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Great deals for PC version of Street Fighter 4!

If you've been holding off on buying the PC version of Street Fighter 4 waiting for a better deal, your wait may finally be over.  Here are the deals:

From Capcom's Website:

Download Street Fighter IV For The PC for 50% Off

This week's Deal Of The Week is our best one yet. For the next week, Friday October 30th through Thursday November 5th, download Street Fighter IV for the PC for $19.99. This is a great opportunity to pick up this top-selling game for half off the regular price.

Check out the manual to see if your PC meets the minimum system requirements. That way you'll know before you buy. I just hate getting something home - all excited to play it, listen to it, try it out - only to find it doesn't work, it's the wrong size . . . you get what I mean.

Oh, and by the way, you can use your Xbox 360 controller with your PC. Just make sure you have the driver for the controller. If you don't you can download it on the Microsoft web site.


Tekken 6 Behind the Game Featurette

GameTrailers has posted a behind the game featurette for Tekken 6.  It is an official Namco-Bandai vid which gives a quick look into the game's design.  Since it's official, it is obviously doubling as a commercial for the game as well, but it is still interesting to hear Katsuhiro Harada, long-time Tekken product director, share his thoughts on the game's design.

Source: GameTrailers


New Super Street Fighter 4 Announcement Expected 6 Nov. Japanese National Tournament Qualifier Details

The Japanese official Super Street Fighter 4 Blog has been updated again.  Once again there isn't a whole lot but there are two interesting bits of information.

The more exciting of the two is the announcement... of an upcoming announcement. Today's blog entry says that the blog will have some sort of "big announcement" on 6 November.  There is a lot of speculation that they could possibly show a new character, but nothing has been confirmed.  All we can say right now is stay tuned and you will find out when we do.

Also in the blog entry is more information on the next Japanese Street Fighter 4 national tournament. There will be qualifying tournaments to be held in seven major Japanese cities. 

Source: Japanese SSF4 Blog



If you thought that Balrog's standing jab to ultra was cheap, Chun Li also has jab to ultra.

It has to do with active frames, but since I'm not very educated about frame data, I actually don't know how to explain this. If someone can explain, please do so and I will credit the information. Until then, enjoy the vid:


Patch for Marvel vs Capcom 2 due on Friday

Are you sick of being hit by Cable's unblockable Hyper-Viper Beam in the Live Arcade and Playstation Network re-release of Marvel vs Capcom 2? I know I sure as hell am.  Capcom is going to release a patch this Friday for both PSN and XBL which will fix this and other bugs. Make special note that I said "bugs". Read on:

From the Capcom Unity Blog:

"One more note before I let you know what we were able to fix with the patch.  First is that the patch addresses bug fixes only.  We were not able to add new features.  Any function that's not in the game now is considered a new feature.  There are technical restrictions on what can be fixed via a patch and new features are usually not viable, especially with ports.  To go along with that last statement, I'd like to stress that we're aware of all the reported issues, but because of these technical limitations, we're not able to address all of them.  I hope that with this patch, we're able to at least address the major ones."

Now on to the fixes:

For both platforms:

  • Cable's Hyper Viper Beam has been fixed so that it is blockable if you block during the flash.  There were many reports that other moves had the same issue but they seemed to be incorrect.  
  • Magneto's Tempest was dealing incorrect amounts of chip damage.  Each hit of the Tempest is supposed to randomly deal 1 point or 0 points of chip damage.  Right now they either all deal 1 point of damage or they deal 0.  Random has been reintroduced.
  • Jin's lp, mp, Cyclone Hyper was not combo'ing correctly.  This has been fixed so that it combos correctly.

PS3 specific fixes:

  • The title will no longer crash most of the time when using the "Search for Match" function.
  • Overall online stability has been improved, particularly when using headsets.

360 specific fixes:

  • Occasionally, a users record will freeze or contain grossly erroneous ratings.  This has been fixed and if you have this problem with your stats, they will automatically fix themselves the next time you play a ranked match.  For example, if you have a frozen record, the next time you play after the patch rolls, your wins/losses/ratings should fix to what they actually are.  ***PLEASE NOTE*** I will be resetting the leaderboards (every stat) on Friday November 6th (my birthday thank you very much).  This was the consensus from Unity members when asked if they wanted the boards nuked or not.
  • The game will no longer crash if 2 users enter a lobby at the exact same time.

Hori Tekken 6 Stick Review!

What's up guys?  Yesterday Tekken 6 released and I got my dirty hands on the Bundle Pack.  Within it I got a hold of the wireless arcade stick that everyone has been so interested in.  People have been very worried and concerned as to the quality of product Hori would make and I would just like to be the first one to say I rather enjoy this unit for what it is and am glad to be in possession of one! Check out my quick little review on it below!





Here is the official trailer for the upcoming title from ARC System Works, BlazBlue Continuum Shift. The game is slated to come out later next month in Japanese arcades.

Found this over at Versus City - Thanks Oichi!


Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars North American Box Art


The box art for the North American release of Capcom's Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars has been revealed, and does just what it should do: show off just how many awesome characters are there for your over-the-top fighting pleasure. The game is scheduled to finally hit shelves on January 26, 2010 and features 25 playable characters including several new characters not in the Japanese release.  New characters include Frank West and Zero on the Capcom side and Tekkaman Blade and Joe the Condor on the Tatsunoko side.




So I've wanted real forums here at for sometime now, but due to the limitations of the service that runs iPW, we were forced to use some pretty bunk forums for as long as the site has been around -- but not anymore! Thanks to David Sirlin, we found a work around that allows us to run phpBB on iPlayWinner!

You can access the forums at, or by simply clicking the "Forums" link on the left hand side of the navigation bar. Sign up for an account, upload an avatar and go nuts!

Right now, you can ask me anything about Sagat, or post up your PSN/XBL gamer tag and get some games in online with the iPW crew ... or simply make a thread of your own!

Keep in mind that your login for the forum is different than logging into the main iPW site (this really only applies to editors & contributors.) Down the line we hope to have full integration where your login will work with all parts of the site, but until then... what are you waiting for!? GO REGISTER!



Now that BlazBlue has been out for just over a year now, it's safe to say that the current tier lists and matchup statistics are representative of the game's roster balance. While there's no doubting that the top 3 in BlazBlue do have a significant advantage over most of the cast (they essentially make the bottom 3), that's not to say it's impossible to win (most of) those matchups.

Today we'll be looking at two of Hakumen's matchups with videos from the latest Ko-hatsu tournament.

First we'll tackle Nu- a very hard match for Hakumen to win, but if he can stay patient and play a good defense, he has a fairly high chance of winning. Here's Tenchi, a very strong Hakumen player, fighting a Nu.


Although the final outcome of this match was all but expected, both players exemplify what this matchup is all about from both sides. Hakumen needs to primarily stay on defense by carefully advancing towards Nu by double/super jumping and instant blocking as much as he can (not just so he can build meter, but so he can punish anything Nu might throw out that will become unsafe with the added frame advantage from instant blocking). For Nu, although Hakumen is relatively easy to keep away, once he does get in it's hard to escape. Not to mention he'll almost always have enough meter to optimize his damage, so you have to be quick in deciding when to burst. Overall, both players played extrodanarily well, and had Tenchi not dropped the combo in the last round he probably could have won if he had kept up his defense.

Next up is Tager, with Tenchi playing Hakumen again and Galileo playing Tager. This is a very peculiar matchup because Hakumen and Tager are often trying to get within a similiar range to land their hits and both of them spend lots of time turtling to build meter (for Tager, this is referring to his Spark Volt meter). What this often leads to is a sort of tug of war, with the player having the meter needed to mount an offense at an advantage.


Again, Tenchi loses, but still shows how this matchup should be played. Very bold use of Hotaru (j.214B, basically an aerial uppercut) to punish Tager's Collider attempts while magnetized and very good mixups as well show just how tricky Hakumen can be. Note how at 2:20, Hakumen dashes to avoid getting hit by Tager's 720. This is not due to any throw invincibility (or any kind of invincibility) on Hakumen's dash, but because his dash makes him momentarily airborne, effectively making him unthrowable (though just for the duration of his airborne state). And although not pertaining to Hakumen, the 720 setup at 3:14 was pretty baller.

I'll try to keep these video analyses a regular thing around here (doubly so when BBCS drops). If you have any questions about these matchvids or BB in general, leave them in the comments and I'll do my best to address them.


Tekken 6 Releases & Gamestop Tournament Announced!

Well it looks like Gamestop is at it again!  Back in February Capcom and Gamestop teamed together to bring an awesome nationwide tournament for Street Fighter IV.  Well it seems Gamestop is back but this time they are teaming up with Namco for the Tekken 6 release!

Tekken 6 officially releases tomorrow (or tonight at midnight for some of the lucky few) and this weekend on October 31st (Happy Halloween!) the King of the Ironfist Tournament will commence.  This is exciting news for all those Tekken players that have been hungry for this and have had to live with the Street Fighter IV hype this past year.  Tekken has been a more popular franchise than Street Fighter in countries other than the United States so it will be interesting to see how the fighting game scene responds to this announcement.

One thing for sure - I am unpleased with the announcement that you are still unable to bring your own arcade sticks.  Perhaps the gamestops will provide wireless hori sticks to play with, though that is doubtful.  You guys may want to practice this first week of Tekken 6 on that control pad!

For official rules and details on which stores near you are hosting the King of the Ironfist Tournament, please follow this link!



As mentioned in the article that goes along with this video, Street Fighter 4 so far lacks any really insane combo videos. Everyone has seen combo videos using repeated jabs mixed with some Focus Atack Dash Cancelling, but I have yet to see anything as crazy as the exhibition below.

You can check out Maj's post on Sonic for a full breakdown on the combos and what was involved in making this video. Also, lucky for us looks like this will be a regular feature on his site so keep checking back for more!


More Super Street Fighter 4 Video from Capcom Fight Club plus Commentary by Seth Killian

Here are a few more vids from Capcom Fight Club, which took place last night. These vids show more action from the new characters. The vids are courtesy of the Console Warzone YouTube channel.

It is interesting to note that, once again, Capcom's Seth Killian stated that Super Street Fighter 4 will not be a full priced game on release next year.

Seth Killian also said that if you added up every upgrade to every version of Street Fighter 2 together, you would not get an update as good as we will be getting for Super Street Fighter 4. That, combined with reduced retail price, make Super Street Fighter 4 a true value, far and beyond anything you can possibly expect from a patch update.




Tomorrrow, CUT2 (Californa Unification Tournament) will be streamed at Top Tier Gaming on BlazBlue is sure to be streamed, while Guilty Gear is still a maybe at this point.

You can watch the stream tomorrow around 6 PM PST for BlazBlue. If Guilty Gear is going to be streamed, that will be shown around 1 PM PST. Casuals for those games and possibly others (MBAA, HnK, etc) will start streaming at 9AM PST.



What is CUT? (from the first post of the thread on Dustloop)

California is a pretty big state, and people from the north don't have opportunities to get together with the southern players very often. That's why those of us in San Luis Obispo, in the middle of the two, would like to host a tournament that maybe both sides could attend. Hence the name, California Unification Tournament 2, since this will be our second time hosting!



Pherai from Denjin Arcade stopped by Gooteck's Bar Fights and interviewed a handful of the players who were competing in the exhibition only event. He talks to East Coast players L.I. Joe and Arturo Sanchez about the differences between West Coast and East Coast players, getting their input on the different play styles in each region. He also gets feedback from the always outspoken Filipino Champ about the upcoming matches, with a little input from MAGUS1234 as well.


Capcom Fight Club Impressions

Only just weeks after announcing Super Street Fighter 4, Capcom held an event in NYC displaying it for the first time in public. While this was a noble attempt, I genuinely think Capcom should have held back a few weeks and maybe have shown off a more complete build that more people could play. Only a lucky few got to play the game up front against strong players such as Marn, Justin Wong, and Sanford Kelly, but it seems this really wasn't enough to satisfy the thirst of most of the players there, leaving an aura of disappointment in the building.

Click to read more ...


Capcom Fight Club Stream Now Live


Capcom has set up a live stream for tonight's Capcom Fight Club in New York. If you want to get a first look at Super Street Fighter 4 in action, this could be your chance.  If you are looking forward to seeing the North American release of Tatsunoko vs Capcom in action, with new characters and balance tweaks, that will be present as well. It seems strange that it is there in my opinion, but Marvel vs Capcom will also be there.  The tagline for the stream is "Watch the Unity Team (Capcom) play against their fans", so we might see some Seth Killian taking on attendees.

Free live streaming by Ustream

You can also keep track of tonight's events via a special website Capcom has set up which will feature Twitter updates. Stay up to date on what is going on behind the scenes (and the stream) here.


Capcom still pondering bringing Super Street Fighter 4 to arcades, but if they do it will not be difficult

Capcom has been annoyingly back and forth about the prospects of bringing Super Street Fighter 4 to arcades.  At first they said no, then they said it was not an absolute no (probably after the quick backlash), and then a spokesperson said that the arcade version will depend on sales of the console version.  All we know at this point is that Capcom itself does not know itself and perhaps the back and forth in their statements is reflective of the struggle within Capcom itself over the issue.


Kotaku once again got some information on this issue recently from Capcom's Seth Killian. When asked, Seth told Kotaku that they still have not decided whether or not to bring Super Street Fighter 4 to arcades.  However, as arcade enthusiasts already know, if Capcom decided to do so, Killian confirmed that it would be a fairly easy transition.

The arcade version of Street Fighter 4 runs on the Taito Type X2 arcade board, which includes a hard-drive for storage.  As such, Killian stated that updating a Street Fighter 4 arcade cabinet to Super Street Fighter 4 would require simply installing the new software and then changing the cabinet's artwork.

If Capcom does not update the arcade version of Super Street Fighter 4 it will considerably widen the gap between the arcade version and the console version, which will have implications even in North America, where there are only a handful of arcades remaining. 

Source: Kotaku and Arcade Shock for the Taito Type X2 image.


TEKKEN 6 Launch Event In Los Angeles This Weekend!



Presented by ACTivegamerS LA
In cooperation with SDTEKKEN, SHORYUKEN.COM, and the fighting game community!

Sponsored by Namco Bandai Games, Mad Catz, & Starbucks.

Southern California fighting game fans!  Get ready for the next battle!  Celebrate the launch of TEKKEN 6 in style with ACTivegamerS and the rest of the fighting game community as we party the night away on Saturday, Oct. 24 in Hawthorne, California.

Join hundreds of TEKKEN fans as we unveil the fully playable retail version of TEKKEN 6 to the public! Join in on the launch tournament and participate in our awesome raffles and win some cool TEKKEN prizes, such as: Shirts, tattoo arm sleeves, hair pieces, and for the select few, an early copy of the game!

The TEKKEN Swaggin’ Wagon will also be at the event with TapouT TEKKEN shirts and other cool TEKKEN swag!  Take your picture with the Swaggin’ Wagon and it’s beautiful TEKKEN art & detailed finish!

An all-star list of TEKKEN community members will be in attendance…  Play against the top tournament players from the Southern California region and enter the first official console TEKKEN 6 tournament for your chance to win more prizes and maybe even an early copy of TEKKEN 6! Bring your game pads and arcade sticks!  The grand prize winner of the tournament will receive a Limited Edition TEKKEN 6 Wireless FightStick Bundle!

Among the who’s who of TEKKEN community members in attendance, include:

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The internet is a strange, dark, damp world full of things that you wish you never saw and full of things you wish you never would forget.

I spend most of my time on the internet poking around on youtube, and every once in a while you'll come across something fighting game related that will leave you scratching your head in disbelieve and awe. This week I thought I would show you some of my favorites!

KSK and MOV fight a blind kid in Mortal Kombat on Japanese TV?

Can someone explain this to me? What I can take from just watching it is very limited. KSK and MOV (Two top Third Strike players) go on a Japanese gameshow to battle a blind kid from the US(?) in Mortal Kombat? I'm not exactly sure what to think of this but KSK looks really stressed out when hes playing the game.


A collection of Street Fighter II bugs from a Japanese DVD

What we got here is a collection of some of the strangest bugs from the Street Fighter II series. We've all seen Guile's "handcuffs" (the first bug in the video), but some of these I've never seen before such as the duo-Blanka bug and the bonus stage related bugs. Pretty insane stuff.


Mugen is pretty stupid.


Have you ever seen "Evil Dan" fight "Street Fighter the Movie" Guile and some weird Japanese character that spanks you with a spoon? Well, now you have. Also, why does this look like it's ripped from a casette tape?


The Ballad Of .......Guilty Gear?

This is another one that leaves me speechless. What looks/sounds like a normal Japanese ballad turns into a fight of Guilty Gear XX. On top of being bizarre on its own, it's littered with off-kelter soundbites from something completely different. After I watched this I locked myself in my room and called my mom. Help.


A collection of "lose faces" set to Russian music? Really?

I found this while poking around on youtube. The title explains it all really. Really? Really.

Check back next week for some more and always feel free to submit your own clip and I'll probably post it on here!