTier will be giving away one t-shirt to the winner of each console int he upcoming iPlayWinner Tournament on May 4th! So, if you're too broke to buy anything today, you better start practicing!

Stay tuned, because we have a lot of other great things lined up with BrokenTier we will be announcing soon.



If you didn't get the chance to check out the Super Street Fighter 4 Fight Club last night, here is a recording of a set between Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong. They both use many of the new characters, and the last match is really intense so be sure to check this one out. 

Source: Capcom-Unity


Special Video Tribute to Street Fighter IV



On April 27 we say goodbye to a dear friend. Yes, the release of Super Street Fighter IV is most definitely something to celebrate, but we can't ever forget just how much the original Street Fighter IV boosted the fighting game community. From its debut in the arcades to the incredibly successful console release, Street Fighter IV blew the doors off what was once a considerably tough community to crack and I for one am glad for that.

For as much as I'm praising SF4, it's by no means a perfect game. In fact, at times its a downright silly display of dumb luck and head-scratching nonsense. Super Street Fighter IV fixes a lot of these instances but no doubt, in time we'll discover new quirks in which to ragequit over. But for now, let's take a look back and pay respect to the game that brought us all together. Also, don't forget to stay tuned after the credits!

Good night, sweet prince; And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.



Many of you watch the Keystone II stream and see the game play and hear the commentary from Darry and MAGUS1234, but it's pretty rare that anyone gets a look inside outside of a couple grainy webcam shots. put together an awesome segment showing who is involved and what it takes to make Keystone II happen week after week. 


GameTrailers Pop Block Video: Marvel vs Capcom 3 Trailer 

GameTrailers has taken the Marvel vs Capcom 3 trailer released a few days ago and has put a great spin on it.  As the trailer plays, they stop the video at points to show you objects of interest, character moves, and other neat observations.  At the end of the video they take a stab at naming the mystery characters which are shadowed at the beginning of the trailer.  It's well worth watching if you are looking forward to this game.

Source: GameTrailers


Marvel vs Capcom 3's Stages will be More Marvel and Capcom

MvC2's Ice Flow stage. Looks OK but it's as generic as you can get.Marvel vs Capcom 2 had an absolutely monster roster of 56 Marvel and Capcom characters, but the backgrounds in the game were not tied much to either company's characters or storylines.  They were mostly pretty generic (although very pretty, especially for their time) stages such as the ice-flow seen on the left, a desert vista, and so forth.

Marvel's Chris Barker has confirmed that the stages will be more fitting with the game in Marvel vs Capcom 3.

"I can't name anything specifically," Baker explains, "but I can tell you that it's not just random stuff anymore. It's actually kinda themed stages to go along with Marvel and Capcom locations. [In Marvel vs Capcom 2]…they were kinda cool, but kinda random at the same time. It was like there was a pirate ship or something in one of them. They look cool, but they don't really say Marvel or Capcom. This time they're all going to say Marvel or Capcom in some way. "

The Kotaku article also goes into details that might be of interest to Marvel comics fans, such as which "reality" within the Marvel Universe the game will draw upon, etc.

Source: Kotaku


Sudden Interest Spurred Arcade Version of Super Street Fighter 4

Magus1234 levels up at Japanese arcade Big Box. This arcade can soon upgrade to Super SF4.

Soon after Capcom announced that Super Street Fighter 4 was in development, people began asking for an arcade version.  The game's producer, Yoshinori Ono, was asked again and again about such a release over the following months, but he would only commit that he wanted an arcade version as well and was trying to convince Capcom, but the company needed enough interest to justify the costs.

Suddenly, the company announced that an arcade version was indeed in the works.  What changed so suddenly?

"What changed," Ono told Kotaku, "was that I was in the middle of lobbying various branches of Capcom for the capital to release the game to arcades" in March.  Orders began coming in, he said, and "Now it looks like we can make enough money off of the release to warrant an arcade version."

Of course, an arcade version of Super Street Fighter 4 is good for Japanese arcade players.  It's good for Japanese arcades.  It's also great for the community as a whole, as the Japanese arcade scene is generally looked upon as a leader in developing new strategies and techniques in fighting games.  It's also good for the small but vocal arcade community in the United States.

Ono also confirmed to Kotaku that arcade owners would not need a new cabinet or arcade board to upgrade to Super Street Fighter 4.  They only need to change out the hard drive.

Source: Kotaku


A Closer Look At Marvel vs Capcom 3's Character Models

Click image for a closer look. 

When Capcom first unveiled the art assets for the first six characters to be confirmed for Marvel vs Capcom 3 I, like many out there as well I'm sure, just assumed that they were studio art pieces.  It came as a great surprise to me when Capcom revealed that they were, in fact, in-game character models!

I've been "marveling" at the artwork since that revelation.  I grew up reading and collecting Marvel comics, as did my father.  I also used to be a decent pencil and ink artist myself during that period, and carefully studied techniques that various Marvel artists used in the comics that I loved.  If these are indeed in-game character models, they would truly be comics come to life. 

I would like to now share my appreciation of these models with you, giving impressions of details that I have noticed.  Keep in mind that I am neither a professional artist nor a professional graphics designer or 3D modeler, so my terminology may not be industry accurate. With that in mind, let's examine some details using the model for Wolverine as an example.

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Capcom-Unity posted the details for the upcoming Super Street Fighter 4 Fight Club and it looks like even if you cant make it, they have the Level|Up Series crew handling the live stream! Producer Yoshinori Ono and also top players Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong will be in the house so this is an event not to be missed.

Here's the info from Capcom-Unity:

Place: Casitas Studios

3229 W. Casitas

Glendale, CA

Time: Friday, 8PM-12AM

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