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Wakeup SRK Podcast Features Third Strike Players for Dudley, Ibuki, and Makoto

A new Wakeup SRK podcast is available for your listening pleasure at  If you are interested in any of the Third Strike characters that are making their way to Super Street Fighter 4 and want to know more about them from the players who play them, Keits has made it happen for you. Here's Keits' podcast description. Hit the source link below to give it a listen.

This week's cup of Wakeup is our first hour special! To celebrate the introduction of Dudley, Ibuki, and Makoto into Super Street Fighter 4, we've invited some of the best players of these characters to come on and talk about them. Joining us on this episode are Arlieth, Humbag, Deviljin, and Eric Kim. Enjoy the special!

Source: Shoryuken


New Super Street Fighter 4 Screenshots from RuliWeb

 Here are some new shots from Ruliweb, a Korean website.  There are a few more screens on there that we are not posting here but they are mostly just screens in different languages and other mostly un-interesting stuff.



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IPW Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars Guide Updates Still Coming

If you haven't checked out our guide for Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars, you should do so. It's got a lot to offer and more is coming.

Actually, the "more is coming" is the reason for this short update.  We have not released an update to the guide in the last few weeks due to some unfortunate schedule conflicts.  However, the IPW crew wants to assure TvC players out there that more updates are coming down the pipe.  We will resume having Friday recaps of what we have added to the guide very soon, hopefully this Friday. We are committed to giving you guys the best TvC guide possible.

If you TvC fans out there have any suggestions for things you'd like to see us add to the guide, you have combos or strategies you'd like to submit, or things you would like to see improved, just give us a shout at or leave your ideas in the comments and we will read them all.



The burning question on every fighting game fans mind: what's an Izuna Drop!? The Switcher put together a video to clue everyone in, check it out.

Warning: Each Izuna Drop has "varying levels of intensity!" 

Source: NeoGAF


Mad Catz Super Street Fighter 4 Tournament Edition S Sticks Available for Preorder at Amazon


Latest Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 Developer Blog Translation: IBUKI

Azrael from SRK is a translating machine, and we are so grateful for his efforts. Here's his translation of the latest Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 Developer Blog post.

Blog Post:

Hello everyone. This is Tsukamoto.

The SF3 characters have finally been announced! This week, of the 3 new characters, I'd like to focus on Ibuki.

I'm sure everyone would like to hear more about her moves and what it took to get her in SFIV, so director Okada as well as the main battle planner will be joining me this time around.

So now let's meet the battle planner.

Hello, I'm the planner Sano. I'm the type of old guy who wakes up early, goes to work, works until late, and then gets up early the very next morning (laughs). For the development of SSFIV, I'm particularly working on things relating to the battle, and character adjustments. Since I'm an old guy, you'll find rice crackers on top of my desk. Just give me rice crackers and tea and I'm in paradise.


-- First off, tell us the details of how Ibuki was added to the game.


We've mentioned this several times before, but a basis of the SFIV series has been to celebrate 20 years of Street Fighter, by having a reunion of sorts. We were able to get Alpha characters in SFIV, so this time we wanted to give SF3 fans something, and as Ibuki was the most popular of the female characters she was decided on.

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The Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 2 Combo Video Compilation is Here!

Joo and Matnetro have teamed up to bring a DVD full of Marvel vs Capcom gdlk goodness. You can find it HERE!  It's 8 plus Gigabytes in size, but if you're a serious Mahvel fan you can find the time to download it I'm sure.

As amazing as Joo's combo videos are, this compilation is made even more interesting by the additional content.  Magnetro and Joo have added comments to the videos detailing how certain things were accomplished in the combo videos.  If you play the game, you might learn a trick or two with this!

You can also head over to Capcom Unity to read an interview that Magnetro has put together with Joo! Hit the source link below to read the interview.  Happy downloading!

Source: Capcom Unity


Tekken Players from Around the World to Gather at Tekken 6 Global Championship Final on March 7th at Tokyo, Japan

Some of the world's best Tekken players will gather, along with 16 of the top placers from around thw world, to battle it out for the crown of Global Tekken 6 Champion at the TEKKEN 6 Global Championship FINAL! The event will happen at Tokyo, Japan on March 7th.  Stay tuned to SDTEKKEN.COM for some HUGE TEKKEN related announcements regarding THIS event!

Hit the source link below to get the official release, rules, and other information about this event from SDTEKKEN.




A couple videos of Street Fighter 4 for the iPhone surfaced today via IGN and Gamepro, showcasing the character select screen and gameplay for the upcoming CAPCOM title. Although this will obviously never be a replacement for the full game, I think it is shaping up to be a fun title to pass the time while on the bus or maybe even waiting for your next match!

Some details on the game itself:

  • One button for performing an Ultra.
  • Focus Attack appears to have it's own button
  • You can Dragon Punch into FADC. 
  • Game seems to run around 10-15 frames per second
  • EX Meter is in this game, although not entirely sure how to use it with the iPhone controls.
  • One of the videos mentions that there are no unlockables in SF4 for the iPhone.
  • IGN mentions there is an "assist mode" to bind certain moves to one button.

Here is the list of characters who made the cut into this game:

  • Ryu
  • Ken
  • Guile
  • Blanka
  • Chun-Li
  • Dhalsim
  • M. Bison
  • ...and Abel!

As far as a release date goes, we can expect the game next month at $9.99 on the Apple App Store.

Source: Gamepro, IGN


New Super Street Fighter 4 Screenshots of Ibuki

Here are some new screenshots of Super Street Fighter 4's Ibuki via Famitsu.




Source: Famitsu 


Absolutely amazing Fan-Made Custom Capcom Action Figures


I've said this before and I'll say this again.  The creativity of the community continues to astound me.  Here are some custom figures created by Renmauzo. His collection of custom figures includes characters from Darkstalkers, SF2, SF3, Mega Man, the SF Alpha series, and more!

Check out more of his figures on his deviantart site.

Source: Capcom Unity


Alex Valle and Level|Up On Live on 3 with DJ Wheat and Slasher

Alex "CaliPower" Valle, Jimmy "ShinJN" Nguyen, and AJ "PotatoHead" Papa were on Live on 3 with DJ Wheat and Slasher discussing their new Level|Up Tournament event.  It is a 64-man tournament for Street Fighter 4 and Tekken 6 featuring many of the west coast's best players with a bonus pot of $1,000 going to the winners.  It takes place on February 27th at Dave & Busters at The Block at Orange (hence the name "Project Blocks" before this venture was officially revealed).

They talk about this event, about their views on the community, their ideas on how to grow the community, and much, much more.  If you love the community as much as I do, this is a a great listen.  Alex Valle and company are community leaders and hearing their thoughts and ideas is fascinating.

Click here to listen to the Live on 3 podcast.

Click here to visit Level|Up's site.


Capcom says re-realese of SF3 Third Strike Not in Works Right Now, but Know It's a Popular Request

Readers continue to ask Capcom about re-releasing Street Fighter 3: Third Strike.  There are no plans in development right now for such a re-release.  However, Capcom knows that this is a popular request.  Seeing how well Marvel vs Capcom 2 sold for them, I would not count it out for the future, but not this close to the release of Street Fighter 4. Here are the questions paraphrased and Capcom's responses

Reader asks if Capcom will bring Street Fighter 3: Third Strike to PSN (and XBLA).

These things don't happen over night guys and if it were to happen, it would still be a ways off given that there's nothing currently in development along these lines.

That said, we do know that it's been a really popular request. The suggestion box alone and these forums make that really apparent. We'll see what happens.

Reader asks if Capcom would consider making a Street Fighter 3 Anthology game. It would be good for those who are curious about Street Fighter 3 characters and the games that they came from, especially with Street Fighter 4 having characters from those games.  It would be also good for those players who do not have internet connections at home or on their console.

We're definitely aware of the interest in the SFIII series, which is why we answer questions like this at least once a week

That said, there's no action on this front at the moment, though it's something to consider for the future. We have a bunch of great new fighting games out at the moment--more than we've had in the past 10 years combined, so please be understanding about our reluctance to risk totally flooding the market.

Source: Capcom's Ask Capcom Forum


Home Version of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Announced! July 1st! New Features!

New information on the home version of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift has come to light, including some details about new features and a release date!

Arc System Works made the announcment at the Blue Fes Spring Raid event in Shinagawa, Japan, with Dengeki Online providing coverage information and photos (hit the link for their coverage story along with event pics).  All images in this post courtesy of Dengeki Online. See original story for a few more pics.

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift will be released in Japan for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 on July 1st for 7,140 Yen.  No release date information for other territories has been reported, but with luck it will be very close.

The home version will feature a third new character (u-12) and will also feature the following modes: Tutorial, Arcade, Versus, Score Attack, Training, Challenge, Legion, Story, Gallery, Replay Theater, and Network.

New character U-12


The game's Tutorial Mode


The Challenge Mode (left) and Story Mode (right)

The game's producer, Toshimichi Mori, along with the game's sound producer, Daisuke Ishiwatari, also mentioned that the game has double the animated sequences of the original.  The challenge mode has over 300 challenges and the story mode found in Calamity Trigger's home release is also returning with over 28 stories.


A limited edition was also announced at the event, bundling in a visual book and a Noel Nendroid figure. Pricing for the bundle is set at 9,660 Yen.

Source: Dengeki via Andriasang


A Trailer for an upcoming epic Marvel vs Capcom 2 Combo Video by Joo

For years, Joo has been giving us absolutely mind-blowing "how the hell does he do that?" combo videos for Marvel vs Capcom 2.  Now he is getting ready to release possibly his greatest combo creation.

His upcoming combo video will not only astound us with dazzling Marvel vs Capcom 2 combos, it will also give us tips and tricks used that made them possible thanks to Magnetro.  If you are a Marvel vs Capcom 2 fan, you will want to catch this vid. You may learn a trick or two!  Even if you aren't, just sit back and watch the absolute insanity as he pulls off combos that you wouldn't think are possible. 

As Capcom Unity puts it:

The masterwork will be posted in its entirety on Monday, February 22nd, over at Magnetro's site, so clear some harddrive space and grab your popcorn--this is one for the ages.

Source: Capcom Unity


Sonic Hurricane Combo Video Featuring Rose

It's time for the new combo vid from Sonic Hurricane. This one features Rose.  Rose isn't a combo-heavy character (in terms of number of hits in a combo), but you will still see some crazy stuff in this video. Another excellent piece of work!

Source: Sonic Hurricane



The trailer for KSK's tournament "God's Garden #2" just went up on youtube. This is the most hype trailer I've seen in a while. 


I seriously got chills when watching that. 

Who do you think is gonna take it? I got my money on Mago. But I would love to see Uyro take it, his Viper makes me cry at night. 


IPlaywinner Interview with Keits

Keits is a man of many talents. He's an incredible Tatsunoko vs Capcom player and is one of the game's most visible ambassadors for the game.  He does a tremendous amount for the community as well, sharing information and moderating in the forums, and also hosting his own podcast on SRK called "Wake Up SRK".  He puts together great tutorial videos like his Tatsunoko vs Capcom Primer video. He has also done a lot for building fighting game scenes in his local area. This year he's running the Midwest Championships. Oh, and he also can get you a tie with your favorite fighting game character.  He does interviews as well!

Thank you so much, Keits for the interview.  You're one of those guys who just seems to be everywhere, so we appreciate your taking the time to do this. Let's start.

Tell us a bit about your fighting game experience. When did you start playing fighting games and what fighting game got you into the genre?

I started playing when I first saw the SF2 World Warriors machine at my local roller-rink. I fell in love instantly and hated losing to random kids from my school who, at that time, made fun of me for playing video games. I played whenever I saw it at any arcade, and eventually got the 6 button controllers and championship edition for my Genesis. It wasn't long before no one I knew could beat me even one in fifty games. And then everyone I knew quit playing.

I continued running UFGT until my life lead me out of Ohio and to Wisconsin, where I promptly found that no one played anything (in Green Bay / Appleton at least) and retired for about 4 years. An old friend contacted me in 2007 and wanted to meet up with me at Midwest Championships/Evo North. I showed up, but my friend didn't. Somehow, in a house full of OGs, I managed to luck my way to 7th in arcade Super Turbo and won a qualifying spot in Evolution 2007. Seth Killian pulled me aside and said "Now you have to come to Vegas." I've been traveling to as many events as I can afford to since, just meeting great people and playing great games.

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Capcom's Seth Killian Recalls Seeing Tatsunoko vs Capcom In Development in Latest TvC Blog


Capcom's Seth Killian has been the public face of Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars pretty much since the game was announced.  In a Tatsunoko vs Capcom Blog entry, Seth recalls when he first saw the game early on in its development and his thoughts at the time. 

Here's a slice:

I was visiting Japan for some work on Street Fighter IV, and found myself with a few extra hours in Osaka. My friend took me to a room in Capcom's R&D department and handed me a strange joystick prototype with what looked like Nintendo Wii outputs. I said "uhhh, looks cool, but am I supposed to play Monster Hunter with this thing?" They just smiled and lead me over to a very early version of a new game. It didn't have any title screens, but even if it had, I would not have recognized the name "Tatsunoko" at the time.

It's a short blog entry but if you like behind the scenes stuff, it's an interesting read in my opinion. Hit the source link below for the full post.

Source: Capcom Unity


Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown Announced at AOU Show in Tokyo

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown has been announced at the AOU Show in Tokyo.  Above is the first trailer. It does not show any gameplay but does show new costumes and suggests new animations as well.  The subtitle also suggests that this could be the final upgrade to the Virtua Fighter 5 series.  Hope they get this version to consoles!

Thanks to Oichi from VersusCity for pointing this out!