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Famitsu May Have Accidentally Confirmed Home Version of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

It seems as though Enterbrain has accidentally confirmed a home version of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift. According to Andriasang, Enterbrain mistakedly uploaded the cover for next week's Famitsu on its online info page instead of the current issue.  This has been corrected but Andriasang has saved a pic of next week's cover and it mentions BlazBlue: Continuum Shift for home release.

So, BlazBlue fans, we should expect to get the first info on Continuum Shift's home release in the next issue of Famitsu, which hits shelves on February 11th. 

Hit the source link below to see next week's Famitsu's cover. 

Edit: DS mentioned is for a different game. Thanks to Fubarduck for the translation.

Source: Andriasang


Sonic Hurricane Combo Vid: Abel

By now I don't have to tell you how exciting it is to watch a Sonic Hurricane combo vid.

Edit: Apparently the Abel infinite contained within is already known. Thanks to Bapestarr for the correction.

Source: Sonic Hurricane



D. Mandel/              

As some of you may know, I'm a big follower of contact sports such as MMA and Boxing. Today on Sherdog, I was reading about the preview of UFC 109 between middleweight fighters: Chael Sonnen vs Nate Marquardt. On the summary/breakdown of the matchup, it read:

Marquardt has too much skill for Sonnen to overcome the difference with pure top control. The road getting there may be rough, but Marquardt will eventually get Sonnen in a bad spot on the feet and bust out a “Street Fighter”-style super combo for the finish.

This is a really small find, but I find it fascinating that even in mainstream sports, Street Fighter still has it's influence upon the different cultures surrounding us. It's usually the little things like this which typically indicates the level of influence the fighting game community potentially has.

Source: Sherdog - UFC 109 Preview


SF4 Match Video Theater: Maximilian (Ken) vs Alex "CaliPower" Valle (Ryu)

Here's another set of vids with Maximilian, this time facing off against none other than Street Fighter legend Alex "CaliPower" Valle.  Max has been getting some play time against some of the biggest names in the US lately, and the matches are spectacular to watch.

Part 1 Above. Part 2 after the jump.

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New Japanese Street Fighter 4 Combo Vid

This combo video looks amazing. Some of it is so crazy it makes me wonder if it's legit but it sure is fun to watch. Check it out.  Thanks to UC1 for pointing this one out.


Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars Combomania!

Capcom's Seth Killian has posted a new Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars blog entry from the game's director, Neo_G. It features six different combo videos (including the sample one presented here) as well as some of the ideas behind the combos.

For the many people who are new to the game, you can use vids like this to help improve your game.  By looking at these vids, perhaps you can see how some moves fit together in combos, for instance.  Or you can just watch them for fun.

Head over to Capcom Unity via the source link below to read the blog entry and/or to watch the other vids.

Source: Capcom Unity



I've been meaning to write up a post on the couple tournaments we covered over the past two weeks but I've been so busy with our Tatsunoko vs Capcom Guides and maintaining other parts of the site I just have not had a chance. That said, between the 3v3 Street Fighter 4 Team Tournaments two weekends ago and Tekken 6 StrongStyle 4 this past weekend, we've been blessed with the opportunity to cover some amazing events filled with some incredible players and personalities. 


NorCal held a two 3v3 Street Fighter 4 tournament series which attracted a lot of nationwide attention. We had players such as Mike Ross, Keno and Combofiend drive up from SoCal to play and even Marn, Flash Metroid and Perfect Sin flew in from the East Coast to compete.

Day one at UC Davis was really hype with NorCal holding it down taking out East Coast in the team tournament. This was largely due to ROM's outstanding performance using Chun Li -- although having teammates like Ricky Ortiz and FilipinoChamp never hurts either.

Day two of the team tournaments was held at Fuddruckers, and this was one of the most chaotic and entertaining tournaments I've ever attended. The day before team SoCal placed 3rd at the UC Davis tournament and this time around they wanted to show they didn't come up here for nothing. They took out NorCal and EastCoast with all of their players having a little time in the spotlight. That said, Combofiend was the MVP of their team with multiple OVC's and making Abel look like an S-tier character.

On the tech side of things we ran into some really frustrating technical issues which meant I never even had a chance to form a team. The internet simply did not work at Fuddruckers for a period of about 2 hours so the stream went up pretty late. I kept messing with the set up until I worked and by the end of the day we had over 2000 people viewing the Grand Finals -- all's well that ends well right? 



This event was really something else and I am very happy iPlayWinner was able to bring the Tekken scene to the internet at large. For those of you who do not know, StrongStyle is the premiere Tekken tournament in North America. Each year Bronson and subt-L bring in international players and do everything they can to make this the best event for all the dedicated Tekken players out there.

Truth be told, I didn't know what to expect from this event since I only play Tekken here and there. Generally speaking, when you have outsiders come in to cover scenes and events for a community they are not familiar with, there can be a bit of resistance and overall a hard time understanding what is important to that scene. I've seen this happen so many times at events but this simply was not the case at StrongStyle. The Tekken community was extremely hospitable towards iPlayWinner giving us everything we needed to pull of an incredible broadcast and give their players the global recognition they deserve. 

This year the StrongStyle staff brought in Korean top players RAIN and TONGBAL LOVE which made for an interesting side effect on the live stream itself. We has a significant amount of Korean viewers for this broadcast and I have never in my life seen so much foreign activity in a stream before. It was really amazing having that international attention and it really paid off for the Tekken community -- we were the #1 featured stream on uStream for the majority of the weekend which gave us a front page spot on their website. We had well over 1200 constant viewers and a total of 30k viewers over the weekend. These are some tremendous numbers for an game that I figured we would see about 400 constant viewers at best. As soon as we turned on the stream we had 500 people in there eagerly awaiting the matches. 

We also had some great commentary for this event from Aris, Q-Dogg, subt-L and Filthy Rich. These guys did a great job of providing some really hilarious but insightful commentary through out the entire event. Beyond the actual tournaments there were a ton of grudge matches, money matches and even a dance contest to win a  stick from MadCatz thanks to MarkMan.

Great event and I hope iPlayWinner can cover more Tekken tournaments in the near future. 


Project Blocks Revealed: Level|Up! Alex Valle Directs New Tournament Series

Jimmy "ShinJN" Nguyen and Alex "CaliPower" ValleFighting game legend Alex "CaliPower" Valle teased us a few weeks ago about "Project Blocks".  It has finally been revealed.  Project Blocks is Level|Up, a new venture headed by Alex Valle which will put on a new series of tournaments!  Alex will be making his debut as a tournament director along with Jimmy "ShinJN" Nguyen as co-director. 

So far they have some very interesting ideas! Check out their official release below. One thing they are implementing for their first event is Beat-The-Pro, an online service where you can play against a pro player for cash!

Their debut event, the SoCal Level|Up Tournament, will take place on February 27 at Dave & Busters at The Block at Orange.  It will be a 64-man Street Fighter 4 and Tekken 6 tournament featuring top West Coast players and a bonus pot of $1000.

High quality, live tournament coverage will be available at and is brought to you by Level|Up’s media specialists AJ "PotatoHead" Papa, Bryan "Cicada" Gateb, and Frank "shinginh" Reyes.

IPlayWinner is proud to be an affiliate of this venture, and we are certain it will be tremendously exciting for players!  Bookmark

Press Release:

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Alternate Costumes for Super SF4 Appear to be Paid DLC. Capcom Presents Stance on Paid DLC on Disk

The Ask Capcom forum at Capcom Unity has been hoppin' lately!  The question this time is about the alternate costumes for Super Street Fighter 4 and if you will have to pay for them or not.  It seems like, while not confirmed (announced formally), we will have to pay for them just like in regular Street Fighter 4.  If you already bought the alternate costumes for Regular Street Fighter 4, those will carry over for free. However, we may have to pay for the new third alternates being created for Super.


"There seems to be some confusion and mis-information about whether or not the 3rd set of alternates are going to be free or paid DLC.

Can this be cleared up now or has this not been decided yet?"

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Japanese Official Super Street Fighter 4 Developer Blog Updated

The newest Super SF4 Developer Blog is here, and Azrael has once again been gracious enough to post a full translation! This one is about character designs. Enjoy.

Blog Post:

Hey everyone, it's been awhile! This is Tsukamoto.

Last week our Dev Blog took a break as Ms. Shiozawa's blog featured a special update announcing the sale date! After watching the anime trailer, Juri's way cool closing line of "This won't hurt a bit" has been stuck in my head.

Well then, this week I'd like to talk with designer Mr. Kamei about the character designs. What kind of episodes took place during the development of Street Fighter IV?

-- First off, tell us about how the character designs for SFIV were decided on.

I spoke about this a little in the 2nd blog entry, but when deciding the direction of the SFIV characters there were quite a bit of twists and turns. In trying to determine their shape, with the 3D body, silhouette, and volume, we came up with many different variations before deciding. For example, we had a really thin Ryu, a larger Ryu, a Ryu with a big body but small the end, we felt that the current model was his best look in 3D. But before we got to that point, there were over 10 different variations of Ryu.

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Keits' Updated Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars Primer Updated

Great news to all the new Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars owners out there! Keits, one of the TvC community's most respected players, has updated his Tatsunoko vs Capcom Primer video on YouTube for the new version's release!  He's also got more incoming, so if you like what you see be sure to subscribe to his channel. Keits has given us permission to add a link to this video to our IPW TvC guide in the tutorials section.

Keits' Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars Primer (YouTube)


I'm back in the tutorial business, and my fresh start is the remake of my TvC System's Primer for the new international version. In the last version, I spoke mostly about how to trigger functions, mostly due to the game being out only a week or two and us not really knowing where a lot of the game's subsystems were going. Now, I have a year of TvC gameplay behind me, and I think you'll find the examples in the video a lot more insightful and helpful. If you like what I'm doing, head over to my youtube page and subscribe. More content is coming, including a tutorial series for Super Street Fighter 4 when it drops.


SF4: Ed Ma (Akuma) vs Maximilian (Ken)

NeoGAF is full of interesting stuff today! Maximilian posted some vids of a recent matchup he had with SoCal's Ed Ma (third place finisher at Evo 09). Both are amazing players.  I'm a fan of Maximilian's Ken, although against top players maybe Ken's weaknesses begin to show.

Source: Maximilian's YouTube Channel via NeoGAF


Don't like the cover art? Go Custom

Don't like the cover art to your favorite fighting game? NeoGAF reader kadey has the solution: go custom.


"After staring at the ugly [bleep] covers for so long I couldn't take it anymore and had custom boxarts made. Tis was worth it. SSFIV looks to be ugly too so I have to make some for them."

Capcom recently revealed the initial versions of the cover art and I did not see a lot of enthusiastic praise.

Personally, this idea has gotten my interest and I too may delve into doing some custom art for Super Street Fighter 4 when it arrives.

Source: NeoGAF


Top 3 Biggest Rosters in a Fighting Game


Capcom Unity reader JiCi posed an interesting question on Capcom Unity's Ask Capcom Forum. He posted the top 3 biggest rosters in a fighting game and asked if Capcom will someday break the record and become number one!  Interestingly, he also took the time to research a possible method for doing this without making another "vs" game which is very interesting.  JiCi's post was more interesting than Capcom's replies, but Seth Killian and Christian Svensson's responses are printed below as well.

Again thanks to Valkyrie for the tip.



1) Mortal Kombat: Armageddon from Midway: 64 characters
2) Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes from Capcom: 56 characters
3) Samurai Shodown VI from SNK Playmore: 52 characters

Will Capcom someday the record that Midway is holding for "biggest roster in a fighting game" with Mortal Kombat Armageddon ?"

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Capcom is "pleased so far" with Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars sales but No Sales Numbers Yet

A reader asked a question on Capcom Unity's Ask Capcom Forum about Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars' sales performance and it got not one but two company replies. 

Thanks to reader Valkyrie for the tip.


"How well is TvC doing ?i know its been 1 week but still dying to know"

Seth Killian:

"I don't have specific figures to share, but we're pleased so far.  Mostly I'm happy to see not only some good reviews, but a lot of REALLY positive comments from the actual people playing it.  They're remembering how much fun this style of game can be, and can see how much attention to detail went into its creation."

"Thanks of course to everyone here for their support as well--I've said it before, but it just wouldn't have been possible without you."

Christian Svensson:

"A fair bit too early to be popping champagne guys. We don't have our first week's numbers back yet. The game deserves lots of love so please do spread the word if you're enjoying it as much as we are."

Source: Capcom Unity's Ask Capcom Forum



NeoEmpire have announced details of their biggest fighting game event in the year: Super vs Battle 20-X.

It will take place over 3 days; Friday 20th August through to Sunday 22nd August, and in the same venue from last year, namely Byron Hall which is part of Harrow Leisure Centre in Harrow & Wealdstone, London.

The line-up of games that you can compete in are:

  • Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (PS2)
  • Soul Calibur 4 (PS3)
  • BlazBlue (PS3)
  • Tekken 6 (PS3)
  • King of Fighters XII (PS3)
  • Super Street Fighter IV (360)
  • Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (PS2)

Come April you will be able to register for entry and tournament sign-ups at discounted prices compared to walking in on the actual day.

I attended last year's event and can happily say it was very enjoyable affair with plenty of atmosphere and friendly people and I hope to repeat the trip and see how the NeoEmpire organisers have improved over SvB '09.

Visit for more information and media from last year's event or even their feedback thread.



The position of the international VF community is one of uncertainty. Sega's neglect of it's worldwide fanbase has let the game's community lose prominence in the fighting game community at large and as a result, the game has faded from a once-prominent force in the international fighting game community to an obscurity.

If you are a fan of VF (or a fan of fighting games, really), it is in your best interest to let Sega know that we want to play VF5R.

How do you do this?

From the front page of VFDC:

A well known and respected VFer in Japan, Kamaage, was invited to meet with SEGA on the 28th January 2010. Leading up to this meeting, Kamaage approached VFDC with an opportunity to express our desire to have Virtua Fighter 5R ported to console directly to SEGA. He suggested we put together a document that explained a little about VFDC along with personalised messages from players in the community. If the document could reach 100 or so pages, then surely SEGA would be impressed, or so Kamaage thought!

After his meeting, Kamaage informed us that while the document was impressive, it simply wasn't enough. Kamaage now has another opportunity to pass our document to SEGA, but it must have more impact, at least 5x more!

The new target is 500 pages!

How You Can Help!
Simply post a reply leaving a message expressing your desire to play VF5R on console. Feel free to share your VF playing history, why you like the game, etc. To lend weight to your message, please leave your real name, and your location along with your post.


Nor Cal Strong Style 4 @ Sunnyvale, CA

Yo!  What's up all?  This weekend we have a special stream for everyone.  Saturday and Sunday we will be broadcasting Strong Style 4 from Sunnyvale, CA.  This event is a Tekken centered Major.

This weekend you will be seeing a lot of top Tekken names such as:

  • Bronson Tran (Tekken 4 and 5 National Champion)
  • Mr. Naps (SVGL CHAMP)
  • Fab (NCR 2009 - 1st)
  • RIP (NCR 2009 - 2nd)
  • Aris (NCR 2009 - Top 8)
  • MYK (Comicon 2009)
  • Chetchetty (Tekken 6 Nationals Champion)
  • Suiken (EVO 2009)
  • Crow (EVO 2005 Champ)



Live Broadcasting by Ustream


IPW Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars Guide Updates

Hey guys, it's been another busy week here at IPW.  Myself, frustratedsquirrel, and Haunts are working hard to add information to our brand-new guide for Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

Our goal with this guide, as with our future guides, is for it to be useful both to new or casual players as well as for intermediate or advanced fans.  We will be using notations for move inputs and especially for combos which are easy to read and to understand.  We are also, over time, adding short videos which show some of the combos in action.  We hope that being able to both read the combo notation and to see the combo in action in the video will help casual players.

The guide is a work in progress. We are still working hard to put in combos and combo vids for all characters.  We have the bare-bones basics on the unlockable characters up but are working on detailed descriptions and tips for all of those moves.  We've also got some other surprises in the works. We will give you an update each Friday to give you a rundown of what has been changed or added. Here's a list for this week:

If you have any comments or suggestions for this guide or just want to talk TvC, hit the brand new (I just created it) thread on our IPW Forums! So let us know what you think and what you want to see from this guide or submit your own info and combos!

IPW Forums Tatsunoko vs Capcom Official Thread


GamesRadar's Meet the Cast of Tatsunoko vs Capcom

You can be forgiven for not being familiar with some of the fighters featured in Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars.

The Tatsunoko characters in particular are not as widely known in the west as they are in Japan.  However, even the origins of some of the Capcom characters may not be familiar to you.

To remedy this, GamesRadar has put together an exceptional rundown of every single character in the game.  It gives some of their background as well as screenshots or movies.

For me, not being as familiar with some of Tatsunoko's works, seeing the videos of the characters in their animes was very interesting.  Personally, it also adds to the game's experience to have an idea of where they came from.

Hit the source below and check it out!

Source: GamesRadar