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Super Street Fighter 4 Las Vegas Fight Club

Capcom has announced the second Fight Club event for Super Street Fighter 4. This time it will be held in Las Vegas for CES, bringing in the new year with a bang! 

Like the last Fight Club in New York, this event will give players a chance to get their hands on the new characters.  This time, in addition to Juri, Dee Jay, and T.Hawk, the game will also have Guy, Cody, and Adon playable!

Where:  Las Vegas, in our suite in Planet Hollywood. 

When:  Thursday, January 7th, from 7-10pm. 

How:  Send THIS GUY a note explaining why we should pick you.  If you get in, you can also bring 1 guest--everyone must be 18+ with ID to get in!

It'll be the invincible Team Unity vs rag-tag band Major Nelson can pull together, and Capcom may also hold a friendly little tournament.  There will be prizes for all, but the tournament would have a special format that nets you bonus points for winning with the new characters. 

Space is limited for this event, so once capacity is reached you will not be able to get in.  You will need an invitation to this event and if you don't get one, it's because they are full.

If you get in, we'll respond to let you know the room number--because capacity in the suite is limited, if you don't get a reply, don't plan on just showing up, because we won't be able to get you in.  The hotel almost shut us down last year, so we'll get as many as we can through the door, but you'll need an invitation!

The last Fight Club only allowed a few people to actually play the game, instead letting people play Tatsunoko vs Capcom and Marvel vs Capcom 2 and watching Super Street Fighter 4.  This time more people will actually get to play from the sounds of it, so hopefully some pro players can get in there and give us detailed impressions.

Source: Capcom Unity


High Quality Blazblue: Continuum Shift Videos at Arcade Infinity

Wow! This is the first time I've seen vids of the arcade version of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift in this kind of quality!  It's pretty amazing looking, as you would think.  Head over to Arcade Infinity to check out more vids. Over the week (as I look at them all myself) maybe I'll cherry pick some good ones to post on this site through the week if things are slow. 

Source: Arcade Infinity


Capcom replies to questions about Third Strike re-release and Avatar items/unlocks for Super Street Fighter 4

Capcom's Christian Svensson answered some questions on the Ask Capcom Forum at Capcom Unity.  One question was about the potential for a re-release of Street Fighter 3: Third Strike for current consoles.  Another question was about Avatar items/unlocks for Super Street Fighter 4. Here are the questions and replies:


How would i get ahold of Yoshinori Ono to ask him, beg him, shine his shoes for life, for a arcade perfect, downloadable version of 3rd strike for the Playstation 3 and xbox 360.

This is very important to me, as well as other players across the world, alot of people don't know or realize that there are 3 games that carried the street fighter franchise. Super Turbo, Marvel vs Capcom 2, and Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike.

Two of the three afore mentioned titles have had HD make overs, i'm not even asking for that, i just want a arcade perfect port don't need to waste time making new graphics just make sure that everything is the same hit boxes frame data and the game runs at a smooth 60fps.


It's not up to Ono-san so you'd be asking the wrong person.

The Capcom USA board would make that decision and such a project is more likely to be championed in our office rather than Japan given recent history (the two other projects you mentioned were championed by me specifically and produced in our our office).

Unfortunately, there's nothing new to discuss on that front at the moment.


Since Street Fighter IV didn't release any Xbox Live Avatar Items or etc, is there any plans for Super Street Fighter IV to have Avatar Items/ Awards / Rewards?


We've got some surprises in store with regard to SF avatar gear. Stay tuned.



Kuroda is the man!

Everyones favorite Third Strike player, Kuroda, takes on the Yun player Yukkun in SBO. Kuroda's Q makes one of the most exciting comebacks in Third Strike history. I don't know how the man is so clutch! Parry into SA2 for the win? Yes, please. 


Sanford and Shine battle HARD.

In this video Shine (one of the best and most talented Goukens in the US) takes on Sanford Kelly in one of the best looking match ups in Street Fighter 4. I was literally biting my nails while watching this match, Sanford Kellys rush-down and perfect execution takes on Shine's wall of a Gouken. Very good match.

Also, lets all remember that Shine is 15 years old and plays on pad. Young blood!


Virtua Fighter 5R SBO Finals

This is the best VF5R playing you'll see. This 3vs3 is super intense and there isn't one mirror match, and every match has you at the edge of your seat. If you're even slightly interested in Virtua Fighter 5, you need to see this video. RIGHT NOW!


 Godlike 3s set from SBO

 Completely exciting in every single way possible. First you have Kuroda playing Akuma being the Third Strike boss he is, taking out the first opposing teammate. Then Rikimaru steps up with his amazing Chun and takes him out with flair and fashion. It just gets more intense from there. A must watch and a must favorite. 

Akuma vs Akuma vs Akuma vs Akuma

If you follow the Japanese SF4 scene then you certainly know who these players are. K66 and N700 are some of the best Akumas in Japan and in this video they square off in a 2vs2 against two other fantastic Akumas. As an Akuma player this is very fun to watch. The mirror match between the two characters spawns some seriously weird results! 

 This week I have something different. Along with the usual youtube clips, I've put together a mini-memoir of sorts about my experience at NCR. 

 A lot of "great moments" came out of the "Northern California Regionals", every moment of the event was made of pure hype. I even got a nose bleed during the So-Cal vs. Nor-Cal 5vs5. The delicate blood vessels in my nose couldn't even handle the hype that was going on!

"GO RICKY!!!!!"

The stream was handled with such finesse and style. Everything about it was great, the quality, the overlays, and the sound effects made for a very entertaining stream. Maybe the best? Magus held down the commentary front with Seth Killian for most of the event and they greatly added to the epic-ness of this event. Huge props to everyone involved. 

"I'm streamin' so hard right now"

"Right now Filipino Champ has to look deep inside...." 

"I rather be playing Jackie Chan right now..."

The first day took place in a sweaty room packed to the brim with equally (if not more) sweaty Street Fighter players who were only there for one reason: To play some good Street Fighter. And play they did. 


At the end of the day, a guy named Alex Valle (you may have heard of him) decided to hop on the stream and play anyone who was willing to step up. These fights were extremely fun to watch. Especially with Filipino Champ doing the commentary. 

(Probably talking smack)

Precursor to the grand finals.

Even I got to play Alex! (I landed a demon on him! Still lost though...)

Of course everyone saw the super intense finals between Ricky Ortiz and Alex Valle. With Ricky playing his highly offensive Rufus and Alex playing his classic Ryu, it had the crowd cheering and on their feet the whole time. You can see the best of the NCR fights right here on the iplaywinner youtube page. 


Some of you may have noticed I've been gone for a while (finals, work, and music) but I have a lot of good stuff saved up for the next "Bizarre Fighting Game Finds" and of course if you want send me youtube links, stories, or anything you please you can always email me.

Also, all of the NCR pictures were taken by my friend Shane Leblac and I should have a link to a gallery with all of the pictures he took in the next few weeks.

See you guys soon!



South Korean Criticism of Super Street Fighter 4's Korea Stage

Super Street Fighter 4 will be the first Street Fighter title to have a Korean character, Juri, and a Korean stage. However, not everybody is apparently happy with how Korea is portrayed in the game's new stage.

In South Korean newspaper The Dong-a IIbo, South Korean gamers who have seen the stage feel disappointed and do not feel that it looks Korean enough.  It looks Chinese, or a mish-mash of both, making it difficult to discern where the stage really is.

The clothing that the background characters are wearing are not overtly Korean and the banners in the stage are predominately in Chinese writing. Chinese writing has been traditionally used in Korean landmarks, temples and shrines, however.  Another criticism is that there are few skyscrapers visible in the stage, which dominate today's South Korean landscape.  The depiction of street vendors is also seen as highly outdated.

Source: Kotaku


Rufus Street Fighter 4 Tutorial by WWMajin

Majin has made a second tutorial video, this time for Rufus, his secondary character.  It is a very nice tutorial. Very informative and well put together, so if you want to pick up Rufus, this vid can be very useful!

Source: wwmajin



All day today I will be streaming XBOX LIVE matches via ustream, so join the chat, send me and invite and show the world what you've got! Rules are 5 rounds, first to 3. The stream should be up until later this night, Pacific Standard Time.



Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars Jump Festa Trailer

Here's a trailer for Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars.  We've posted this exact trailer for the US market a while ago (it's actually in the Tatsunoko vs Capcom section of the site under trailers), while this one is for the Japanese release. Aside from the text at the end, though, it's the same.

We'll post this anyway, though, to keep reminding everybody that the game is coming soon (26 January) and there still may be a few people out there who haven't seen it yet.

Thanks to Valkyrie for the tip!


Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars Preview and Interview

This interview is a good overview of the game from Capcom's Seth Killian.  He talks about lots of topics including what characters he wishes were in the game that didn't make it and character balance. The interview is more of an overview though.  January 26th you'll be able to get your hands on the game. I sure will!

Source: Crave Online



Oichi over at Versus City came through like a solider today, translating a monster interview with Daigo from the Gods Garden staff. What's so special about this interview, is that all the questions were taken from the forum, so Daigo gives a lot of feedback about overseas play and tournaments among other things. Very interesting read!

Here are a couple excerpts, head over to Versus City for the complete interview.



Right now the Japanese scene is stronger than the American and European scenes, but how do you think those scenes can evolve?

I think that the overseas scenes can grow stronger than the Japanese scene, and I think that it’s possible that the Japanese can be influenced by the overseas scene. Japanese players don’t really have any information on what’s going on overseas, so if we want to improve everyone else has to improve as well. Right now the level of the Japanese players is really high, but who knows how long that’s going to last.

I think if you look back five or six years ago, the level of overseas players was really low. There weren’t any arcades around so it was a major handicap for them, but once the strong US players are able to play against each other several times, overtaking the Japanese players becomes only a matter of time.

However, one of the weak points that the overseas scene has is their “professional mentality”. Leveling up your game goes hand in hand with the professional mentality, but in reality it can also have an adverse affect, and people will stop sharing information, and stop becoming humble, and it tends to turn into a situation where you won’t be able to amass a lot of strong players to play against each other. That can lead to a situation where you actually take away from your scene.

Click to read more ...



SDTekken has posted several epic Bryan vs Bryan Tekken 6 matches!  These matches took place on Christmas Eve at Green Arcade in South Korea and were recorded and uploaded thanks to LDMaxi and Timsozai.  The God of Bryan, KNEE, plays against the highest ranked player in Korea, SunChip (Ranked TEKKEN GOD)! Head over to SD Tekken for more matches and links to find even more!

Source: SDTekken



All of the nominations have been narrowed down to 6 finalists and, starting today and ending at on New Year’s Day, you can vote on the forums in a poll to decide which of these six matches will be named “ Match of the Year 2009″. 

Here is just one of the finalist matches. I picked the Tatsunoko vs Capcom match because it's coming to North America (finally!) on 26 January, it's an epic match, and we don't get enough Tatsunoko vs Capcom match vids, especially of this level of play.

Head to Shoryuken to see the other 5 match finalists!

TVC: Kubo (Karas/Ryu) vs GIAN (Chun-li/Ryu) [01-29-09]

Source: Shoryuken


Understanding Damage Scaling in Tekken 6


If you want to be a serious player of any fighting game, you need to know how the game's systems work.  MYK has posted an excellent article called "Understanding Damage Scaling" which explains how damage scaling works in various situations in Tekken 6.  This is need to know information if you want to get the most out of your characters.  It was posted at I Am Tekken.  Hit the source link to take you directly to the article.

Source: I Am Tekken


Sonic Hurricane: Ryu Exhibition Vid Remastered

This is the Ryu combo video shown at Evolution 2009 and OzHadou Nationals 8 earlier in the year. Sonic Hurricane has re-encoded it in high definition quality for higher resolution playback, but more importantly for higher framerate. For a complete three-part transcript explaining each combo, visit Sonic Hurricane's site using the source link.

This vid is amazing so if you missed it earlier this year, it's a treat to watch. It shows Ryu doing combos from many of the games he was in including the original Street Fighter!

Source: Sonic Hurricane


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the IPlayWinner Crew!

Have a happy and safe Christmas, everybody! Hope Santa brings everything you ask for, you get to see family and friends, eat your fill of holiday food, and whatever else your traditions have in store.  Or, you can practice some Street Fighter, some BlazBlue, or some Tekken while those softies are away, possibly giving you the edge after the holiday season!

From all of us here at iPlayWinner, take care and Happy Holidays!

(the vid above was from last year, but I'll put it up. Maybe it can be like watching Christmas Vacation or something, where we put a vid like that up every year)

Don't think we'll be lying down on the job though. If anything important happens, even on Christmas, you can count on us to bring it to you.


Super Street Fighter 4 Abel, Bison, Seth, Akuma and Gouken Artwork

Capcom's Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 website has been updated with profiles for Abel, Bison, and Seth.  Included are Super Street Fighter 4 versions of their character artwork.  We have added them to our Super Street Fighter 4 Character Artwork Galleries as well.


Source: Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 Website


New Dogface Show Episode: Justin Wong Part 3

The latest episode of the Dogface Show is here! In part 3, Dogface delves even deeper into the captivating world of Justin Wong. Oh, the intrigue! What does Justin think of Arturo "Sabin" Sanchez defeating Daigo in their infamous "Room 1676" Money Match? And just how much would Justin sacrifice to finally beat Daigo himself? What do Justin's parents think of his vast accomplishments? And would Justin want to teach his children Street Fighter? 

Source: The Dogface Show


Tekken 6 Combo Video! MOKUJIN IS BACK 

 Now this is a very good combo video! It's very entertaining to watch.  As one of the commenters on YouTube said about the video, "This is combo entertainment! :D".  Check it out!

Source: Crumbs Channel


History of Street Fighter 2 Competitive Arcade Scene

This is a great series with Jeff Schaeffer, old school Street Fighter 2 player, on the history of the Street Fighter 2 competitive arcade scene. It's an eight part series so head over to his YouTube Channel for the full set. Even part one is pretty interesting on it's own -- check it out.

Source: SRK Forums  (this thread is pretty interesting as well)



Justin Wong: Preparing for Battle. Advice from a Master on Staying Focused in Tournaments

When Justin "Marvelous" Wong gives tournament advice, if you're a tourney player you listen.  He's the current US National Champion in Street Fighter 4. He's a master of multiple fighting games and has competed in the biggest tournaments in the world.

In a recent post on his blog, Justin Wong gives advice on how to stay focused in tournaments. In other words, how to deal with things like being nervous.

Justin's article is to the point but is full of wonderful advice for tourney players out there.  You might be able to put on a combo video against your friends or some random head online, but can you perform under pressure?

Check it out here.