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Super Street Fighter 4 nearing completion: Expects to be able to set final release date soon

With the flurry of Super news out of CES, this got overlooked. It was posted on Friday by Anoop on andriasang.

According to a blog post at made by producer Yoshinori Ono, Super Street Fighter 4 is nearing completion and, using a flight analogy, is on final approach.

He states that he expects the game to make its expected Spring release.  Furthermore, he even expects to be able to set a final release date soon!

Source: andriasang


Higher Resolution Scan of Famitsu Article Featuring Super Street Fighter 4 Alternate Costumes

Crimsondramon over at SRK has uploaded a higher resolution scan of the Famitsu article that surfaced recently.  With this scan, you can see some of the alternate costumes more clearly than before.  This includes Blanka's alternate with fighting pads, Ken's western costume, Dhalsim and El Fuerte's ethnic garb, "Tarzan" Dan, and more.

Due to a host technical limitation, we could not thumbnail the two whole pages as they are too big. So, we chopped them up for the thumbnails and below the thumbs we provided direct links to the two Famitsu article pages in their entirety.



Click image for larger version. Direct links to full pages here: ssf4scan001.jpg and ssf4scan002.jpg



Gametrailers posted a video recently of Seth Killian demoing Juri, giving us a real clear look at many of her moves -- including her custom combo Ultra! The custom combo Ultra allows her to chain together many of her normal moves, but it's not clear if it will give her more "Genei Jin/ A-Groove" type custom combos that allow her to chain special moves. Either way, it's fairly easy to see between her dive kicks, fireballs and custom combos she will be a real pain to deal with once she gets the momentum.


It appears she will be a very complex character with a a lot of speed and offensive options, but Seth mentions her defense is limited. Much like Vega in the current version of SF4, it sounds like her only reliable reversal move requires EX meter.  This is typically the case for most Capcom characters who are heavily focused on offense -- just look at C. Viper who has an incredible amount of offensive options but low health and limited defensive options in an attempt to balance her out.

My thoughts? She looks like a lot of fun to play, and the idea of storing her fireballs is great. But really, if past Capcom fighting games are any indication, unless her custom combo system turns out to be very powerful, she will probably end up somewhere in the middle of the tiers due to lacking a solid reversal and having low life. 


Gamespot Super Street Fighter 4 Updated Hands-On of New Ultras and Stages

PreviewRicardo Torres of Gamespot has written up an updated Super Street Fighter 4 hands-on.  This one gives a rundown of the new stages and new Ultras for most of the characters (including inputs on how to perform them).  

Check it out by hitting the source link below.

Source: Gamespot


New Super Street Fighter 4 Sakura Info via Video

This video, while not of great quality, shows some of the changes that Sakura has in store for her regular moves in Super Street Fighter 4!

  • Jumping medium kick now crosses up!
  • A non-charged fireball has far greater length than it previously did. It goes full-screen and seems faster.
  • Her new Ultra, Shinkuu Hadoken, can be used straight or it can be shot at a 45 degree angle (for anti-air) depending on which input you use!

Source: WickedElement YouTube Channel



Gametrailers posted up a handful of direct feed gameplay videos from the Las Vegas Fight Club! These feature RiceSRK and Justin Wong playing various different characters.







This is the first time I've seen Vega's second Ultra so hopefully this isn't a double post with all the videos that have popped up in the past 12 hours. Not sure of its exact properties but it starts off with a slide so it could potentially help his close range game and won't be as telegraphed as his current Ultra.



This video was pointed out by one of our readers (thanks again EXC355UM!) -- the video quality is unfortunately pretty bad here, but you can clearly see Sagat going into a "taunt" position, glowing while the screen darkens. It clearly uses up one bar of EX meter as well.

In the YouTube comments people mention in previous Street fighter games he could do something similar to power up in some form or fashion. What do our readers think this could be? If anyone else has any news or theories on this, post up in our comments!

Here is a cleaner looking video, showcasing the same move -- starts at 3:33. In the comments it sounds like S-Kill at Fight Club confirmed it's a "power up move with evasion properties" but wouldnt expand on it past that.

Potential uses? Throw, Kara RH Tiger Knee to get point blank, bait throw/move, Souped Up Uppercut into FADC Ultra. Ouch.

Thanks to BAPESTAR for the heads up.


Udon Re-Working Art Assets for Endings in Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

It has been announced that Udon, the company whose artwork is behind Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix and tons of comic books, is creating all new artwork for every one of the endings in Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars!

Here's a comparison between the original artwork and the Udon version (captured from a stream a while back).  All of the endings will contain all the same content, just with Udon artwork.

Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars hits stores 26 January. I'll be getting my copy!


Source: Capcom Unity for the tip


Compilation video of many of the Second Ultra's revealed so far

Here is a vid showing many of the new Ultras, all in one vid. It seems to be set to some Batman theme music.This vid will let you see an Ultra you might have missed in the flurry of vids we've been putting up recently.

Source: YouTube channel paulietheboss


FIGHT CLUB: Video of Rose's new Ultra

Rose's new Ultra: Soul Satellite

When this Ultra is activated, Rose is orbited by two soul globes.  If the other character touches a globe, that globe disappears and the opponent takes some damage.  This is definately not the flashiest Ultra nor does it do a lot of damage.  It acts as a shield of sorts, but still...

Also, YouTube channel saintconnor has more videos of matches and messing around if you are curious.  This video is from that channel as well.

I dunno about this Ultra.


CES: New Vid of Bison and Guile's new Ultras

Big thanks to @Slash5150 for the vids, once again!

Bison's new Ultra: Psycho Punisher

Guile's new Ultra: Sonic Hurricane (in the vid the Ultra doesn't connect though)


CES: New Ultra vids for Gouken, Blanka, Rufus, Abel, and Guy

Here are vids of new Ultras for several characters!  Big thanks to @Slash5150 and @EXC355UM via twitter!

Gouken's new Ultra: Denjin Hadouken

Blanka's new Ultra: Shout of Earth

Anti-Ground and Anti-Air versions of this Ultra???

Guy's new Ultra: Bushin Muso Renge

Rufus' new Ultra: Big Bang Typhoon



A new video from CES surfaced showcasing Abel's new Ultra, Breathless and Sagat's new Ultra, Tiger Cannon! Breathless honestly looks like one of the best new additions to the game. Not only is the animation superb, but it can also be charged to throw off the opponent. Sound's like it will be a great addition to Abels aresenal.

Sagat's Tiger Cannon on the other hand looks fairly weak in comparison to Tiger Destruction, although it may have other uses and be very useful in certain match ups. Also take note that Sagat can still kara all of his special moves! This is great news for all of us loyal Sagat players who were wondering if they would take away his ability to kara his Uppercuts, Knees and Fireballs! Overall looks like they may have toned down the damage on Sagat -- fair enough!


Translation of new Japanese Official Super Street Fighter 4 Blog Post: Alternate Costumes

Updated on Friday, January 8, 2010 at 2:26AM by Registered CommenterFuriousRGD

Azrael from SRK has once again translated the latest Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 Blog post.


Happy New Year everyone!

Thank you for all the comments on the last blog of 2009! You're all just too nice! Thanks to you, Lil' Ono and the development staff has gotten really pumped up for the new year, the year of the tiger! And on my first temple visit of the new year, my forecast calls for good luck! What could this mean?!

Well to kick off the new year, today we're introducing new features in SSFIV! Check out the "SUPER NEW FEATURES Trailer" on the official site!

First off, let's look at one of the new features, the alternate costumes. The new characters in SSFIV will of course have their original costume as well as an alt, but the original 25 from SFIV will also be getting a new third alt costume!

Today, I'd like to show you 5 of my favorites!

Click to read more ...



Updated on Thursday, January 7, 2010 at 10:53PM by Registered Commenterhaunts

Updated on Friday, January 8, 2010 at 12:04AM by Registered Commenterhaunts

So, most of you probably caught the live stream of the Las Vegas Fight Club hosted by CAPCOM and saw many of the new features in Super Street Fighter 4. Although obviously not everything was revealed, I wanted to create a list of what we were able to pick out as being new and/or changed from the original version of the game. If I happen to miss anything here please let me know in the comments!

Recorded video of the event showcasing some of the new Ultras.


  • The biggest reveal is that Juri has a Custom Combo type Ultra, where she activates and is able to chain together attacks for a set period of time.
  • It's not clear if you can juggle with these attacks or how much damage they do within combos.
  • Has some sort of EX Teleport move? Not sure what it was exactly, but seemed to pass through attacks to the other side of the screen. (One of our readers points out this is a counter move which allows her to appear in various positions around her opponent. Combine this with her CC Ultra and she will be a real pain to deal with up close.)
  • Very fast but takes a lot of damage.
  • As previous reports mentioned, seems to have some dive kick/overhead attack. Was hard to tell what was going on the stream though.


  • Guile receives Sonic Hurricane as his new Ultra which should help his ground game immensely.


  • New Ultra, although not very flashy like his original Ultra, seems to work very well as an anti-air.
  • New Ultra doesnt seem to connect off of orignal Ultra set ups.
  • EX Snake Strike damage NERFED HEAVILY. Saw jump RH into EX Snake Strike do a fraction of the damage that it used to.


  • New Ultra appears to be an air grab with a lot of start up. 
  • Not sure of Ultras proper application but most likely useful again projectile throwing opponents.


  • Dirty Bull is a 720 Grab Ultra where he lands a head butt, steps on their foot and then knocks them out with a punch. Very similar to one of Steve Fox's move in Tekken 6.


  • New Ultra is Kikousho fireball, much like her super from Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike.
  • New Ultra can be comboed from EX Legs from ANYWHERE on the screen.
  • "Chun's new ultra is quarter circle inputs, no charge needed" - Kamano
  • Apparently a solid anti air Ultra.

Click to read more ...



The official Capcom website for Super Street Fighter 4 was updated today, showcasing the second Ultras for many of the characters! Two of which I have not seen yet, C. Viper and Cammy's! C. Viper's looks amazing!

Thanks to Heart of Battle for uploading a couple more of the Ultras, although we've seen these in some of the earlier trailers.

NAKKY BLOG Update with Alternate Costumes - Still waiting for a translation.

You can also get a sneak peek at C. Viper and DeeJay's alternate costume among many other new screenshots from the game.











New Super Street Fighter 4 Video Featuring Akuma's New Ultra!!

Akuma's new ultra looks totally awesome! As a player who mains Akuma I certainly cracked a big smile! Also, the Korea stage looks beautiful. The color palette is off the wall! 

 Super is gonna rule. 


Mago (Sagat) vs Choco (Blanka)

For those of you who do not know, Choco is one of the best female players in Japan. She mains Blanka, and as far as I know she won the women's invitational tournament at Gods Garden last year. Here she is battling Japans #1 Sagat, Mago. Anyone want to guess the outcome? Well, I guess the title of the video gives it away -- check it out anyway!

Thanks to John Choi for the heads up on this one.


New Mad Catz Super Street Fighter 4 TE Sticks Revealed!


Mad Catz has released promotional pictures of their new Super Street Fighter 4 branded TE sticks today!  There is no firm release date, but we can assume that they will release somewhere around Super Street Fighter 4's home release.  When Joystik pressed them on the issue, they were told only to expect it in the Spring timeframe.

Also of note, Mad Catz "anticipates" releasing four new FightPads as well with Super Street Fighter 4 branding.

Source: Joystik