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GameShark's Beginners Guide to Super Street Fighter IV’s New Characters

GameShark has written a nice overview Super Street Fighter 4's new characters aimed at new players.  The article gives their opinion on the characters' strengths and weaknesses as well as a general overview of some of the characters standout traits and moves as well as a tip or two.  If you are new to the game and are looking for a quick, broad look at all of the new characters in order to decide who you will play, give this a look.

Source: GameShark



Remember the days when we used to look forward to the next Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 blog update each week? With the game out and all the secrets revealed, I haven't thought too much of it up until now.

According to the new Saikyo Blog, there is an update coming on June 15th that will not only include the upcoming Tournament Mode, but will patch certain elements of the game as well.

Anoop Gantayat over at AndriaSang translated the blog to give everyone a rundown on what the patch will adjust in the game:

  • Certain Fei Long combos turning into an endless combo
  • When you unleash an Ultra Combo and time freezes, your guard input cancels out. This, Ayano admitted, is actually something that was known prior to the release, but they left it in as an interesting play mechanic. After the game's release, they realized that there were a number of characters that ended up in being able to unleash their Ultra Combos with no risk.
  • The effect of Sagat's Angry Charge move does not reflect on his EX Tiger Uppercut in some circumstances.
  • Counter damage against Bison's Ultra Combo II Psycho Punisher move is too low
  • When Ibuki attacks a ducking Chun-Li, the second hit of the attack will not register
  • When Ibuki rises from the ground in certain instances, she'll retain her invincibility for a long time.

Some of the stuff I've known about such as Sagat's Angry Scar only powering up EX uppercuts when used in combos, and I'm sure everyone has heard about the unblockable set ups by now. Though, Ibuki having some sort of invincibility when she rises which I had no idea about up until now -- I'm not even sure how it works exactly. 

Source: AndriaSang 



Every new video of King of Fighters XIII makes the game look better each time and this new trailer is no exception. It covers all the bases for the new game, from the new characters added to the roster NEOMAX Specials (Hey, who put Ultras in my KOF?) and Drive Canceling. 

There are also some new gameplay videos and other random footage over at SRK, check it out.



I was given a link last night by my idiot brother, Lamerboi, and being the lame Guile player that he is, he finds a YouTube channel of some dude who replaces game/movie/show themes with Guile's theme song. Much to my surprise and amusement, I got some pretty good laughs. Although, they were cheap ones. Love me or hate me for this, I thought this was worth sharing with you guys, and here are the two videos that provided me with cheap and quick entertainment. Enjoy! Edit: This is definitely a guilty pleasure for me.




Flash Metroid of put together a great tutorial to help players wrap their head around how to use Makoto. You'll find a lot of ways to further your game with her such as the Mini Kara-Karakusa among other techniques but it's still yet to be seen if she can hang on a competitive level. 



Another awesome tournament concluded last night, and here are the results with the overall standing so far. If you want to play in the tournament next week, the signs ups page will be live either later tonight or tomorrow afternoon so keep an eye out for it.

Below you can check out the results, and here is a quick write up from the guys over at

- Both 1st and 2nd place in XBL and PSN respectively are new contenders to the tournament. They did not enter in the 1.1 ranbat or the very first tournament.

- YahYahs and Madmax in the PSN bracket were both eliminated. YahYah placed 5 while Madmax didn't do as well as he did in 1.1, placing 7th.

- Envi played kramCakes and Stoic TWICE this tournament. Lost to Kram in the winners bracket, then was sent to the losers bracket to defeat kramCakes and Stoic. Envi played 2 Rose players, Stoic and Anton. 

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Vote for your Favorite Darkstalkers Character at Capcom Unity

A poll has popped up recently over at Capcom Unity blog asking you to vote for your favorite Darkstalkers character! One can only ponder what the purpose is behind this (market research, perhaps?).  Either way, it's always good to see a company reaching out for fan feedback! I encourage every one to go and make your click known! Think hard though, you have 22 choices and only one pick!



Now, I cant imagine anyone reading this site to not have a copy of Super Street Fighter 4 by now, but if you were holding off on picking up the game or simply want another copy for your other system, it's on sale right now for $29.99 at and other online vendors. 

Click here for the PS3 version.

Click here for the XBOX360 version.

I'm not sure if this is a temporary price cut or permanent and how long this sale has been going on, but either way it's a great deal. Thanks to Eric for the heads up on this. 

Update: It's also on sale at Gamestop. Thanks to Stubbs for the tip on this!

Buy at Gamestop for $29.99 New or $24.99 used, plus get a $10 credit towards future purchase

Also make sure to use coupon code: SAVER and get free value shipping.


Ask Capcom: No Demo Planned for Marvel vs Capcom 3

Capcom Unity has a forum, appropriately called Ask Capcom, where readers ask questions and Capcom staffers answer them. IPW will post the more interesting fighting game related q&as for your convenience.

Recently Capcom answered a question about the possibility of a Marvel vs Capcom 3 demo and a question about Super Street Fighter 4's story


I remember reading the events of SSF4 took place 1 or 2 years after SF4.  Why does it seem the same things are happening with some people and some things seem different with others?  Is this a post-SF4 story or a replacement to the past events in question?

Seth Killian (Capcom):

The concept of SSFIV story was that it was supposed to be it's own thing, and move beyond the SFIV story.  Obviously some details leave, um.... room for interpretation :)


Will we get a playable demo for MVC3 after E3?

Christian Svensson (Capcom):

That is not the plan, no.

Seth Killian (Capcom):

We'd like to give people the chance to play the game early and often, but it may be more along the lines of SFIV with live events.  As Sven mentioned, the plan you mentioned for a demo is... not the plan.




The artistic talent within the fighting game community is truly astounding, as is the level of creativity.  gavacho13 has used his talents to combine Sesame Street with Street Fighter.  What do you think? If you want to see more of his creations on deviantART, hit the source link below.

Source: gavacho13 on deviantART. Tip from Capcom Unity



Continuing our special feature with The Box Arena, we have an interview with old school player Viscant where he talks about his history in the scene and gives his thoughts on Marvel vs Capcom 3. Not only has he been around for quite sometime playing competitively, year after year he's written some great articles about fighting games and now helps commentate for the Box Arena live streams. I also have found out through first hand experience he plays a mean Blanka in Super Street Fighter 4 as well!

Thanks to Viscant and DJ FrankFresh for putting this together -- next up in the series is Yeb! Stay tuned!


I started playing fighting games competitively in 1997 with Alpha 2 but really began competing at the top level in 1998 when Marvel vs. Capcom 1 and Alpha 3 came out.  I won the first major tournament I ever competed in for MvC1, USFGC in Las Vegas in what would be one of the early forerunners to Evo.  The fighting game community has taken me to tournaments all over the United States from Southern California, to Northern California, to Arizona, to Jersey for ECC, to Chicago for Midwest Championships and of course to Vegas for Evo series events.  The main highlights of my career have been finishing top 10 in a major for Alpha 3, MvC1, MvC2, CvS1, CvS2, 3s and ST.

What are you expecting of MVC3? 

For MvC3, I'm honestly expecting a step back.  I think MvC2's longevity was due more to good fortune than to good design.  At so many points along that game's development if things were slightly different the game would have broke down completely.  If Spiral's knives came out just a tiny bit faster or a tiny bit shorter.  If Cable's grenades were just a little bit better.  If Iron Man's airdash was just that much faster.  Small touches like that were the difference between MvC2 lasting for 10 years or being discarded after 1.  MvC3 will be a different kind of animal and I imagine it will be more like Guilty Gear or Tatsu vs. Capcom.  Hopefully it'll be well done, but I doubt it'll be as well loved as MvC2; so few games in fighting game history ever have been.

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CLICK FOR FULL MATCH UP CHARTA+: Rufus, Akuma, Guile, Abel, Sagat

A: Dictator, C. Viper, Ryu

B+: Boxer, Chun Li, E. Honda, Dhalsim, Ibuki

B: Zangief, Blanka, Seth, Dudley, Cammy, El Fuerte, Ken, Juri, Rose

C: T. Hawk, DeeJay, Guy, Fei Long, Cody, Gouken, Claw, Adon, Gen

D: Hakan, Makoto, Sakura, Dan




The response to our initial Super Street Fighter 4 Tier List was overwhelming and created a lot more discussion and debate than we had ever imagined. The idea was to start with an initial base concept and slowly update the tiers to get everything inline month after month. With such a massive response from the community, we took it upon ourselves to come out with an update for the tiers before June. Moving forward, we will most likely only make major updates on a monthly basis.

This was a lot of work, but we got more input from top players and now have official Match Up Consultants that look over the data and give feed back to make sure most of the match ups and numbers and character letter rankings make sense. Everyone got to work and now we have what we feel is a much more fair tier list that is more inline with match up statistics across the board at this point. That said, much can change in the coming months, and a lot is still up in the air when it comes to the new characters.

Hopefully the match up chart is a little easier to read, and if you see any corrections to be made please let us know directly. Of course, we don't expect people to ever agree on any tier list, but your feedback is more than welcome. Hit us up in the comments and let us know what you think of the update!


Street Fighter is Dead

"You are God and I am free; each of us is alone, and our anguish is akin." -- Sartre, "The Flies"

"Boop bop with da' schwoop schwop, get this idiot outta' here." -- Magus1234, Keystone II stream

Inevitably, there will come a time when you stare into the blank look of confusion splayed across the face of a new acquaintance after you tell them that you devote a lot of your free time to something that falls between “hobby” and “masturbation” on the task priority check list. Depending on how much a person masturbates. The question in their eyes is always the same : why?

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There's been a lot of talk that Ibuki is theoretically one of the best, if not the best new character in Super Street Fighter 4. But with such a high execution barrier, trying to pick her up right off the bat will leave many players scratching their head as to why she is ranked so high. That said, Japanese player Sako has a handful of videos out demonstrating what makes her so powerful. 

Below, you'll see Sako performing many of her different set ups and combos that lead to her dreaded Kunai and cross up vortex.  If you're wondering what many of these combos are and want a breakdown on her game plan, the final video is a tutorial by Rushdown TV that will give you all the basics and then some.

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SUPER NORCAL REGIONALS is coming up Memorial Day Weekend (May 29-30th), so if you haven't registered yet, hit up the website and do it!

Jared Rea put together an awesome trailer for Super NCR, bringing Darry in to give everyone the low down on the event. Check it out..


Super Street Fighter 4 off to a Super Sales Start

The future looks bright for Capcom fighting games. For this car, not so much.April sales numbers from NPD Group have arrived, and it looks like Super Street Fighter 4 is off to a fantastic sales start.

Sales figures are as follows:

Super Street Fighter 4 (PS3): 143,000
Super Street Fighter 4 (Xbox 360): 108,000
Combined Total: 251,000

Keep in mind that the game was released on April 27. Since this data is for April only, it only reflects 4 days worth of sales (27th - 30th of April).

NPD Group numbers reflect North American sales only, and not all retailers report data to the company. Regardless, these numbers show that Super Street Fighter 4 is indeed a hit.

Source: NPD Group


Midwest Championships 2010 Recap by Otaku USA Magazine Website

Photo courtesy of Otaku USA MagazineThe official website of Otaku USA Magazine has put up a very nice article expressing their experience at the recently concluded Midwest Championship.  It's rare that we see articles like this which recap our community's major events and give detailed impressions, so be sure to check it out.

Here's an excerpt:

The Midwest Championship could best be described as the gateway to the summer tournament season, a road that ends at Evolution—the Super Bowl/Wrestlemania/Daytona 500 for fighting game enthusiasts worldwide. Having been held years prior at the Nickel City arcade in Chicago, IL, this year's MWC was held in Northbrook, IL at the Crown Plaza Hotel. It was thought to be larger than the previous venue, but this preconception was shattered almost instantly thanks to the 350 people that appeared to play. The space was initially planned for 200-250 attendees so staff had their hands full trying to keep up with match reports and maneuvering through the crowd. Adding to the chaos, there were problems with Tonamento, the online bracketing system that notifies players via cell phone of their matches starting. Certain wireless networks were unable to receive signals inside the building, rendering it useless unless you had a working smart phone to see the brackets. This also meant that you couldn't really leave the ballroom for extended periods of time lest you risk missing your match. This all made the atmosphere hectic, slightly claustrophobic, yet fun.

Hit the source link below for more.

Source: Official website for Otaku USA Magazine


Kula Diamond and Maxima Revealed for King of Fighters XIII

The lineup of characters for King of Fighters XIII is looking impressive.This King of Fighters XIII tip comes by way of Shoryuken. The King of Fighters XIII official website has revealed more new characters.  Kula Diamond and Maxima now join the game's roster, bringing the confirmed number of characters so far to 31.  There are rumors of a few more potential characters floating around (Iori '98 and Dark Ash), but even if this is the final roster it is impressive.

Source: King of Fighters XIII Official Website (Japanese) via Shoryuken





So this has been in the works for a while now, believe it or not -- the first true iPlayWinner tier list! This whole project was directed by Ryan "Filipino Champ" Ramirez as he contacted many top players across the country (Justin Wong, Floe, Marn, John Choi, Ricky Ortiz, Keno, Tatsu -- the list goes on and on, it really does) to get their input on certain match ups -- so rest assured this isn't just one players opinion!  We finished punching in all the data and getting it organized a couple days ago and here it is for everyone's viewing pleasure!

On the right you'll see the different ranks for all the characters, and on the left you can click the image to see the match up chart to get an idea on how they got there.


A: Abel, Dictator, Ryu,  Chun Li, Boxer, E. Honda

B+: Zangief, Ibuki, Sagat, Guile, Blanka 

B: Cammy, T. Hawk, Juri, El Fuerte, Dhalsim, Ken, C. Viper

C+: Seth, Fei Long, DeeJay, Cody, Dudley, Adon, Gouken, Rose

C: Gen, Claw, Guy, Hakan

D: Makoto, Sakura, Dan




Now, the idea here is we will continue to update this tier list each month based on the opinions of top players around the world. So, don't be surprised if you see things change up a bit over the next couple months as more players learn about the new characters and strategies with the current cast.

You can always view the most current tier list here: iPlayWinner Super Street Fighter 4 Tier List



The Box Arena is the hub of the San Diego fighting game scene and they've put together a series of interviews for iPlayWinner to shed some light on their scene's unique history and players. This is a four part series where we will have interviews from players such as Yeb, Shady K and Viscant. Part one gives an overview of the Box Arena and how it came to be, also an interview with newcomer, Steinmania. 

Don't forget, they have a major Super Street Fighter 4 2v2 RANBAT coming up this Saturday! More details can be found on The Box Arena official post, and you can check out the trailer below.


Christine Gentry of The Box Arena gives us a look into how everything came to be and who is involved to make not only the tournaments, but casual gatherings happen week after week.

Why did your group start referring to themselves as The Box Arena?

There is always debate as to where the name originated from and who actually started it. According to two of the original members, Kuizzy Ef Baby and OceansideDoods, the suggestion was first to be called "The Box Dojo". Some say that the Box came from the fact that the first thing you saw when you pulled up to our steep driveway was four Scion XBs "box cars".



There is another rumor that it came from name "El Cajon" which is the town in East County San Diego we live in. Whoever started that rumor needs a few lessons in Spanish because they thought "el cajo" translated to "the box" when actually it translates to "the drawer" and box is actually "el caja." Nevertheless, the "Dojo" was dropped simply because it sounded kind of silly and it was replaced with "Arena" because we specialize in fighting games. If we had a cooler story.. you would be the first to know!


What is The Box Arena?

The Box Arena now is a lot different from what The Box was a year ago. With the drop of Street Fighter 4 in 2009, one of our original members SkratchiChan, decided to host casuals at our house in El Cajon. The first casuals were four or five people, then we went on to letting HunEBee run some mini eight-man brackets. Over the course of about two months these brackets grew to 40+ players and everyone was trying their hardest to make our sessions on Wednesday nights to play in these dollar tournies.

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