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Tonight we will be streaming a 2v2 Super Street Fighter 4 tournament live from Starbase Arcade!  This should be a good one with a lot of boss teams  being put together by some of NorCal's finest. As always, Magus1234 and myself will be holding it down on the mic between matches!

We should be lettin' it rip around 8PM PST with the tournament starting around 9PM PST! Don't miss it!

Find out more about the tournament by checking out this SRK thread. You can access the live stream by going to our USTREAM Channel.


Darkstalkers Live On Stage

Ever wondered what Darkstalkers would be like if someone did a live stage production? Here you go. Personally, I think this is very good. It isn't in english but the production captures the Darkstalkers vibe and look pretty well. Check it out.


The Comeback King: Jason Cole

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GYT posted up a really interesting article about top Pacific NorthWest player Jason Cole, stating that out of all the players they have tracked so far, he is by far and away the player with the most combacks. So many in fact, that in the most recent tournament he attended, he had eight comebacks during his Top 8 run. 

Here is a small clip of the stats article, check out the rest and many more player stats -- include those at our own Starbase Tournaments -- at GYTNews:

In two tournaments, Cole has a .323 comeback average. Nearly a third of his wins have come when he's been down to a quarter percent of health and trailing (that is my definition of a "comeback", more here in the guide). The tournament average in my database is .168 and decreasing as I continue to put in matches.

Most great players are above the curve in almost every category. However, when it comes to comebacks, they are at the average or below, in part because they don't need to rally to win.


G4 All Access Preview: Mortal Kombat 


G4 posted a video preview of Mortal Kombat with Senior Producer of the game, Hans Lo. There isn't too many earth-shattering details here, though it's mentioned once again that the PS3 version will have a 3D stereoscopic feature for TVs that support it. 

Thanks to @FocusAttack on Twitter for the tip.


UPDATE: Seth Killian Misquoted in MVC3 Interview

In another short interview by GamingUnion, Seth Killian mentions Marvel vs Capcom 3's online modes will be fairly barebones from the start. That said, just like Super Street Fighter 4, it sounds like they will end up patching in more modes based on what fans want.

Hinting at behind-the-scenes frustrations, Killian said, "There's still a lot of back-and-forth internally about it, frankly. So, at a minimum you can expect your standard online modes where you can have a friendly match or a ranked match, as well as all your offline modes."

So, what do you want to see in Marvel vs Capcom 3's online modes? Of course, flawless netcode is a given, but based on what we've seen in Super Street Fighter 4, what other additions are needed to heighten to online play experience?


MVC3: Dante has more Special Moves than any other Capcom Character to Date

Adam Ma over at GamingUnion sent over a feature they put together with Seth Killian talking about the upcoming VS title, Marvel vs Capcom 3. He mention Dante has more Special Moves than any other Capcom character to date and is very strong at an introductory level, but Trish currently holds the titles in Seth's eyes for strongest Marvel vs Capcom 3 character so far. This is pretty much in-line with what many other players have said who have had some hands on times with the game. 

Here is a small chunk of the article, check out the rest here:

Despite this, however, Dante doesn't get Seth's pick for the toughest fighter. Instead that honour goes to another character from Devil May Cry, Trish.

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Cross Counter Episode 9: Biggavelli (Guile) vs Damdai (Ryu)

The latest episode of Cross Counter is up, the show where Ryan "Gootecks" Gutierrez and Mike Ross take matches that have been submitted to them and analyze them to help players level up their game. This episode features a match between Biggavelli (Guile) vs Damdai (Ryu). Check it out!


Mind Blowing Set-ups in Super Street Fighter 4 

In the course of about 24 to 48 hours I've seen a few mind blowing set-ups in Super Street Fighter 4 and wanted to post the videos for people to check out.

First up is V-Ryu who is a Makoto player out in Europe and outside of having a relentless play style, you will see he ends up performing a set up that really takes me back: Crouching Light Kick into Ultra 1. Now, if you read in the comments they mention this works because it's a meaty Crouching Light Kick which means he is hitting the opponent with it at the tail end of the active frames of the move allowing him to recover faster and combo into Ultra 1. 

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Ed Boon Talks Mortal Kombat 9 and his New Team's Home at Warner Bros.

Kotaku talked with Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon about Mortal Kombat 9 and how things are at NetherRealm Studios now that they are with Warner Bros.

The developer is hard at work finishing Mortal Kombat 9, which is expected in the first half of 2011. Warner is giving Ed and his crew more time on this installment than Nether Realms' previous benefactor, the failed publisher Midway. Warner told Ed and his team "We want to give you more time. We want you to focus on quality."

'I think what people are seeing are the results of that," Boon says. "We're not working under the same accelerated pace that we were during the past few games." The game will also avoid being over-bloated with features as some previous games had been. 2006's Mortal Kombat: Amageddon, for example, had more than 60 characters, multiple mini-games, a "Kreate A Fighter" mode, and more. This time the team is focusing on offering unlockables, which have been a staple of the series' first few installments.

"We're going to have a Krypt. It's going to have a really elaborate and sophisticated unlocking system," Boon says. "We'll have really deep online stuff. Not to say that we're never going to do [those over the top bonus modes] again, but this game's not going to have a puzzle game or chess game. This is really us focusing on those first three games..."

Warner also seems more focused on extending the franchise beyond fighting games.

"Warner Bros. made it pretty clear when we came on, that there's a lot more than can be done with Mortal Kombat," Boon says. "Not 'a lot more' as in, 'Let's release two games a year' and beat it into the ground. A lot more in terms of other media—movies, comic books, TV shows, stuff like that."

"I would certainly like to do something more than [just fighting games]. But it's important that the first game we work on is successful and proves to us that this was a good move by Warner Bros. to pick us up."


Mortal Kombat 9: Executive Producer Shaun Himmerick Interview at X'10

ConsoleCreatures.Com interviewed Mortal Kombat 9 Executive Producer Shaun Himmerick at the recent X'10 media event in Toronto.  It's a good overview of the game if you haven't kept up with it, but it goes into more detail on a few things. For instance, I was not aware of how detailed the internal damage system is in this game. Also, at least one of the babalities, animalities, or friendships will make a return but he didn't say which.


IAMTEKKEN's Avoiding the Puddle Podcast #6: Character Balance and What it Means to Achieve Mastery

IAMTEKKEN's latest podcast is a good listen, regardless of your game of choice.IAMTEKKEN.COM has posted a very interesting podcast. We usually haven't posted about the other podcasts out there (purely a time issue. We can't listen to every podcast out there). However, I think this one deserves some mention. They didn't have a guest this week, but in my opinion this podcast would be very useful to a lot of players of pretty much any fighting game to listen to.

After some SBO Qualifier talk, they go into talk about game balance and give a very compelling reason to use lower tier characters, rather brilliantly using a Sun Tzu quote to illustrate. 

They also go into what it means to "master a character", with incredibly interesting thoughts on the topic.  Beginning to intermediate level players, in my opinion, should give this podcast a listen, especially if you are trying to pick a character and/or are wondering what it means to truly master your character.  If you are interested in some very intelligent talk on these two topics, regardless of the game you play (this stuff is applicable to any fighting game), give this a listen.

Click here to listen to get IAMTEKKEN's latest "Avoiding the Puddle" podcast (Episode #6).


Tekken vs. Virtua Fighter is too obvious according to Capcom's Yoshinori Ono

Capcom's Yoshinori Ono said that he looked to "surprise" fans with Street Fighter X Tekken.Capcom's Yoshinori Ono, the producer behind the Street Fighter 4 titles and the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken, thinks that a Tekken vs. Virtua Fighter would be too obvious. 

Ono says that he wanted to "surprise" fans with Street Fighter X Tekken. He went on to tell CVG that the Namco collaboration appealed to him because of the "odd couple" nature of the pairing.

"Rather than making something where people think 'oh, we knew that was coming', we wanted to make something to surprise people," Ono told CVG.  "For instance, if Tekken and Virtua Fighter went along people would expect 3D, but when it is Tekken and Street Fighter everyone is just really surprised and even we don't really know how it's going to end."

"So as creators we really want to try something and make something new that no one's done and this is definitely the best opportunity so far," he continued.

Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada , who was also present for the interview with CVG, admitted that Tekken X Street Fighter seems to have fans "more worried" than Capcom's take, but he hopes that fans look forward to the "potential fun" of bringing Street Fighter characters to 3D.

Thanks to Tamoor for the tip!



Hope you guys have been enjoying our streams as of late! This week we have a lot on the agenda with two Super Street Fighter 4 Tournaments and a major BlazBlue/Guilty Gear tournament as well! Check out all the details below!

As always, you can check out our broadcasts via our USTREAM Channel or just load up the front page and check out the embed to the left to see if we are live!





We'll be streaming a Super Street Fighter 4 2v2 Tournament from 9PM PST till about 2AM PST from Starbase Arcade in San Rafael, California. Haunts & MAGUS1234 will be on the mic to provide commentary for the top NorCal players who are always in attendance. Be sure to tune in for all the action and drama.

Entry: $5 Venue Fee, $10 per team

Start Time: 9PM PST

Event Details: SRK Thread


Norcal Install hopes to be THE tournament where non-mainstream games are given their share of the spotlight. To do this, a collaboration of the Dustloop Community, Meltybread Community, and iPlayWinner have joined efforts to bring you a streamed tournament of Blazblue: Continuum Shift, Melty Blood: Actress Again, and Guilty Gear: Accent Core.

Start Time: 12PM PST

Event Details: SRK Thread




ON NOTICE at Shadowbrooke is back and we'll be streaming a Super Street Fighter 4 Singles tournament from around 2PM to 8PM! MAGUS1234 and Darry will be in the house to hold it down on the mic and this tournament always has some of the best players in the Bay Area so don't miss it!

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Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Feedback Series: Arlieth

At ComicCon 2010, Capcom announced Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition with no specific details. What was mentioned, however, is that should the fans have any suggestions on what should be included in this rerelease, they should inform Capcom. To aid this process, iPlayWinner will be publishing articles from notable members of the community on what they would like to see from this new edition of 3rd Strike. Please share your thoughts in the comments section, both in direct response to our ideas and to include your own as well. And be sure to return to iPlayWinner each week and let us know how your opinions have shifted, if at all, during the course of this series! 

I have been a 3rd Strike player since the game's release in 1999, attending tourneys for almost a decade starting at Southern Hills Golfland, then at Family Fun Arcade in Granada Hills, CA during its 3s mania (peaking with the arrival of the Japanese during one of the Cal Poly Pomona Evolution years). WAY back in the day, I wrote 80-100k-sized character guides on, on Makoto, Ibuki and Yang. I have also been a United States representative for Super Battle Opera with teammates Michael "Pyrolee" Fauson and Frank "Frankie3s" Melendez, as well as an SBO Qualifiers organizer. Personally, I would like for nothing else than another shot for this game to make it onto a net-playable platform on current-gen systems.

Street Fighter III: Online Edition may very well be the last chance this game gets for a re-tuning. I don't believe it requires a graphical overhaul, as much of the game's charm lies in its smooth-as-silk 60fps animation. In fact, 3rd Strike can be rebalanced without adding any additional game mechanics, nor does it need completely new attacks. A rebalance should aim to achieve three goals: 

1: "Compress" the tiers to make matchups more viable; no match should exceed 4:6 in theoretical difficulty. 3:7 matchups and worse should definitely be re-examined.

2: Retain all elements and mechanics unique to 3rd Strike, without adding novel elements such as Super Armor. Creative use of existing mechanics is allowed.

3: Make all three Super Arts equally suitable for consideration for each character. 

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GAMESCOM: GameSpot Street Fighter x Tekken Interview 

GameSpot put together a video interview with Capcom Producer Yoshinori Ono and Namco Producer Katsuhiro Harada where they both talk a bit about the upcoming cross over games between Street Fighter and Tekken. There is a lot of back and forth between the two, making cracks at each other's franchise, so it's a bit difficult to tell if what they are saying is really on the horizon or if they are just joking around. That said, here are a few bits of info from the interview:

  • Ono wants to bring Jun Kazama back.
  • Harada wants Dan to train with the Tekken crew so he can become a bad-ass and get his revenge on the Street Fighter crew.
  • Ono mentions sometimes it is hard to take fan feedback when it comes to game balance and has to have faith in the development team instead.

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift: Video Interview with Producer and Director

An interview with Toschimichi Mori (producer) and Takeshi Yamanaka (director for console versions) about many aspects of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift has been uploaded by TheZenUnited.  It's broken into 10 different videos. The interview is very interesting and covers topics such as characters, character designs, thoughts on Street Fighter, the online Player Ranking System, beginner mode, downloadable content, and more.  It is 10 videos but each individual part is pretty short.

The following 9 parts after the jump!

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Marvel vs Capcom 3: Producer Ryota Niitsuma Interview

VideoGamesDaily posted a pretty nice interview with Marvel vs Capcom 3's producer, Ryota Niitsuma.  It goes into the game's combo systems, character questions, some info about how the game has changed since E3, and more. Check it out. In the sample quoted below, Ryota shoots down the possibility of Demitri from Darkstalkers appearing in the game:

...could you possibly satisfy our curiosity with regard to Marvel gender-reassignment? We have yet to see Darkstalkers’ Demitri appear in TVC or MVC3. Is his infamous Midnight Bliss EX move (where he turns unsuspecting male characters into female versions of themselves before sucking away their souls) something that Marvel would tolerate with their cast?

One, Demitri would probably annoy Marvel for doing that, and the other thing is that we’d have to make a female model for every single character in the game which probably isn’t time well spent. If we did put Demitri in it and he didn’t have Midnight Bliss, fans are going to say ‘that’s not really Demitri – Capcom failed.’ Darkstalkers characters are all complete memory hunger-mad characters because they constantly transform into things. They can’t just walk – they have to change into something when they move and it just uses a lot of data. Even just having these two (Morrigan and Felicia) is a big deal. To put Demitri in we’d have to have time to make a whole other game.


Justin Wong Interview by Fighter's Fury

Fighter's Fury has posted a good interview with Justin Wong of Evil Geniuses. It's a two parter and comes in at about 15 minutes total, but it is an interesting interview so it is certainly worth your time if you want to hear his opinion on many topics.  He gives his thoughts on evo, on his matches against Vangeif and Gamerbee, his thoughts on the fighting game community, upcoming fighting games, tier lists, characters, and more!

Part 2 after the jump!

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According to numerous Twitter posts, Rose player Luffy defeats Ryan Hart and takes first place at Super vs Battle 20-X in Super Street Fighter 4. Daigo Umehara took 3rd place after losing to Ryan Hart. GYTNews is reporting that Daigo used Cammy vs Ryan Hart before switching back to Ryu.

1st. Luffy (Rose)
2nd. Ryan Hart (Ryu)
3rd. Daigo Umehara (Cammy/Ryu)

On a related note, at the tournament, Daigo made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for most international wins in a video game.



BATTLE OF THE BAY - Super Street Fighter 4 5v5 Tournament

iPlayWinner is proud to present Battle of the Bay which is a 5v5 Super Street Fighter 4 Tournament to find out who has the strongest region in NorCal. The main event will take place September 19th at Shadowbrooke Games in Concord, CA. More than that, we have invited SoCal up to compete, and Mike Ross is bringing Gootecks, Combofiend, Keno and Warren to go up against our Bay Area teams in the tournament and also a special exhibition match versus TEAM KEYSTONE II. 

Of course, we'll be streaming the action live on our USTREAM Channel so keep an eye out for that. Here is a list of the teams so far, and you and keep an eye on the SRK thread for more updates as we continue to run qualifiers for each region.

1. LPN - Captain
2. Hiro
3. Nima
4. Crizzle
5. Grimmz

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