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Gamespot just released a new video featuring Ibuki and Makoto gameplay, along with a Q&A session with Seth Killian.

An excerpt of the Q&A session with S-Kill -- read the full interview here.

GS: What can you tell fans of the new characters about how they're going to handle? Will they "feel" like their 2D counterparts like the characters did in SFIV or will there be some tweaks?

SK: There are, of course, a lot of tweaks, but I think any fans of these characters in their SFIII incarnations will pick them up very easily in Super SFIV. Everything you loved about them from SFIII is still there, as well as a bunch of new tricks. They're actually among the most highly developed characters in the entire game; they have really large and flexible move sets to draw from



GAMESPOT posted up the new Super Street Fighter 4 trailer! This trailer not only features all the new Third Strike characters, but some amazing remixed versions of their stage tracks! If this trailer doesn't get you hype then nothing will!

Oh, and one more thing -- "Looks like it's time to OIL UP!




A handful of new screenshots surfaced today courtesy of @dammit_rab on twitter! As you can see they feature the new Street Fighter 3 characters, one in particular showcasing what appears to be Makoto in Tanden Renki mode!





Capcom Expresses Interest in Street Fighter 4 on Sony PSP

Street Fighter 4 on PSP? I'd buy! Image courtesy of Kotaku.

In the recent Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 Blog Post Q&A, Capcom's Natsuki Shiozawa had this response to Street Fighter 4 on PSP:

Q: SFIV on the PSP would be great.
A: I want that as well. Not just PSP, but I want to play SFIV on the go! A lot of people within Capcom feel the same! It would be nice if we had something like this...

I overlooked this when I first read that Q&A, because at the time I thought that the prospect of Street Fighter 4 being ported to any handheld was remote.  However, after the recent announcment of Street Fighter 4 for iPhone, I ask myself "why not Nintendo DS or PSP?". 

We will have to wait and see if anything develops, but now that Street Fighter 4 is coming to iPhone it would not be a surprise to see it arriving on other portables in the future.

Sources: Destructoid, Kotaku and others all ran this story



The newest scan of Famitsu surfaced today, confirming the rumored Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike characters, Ibuki, Dudley and Makoto in Super Street Fighter 4! In the scan you can clearly see many of Ibuki's move sets, such as her Kunais and Dragon kick. On the first page there is also a clear shot of Makoto performing what looks like her Standing Light Kick or possibly a segment of her Abare Tosanami? Don't forget to check out Dudley giving Zangief the Uppercut business in the lower left picture!

Thanks to Dridion, an avid iPlayWinner user, for the heads up on this scan!



There have been some parody videos of the Level Up Series trailers popping up here and there, but this tounge-in-cheek video for the Arcade UFO Team Tournament this weekend is the best in my opinion!  Thanks to Jonlo out there in TX for sending this over!

Check out ArcadeUFO for more details on this tournament.


Keno gives his personal impressions of Super Street Fighter 4 (Including hidden characters!)

Nerfed, but Seth Killian says Super SF4 Sagat is preferred over Super Turbo Sagat? Uh Oh!Get Your Tournament has a 10 minute Players Choice podcast interview with Keno, who got to play Super Street Fighter 4 last week at USC! He gives a ton of information on most of the characters, including how he feels about the currently unreleased characters!  Seriously, if you are just going crazy waiting for new Super Street Fighter 4 info, this 10 minute podcast is *packed* with info.  Later today I'll give a cliff-notes rundown of his main points, but for right now I want to give this podcast its due, so give it a listen and come here to discuss!

Listen to it, you won't be disappointed! Hit the source link to get the podcast.

Source: Get Your Tournament Players Choice Podcast with Keno


BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Match Vids

It seems like a slow news day so far, so let's give BlazBlue: Continuum Shift some more spotlight. Here are some matches that have been uploaded over the last few weeks.  I am always amazed when I watch high level play in BlazBlue and Guilty Gear. Enjoy.

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New Ultra Official Vids for Adon, Cody, and Guy from Updated Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 Site

The Japanese Official Super Street Fighter 4 site has been updated with the new Ultra vids for Adon, Cody and Guy. Here you go!

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Translation of New Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 Blog Post

Viper's alternate costume is fantastic!Wow! Azrael is the man! He translated that epic beast from last week, and he turns around and translates the newest Japanese official Super Street Fighter 4 Blog post fast!  So, if you are a fan of these blog posts, you're in luck today!!

Big Note: They are reconsidering the shortcut for Shoryuken!!! Jump for joy, haters!

Blog Post:

Hello everyone. This is Tsukamoto.

This time around, I'll be answering questions I've received from Ms. Shiozawa. And also I'd like to answer some questions that have been asked on this developers blog as well! I may not be able to answer everything, but this is the general consensus that I've collected from the dev staff. Well then, let's get started.

Q: Who was the most difficult character to adjust in SSFIV?
A: It's tough to pick just one... The new characters all took a bit of work. But if I had to say, it would be Ryu or Sagat. These two are the basic characters of SFIV, so we had to be really careful in tweaking them.


Q: Were there any systems or characters you felt you wanted to put in the game?
A: Definitely the replay channel. We aimed for a system that wouldn't weigh down the server, and a replay function where you could watch matches continuously. I believe you can enjoy the replay channel not just as a game, but almost like watching TV. Also, the second ultra combo. With the new ultras, I believe this has given the old characters a new play style.

As for characters, there were a bunch we wanted to add, so it was difficult making the choice. But we wanted a completely new character, so that's how we arrived at Juri.


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Epic Full Translation of Last Week's Japanese Official Super Street Fighter 4 Blog Entry: Q&A

Azrael has provided a goliath translation of the latest Japanese official Super Street Fighter 4 blog entry from last Thursday. It's a beast, so grab yourself a cup of coffee or an energy drink. Some of the questions are things I've wondered myself, while others are your usual fan fantasies and nonsense. Thanks to Azrael for taking the considerable amount of time to translate this.

Blog Post:

Hello everyone!
I got to go to the Kyushu Qualifiers last week! I thought maybe it would be warmer down there than in Tokyo, but man was it cold! The people who came out were the most hyped crowd yet! I won't soon forget the happy look on Kindevu's face when he won.

Well then, today I'd like to bring you the 10th entry of the Q&A Series!

But you know, today marks the one-year anniversary of SFIV's sale on the PS3 and 350. I remember nervously walking around the shops in Akihabara and Shinjuku first thing in the morning. Has it already been one year since then... Thank you very much, everyone!

Eh, enough of the sentimental stuff, let's get right to it!

Oh, but while I'm thinking about it, as for the questions and comments being made over on the Developers Blog, they'll be answering those questions on the 2/16 update! I have also taken the questions made here that I felt were suited more towards the developers and passed it along to them, so be sure to read it!

Okay, now let's face this beast in the mouth!

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EVO 2010 registration now open

You think you're good at fighting games? Then get ready to put your money where your mouth is, because registration for the biggest fighting game tournament in the world is now open.

Registration for EVO is mandatory, so don't expect to show up the day of the event and get a place in the tournament. The deadline for registration is July 5 at 11:59PM PST, but you might want to make sure to register before May 31 to get a get a discount on your entry fee.

Forgot what games are going to be featured at EVO this year? Check this article for a refresher.

Get hype!




This was pointed out by one of our readers, DaFamX, and it made me do a double take and make sure it wasn't April fools yet. It appears this is legit though, according to IGN, Street Fighter 4 is coming to Apple's powerhouse mobile device, the iPhone!

It appears you will use the multi touch function on the left for movement, and there are 4 buttons on the right (Punch, Kick, Special, Super) for attacking. You can also link up two iPhone's via Bluetooth to battle it out with friends! 

The IGN article mentions it is coming out in March, and will feature more than just Ryu and Ken, but a wide array of Street Fighter character new and old. 

Check out IGN for more screenshots and we'll keep you updated when the game is available!

Source: IGN via DaFamX in iPW Comments



February 15th 2010 – March 31st, 2010

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As many of you may have noticed, we now have a public registration feature on iPlayWinner and what better way to announce new features than with a contest? After a couple roundtable meetings with the team, we decided the best thing we could do at this point is give back to those of you who provide insightful, humors and over all great comments to each article we post. 

REGISTERED USER EXAMPLEOver the next month and a half, the iPlayWinner team will be reading the comments of each post (not like we don't already!) and look for users who provide the best comments over that period of time. The winner will receive a 50 dollar gift card to or, which ever they prefer!

To be eligible for the contest (and most future contests from here on out), you must register for an account on iPlayWinner. This not only will help us identify and contact the winner, but it will also provide some new features that are available now and many more in the future.

 Registered Users Feature List:

  • STAND OUT: Special comment stylings to make your comments stand out amongst the crowd. 
  • E-MAIL UPDATES: Be the first to know about new Super Street Fighter 4 news with the ability to have new article and comment updates sent directly to your e-mail 
  • ELIGIBLE: Future contests will only be for those who are registered, active members of this community.
  • TEAM iPW: Registered users, based on their comments among other factors, will be considered to be brought on as fulltime contributors.
  • UPGRADES: In the coming months there will be a lot of upgrades for registered users -- stay tuned!

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European BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Limited Edition Contents

North American players have been playing BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger for months now.  It's bizarre that the game will finally hit Europe on 19 March of this year!  It gets more strange when you consider that a home version of the game's sequel, Continuum Shift, is already being talked about!

At any rate, it's finally almost here for European players, which is still a good thing for the entire BlazBlue community.  Europeans who did not import the game can finally play this amazing game.  Players in other markets benefit too because it means that new players will hit Xbox Live or Playstation Network.

The contents of the game's European special edition have surfaced. Above you can see promo shots of what the game will include, and here is a description of what is in the box:

The special Limited Edition includes the game, a bonus DVD with around 2 hours of fighting tutorial guides and deep character specific strategies. Plus a gorgeous 96 page full colour book with original art and illustrations from the design team at Arc System Works. All this in a beautiful collectors BlazBlue emblem design.

Source: Thanks to Neo-Empire for the tip!


New Street Fighter 4 Combo Vid from Biffotasty aka DESK

Here's a new combo video from Biffotasty aka Desk from the UK. As usual, the combos are really crazy. What's also interesting is that he says in the video discription that the music for this vid was done by his band. Check it out until more news hits the webs.

Source: Biffotasty's Youtube Channel


GiantBomb's Jeff Gerstmann Gets Surprise From Capcom: Dudley hint for Super Street Fighter 4


GiantBomb's Jeff Gerstmann recieved a suprise from Capcom: A blue boxing glove holding a rose.  Anybody who knows anything about Street Fighter 3: Third Strike knows that these two elements are trademarks of Dudley.  This is a pretty obvious hint that Dudley will be indeed be confirmed as being one of the four remaining unknown characters in Super Street Fighter 4.

Source: Jeff Gerstmann's Twitpic


New Super Street Fighter 4 Trailer: Cammy, Chun-Li, Juri

This new trailer is showing off more of the game's opening cinematic. I must say that I'm digging this trailer's art style. 


New Japanese Official Super Street Fighter 4 Blog Post Partially Translated (Full Translation Soon)

The new Japanese Official Super Street Fighter 4 blog post is up for this week. Azrael doesn't have time to fully translate it right now, so hopefully we will have a full translation soon. Here are the Cliffs Notes he provided to tide us over:

-- SSFIV is sold separate from SFIV because they’ve in essence built it from the ground up, so its too much to be handled as additional content.

-- More hinting at Ibuki.

-- No special conditions to get to the bonus stages.

-- The developers and producers (Ono included) read the comments on the blogs.

-- No “Making of” video, but that’s what the Dev Blog is for.

-- No plans for any SF1 character, but who would you want to see?

-- Would be cool to one day have the characters actually speaking their respective languages (ie Russian for Gief, Chinese for Chun).

-- Someone asks for a flight suit alt for Guile, and she points out a picture showing Guile throwing a sonic boom while wearing sunglasses - is this a new item, or a new move?

-- SSFIV will run at 720p just like SFIV.

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Capcom just posted new ultras for Vega, Guile, and Dhalsim on their Japanese website. Pretty cool stuff. Check it out. 



 Guile's ultra looks awesome, but it doesn't look very comboable. Sonic Hurricane was my favorite super in Capcom vs. SNK 2 so I'm happy to see it back. 

Dhalsim's is just bizarre! I wonder how this will be used in real match! 

As with Guile's ultra, Vega's second ultra looks amazing but it doesn't look like theres a way to combo into it. 


So far, what is your favorite second ultra? Mine is Viper's! So awesome. Vipers pro-skater! Hahaha!