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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the IPlayWinner Crew!

Have a happy and safe Christmas, everybody! Hope Santa brings everything you ask for, you get to see family and friends, eat your fill of holiday food, and whatever else your traditions have in store.  Or, you can practice some Street Fighter, some BlazBlue, or some Tekken while those softies are away, possibly giving you the edge after the holiday season!

From all of us here at iPlayWinner, take care and Happy Holidays!

(the vid above was from last year, but I'll put it up. Maybe it can be like watching Christmas Vacation or something, where we put a vid like that up every year)

Don't think we'll be lying down on the job though. If anything important happens, even on Christmas, you can count on us to bring it to you.


Super Street Fighter 4 Abel, Bison, Seth, Akuma and Gouken Artwork

Capcom's Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 website has been updated with profiles for Abel, Bison, and Seth.  Included are Super Street Fighter 4 versions of their character artwork.  We have added them to our Super Street Fighter 4 Character Artwork Galleries as well.


Source: Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 Website


New Dogface Show Episode: Justin Wong Part 3

The latest episode of the Dogface Show is here! In part 3, Dogface delves even deeper into the captivating world of Justin Wong. Oh, the intrigue! What does Justin think of Arturo "Sabin" Sanchez defeating Daigo in their infamous "Room 1676" Money Match? And just how much would Justin sacrifice to finally beat Daigo himself? What do Justin's parents think of his vast accomplishments? And would Justin want to teach his children Street Fighter? 

Source: The Dogface Show


Tekken 6 Combo Video! MOKUJIN IS BACK 

 Now this is a very good combo video! It's very entertaining to watch.  As one of the commenters on YouTube said about the video, "This is combo entertainment! :D".  Check it out!

Source: Crumbs Channel


History of Street Fighter 2 Competitive Arcade Scene

This is a great series with Jeff Schaeffer, old school Street Fighter 2 player, on the history of the Street Fighter 2 competitive arcade scene. It's an eight part series so head over to his YouTube Channel for the full set. Even part one is pretty interesting on it's own -- check it out.

Source: SRK Forums  (this thread is pretty interesting as well)



Justin Wong: Preparing for Battle. Advice from a Master on Staying Focused in Tournaments

When Justin "Marvelous" Wong gives tournament advice, if you're a tourney player you listen.  He's the current US National Champion in Street Fighter 4. He's a master of multiple fighting games and has competed in the biggest tournaments in the world.

In a recent post on his blog, Justin Wong gives advice on how to stay focused in tournaments. In other words, how to deal with things like being nervous.

Justin's article is to the point but is full of wonderful advice for tourney players out there.  You might be able to put on a combo video against your friends or some random head online, but can you perform under pressure?

Check it out here.



Marvel vs Capcom 2 over 50% off on X-Box Live: Today Only!!


Marvel vs Capcom 2 on X-Box Live is over 50% off! It was originally 1,200 MS Points and now it's 560 MS points. However, this is for today only! Gogogo!!



Oichi over at Versus City posted up the most recent list of the top 50 Street Fighter 4 players in Japan based on Battle Points ranking. This is the final update he will do this year, and truthfully not much has changed in the top three for months now with Mago continuing to dominate, while Ojisanboy and Daigo Umehara trail behind by over 100k each.

One thing that is interesting is that Bonchan, who is probably my favorite Sagat player to watch, is nowhere to be found, when he was in the top 10 just a month or so ago. He deleted his card much like Chun-Li player Nemo did, but no one knows the reason why!

He'll be back, they always come back... I hope!

Here is the top 10 -- head over to Versus City for the full list.


1 Mago マゴ SG 481,375
2 Ojisanboy おじさんボーイ SG 348,121
3 Umehara ウメハラ RY 331,748
4 RF あーるぇふ SG 284,668
5 Tokido ときど AK 193,507
6 Momochi ももち AK 187,946
7 Radiowave Radiowave SG 185,281
8 Shiro 志郎 AB 174,726
9 Uryo うりょ VI 169,963
10 Kindevu 金デヴ RU 162,917


Super Street Fighter 4 to be more offensive oriented?

One of the major criticisms of Street Fighter 4 is that it allows players to play very defensively.  Some would say overly so.  Someone posted on the Capcom Unity Ask Capcom a suggestion that they add something similar to a Guard Break Bar, where if you block too much your guard can be broken and leave you vulnerable.

Capcom's Seth Killian replied to the poster that while a Guard Break will not be in Super, there may be some mechanisms that make the game more offensive in nature than the original Street Fighter 4.


I love street fighter. I have been playing it since I was a "wee lad." But ever since I popped Street Fighter 4 into my console, I immediately noticed that something very important was missing. That very important something just happens to be a GUARD BREAK BAR!!!!! Ever since you guys foolishly removed that very important bar, you gave people the privlege to block FOREVER!!! This crap MUST come to an end and needs to be implemented into SSF4 ASAP!!! It's a punishment to those who love to turtle a lot and to those who play a little TOO defensively. Please Capcom, you have to dig into your past and revive the phenomena known as the guard break bar.

Seth Killian:

Yes, a lot of people have had this same idea, and after not mentioning anything for 9 months or so after release, they all coincidentally had it after Daigo mentioned it in an interview.

Athough I like a lot of things about Guard Crush, there are no plans to implement the system in SF at the moment.  That said, I think you'll find Super SFIV has become a more aggressive game overall, with plenty of reasons not to spend too much time blocking... just wait and see.  Muhahaha!

Source: Capcom Unity


Capcom's Seth Killian on Daigo

This was posted by a reader in the Capcom Unity Ask Capcom forum.  The original poster suggested that maybe Daigo knows someone within Capcom and gets some sort of insider secrets.  Capcom's Seth Killian replied, saying not so fast...


Daigo has been dominating the SF scene since SF2.

We all know that Capcom employees are not allowed to enter tournaments...BUT what if he was related to or a close friend of the programmers/testers?

He is ALWAYS at the top and always real fast! You can THINK he puts in alot of hours but if you look at the vids of him playing he elicts no emotion at all, as if he knows whats gonna happen and why already.

Seth Killian:

He isn't, but what if he was? Would a few tips from the testers somehow allow Daigo to beat people for years?  I don't think so.

I certainly have that kind of access, and there are plenty of players that can beat me.  If anything, I'd say playing a lot of pre-release SFIV and SSFIV has *hurt* my overall game.  After SFIV was released, I found myself with a ton of bad habits from earlier, unreleased versions of the game (combos that don't work in the release version, etc.).  It's pretty ironic, actually.

Daigo is certainly one of the strongest players in SF history, but he isn't "ALWAYS" at the top, and when he is, you've already answered your own question as to why--he has many great personal attributes that help him, but above all else, he puts in the time needed to achieve mastery.  Daigo has probably played more SFIV than anybody that works at Capcom.

Source: Capcom Unity


Super Street Fighter 4 Release Date Not Significantly Affected by Recent Delay Announcement

There are a lot of stories out there right now about Capcom pushing back games, and on that list is Super Street Fighter 4. 

The game's release date was not significantly affected, but there still seems to be some confusion out there.

We will try to do some clarification on this, because some people out there are needlessly concerned.

Recently Capcom announced that several titles, including Super Street Fighter 4, were being pushed back to fiscal year 2010. 

For those who don't know, a fiscal year is a time frame that companies use for financial purposes. A fiscal year, while still being a full year, does not usually start on January 1 and end December 31 like a calendar year. In Capcom's case, it's fiscal year runs from April 1 until March 31 of the following year.

Before this announcement, the latest time frame for Super Street Fighter 4's release was "Spring 2010" or a placeholder date of March 31, 2010.  So, to put the game into Capcom's fiscal 2010 they would push that placeholder date back one day to April 1, 2010. And that was just a placeholder date to begin with. Capcom has only said "Spring 2010".

As you can see, Capcom's recent delay announcement doesn't necessarily affect the release date of the game significantly.  That announcement also does not make any mention of a time frame for the game besides moving it into that next fiscal year, so we must still assume that "Spring 2010" is still accurate.

If you have any questions on this, post them in the comments. Hopefully this will help any of you who may have been confused by the news stories on other sites out there.


New Japanese Official Super Street Fighter 4 Blog Translation

This one covers many topics.

Goblin at Shoryuken has provided a translation of the latest Japanese Official Super Street Fighter 4 blog post.  It isn't a complete translation like previous ones by Jigsaw and Azrael but it is said to capture the post's contents without being pages long.  If an exact translation is posted we will post that as well for completionist's sake but for now, take a gander at this one.

Story direction

We'll find out what Juri was up to during the events of SF4 and the SF universe will continue to become deeper.
While the SF4 story was centered around Abel, it will center around Juri this time. Since she's the polar opposite of Abel, we can expect a very different kind of story.

Why not a sequel to SF3?

In the initial stages of development the title was 'Street Fighter Anniversary'. It was supposed to commemorate 20 years of SF.
They did discuss making a sequel to SF3, but then Ono said,
"The people we really want to attract are the fans who originally played SF2" so our focus shifted. Many opinions were voiced among the producers.
"Those who quit after 2 aren't really familiar with the world of 3"
"But we want 3 fans to enjoy it too"
So in the end a space in between 2 and 3 was decided upon. That way all of the 2 characters could be used.

Click to read more ...


Capcom brings real-life Juri to Presentation

Capcom's Yoshoniri Ono, producer for Super Street Fighter 4, took the opportunity to bring out a real-life cosplay of the game's new character Juri during a recent "new lineup" presentation. Not as hot as that Cammy cosplayer from earlier this year (smokin!) but not bad.

Source: Capcom Unity



I can't help but find this a little odd considering the source. I'm suprised they even have a fighting game category to be honest, but yes Street Fighter 4 takes Fighting Game of the Year from Fox News. They even say you'll be playing Street Fighter 4 ten years from now, which if you look at previous Street Fighter installments that's a pretty safe bet (if you count the upgrades of course).

The clip is about 2:10 into it.


Is that Arakune in my Soup?

I thought this pic was pretty funny!  Personally, as someone who does not play Arakune in BlazBlue, I prefer him this way LOL! Someone out there has some imagination! Click image for larger version.

Thanks to SonGohanX for the tip!


IGN's "Best of 2009 Awards" Gives Nods to Street Fighter 4, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, and Madcatz Tournament Edition Fightstick

IGN recently put together their "Best of 2009" awards and here are the three important ones for fighting game fans:

BEST FIGHTING GAME (X-Box 360): Street Fighter 4

This game deserves to win, in my opinion.  It revitalized a genre, proving to companies that 2D fighting games could still sell. Its play mechanics managed to draw in casual fighting game fans who were alienated by increasingly complex games like Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, bringing excitement and a whole new vein of new blood into the community.  And although it still has some minor balance issues, it is probably the most balanced first iteration of a new fighting game series.


BEST FIGHTING GAME (Playstation 3): BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

I don't know why Street Fighter 4 won on the X-Box 360 and BlazBlue won on Playstation 3, unless this is their way of recognizing the quality of both titles, which I would agree with.  BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is old-school done new-school.  It has solid systems which draw their lineage from the amazing Guilty Gear series and yet updates the visuals with gorgeous 3d backgrounds and super-crisp, high resolution 2D sprites.  Its online code is also a new standard.  Well deserved, Aksys Games!

BEST PERIPHERAL OF THE YEAR: Mad Catz Tournament Edition Fightstick

I agree with this one whole-heartedly.  Every time I go to a tourney, a large portion of the people there are using one of these sticks, including myself.  They are virtually perfect in every way.  If you don't like something, it's super easy to customize. It's an amazing design inside and out.  Congrats to MarkMan and Mad Catz!!

Source: IGN



Looks like footage from the live stream hosted by Yoshinori Ono has finally surfaced! We put up a vid originally on Sunday but it was taken down due to a copyright claim. Here are two vids that are still working. View them while you can, just in case the same thing happens!!

Keep in mind, folks, that these vids were captured from a live stream..... out of Japan. So it will be choppy in parts. However, you get to see more Super Street Fighter 4 here than you otherwise would, including the new character, stage select screens, and match footage.


BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger News: Tidbits on Euro Release and Cross-Platform play between Xbox 360 and PC versions?

New news for has come out of French website GAMEKULT.

European Version of BlazBlue:

We found out earlier that the upcoming European release of BlazBlue is indeed Calamity Trigger.  Although it was initially said that the European version would have new characters, that isn't exactly accurate.

The European version will have everything that the North American release has.  It will also have all 24 colors unlocked from the start.  Also, the game will indeed have the Unlimited version of characters, like the upcoming BlazBlue Portable for Sony PSP.

PC Version to Feature Cross-Platform Play with X-Box 360?

This is really interesting.  It is reported that they are working on getting cross-platform play working so that players using the X-Box 360 version can play against people using the PC version, and vise-versa!  This would be possible if the PC version utilized Microsoft's Games for Windows Live.  It is certainly possible, as previously released games on X-box 360 and PC have been able to play each other in the past (Shadowrun being one of them). 

Apparently the PC version is arriving (in France at least) in February alongside the PS3 and X-Box 360 versions.

Source: GameKult (France)


Famitsu has Super Street Fighter 4 Screenshots Featuring Guy


Japanese website Famitsu has some Super Street Fighter 4 screenshots featuring Guy.  Now, some of these screenshots are not new. There are a few in there, however.  Keep in mind that they are all featuring Guy vs Rose and all on the Diner stage, so only make the jump if you are interested in seeing screens of Guy performing various moves.  Follow the source link below to see the screenshots.

Source: Famitsu (Japan)


CAPCOM'S Seth Killian Comments on Addressing Street Fighter 4 Ranked Match Problems in Super

A very interesting question was posted recently in the Ask Capcom forum at Capcom Unity.  It pertains to something that has happened to me once or twice in Street Fighter 4. Capcom's Seth Killian answers the question.


Hey there, could you guys tell me how ranked matches will work? I'm not talking about the points system, but how the matches will be setup. Will it be a standard 2/3 rounds like most other fighting games for ranked, or will it be the same as sf4?

One of the reasons I hated ranked matches in sf4 is because people would create 1 rounds, 30 seconds matches. Even when I thought I was joining a standard game, the host would change the match settings in the lobby to make it 1 round 30 secs. It's why I stopped playing ranked and went to championship since at least that mode has standard match settings.

Will capcom fix this issue for ssf4? You should only be allowed to change settings in player matches, so a lot of us were disappointed with sf4's ranked match system. I hope Capcom is aware of this and made the neccesary changes.


It's not yet decided.  Some elements of the team like the option to have different kinds of matches, and I kind of see where they're coming from, though if someone wants to be the champion of 1-round, 30 second matches, I want the records to reflect the kind of match-types they're winning, instead of lumping them all in to the same pile.  I think this would solve the problem and produce some fun stats.

Source: Capcom Unity