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Hakan Screenshots and Official Artwork



Capcom has released the first batch of screenshots featuring Super Street Fighter 4's final revealed character: Hakan.  To view all 10 screenshots, hit today's screenshot gallery here to see them all.

The official arwork for Hakan was also revealed.




CAPCOM held an amazing event tonight in downtown San Francisco at Club SLIDE where they had what most people assume to be the final build of Super Street Fighter 4 open for free play! A lot of familiar faces were there such as Seth Killian, John Choi, Buktooth and Ricky Ortiz.

I happened to roll down there with's Richard Li. Lucky for both of us, the event had a lot of stations so as the night went on and less people were playing, we had a lot of time to grind the game and figure out various aspects of different characters.

Now before anyone asks, I didn't play every last character in the game. Instead of spending a little bit of time with every character, we focused on a handful of characters and spent as much time as possible trying to find changes with them. Keep in mind that although we assume most of the gameplay changes will stay intact, anything is bound to change in the final build.  Also, I only played for about 3-4 hours, but I am recalling most of this from memory, so I apologize if not everything is factually correct -- I'll try my best, so bare with me!

Again, I apologize to those of you whose character I didn't do an in-depth write up for, but to be honest I don't know what to look for with each and every character. Also, I know some of the details may be old news to some of you who have kept up with the game day in and day out, but I felt the need to cover every last detail I could recall for those of you who aren't familiar with aspects of the Third Strike and new Super characters.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this.. here we go!



Super Street Fighter 4 looks much more polished than the original game, and seems to have received a speed boost as well. The new stages are a huge improvement over the standard stages, save a couple classic stages like Old Temple which hold a special place in my heart. It's still the Street Fighter 4 that people know and love, but it does feel slightly different to some degree. It's hard ot put my finger on what it is exactly, perhaps the speed boost or small changes to various moves but overall it feels like an improvement over the original game.

I heard that Uppercut trades into Ultra no longer work, but I did not witness this myself so who knows at this point.


Richard Li from 1UP played Hakan extensively through out the night and I spent some time with him as well. Many of our matches were the "Third Strike Characters" vs "Hakan" so I got to see a lot of this guy through out the night.

We both agreed that the best way to summarize Hakan is E. Honda with an assortment of grabs and awkward moves. That said, it's really hard to compare him to any one Street Fighter character considering how unique he is. A lot of his normal moves resemble E. Hondas, and for every punch and kick, he also has a corresponding command normal. For instance, Forward + Roundhouse resembles E. Honda's standing roundhouse and his Forward and Fierce is different than his Standing Fierce.

Of course, he can oil up to become stronger, a strategy that slightly resembles Q's from Street Fighter 3. When oiled up, all of his moves become stronger and have increased range. One could say that when he is oiled up, all of his specials have "kara" properties, making his up-close game very ambiguous and scary at times.

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Street Fighter 4 for iPhone Available Now for $9.99

I never thought this would happen, but apparently the iPhone can do just about anything it seems.  Street Fighter 4 is now available for iPhone.

Pick it up for $9.99 and you can throw hadokens anywhere!

Head here for the official trailer for the game. I must admit.. it looks like it preserves a lot more of the game than I would have thought possible for this thing being on a phone.

You can get the game here on the iTunes Store.


Vids from Capcom GDC Super Street Fighter 4 Event

Shoryuken is uploading some vids from Capcom's recent GDC Super SF4 event. Be sure to keep checking out that channel for new vids as they will be uploading more.

Source: Shoryukenvideos


SRK's Mr. Wizard Quick Impressions of All Super Street Fighter 4 Characters

Mr. Wizard over at Shoryuken has posted a quick summary of his impressions of pretty much every character after playing the game at Capcom's GDC Super Street Fighter 4 event.  If you want to get a quick impression of how each of the characters holds up (in his opinion!), hit the source link below!

Source: Shoryuken


Famitsu Scan Featuring Hakan

Here is a scan from the recent Japanese Famitsu magazine. This page features the newly revealed Hakan. 

If any translations or information from this scan appear, we will pass that information on to you, of course!

Click on the image for the full-sized version.



HD versions of Hakan Reveal & Hakan vs. Juri Gameplay Trailer Trailers

Here are the trailers in HD goodness. Enjoy!

Hakan Reveal Trailer

Hakan vs Juri Gameplay Trailer

Source: RajmanGamingHD



IGN posted up their Daily Fix video moments ago, and they have the first look at the final character for Super Street Fighter 4, Hakan! The clip starts at 1 minute in and they mention a full trailer will be up on IGN soon.

Thanks to Oichi from VersusCity for the heads up!


More details on the Super Street Fighter 4 e-Capcom Special DVD being put together for Japan

What Capcom is putting together for the e-Capcom Special DVD is truly awesome.  This DVD is included with one of Japan's collector's editions for the game.  It will have a recorded tournament featuring some of Japan's top players, both with SF4 characters and also with Super SF4 characters.  It will also include videos of those same players performing the game's trial challenges. Since I'm not a pro myself, I'm interested in this (see below for why).

Azrael translated all of this from the e-Capcom Japanese site, so big thanks go out to him for once again being a true ace for the community!

Azrael: There will be a tournament featuring 8 of the best SFIV players included on the DVD. The bracket is as follows:

Umehara (RY) vs Itabashi Zangief (ZA)


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So those of you who kept up with World Game Cup probably heard about their "Master Series" Street Fighter 4 tournament. Basically how it worked is they held qualifiers each day to get into the main tournament, and those who entered had a chance to win a free ride to EVO!

Since then, some videos of this tournament have shown up online, and let me tell you, they are some real bangers! I'm really happy to see these being uploaded because I wasn't sure if we would ever see videos of this tournament. Ryan Hart vs Daigo is a pretty incredible match so check that one out first, and you'll be surprised how well Evans, a Fei Long player, does against Eita. I've also included a couple others from the tournament but be sure to check out Hakf's YouTube Channel for all the rest.

Thanks to SephirothRK on NeoGAF for the heads up.

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The latest Super Street Fighter 4 Dev Blog was translated by Azrael (big thanks to him for doing this each week by the way) and this time around they dig into Dudley's gameplay and some of the challenges they ran into during the development process.  They mention that Dudley's Ducking move did not originally go through projectiles but they later gave it that property to help him deal with fireball characters. They also mention he has all of his moves from the SF3 series, including the Thunder Bolt, which apparently does a lot of chip damage.

Also, they talk about his Ultras a bit saying that Corckscrew Cross is good for players who want to connect Ultras in combos, while Rolling Thunder is great for going through projectiles. It sounds like Dudley will have an incredible amount of options from mid-to-close range, and the versatility of both his Utlras make him sound like a very well rounded character. I was originally leaning heavily towards playing Ibuki, but the more I learn about Dudley, the more I think not learning how to play him would be... uncivilized!

Here is the full translation from SRK:

Hello everyone. This is Tsukamoto.

This week I'll be joined by director Okada and the head battle planner Sano, as we talk about the last of the new characters from SF3 - Dudley - and things ranging from how he was chosen and what not.

-- First off, please tell us why Dudley was chosen to be added in the game.


He was chosen for SFIV because a lot of the development staff were really passionate fans of him, and he is extremely popular overseas. He is so popular that when producer Ono went to Europe to get opinions about the next installment of SFIV, he was consistently asked or requested for Dudley to be in the game. Also, we had a lot of requests from overseas fans to see the dream match-up of Dudley vs Balrog.

-- Is being a boxer the secret behind his popularity?

Dudley's stylish boxing fight style is definitely very popular. We also feel that with his high approval rating in Europe, many Europeans want to support a fellow countryman. 

-- What do you think is Dudley's charm?


His character charm from SF3 was to read the opponent, get in on his terms, and then take away their life in a flash - good rushdown power. Another part of his charm is that his attacks are very strategic. For example, Dudley has a lot of feint-type moves. He can get in close and counter his opponent's throw attempt with at attack. He's also got moves that are for the sole purpose of getting in close. If you are good at reading your opponent, then he becomes a very strong character.

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More videos of World Game Cup are showing up online and this set is particularly interesting due to the fact that most of us probably wouldn't have thought Daigo would ever have to face a Rose player in the semi-finals of a major tournament (I thought the same thing about Fei Long too!). The fact that he primarily plays on arcade and, well, the fact that there aren't a lot of Rose players out there to begin with, it's interesting to see how he approaches match ups he doesn't have much experience with. 

Luffy ain't no slouch either though -- he ended up getting 3rd place at World Game Cup, which was a 256 man bracket filled with some real beasts like UK's Ryan Hart! 

Thanks to iPlayWinner user Nagglepuss for pointing these out!

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We want Pics of Your Gaming Scene for an upcoming IPW project!

IPW is a big supporter of the fighting game community.  We have a project in the works which is related to helping grow communities everywhere.  Since this project is about building communities, we thought it would be a good idea to include pictures of scenes of all sizes within the project.

What we want are pictures of your local scene. It can be as small as a couple of people gathered in someone's living room having fun playing fighting games to pics from local tournaments or events that your scene has thrown.  If you have a pic or two you'd like to submit, send them to  If you'd like to point out who is in the picture and/or what event the picture is from, please include that in the email and we'll put that under the picture.

We want pics of people, not games. So please don't send game pics or pics showing just the backs of people's heads playing games unless your scene is so large that you have to get a "crowd" shot.

This is a project about the community, so it is only fitting to feature that very community.  We want pics of scenes of all sizes, so no matter how small (or big) your scene is, send us pics.  Thanks in advance!


Capcom's Seth Killian answers a Ton of Questions About Super Street Fighter 4

Capcom's Seth Killian has been doing the rounds on Capcom Unity's "Ask Capcom" Forum over the past few days.  Usually the questions and answers aren't worth reading, but there are a few over the last few days that are worth reading.

Update: Seth just posted a pretty large follow-up to this where he answers a ton of Super SF4 questions. Hit this link to visit his Q & A post on Capcom Unity.

Thanks to IPW reader Valkyrie for pointing these out.


Why aren't there Third Strike character stages in Super SF4?

Seth Killian:

Although we added character-specific musical themes, SSFIV hasn't gone back to character-specific stages.  Things may go back in that direction, but T. Hawk, Dee Jay, and virtually everyone else don't have their own stage either.  The "Metro City" stage has a nod to Final Fight with the Haggar statue, but if that's enough why not call it the SF3 stage, since Hugo figures even more prominently in the background?  

Overall though, message received:  fans want more stages.  

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Famitsu posted a slew of new screenshots of Makoto today, and much like their update last week with Dudley, these images are primarily of all her Special Moves and Ultras. You can check out each stage of her signature attacks such as the Hayate (Rush Punch), Fukiage (Uppercut) and Tsurugi (Axe Kick).

Click here to view all of the new screenshots in the updated Super Street Fighter 4 Screenshot gallery.

All these moves sure do look nice but the main question on everyone's mind is: how well will they translate in the world of Street Fighter 4? Well, if you haven't already, check out Justin Wong's Street Fighter 3 Character Walkthrough's on Gametrailers which will give you a real good idea of what Makoto and the other Third Strike characters are capable of in Street Fighter 4.

Source: #capcom, Famitsu



Error0001 put together a video showcasing a new infinite for Chun-Li in response to's Combo Challenge 07. He mentioned in the description that this works on Chun because she leans back so far when hit, so it takes longer for each fireball to connect.

Obviously this is not something you will ever see in a real match and it's tool assisted, but these combo videos are always fun to watch.

Here is the original Combo Challenge video posted by

Thanks to UC1 on NeoGAF for pointing out the Chun-Li infinite video!



Updated on Monday, March 8, 2010 at 7:07AM by Registered Commenterquash

This weekend there were a number of major tournaments literally all over the world and so here are the results for GodsGarden 2, World Game Cup and the Tekken 6 Global Championship Finals. I've also included some results for some North American tournaments such as Battlefield Arcadia and the Keystone II Scrubs Garden 2v2.


First off, big thanks to Oichi from VersusCity for the GodsGarden 2 update, and be sure to congratulate him on winning the beginners tournament at this event! He has some additional notes and comments on the event at VersusCity so check out this post to read about his experiences at GodsGarden.

By the way, the first thing I said to myself when I saw these results was: "What happened to Mago?"

GodsGarden 2 Main Tournament
1. Tokido (Akuma)
2. Uyro (C.Viper)
3. Mizoteru (Blanka)

Console Tournament
1. Momochi (Cammy)
2. Dashio (Fei-long)
3. Kinpatsu (Seth)

Beginners Tournament
1. Oichi (Honda)
2. Abelity (Abel)
3. Tie: Nick/Mike (M.Bison/Blanka)


The major fighting game tournament in Cannes concluded recently with some interesting results. Those of you who see Daigo as "indestructible", the outcome of the tournaments here may surprise you. Thanks to Rice Eater from NeoGAF for the update.

Street Fighter 4 Singles

1. Fuudo
2. Daigo
3. Luffy(French Rose player)

Other SF4 tourney results

SF4 2v2 Tourney: Japan 1 (Eita/Daigo)
SF4 Master Series:  Eita


Those of you who checked out the Tekken 6 live stream last night already know the outcome of this one, but before we get into results it's important to know how this tournament was set up. Basically, there were two champions for this tournament because separate tournaments were held for both PS3 and XBOX360. The 360 champion is the Korean Steve player Nin and the PS3 champion is Korean Heihachi player JDCR. Thanks to SDTEKKEN for the results, and check out their front page for more details on the results.

If you're curious how the North American players fared, Glenn from GetYourTournament has the results:

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Kaiii xD, who is an active iPlayWinner member put together a pretty solid Abel tutorial showing a lot of different combos, mix-ups and punishes.

From the YouTube description:

This is a demonstration video for all of you Abel players.
The guide shows different combos, mixups, punishes and other strategies you want to (or should) know.
Remember this by for not everything Abel can do, but it shows the idea and system behind this character.
Use it as inspiration for your own gameplan!
Enjoy and thanks for watching!




This is a real incredible weekend for all you stream monsters out there, with GodsGarden 2 last night and now the Tekken 6 Global Championship Finals being streamed live tonight via UFRAG. The stream will be from 10 PM to 3AM PST on TEKKEN.COM.

Although I've had a hard time finding a complete list of players who are in this tournament,  I know from the West Coast we have Aris, MR NAPS, Insanelee and Chet Chetty. As far international players are concerned, I am pretty sure both NiN and Knee will be competing in this tournament as well. 




While none of us truly know the reason for Street Fighter 4 not being included in MLG's Pro Circuit just yet, MLG's Co-Founder posted this video asking for everyone's help by signing an online petition. He mentions there has been a lot of feedback on the issue, but needs a large number of users all in one place to help him continue to fight for Street Fighter 4 to be in the Pro Circuit.  

Here is the link for the online petition and check out the video below for more information.