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Marvel vs Capcom 2 Gamerpics hit Xbox Live

Today, Capcom has three sets of 10 pics available for only 160 MS points. Tomorrow, they will post two more collections of 10 pics and 1 more of 5 pics (this one for 80 MS points). Whether you are a fan of the actual game or not, the game has tons of characters that appeal to almost everyone.

The Metal Head Collection: The Iron Man, War Machine, Doctor Doom, Sentinel, Juggernaut (yes, I know his gear is not made out of metal), Mega Man, Roll, Servbot, Tron Bonne and Zangief

The Lovers, Villains, and Babes Collection: Magneto, Rogue, Gambit, Blackheart, Spiral, B.B. Hood, Chun Li, Cammy, M. Bison and Felicia

The Wow, That's a lot of Popular Characters in this Collection Collection: Cyclops, Cable, Storm, Psylocke, Colossus, Ryu, Ken, Morigan, Jill Valentine and Akuma

Tomorrow, two sets of 10 pics and one set of 5 pics (80 MS points) will be available for a total of 55 gamerpics!

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iPlayWinner presents you with our first international interview featuring none other than the legendary Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Alex Player, KSK! He is more than just a player though -- he is an integral part of the Japanese fighting game scene as he owns and operates Gamer's Vision, a hot bed for some of the best players in Japan.

KSK is also the organizer of the GODSGARDEN tournament,  which was met with much international acclaim as it features top level players such as Daigo and Mago, with a top notch live stream to boot. It was also one of the first events to have a females only Street Fighter 4 tournament which helped promote female players in Japan such as ChocoBlanka.

With GODSGARDEN 2 right around the corner, we wanted to talk to him a bit about the Japanese fighting game scene, running an arcade, multiple events and also how the console-only release of Super Street Fighter 4 will affect Japanese arcades.

iPW: What do you think of American tournaments? 


KSK: From my experience, Double Elimination, like EVO, is very exciting. I know it takes much longer but players can get more satisfaction and some ease compared to a single elimination, whether win or lose. I love the pressures when I'm in losers tournament, I love the feelings of superiority when I'm in winners one. It makes good contrast between winners and losers.


iPW: Do you ever watch streams of American tournaments? 

KSK: I watched EVO'09 on the stream. It seemed well equipped with gear such as cameras so I could watch players' faces and feel atomosphere. It was great!



iPW: Are more arcades in Japan looking into doing live streams? 

KSK: I think the pioneer of live streaming from arcade is Nakano-TRF. It brings many newcomers to the arcades -- but, on the other hand, when said player watches the live streams, he's at home, not at the arcade. They provide no revenue to the arcades so it makes arcade owners negative or passive about live streaming. Still, I think that live streaming is very effective to show the excitement of arcades.


iPW: Do you still play 3s often? Why do you play Alex? 

KSK: I still play 3s. I'm taking part in grade matches for 3s at NishiNippori-VERSUS. I restarted Ranking Battle for 3s at Gamer's Vision [ KSK's arcade ] recently. I love Alex's dynamic moves and arts. Fact is, I'm not good at complicated inputs. Alex is easier to handle!


iPW: How did you come up with the idea of Gods Garden? 

KSK: In Japan, arcade players are becoming fewer year by year. So, when I try to give a boost to arcades, there's not enough man-power. Teenagers in Japan rarely come to arcades and have chance to learn how to play fighting games. So they don't know how it is to be a serious fan of fighting games -- they only play on console! At one point, console games were no more than substitute for the games in arcades, but now we can play games for the arcades on console. Sometimes, the games for console is superior to the one in arcades.

It means that there's no reason to visit arcades for teenagers, but I want show them how exciting the arcade atmosphere is. I want to show them how great players in the arcades are. This is a motive for organizing Godsgarden.

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Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars Level 3 Hyper Combo Compilation Vids

Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars is very flashy, especially its hyper combos. If you want to see what all of the Level 3 Hyper Combos look like in two vids (one for Capcom side and one for Tatsunoko), here you go!

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Montreal Canada's Expanding Fighting Game Community

When Street Fighter 4 released, existing fighting game communities expanded and new ones sprung up where there currently was none.  In Montreal, Canada, the tourney scene has grown tremendously over the last year due to the great fighting games released last year.

With Super Street Fighter 4 now looming large on the horizon, it will be yet another opportunity for our fighting game community to grow. New players will want to go to tournaments and some passionate people will work to create new scenes.

If you are not going to tournaments, this video can give you an idea of the kind of fun that you might be missing. Congrats to Montreal for their accomplishments.

Source: Tons of great people on NeoGAF for passing this around



Have you ever stopped and wondered why MadCatz seems to be practically giving their joysticks away over the past month or so? If you've looked around Amazon or other online vendors, it seems there are deals going on for their flagship accessory, the Tournament and Standard Edition FightSticks, pretty much every single week. Who knows if this is the real reason, but perhaps it's because they have money to burn at this point.

According to an article on Joystiq,  MadCatz released their earnings report for the third quarter of their fiscal year which ended December 31st, 2009 stating that their net sales came to $48.8 Million. In MadCatz's official earnings report they state a "Gross profit of $15.9 million in the fiscal 2010 third quarter represented an increase of 51% from $10.5 million in the same quarter of the prior year." This stands as their second best quarter of sales in the company's history.  They mention that this is largely due to moving away from lower priced accessories and focusing more on high end products (read: quality) such as the FightStick joystick line. 

TL;DR - MadCatz is super flossy, ballin' out of control makin' mad bank. Chad Warden would be proud. 

This is great news for all of us who have bought and love Tournament Edition sticks, in that we can expect more top notch products directly related to the fighting game scene in the future. With the new Super Street Fighter 4 joysticks right around the corner, who knows what MarkMan and the team have planned for us next!

Source: Joystiq



iPlayWinner Fighting Game Glossary

The team here has put together a great glossary of terms relating to fighting games, and I just now organized them for everyone to check out. This is something we have been meaning to do for quite sometime now, so I am glad to finally make it live! Keep in mind we have many more updates coming so keep checking back.

I've separated the glossary into different sections in regards to general terms, movement, inputs and even fighting game slang. So if you're not sure what it means when someone gets "Greenbar'd", be sure to check it out to catch up on the fighting game lingo that gets tossed around so much on streams.

If you have any suggestions for new terms or feel there is a correction to be made, please email me:

Thanks to Quash, LB and Crackfiend for all their hard work on this.


Game breaking glitches in Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom? 

A new Japanese video released on sunday reveals possible game breaking glitches involving Joe the Condor and Tekkaman Blade. I recall Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 having similar glitches. I don't think it will hurt anything in the long run if you soft-ban (banning from tournament play and automatic disqualification if used) the exploits.

Well, its still cool to see these glitches! I wonder how these people find stuff like this!



Street Fighter 4 is now available on Xbox Live as a Games on Demand direct download title for $29.99. Granted, most people have the game at this point but this could prove to be useful in certain situations where you have more consoles than you do copies of the game.

Now, I assume with this downloadable version of the game players will still have to unlock all the characters. If they offered this as a fully unlocked version of the game as a bonus, I think that would be a strong selling point. For instance, if they ever offer this on PSN, I don't have all the characters unlocked on my PS3 and might be willing to dish out an extra 30 dollars just to save myself the time of beating the game multiple times. This would come in handy at gatherings so I could have two stations set up with all the characters available.



The entire world is backwards. SBO is an iteration behind Evo in SF4, Evo has dropped 3S for Melty Blood, and I guess Marvel is the game to play at A-cho these days!

 I'll only embed one video to save your system resources, but if you want to see more just go to the Youtube channel GAMEacho. 




The Super Street Fighter 4 blog was updated today detailing the challenges the developers had to go through with balancing the game. They talk about how they go the route of buffing weaker characters instead of nerfing stronger character. We'll have to see if this is truly the case once the game comes out, but it's generally accepted that a game is more interesting when every character has strong moves so let's hope this is true!

They also mention that virtually all of the combos from the original game will stay intact in the new version, although I assume with new Ultras and general gameplay tweaks there will be plenty more to discover.

They also talk a bit about the alternate costumes and some of the decisions they made during the design process of creating new costumes for each of the characters.

Below are some new images included within the blog as well. Thanks to Azrael from SRK for the translation.


I really wanted to go to the 1st Kansai Regional Qualifiers... It seems like the Kyushu Regional Qualifier last week was also incredible! This week it's the Chubu Qualifiers! Everyone, do your best!
Hello, this is Tsukamoto!

This time, I'd like to talk about some things that all our players have been concerned about - move adjustments/tweaking and the alternate costumes. I'll be joined by director Mr. Okada, and the battle player Mr. Tamamura.

-- What kind of adjustments are being made this time around for SSFIV?

First, we decided to stick with the idea of keeping whatever was possible in SFIV intact. For balancing a fighting game, there are two different possibilities - make the moves of the stronger characters less effective (nerf) or to make the moves of the weaker characters more effective (buff). Going the route of buffing the weaker characters moves makes for more difficult adjustments, but as we didn't want our players to feel stressed out, we decided to go with buffing the weaker characters for SSFIV.

-- Will we still be able to do combos and such that were possible in SFIV?

Yes. As long as leaving it in wasn't too dangerous, we've been making our adjustments while leaving in combos that were possible in SFIV. We had decided on this at the very beginning of development.

-- What kind of adjustments are being made for the characters who are said to be too strong?

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The latest issue of Famitsu revealed that BlazBlue: Continuum Shift is in-fact getting a console port. This was leaked late last week due to a scan of the magazine cover being accidentally released, but many of the new details are fairly unexpected.

First off, a new character will be added to the roster, named Mu-12 (μ-12-). Translation courtesy of the DustLoop forums:

Height: 157 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Birthday: January 7
Blood Type: A
Birthplace: The 13th Hierarchical City "Kagutsuchi"
Hobbies: ??
Likes: ??
Dislikes: The world
CV: Kanako Kandou

The awakened, true form of Noel Vermilion. Her hatred for the world has increased substantially, making her aggressive towards everything. The name of the huge sword on her back is "Kamigoroshi no Tsurugi Kusanagi" ("Sword of the God-Slayer, Kusanagi").

Beyond that, new modes and stages are also on the way. All arcade stages will return with graphical overhauls, along with new stages bringing the number of total stages to "over 11".

In regards to new modes, there will be many to choose from such as Beginner Mode, Tutorial Mode and Network Mode. Again, a full translation thanks to DustLoop Forums:

  • Beginner: allows simple input for special moves and throws.
  • Tutorial: Practice and work to learn the basics of the game system.
  • Arcade: Enjoy the fighting and story of the original arcade version.
  • Versus: Fight with other players or against the CPU.
  • Score Attack: Compete for the top score through 15 consecutive matches.
  • Training: Freely practice special attacks, combos, etc..
  • Challenge: Complete special missions available for each character.
  • Legion: Defeat and conquer enemy locations on a map.
  • Story: Experience the story of each character.
  • Gallery: Listen to BGM and voice acting, look at artwork, and watch cutscenes.
  • Replay Theater: Watch the replay data from network mode.
  • Network: Online game ranking, players can save replays.

The game is said to be "60% complete" at this point so I can assume a Summer/Fall release date is probably what ARC System Works is aiming for, even though it is only listed as "2010 release" currently.

We'll update with more images and videos as they become available! 

Source: DustLoop, VersusCity, AndriaSang



A new video of both Juri and Guy surfaced earlier today and comparing it to the photos from our previous entry on the Taipei Game Show it appears to be from the same event. Nothing too earth shattering in this clip but you will see Guy's chain combos and run in action.


Remaining Super Street Fighter 4 Characters To Be Revealed in Famitsu Soon (This Week or Next?). Asia Release Date 27 April

Will those 4 blanks on the select screen finally be revealed soon?Super Street Fighter 4 producer Yoshinori Ono went to the Taipei Game Show 2010 (Taipei is the capital of Taiwan), bringing along the latest version of the game.

The release date for the Asian version has been revealed to be 27 April, which is 1 day earlier than Japan for some reason.

The big news is that apparently the remaining 4 Super Street Fighter 4 characters are to be revealed in the weekly Japanese magazine Famitsu either this week or next!

If this source is correct, the wait is finally almost over!

Source: Taiwan Gamer


Marvel vs Capcom 2 33% off This Week on Xbox Live Arcade


Starting today, you can get the over-the-top classic Marvel vs Capcom 2 for 800 MS points as part of this week's Xbox Live Deal of the Week!  In real-world money, that's $10.  It's normally 1200 MS points ($15), so this is a 33% savings! With 56 characters and online play, this game gives you lots for your money even if you just want to mess around.

Hit the source link below to head over to Capcom Unity to have a chance to win a rare MvC2 mixtape vinyl! A twitter account will be required.

Source: Capcom Unity


New-ish Super Street Fighter 4 Screenshots

Some new Super Street Fighter 4 screenshots have hit the interwebs. Well, some of them are new anyway. They are screens of things we have seen before already, so don't expect anything new to be revealed. We just want to point them out in case some of you are interested in taking a peek.

Hit the source link to head right to the gallery. These were also published at Famitsu.

Source: Andriasang



Oichi over at VersusCity posted the newest Top 10 most popular arcade games in Japan from the latest issue of Arcadia Magazine. I thought now would be a good time to post this Top 10 since the EVO games were announced not too long ago and people can see the difference in popularity with games in Japan compared to the States.

Not much has changed with the #1 spot with Tekken 6 still dominating, as it has for almost 2 years. On the other hand you see that Street Fighter 4 which is of course the most popular game in the States is gaining back a little lost ground from last month in Japan, even though it is still not nearly as popular as say BlazBlue or Melty Blood.

A couple other interesting points about this Top 10 is that Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike has fallen off the list completely. It's typically been near the bottom anyway but still within the top ten -- it just surprises me that Guilty Gear is far more popular over there than even Third Strike.

1. Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion
2. Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam VS Gundam NEXT
3. Blazblue: Continuum Shift
4. Melty Blood: Actress Again (+1)
5. Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (-1)
6. Virtua Fighter 5R (+1)
7. Street Fighter IV (+2)
8. King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match (-2)
9. Senko no Ronde DUO
10. Daemon Bride (NEW)

On a related note, if you are wondering how to get your hands on this issue of Arcadia Magazine or even a monthly subscription, offers both. I picked up a couple issues while I was in Japan over the summer and even though they are completely in Japanese, they are still worth checking out due to the images, DVDs and other extras typically present with each issue.

March 2010 Issue

Monthly Subscription



A handful of new images and a video showed up recently on SNK-Playmore's official website for the upcoming XBLA port of NeoGeo Battle Coliseum. If this is your first time hearing about this port, SNK-Playmore is applying an "HD filter" to the game to help alleviate the rough, pixilated art which is present in most of their games prior to King of Fighters XII. 

Although you have to commend SNK-Playmore for their efforts on the visual end of this game, we can only hope that they put just as much effort into the online play. Typically SNK games are nearly unplayable online due to netcode so this is a good opportunity for the company to finally prove to their fans they can provide a game that not only looks good, but also plays well online.




Posted on the SRK blog this morning:

"Congrats to the Melty Blood community who has won the vote for the final game at Evo 2010. Melty Blood won with a decisive 27% of voters and will have their game added to the lineup of Evo 2010.

What do you all think about Melty Blood being at EVO? Would you have rather seen Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike as I would? 

Well, for those of you who may have been upset that Marvel did not make it, the EVO has a surprise for you there as well:

"We are also making one more change to our 2010 lineup. After conferring with the BlazBlue community we have decided to replace BlazeBlue with Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for the PS3. Big thanks to the BlazBlue community for graciously stepping down."

Makes sense -- BlazBlue: CT at this point is a dead game with many top players dropping the game completely due to now having access to Continuum Shift. It's available at many arcades in fighting game hotspots around the country and...other means as well so playing an outdated version of the game makes no sense.

With a slew of new games on the roster this year, you can expect EVO2K10 one of the most unique and possibly hypest EVO yet! See you there!



This is a dash glitch in Tatsunoko vs Capcom that showed up on SRK just yesterday, discovered by a user named Smurvis.  This glitch allows for you to perform a technique known as wavedashing -- you are cancelling your first dash into a second dash, effectivley increasing the range of movement for your character. 

The input for this is, Forward, (Neutral), Forward, (Neutral), Up-forward. You will see your character dash forward and immediately go into the second dash, making it much faster than just dashing twice normally. You can compare the two by doing two dashes consecutively and you will see how much slower it is compared to this wavedashing method. 

Buktooth on SRK also notes that this allows for almost every character in the game to be able to go into a full screen Standing Light attack. This can lead to instant combos if you catch your opponent wiffing a move even from fullscreen. 

Note that this does not work with characters who have non-standard dashes such as Tekkaman Blade, Zero and Morrigan. In regards to the large characters, PTX-40A can pull this off but Gold Lightan cannot.

Now before you panic saying that this "breaks" TvC, keep in mind wavedashing is present in many other fighting games such as Tekken, Smash Bros. and Marvel. Increased mobility typically leads to more interesting gameplay in the long run. 


Super Street Fighter 4 Combo Trials still Tough, but Improved 

Cody KOs Ryu and a hippo!I like the idea of Street Fighter 4's combo trials. It's still nowhere near as useful as the training mode in Virtua Fighter, but it's something at least.  It allowed you to practice certain moves, combos, and combo elements.

In Super Street Fighter 4 they return, and according to GameInformer they are hard as ever.  However, they have improved the format at least.  Many of the combo trials asked you to do several tasks in a row to complete.  This aspect has been improved, as now you only have one move or combo per trial. This way, if you want to practice one single element over and over, you can do that without having to worry about having other trial elements to deal with.


"Many fans of the series were thrown off by the insane difficulty of IV's trials, and SSFIV doesn't budge much in this regard. The trials are laid out more specifically, with each section requiring you to perform a single move or combo instead of a gauntlet of them. Later challenges are almost as difficult as the notorious ones from its predecessor, but it's easier to jump directly to a combo that you want to attempt."

Source: GameInformer