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Super Street Fighter 4 Alternate Costume DLC Available Today: Super Classic Pack



The Super Classic Pack, which contains alternate costumes for Blanka, Guile, Dhalsim, Gen and Fei Long, will be available for download today (if you didn't already get it as a pre-order bonus).  The pack costs $3.99 on Playstation Network and 320 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live. 

The list of remaining upcoming costume packs is as follows:

  • July 27: Super Complete Pack (All 35 costumes in one bundle)

If you want to see pics of all 35 alternate costumes so that you know what to expect, we have created a screenshot gallery for you.



iPlayWinner T-shirts Now On Sale at

After months and months of planning, we finally have iPlayWinner t-shirts available for everyone! Koogy over at did an outstanding job of designing the shirts and will be handling the distribution of all our apparel from here on out!



A lot of people ask me how they can support iPlayWinner and help make it a better site. Since we don't take donations here, purchasing an iPlayWinner t-shirt is the number one thing you can do to help support the cause! That said, this is an extremely limited run, so if you want one, you better act fast!

We have many more items planned in the near future, so be sure to keep checking back for new designs!



This is one match many of us have been looking forward to ever since the GODSGARDEN Online Tournament was announced -- Daigo Umehara vs Momochi. Daigo of course used Ryu, but Momochi opted to use Ibuki for this tournament instead of Akuma. 

Overall, Momochi struggled through out the majority of the matches versus Daigo, unable to mount much of a significant offense -- Momochi's Ibuki simply didn't appear to be ready for this type of tournament. From my end, it looked like Momochi was hoping Ibuki's vortex set ups would be enough to put the hurt on Daigo, but at the end of the day he only managed to get in position to set up the vortex here and there.


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Fan Made Street Fighter III: 4th Strike

A couple of videos have surfaced of what appears to be a fan made edit of SF3:3s. The videos' author uses the word "rebalance", however every character has been given wild new moves, new super arts, and new properties on existing moves, its less a rebalance, and closer to a true new iteration, if you'd be willing to give that title to a fanmade version.


Highlights for me include

  • Yang with a Genejin style super
  • Ryu with an option for Shinkuu Hadouken and Denjin Hadouken witht the same super art choice
  • Chun with a wall bounce style (think Ryu EX Joudan) EX Kikouken

Whats extra interesting is the author claims this is not mugen but an edit of the actual 3s source, meaning hes most likely dug into emulated version of the game. It's not hard to let your imagination run wild with all the other older emulated games, and how fans might go about editing them.


KING OF FIGHTERS XIII Technical Reference Chapter 1 - 2 & New Blog Translation

If you're looking forward to King of Fighters XIII, these are a few must see video that gives a glimpse into what sort of gameplay elements you can expect in the new game. It showcases EX moves, Drive Canceling and a handful of other aspects of the game system which should give you a better idea of what's going on when watching some of the other KOFXIII videos that have been released recently.

You can check out more KOFXIII videos by loading up the SNK Playmore YouTube Channel or ReXXXSoprano's YouTube Channel. Thanks to @Fersis on Twitter for the heads up on many of these videos as well.

Also, SAB CA over at NeoGAF did a great job with a translation of the latest developer blog that goes over the Yagami Team which -- if you don't already know -- consists of Iori, Vice and Mature. 

- Iori's strength is the many ways he can attack when he's at close range. In particular he has low jumps which make his jump attacks hard to counter. On top of that he has his Sotoshiki: Yurifuri, and his command grab 203 Shiki: Tsuchitsubaki, making him a character with a lot of offensive options. In addition he has a new move Sotoshiki: Kui, which is an overhead, further improving his offensive capabilities.

- They thought about what sort of moves to give Iori to bring out his ferociousness in spite of losing his flames, and they settled on the image of him tearing things to shreds with his nails.

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VersusCity put together a ton of new images and info for Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown. The big news is with the arcade release of this game, you can link it to your Twitter account! Anytime you earn new items or do something outstanding you can send this info straight to your account for others to see. 

This is a great step forward overall and I hope other companies follow suit, especially on a console basis here in the states. Perhaps if VF5: FS comes to console many of these features will be implemented into the PS3/360 version? Only time will tell!



Sonic Hurricane: The Role of Damage Scaling

Without damage scaling, characters like Sakura could potentially be the top tier.Sonic Hurricane is known for making amazing combo videos. As crazy as these combos can get, you may have noticed that none of them generally do more than 75% damage.

This is due to the damage scaling system built into the Street Fighter 4 series of games. The first hits in a combo do full damage. Damage of successive hits is reduced continuously reduced until hits do almost no damage, which limits the potential impact of massive combos.

Sonic Hurricane has written a great article on the role and importance of damage scaling. Here's a sample:

We can all agree that practical touch-of-death combos are generally detrimental to game balance. There need to be fair limits on how badly a single minor mistake can punished. The price of whiffing c.MK should not equal the penalty for whiffing an ultra. Furthermore, characters possessing the best mobility and the most offensive mixups probably shouldn’t have the highest damage potential.

If you don't know what "touch of death" combos are, click here for the IPW glossary entry.

Click here for the full article on Sonic Hurricane.



In this exclusive interview with Daigo "The Beast" Umehara, he talks with the GODSGARDEN crew as to why he put this tournament together. He gives his thoughts on how this tournament will help determine player tiers, and not character tiers. 

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Highest Placing Ken Player at EVO '10 wins Ken Master's Cowboy Hat 

Are you a Ken player who intends to go to Evolution 2010? If you were still considering whether or not you should go this year, perhaps this will seal the deal. A brand-new custom made Cowboy Hat is pledged to the highest placing Ken player at Evo this year.

Here's a little clip from the full article, view the full page here!

In honor of Ken Masters new "cowboy" alternate costume in Super Street Fighter IV, the cowboy-loving crew at Stetson has created his real life cowboy hat!

The hat was custom-built by Stetson from the in-game models, and comes with a not only a hand-made leather hat band, but also an inscription: "Made by Stetson especially for Ken Masters." Stetson's motto is actually "Made of America"

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Yoshinori Ono Posts Presumed Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Pic

Super Street Fighter 4 is looking like it's getting closer to arcade release.Yoshinori Ono, the man behind Street Fighter 4 and Super Street Fighter 4, posted this image via his new Twitter account earlier today. The image post contained the following text followed by a link to the pic:

"Ongoing project about Super SF IV for Arcade."

So it looks as though the arcade version of Super Street Fighter 4 is coming along nicely and may be coming in the near future.  It is obviously Super Street Fighter 4 running on an arcade cabinet.


IPW Super Street Fighter 4 Guide Weekly Update

Here's a rundown of what we've added to the guide over the course of this week.

Community Videos:

We've begun adding links to some of the many great videos made by the community to the relavent character guides.

If the video is a character overview, you will find a link at the top under the general character summary. It will give a direct link to the video and give a description of the video's topics. The Option-Select.Com character tutorials (see below) are excellent examples of this.

If a useful community video is about a specific move, we will add it under that move's listing in the guide. An example of this is the great tutorial on quick-charging Guile's Sonic Booms made by gilleybaba. This video and description are listed under the entry for Guile's Sonic Boom.

More of these videos will be added. If you know of any that are musts for linking in a character guide, let us know in comments.

As always if you have any other comments or suggestions, let us know.


Click below for the specifics of what has been updated this week.


GUILE - Added detailed summaries of his normal moves.  Detailed descriptions of his Specials have been added as well. Added community videos for a character overview (top of page) and a Flash Kick FADC to Sonic Hurricane Tutorial video by SonicFlash122 (under Sonic Hurricane's entry) and a Sonic Boom Pre-Charging tutorial by Gilleybaba (under Sonic Boom's entry).

IBUKI -  Major update to Normal Attacks. Linked certian terms to the iPlayWinner Glossary. Added a character overview video by

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Evil Geniuses add Super Street Fighter 4 Branch, sign Justin Wong and Marn

Justin (JWong) Wong and Martin (Marn) Phan have officially signed with the professional gaming team known as "Evil Geniuses". JWong and Marn are the first Street Fighter players to be added to the Evil Geniuses team. EG has recently added Super Street Fighter IV as a branch of their organization, this is also the first fighting game team that Evil Geniuses' have added. 

Here's a small clip from the press release, read the full article here:

"We're so excited to welcome him (JWong) to our organization," explained Alex Garfield, Executive Director of Evil Geniuses. "Today we welcome a truly exceptional person to EG; someone who immediately becomes one of our franchise players. We expect him to only continue the greatness he's displayed over the last decade of competition."

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GameVideos: Continuum Shift Unlimited Characters New Moves Trailer

GameVideos has a new trailer showing off some of the Unlimited characters in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift and some of their new moves. This game, as expected, looks HOT!


GODSGARDEN Online Tournament Round 1 - Sako vs Tokido - Team Sp00ky Commentary

The first round of the GODSGARDEN Online Tournament concluded earlier today and Team Sp00ky uploaded the set with english commentary by Chris Hu!

This first-to-ten set really shows the break down of player strategies and how much you have to adapt in a first-to-ten situation. Beautiful play by both Tokido and Sako. 

There are three more sets lined up, and Shadowloo posted the current schedule:

Mochi [Dhalsim] vs Mago [Fei] – 6/26 22:00
Momochi [Ibuki] vs Daigo [Ryu] – 6/28 22:00
Makoto [Claw] vs Uryo [C.Viper] – 7/1 22:00
*All times are Japanese times.

This is roughly around 5AM PST / 8AM EST  for North American viewers.


A Closer Look at Melty Blood: Actress Again Written by its Players

You can be forgiven if you've never heard of Melty Blood: Actress Again. It isn't a household name outside of Japan. However, it does have a very dedicated fanbase and its players are passionate about the game. Melty Blood is also one of the games being played at Evo 2010, the largest and most important fighting game tournament in North America, so it will undoubtedly become more popular after being in that massive spotlight.  So, what is Melty Blood? Are you curious?

This article was put together by Melty Blood players to give you an overview of the game. It gives a brief history so you can get some reference, goes into what makes Melty Blood unique as a game, some info about the community, and why they love the game. Don't be afraid to read on.

You can probably figure from the game title and screenshot that this is a Japanese fighting game.  Until recently, the Melty Blood series of fighters was almost exclusively that; Japanese.  But now, the vastly improved sequel has, by the merit of its mechanics and the enthusiasm of its originally small American following, turned the heads of enough gamers to find itself a featured game in Evolution 2010.  As the game's American community grows rapidly to rival regional tournament scenes of Blazblue and Tekken, there is no better time to learn more about the game and what it can offer you.  This article will tell you the basics and give you resources to learn more, with everything split into manageable sections.

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EVO2K10: Marvel vs Capcom 3 Playable Demo, Limited Edition Fightsticks & Live Stream Details announced today Marvel vs Capcom 3 will be playable at EVO this year! The games producer, Ryota Niitsuma, will also be in attendance, gathering feedback from the players. Of course, most of us were not at E3, so take a break from wringing your hands while waiting for your next pool match and be sure to check out the game.

Beyond that, MadCatz will provide "Golden Fightsticks" to all of top 8 in Super Street Fighter 4. Yes, you read that right, only the top 8 players will receive a stick making this an extremely limited edition TE.  

Finally, our friends over at Level|Up will be streaming the entire event for everyone to enjoy. We'll post more details on the stream schedule and whatnot as soon as it's available. 

For more information check



Who doesn't love new Daigo interviews? 1UP put together a feature with "The Beast" where he talks about what it is like being a professional Street Fighter player. He says to forget what society thinks about all night Street Fighter crack sessions -- if you love the game, keep playing it! Well, in so many words anyway.

Here is a small excerpt from the article, read the full article here:

Umehara wasn't born a fighting-game genius, though. "When I started playing fighters in grade school, I started by practicing with every character until I could do all of their special moves," Umehara said. "Once I learned the basic combo sets, that was enough to win matches with my friends, but not to hold my own at the arcades. It's not like my opponents were better at inputting commands than I was, either, and sometimes these same opponents would lose spectacularly against other people. That's when I realized that technical skill isn't the only thing that can make a difference in fighting games. There was something else, and trying to figure out what was too hard for me as a kid. So I pored over every game magazine I could get, searching for some kind of new tip or hint. If got even one new thing from a mag, I was like 'I am so happy I bought this.'"

Thanks to Romeoisburning for sending this in.



Okay, I know this isnt exactly front page material but I saw this on Facebook a moment ago and found it so funny had to post it. Watch Dudley drink tea. Watch Dudley play SSF4. Watch Dudley play DDR! This is Dudley IRL.



Remember that Urien in the 3s video we posted a day or so back? Yeah that's RX. He's a bad ass. This is apparently the only interview with RX available on YouTube and was conducted last year during the Brazilian 3s Party. He talks about how he trains in 3s, why 3s isn't as popular in Japan with the rise of SF4 and what some arcades are doing to keep the game alive. 

Thanks to Ryukenden for sending this in. 


New DLC Character for Blazblue: Continuum Shift: Makoto. Other DLC Plans Take Shape

Playable characters will be made available as DLC, including this new character on the left.

The console release of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift is getting closer (July 1st for Japan, 27 July for North America, and October for Europe), and plans for downloadable content (DLC) are already taking shape.

It was announced today that DLC will include additional playable characters, system voice arrangements featuring popular voice actors, and the expected packs of additional character colors. No more specifics were announced.

One of the DLC playable characters is a new character apparently named Makoto. A Famitsu scan (left) and a screenshot (above) have surfaced thus far.  From the Famitsu scan, it appears as though the other DLC character will be v-13.