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I've been flirting with the idea of doing a mailbag for a while, and I finally have some time to do it. Now, some of you are probably wondering what a mailbag is, so let me explain how the whole thing works.

First, think of a question to regarding anything about the community, the iPW staff, future events, culture, and so forth.

Second of all, you will submit the questions via e-mail to:

During the course of the week, I will take a gander at all questions submitted, and follow up by answering some of those questions on the iPlayWinner front page.

Please consider that I won't be able to answer every question submitted. Also, I will not accept any e-mails if you don't provide your name (or gamer handle) and city in the e-mail.

Need an example? Take a look here at Kevin Iole's mailbag on MMA current events which he does weekly.

I will be posting the mailbag's every Friday, so start thinking of questions and sending them our way!


The Specialists II: 5 vs 5 Street Fighter 4 Event Live Stream Tonight

A special 5 on 5 Street Fighter 4 event is being broadcast live via tonight!  It's a round robin tournament featuring pretty much every big name player you can think of in California!  The format is unique and the players are all top tier, so grab that popcorn and relax for a night of Street Fighter 4!

For more information on which players are on what teams, and more info on the event, go here.

The event begins (according to the info provided) at 9:00PM PST, so if you live on the East coast like yours truly it will be a pretty late night/early morning!


This Week's IPW Site Updates

This week has been a very busy one for the IPW crew.  Besides bringing in all the news for fighting games, we've been working on improving and adding to the rest of the site.

Haunts has been busy all week working on encoding match videos that were taken from the recent Norcal Regionals.  We can expect more of those in the future and he's been posting some of his favorites every few days or so.

We've also been working to add something this site probably should have had long ago: screenshots and art galleries.  If you look at the game listings on the left-side of the site you will now see screenshot and art gallery sections for most games.  We are adding to these galleries often from our own personal collections of screenshots and artwork.  I think the artwork galleries will be most interesting to those who dabble in graphic artistry. When we are done filling the galleries, you will be able to come to this site for all of your art assets. If you're a fan of fighting game artwork, you are in for a treat as well.

If you have any comments or suggestions for things you would like to see on this site, please feel free to leave a comment or hit our IPW Forums.  We are making this site for you, so let us know what you want to see.  Have a great weekend, everyone!


Tekken 6 PSP Trailer

I just found this trailer for the PSP version of Tekken 6.  We have posted information and screenshots of this game prior to its release but this is a chance to see it in motion if you are still on the fence.  This game is in stores and is available to download on Playstation Network now.


I didn't know Grime and SF4 went well together....

For anyone who follows electronic music or hip-hop should know what "grime" is, the violent garage/2step influenced brand of UK hip-hop. If you do follow the "grime" scene then you know who JME is. Who knew that the "serious" MC played a bit of SF4? I mean, he might play Gouken on pad but whatever, it's still too damn cool!


Yoshinori Ono Answers Street Fighter Questions

Yoshinori Ono, producer for Street Fighter 4 and the upcoming Super Street Fighter 4, has answered a few questions taken from the European community recently.  They talk about the game's balance, music, character design, DLC characters, and more.

[Do you] believe that Street Fighter 4 was well balanced? if not what did you feel unbalanced it?

Ono: Capcom has a very strict QA department, with many Street Fighter masters who are not known to public only because they don't compete in competitions being Capcom employees. They were confident that it was well balanced at the time of release. However, once the game is out millions of people play it and discover things even our QA team didn't catch.

Sagat, has a very famous combo that links onto Ultra – and to be honest, we didn't expect this sort of thing to be so thoroughly researched and communicated planet wide. I'm a bit nostalgic thinking about how things used to be for Street Fighter 2. When a new combo was discovered people had to travel to see the person pull it off, and this created rumors about a certain combo that people heard about and they then tried to do it themselves, based on that information.

So time has changed. I am adamant that it is my duty to make a fighting tool for the current era. Super Street Fighter IV, will be a true 2010 style fighting game!!

Click to read more ...



So, this is coming a week or so late but I've been a little busy working behind the scenes on some things. That said, I wanted to give my thoughts on the new Tekken 6 patch incase any of you were wondering how well it improved the online system.

As many of you know, Tekken 6 has gotten a lot of bad press since it came out due to its online matchmaking system being barely playable right out of the box. I'm sure many  of you passed up on this game after hearing about how the online play is worthless, but don't bail just yet -- things are just getting good!

Unlike some other games out there, this patch fixes virtually every issue I had with the online component of Tekken 6. Before the patch, you were just randomly thrown into a match no matter what the signal strength was. Sometimes you would get a "four bar" match and sometimes a "two bar match" but it really didn't even matter anyway. It was a total crapshoot either way - even if the connection looked good, the game was still susceptible to lagging really bad once the match started.

Now after applying the patch, you can choose whether or not you want to fight someone based on their connection. So if a two bar match shows up as you search, you can opt out and search for a better connection. This feature alone improves the online play a great deal, but even now, once you start a match you don't run into the same type of issues as before.

Before the patch, the game would lag so bad the characters would move in slow motion sometimes. Completely unacceptable in this day and age, but now after the patch I have yet to run into that type of lag. As long as I choose a stable three bar connection, the game plays as well as Street Fighter 4 with a three to four bar connection.

Like Street Fighter 4, even though the online play isn't perfect, at least now it is good enough to where you can use it as a tool to learn about match ups and see what other characters are capable of. Now I know when I miss a combo it really is my fault, not the input latency (most of the time anyway).

So if you've been on the fence about Tekken 6 or need a new fighting game in your collection, go out and pick up this game. Now that the online portion of the game has received an upgrade, the only thing worth complaining about is the single player mode, but who plays fighting games for the single player mode anyway? 


Sonic Hurricane Dhalsim Combo Video

Sonic Hurricane has made anothing amazing combo video, this time for Dhalsim.  If you want to know exactly what he did in making these combos and some of the ideas behind them, jump over to Sonic Hurricane's page in the source link.

Source: Sonic Hurricane


Arcade Infinity Introduces Top Tier Gaming: Bringing Arcade Events to You Live via Live Steam

Arcade Infinity, a prominent arcade in California, has been a hot spot for Street Fighter 4 action since the game first hit arcades last year.  If you were unable to go to AI personally, like myself, usually you had to resort to watching YouTube videos of what happened after it was all over.  Now Arcade Infinity is introducing Top Tier Gaming, a series of live streams of AI gaming events. Now if you want to watch the latest AI tournament or ranking battle session, you can do it live! Here are some details straight from Arcade Infinity's Blog (Linked Here):

Click to read more ...


I Got Next Feature Length Cut Teaser!

I was wondering about this movie the other day, and sure enough here's a new trailer!  The feature length cut of the movie is due sometime Spring of next year.  I cannot *wait*!!

This is why I personally go to tourneys.  Even at smaller tourneys, over time, you meet all these people and you have all these moments, some big, some small, some with your victory and some with you in defeat, excitement and exhilaration and so much more.  This feeling is captured completely in the short version of the film I watched, and with the feature length film adding coverage of Evo 2009, I am very excited.

For those who don't know, I Got Next is a documentary on the fighting video game scene created by Ian Cofino. It originally started as a senior project at Purchase College, School of Art and Design, and has grown to something much bigger thanks to the dedicated and passionate community. Originally envisioned as a free short documentary, I Got Next has grown into a feature length production. The "short cut" of the film saw an internet premiere on June 26th on The feature length cut is planned for release Spring of next year.

The short cut of the film is currently available for download, check for links.


NorCal Regionals Best Bouts Day 2

Here are some more videos from NCR that I've uploaded over the past couple days. You can access all the NCR videos via our YouTube channel, but here are a couple best bouts from the recent uploads.

This is a great set of matches between Alex Valle and John Choi and over all one of the best Grand Finals of the tournament in my opinion.

So yeah, CVS2 matches take fooooorever but like many of the CVS2 top 8 matches at NCR, this one is worth it. This is the Grand Finals between Ricky Ortiz and Combofiend with Ricky playing A-Vega/Blanka/Sakura and Combofiend playing K-Rolento/Rocky/Cammy.

Yeah yeah yeah, I know you want your Street Fighter 4 matches so here is one between Hsien Chang's Akuma and Dagger G who plays Guile. This is one of those matches where you could feel the tension through out the entire room while they were playing.

So that wraps it up for today, but I still have about  8 more hours worth of footage to go through edit and upload so keep checking back for more. I typically update our twitter with any new matches so be sure to follow us!



..according to Johnny Cage. Sadly, I've heard similar conversations at actual tournaments I've attended!


From Totoroslayer via Kotaku.


Fun with Joe the Condor in Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

Here are some vids posted by Neo_G, director of Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars. They feature Joe the Condor. Enjoy!


So, I've been showing off some gameplay movies, and this time
I've created some with "Joe the Condor"!

First off, "Joe and Jun, nice team work!" 

This is just doing "variable combination" but the last part
is just great, nice timing!!

Next.... all of you "Science Ninja Team" fans must-see!

"I'm gonna shoot some Bird Missiles..." "Stop! Joe!!!" [ed. note--Ishizawa is referring to Ken and Joe's constant squabbling over bird missiles, like this]

I've reproduced the scene with the game LOL

And last,
"Ken's not around, so two Joes tried shooting Bird Missiles"

I love how it ends... :p  Just look at how synchronized they are! LOL

Source: Capcom Unity


Super Street Fighter 4 Will Have Over 4 Hours of Cutscenes

According to the BBFC, which is the United Kingdom equivalent of the ESRB, Super Street Fighter 4 will have over 4 hours of cutscenes.  This is over twice the amount that was in Street Fighter 4, which had a little over an hour and a half of cutscenes.

The BBFC listing for Super Street Fighter 4 lists the following:

00:03:12:00 ATTRACT MODE

Thanks to Hadoken for the tip.


Super Street Fighter 4 Will Not Use GGPO

Capcom's Christian Svensson, in replying to a question on the Ask Capcom forum, has made it pretty clear that Super Street Fighter 4 will not be using GGPO, arguably the best networking system created for playing arcade-style games online.

With the recently announced Final Fight for PlayStation Network and XBox Live Arcade having GGPO, is it safe to assume all games released around this time or any after wards will be using GGPO?

Sven: Probably, but to set expectations, there's nothing in development using it currently. We had to port GGPO to the XBox 360 and PlayStation 3 which was not trivial. Being able to get value from that exercise in future projects would make sense.

If not, will it at least be a new standard for downloadable games on XBLA and PSN that has online to use GGPO?

Sven: I'm afraid of the word "standard" because it brings with it an absoluteness that just isn't appropriate in the world of game development. Suffice to say, our US team now has considerable experience working with GGPO tech and I'd suspect it will be a candidate for future XBLA/PSN efforts coming out of this office, but it will always be case by case.

We've worked closely with Tony on this project (and he's generously helped give guidance on prior projects too). Trust me when I tell you, There are a lot of advocates of the technology in this office (me being one of them).

Will Super Street Fighter 4 be using GGPO?

Sven: I suspect the first statement above is sufficient to provide the answer to this question.


Live Action Street Fighter Alpha Vid of Awesome

Ah, Japan. How we love you! This is from a Japanese variety show, and it's amazing how much attention they paid to the characters and backgrounds. Hilarious stuff, imo!

Thanks to Capcom Unity for pointing out the vid.


Need a gift idea? Street Fighter 4 Madcatz TE Round 2 are here

Still looking for a Christmas gift?  If you aren't, maybe you can get this as a Christmas gift for yourself! You deserve it, right?  The Madcatz Tournament Edition SF4 Round 2 sticks are available for holiday purchase.

You can pre-order them now at Amazon (for some reason they are not available yet) for $149.99 but they are available now for that price at Gamestop.  They will be available on 4 December. They are available for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and also work with the PC.

They are identical in features to the original TE, but you couldn't ask them to improve on perfection too much.  If you are a tourney player like myself, you see proof of this stick's awesomeness every time you go to a tourney, as you see them all over the place. 

Here's the product description from Gamestop:

...the Tournament Edition FightStick uses arcade-quality components sourced by legendary Japanese arcade manufacturer, Sanwa Denshi. Featuring a Japanese-style ball-handled joystick, 30mm Action Buttons, and button placement matching the Vewlix arcade cabinet configuration, fighting fans will feel right at home. The D-Pad Control Switch and Dual-Turbo functionally add twin levels of turbo control to any of the Action Buttons, enhancing the arcade experience for both new and seasoned players. Complete with detailed touches such as screw-on rubber feet for solid surface play, unobtrusive placement of the Start and Select/Back Buttons, a locking mechanism preventing accidental activation of turbo settings for tournament play and authentic Street Fighter 4 artwork, the Arcade FightStick: Tournament Edition represents the best possible choice for gamers and fighting fans alike.


Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars Giant Robots Showcased


Capcom and IGN are showcasing the two giant robot combatants in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars: Gold Lightan and the PTX-40A "Hardballer." Here are two new gameplay movies that were unveiled in a recent IGN Feature about the two characters.

 Source: Capcom Unity and IGN


Tekken 6 King of IronFist Tournament North America Championship: 12-12-09

MarkMan from SDTekken:

Namco Bandai Games presents the official TEKKEN 6 North American Championships! Join us on December 12th as 16 of the top placers from the official TEKKEN 6 pre-release tour go at it for a chance to become the North American TEKKEN 6 champion! Tekken Zaibatsu will be on hand to help run the event and give you all the latest updates! UFRAGTV will be streaming the event LIVE and there will be a special appearance with series director, Katsuhiro Harada! Space is limited so RSVP now!

We will bring you updates on the event and you can also hit SDTekken as well!



Capcom Confirms backward compatibility of Street Fighter 4 alternate costumes in Super and that new costumes will be added as well

Capcom responded to a reader question via Twitter, and in doing so has confirmed not only that the alternate costumes from Street Fighter 4 will be compatible with Super Street Fighter 4, but also there will be new alternate costumes added to the game. Here's the question and the response.

Thanks to IPW reader Valkyrie for the tip.


Will the alternative costumes in Street Fighter 4 be compatible with Super Street Fighter 4? Will there be new costumes?

Capcom: Yes and yes. All that and then some.

Source: Capcom Unity Twitter