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Yeah yeah, so I found this on Kotaku, so what? Anyway, looks like SOTA is gearing up for another batch of Street Fighter toys, this time creating some resin statues of new comer Juri. The face looks a little goofy, and she is missing her Feng Shui Engine eye or whatever it's called  but over all everything else looks pretty spot on. Nice pose, fits the character well I think. 

No word on when the figures will be available, but SOTA has a Facebook page where you can see more photos and get updates on new releases.  You can check out more photos of the figure here


Dogface Show: Part 5 of Interview with Justin "Marvelous" Wong

Here's the 5th and final part to the Justin Wong interview on the Dogface Show.  This really was a great interview in my opinion.  It's always interesting to get inside the mind of a top tier player, especially with Dogface doing the interview.

Source: The Dogface Show


Seth Killian Clarifies Number of Alternate Costumes in Super Street Fighter 4

Capcom's Seth Killian responded today to a question on Capcom Unity's Ask Capcom forum regarding the number of alternate costumes that each character will have in Super Street Fighter 4.  I've been wondernig this myself.  Here's the answer from Seth Killian himself:

"The current plan is for all returning characters to get a new costume, so they'll have a total of 3."

"Characters new to Super Street Fighter IV are currently planned to have just 2 costumes, just like characters new to Street Fighter IV had."

Source: Capcom Unity


Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars Shooter Mini-Game Gets Its Own Promo 

It's not often that you see a promotional trailer for a game within a game, but here it is! It's a promotional trailer for Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Shooter, a mini-game that's a part of Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars. Andriasang has posted a nice written rundown of what is inside this trailer. Here are the details:

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EXCEED 2 TOURNAMENT FLYER - DOPE! EXCEED 2 was a major team tournament that went down in the UK over the weekend featuring top players such as Ryan Hart and Zak Bennett! 29 three man teams entered, and well you know how these things go, only one came out victorious.

I've had the pleasure to talk to a couple of active members in the UK scene over the past month or so, Wesley A.  and J. Bardolph. Wesley gave me the down low on the London scene and its players via a Skype conversation during one of the Haunts vs The World stream and I've been working closely with J. Bardolph (aka WorstGiefEver.. that's his screen name, I swear!) on helping him set up a streaming and recording rig. Both really cool guys and I'm sure they reflect the scene out there as a whole.. well I hope so anyway!

Here is the last match of the tournament between Zak who plays Akuma and Ryan who plays Sagat. The two commentators are F-Word and Zade and as far as I know (correct me if I am wrong guys) Zade is one of the main organizers of this tournament.

You can check out the rest of the videos from the tournament here. As far as results, I don't want to spoil the outcome for those of you who haven't seen this yet, but the complete bracket can be seen here.




Hope everyone had a relaxing long weekend, that is if you got MLK Day off! I know many of you tuned in for the numerous streams we produced this weekend, but if you happened to miss some of them I'm posting up the best of the best here!

Of course, you can check out all our recordings on our uStream channel here.


This is a tournament, which like many others, started off as kind of a snooze fest. I don't think anyone expected the Grand Finals to be as great as they turned out to be. It ended up with Filipino Champ in the losers bracket battling it out with Eric Choi who was in winners. Eric Choi uses Rufus and Filipino Champ who is an avid Dhalsim user mentioned that the match up is really hard for Dhalsim. He switched it up and played Seth in the Grand Finals and it was really one of the most intense I've seen in quite sometime. 


There are some other great matches that led up to the Grand Finals as well so be sure to check those out too. Also, a HUGE shout out to iPlayWinner's THXYOUTOO for not only running this tournament but also producing the stream. This guy not only is a great player but does a great job week in and week out producing a ton of Bay area streams for IPDUB. PLEASE thank this dude in the comments for giving you stream monsters something to watch each weekend.


This weeks Keystone was a good one for me -- I ended up getting third! That may not sound like much to some of you guys but we have some really fierce comp up here, and when you're trying to run a stream and also play it can be kind of difficult to get your head in the game! Since I've been running the Keystone streams I really haven't done that well in the ranbats so I was happy to actually get at least one point for the season.



I had some great matches between Terry from and also Itayon who is an up and coming C. Viper player. I ended up getting completely mauled in Winners Finals by Ramin who plays Abel and I am still not sure how to approach this match considering Abel has such and easy time getting in against Sagat! After being sent to losers I battled it out with Ricky Ortiz in the losers finals. I did better than I usually do against Ricky but missed some key opportunities to clutch out any wins really. I'd be lying if I said I don't psyche myself out a bit everytime I play Ricky! Anyhow, besides my matches there are a ton of other great matches in this recording as well so don't sleep on those either.


As some of you know, I've started to broadcast a daily stream where I accept invites from XBL/PSN SF4 players for the whole world to see. This week was a lot of fun with a ton of great matches. I just love meeting new people and fighting with players from all over. It's far more entertaining than just playing on my own anyway! 

Last night I did a first to ten with FindMyFarms, one of Texas's up and coming players. He just started with Street Fighter 4 being his first fighting game and is already one of the best players in the region. He is also someone I talk strategy with on the popular NeoGAF forums. Many of the forum members have wanted to see us fight for sometime now so we made it into a bit of an event. FMF invited a ton of his friends from TX into the chat so it turned out to be a lot of fun.


There were some seriously laggy moments unfortunately but over all it was a pretty good set. We both screwed up pretty bad in some parts but I think this is worth posting so those of you who just started playing can see you can become a real powerhouse if you just learn how the game should be played.

Also, here is a great set between Maximillian who is one of the best Ken players I've ever played. Truth be told he usually has my number when we play but I've thought about why I lost so much when I've played him in the past and actually put up a fight this time. Check it out:


Tonight's 1Up Game Night to feature Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars!

It's almost here! Next week Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars will be on store shelves (and on my game shelf as well!).  If you want to catch some TvC action, be sure to tune in to 1UP's Game Night this evening starting at 5PM PST. 

Go here for the stream once it starts to get a look at the game before it hits stores.

From 1UP:

Get ready for a Game Night filled with action-packed fights starring Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Ultimate All-Stars. Last year, we ran a small office tournament for the import version of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, but this time, we'll try to be as informative as possible, showing off the new characters while taking questions from the boards.

We record Game Night live every Tuesday at 5 p.m. PST. A recorded version of the show will go up Wednesday afternoon on GameVideos. For past Game Night episodes check out 1UP's Game Night hub page.

Source: Capcom Unity



Team Lettuce Sandwich - cabbage somewhere between Sagat and Abel? Eww.

Azrael of SRK did another bang up job of translating the newest developer blog, and also posted the Japanese National Street Fighter 4 Tournament 1st Qualifier results. The results were first sighted over at over the weekend thanks to Oichi, but they were somewhat unconfirmed so I held off from posting.

The blog post also mentions Mago's team will take place in the qualifier this upcoming weekend, January 23rd. .


Here are the results via

1st place team (goes on to finals in Tokyo in April)
Lettuce Sandwich
Shiro (AB)
Ojisanboi (SG)
Kyabetsu (VI)

2nd place
Mahou Shojo Zangitan no Chousen ~ Zenkoku Taikai Hen ~
Mahou Shojo Zangitan (ZA)
Moruda (HO)

3rd place
Dashi Curry
Dashio (VI)
Vega Curry (SG)
Aojiru Guile (BA)

There are a couple screenshots on the new developer blog post as well - check 'em out!




Continuing on from last week, Mr. Tomozawa and I would like to talk about the voices and sound effects. We're gonna get really in-depth about the voices and SE!

-- First off, tell us about the character voices.


For the character voices this time around, not counting the prologue or ending, all together there are around 10,000 bits of data. It's probably a bit unheard of to have this many vocal samples for a fighting game. There are a lot of characters, and also because of things like splitting one voice into several parts, the overall number just increases.

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Ken Kara Throw Setups

Here is a very good vid created by Ramza on how to do Ken's kara throw and several set-ups you can use in order to land it in a match.  If you play Ken and have not added kara throw to your game, you need to watch this vid!  Thanks to ShowTime for the tip.


International Hype is Coming to Final Round 13!!

This is from Shinblanka at They have been working very, very hard to bring top international Tekken players to Final Round, the biggest major tournament in the southest with a tradition for big players and big hype!

If you are a Tekken player and are anywhere near Atlanta, you need to come to Final Round! Not only that, but if you can please pre-pay for your registration and/or donate $10 or so for the cause of bringing these superstars to Final Round. You can do this on Final Round's website at

Final Round takes place from March 12-14 at Atlanta, GA.  It will be massive, so don't miss the hype!

Announcement from Final Round:

Who has what it takes to defeat Korea's best in Tekken6 at Final Round XIII? That is the question to ask as the Korean Top Tekken player Knee has been confirmed to be able to come to Final Round XIII. With Final Round being the BEST Tekken tournament in the USA it is only fitting that a player of Knee's calibur makes his 1st trip to an American tournament at FRXIII. The Hype meter just got raised for FR13 as the far east will be in the ATL for T6 to take that pimpcup! We're going to need to front the plane ticket though. Also, there's a very strong chance of a second Korean being able to come, most likely Nin. Tissuemon from Japan has also shown interest. Before I go any further, monstrous props to Wes for being so patient and helping us out with trying to get the Korean players interested in coming over. Big shout out to Mark too for letting Tissuemon in on what's going on!!

Now for the information that everyone probably wants to know:

-Players that have pre-registered AND pre-paid will be allowed to line up to play the international players in casuals during the day time before the tournaments are under way. We're thinking of giving everyone two games, win/lose/draw, you have to get up for the next person in line. Best case scenario we have a TV with Knee on it, a TV with Nin, and a TV with Tissuemon.

-At night time, I will have a list of players that have prepaid. As long as the international players are down for more, I will be cycling groups of people into bacon's extra and my room to get games with them.

-The top donator(s) will be rewarded with a ft5, 1-on-1 training session with Knee. Should Nin and/or Tissuemon come as well, then we'll reward the top 2/3. #1 gets their choice, #2 picks next, and #3 gets the final available player. ATTENTION: This is completely and totally voluntary on the international players' part. I haven't gotten word if they don't mind doing this yet, so do not let this be the primary reason for you donating.


BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Matches

It's been a while since I posted some matches for BlazBlue: Continuum Shift.  I'm going to post vids from time to time in order to remind BlazBlue fans that this game will be coming in the future to consoles (it's currently in arcades right now).  So sit back and enjoy a few matches from this gorgeous and fast-paced game!

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MarkMan over at SDTEKKEN gave me a heads up on the new Tekken trailer that was released and it actually looks like it MIGHT be watchable. Of course the acting looks a little dry but it appears they are doing a great job staying true to the characters appearances. Also, if the trailer is any indication, hopefully it will be mostly action with a lot of fights instead of too much story but we'll just have to wait and see. 



Have questions about the fighting game culture, the iPlayWinner crew, or anything in general? Send an e-mail to

It’s been 3 weeks since my last “weekly” mailbag, and the holiday season has treated me a little too well, but I’ve not forgotten about some of you fellow readers! For this mailbag, we've gone a little bit international with a read from the Cayman Islands, and another one from London! Thank you guys from all over the world who are reading and participating in the mailbag!


Games overshadowed or out-of-date?

Hey Crackfiend,

In light of SF4's success, as well as the pure, dripping hype that is SSF4's impending arrival, are there any games, new or old, that you think may be/are being overlooked in everyone's rush to get into the latest and greatest?

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IPW Forum Topic: DarkStalkers

I like this topic.  If you're a Darkstalkers fan like I am or if you are bored over the weekend, this topic should be entertaining.

Street Fighter 4 producer Yoshinori Ono has expressed interest in doing a new Darkstalkers after he finishes with Super.  Let's pretend that we work for Capcom and are given the task of developing a plan for a new Darkstalkers game for Xbox 360 and PS3 (sorry Wii).  Let's also be realistic and assume that Capcom corporate has ordered you to use Street Fighter 4's 3D graphics engine, but everything else is up to you.

  • What kind gameplay systems would you use?
  • Which graphical effects would you employ?
  • Would you employ any special features to make the game stand out?
  • Do you have any ideas for new characters?

So turn on those creative juices and put on your game-developer hats! Everybody thinks they can be a game designer and/or is smarter than the game developer, so show us what you got!

Assuming this gets a good enough response (I'm hoping there are still lots of Darkstalkers fans out there), I'll post some of the best ideas on the main IPW site later next week.

Head over to the IPW Forums and Post in the Remaking Darkstalkers: Your Ideas thread

Here are a few things to help inspire you.

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Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars TV Commercial

Here is the TV spot for Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars! It uses stop-motion (like Adult Swim's Robot Chicken) in the beginning sequence. It's a pretty neat commercial and fits with the game's style. The commerical will hit Adult Swim, SyFy, USA and more starting next Monday.  The game hits store shelves on 26 January.

Source: Capcom Unity


When will the teasing stop? French gaming site says: 4 more characters finalized and playable in CES build of Super Street Fighter 4

French gaming website has posted a preview of Super Street Fighter 4 from what they experienced at CES. What's very interesting about this article is in the first paragraph. Here is a translation provided by duanra at SRK:

"No, we're still not able to confirm the existence of Ibuki, Dudley, Makoto and Hakan, Capcom has asked us to leave the room at every return on the selection screen."

"But our demonstrator confirmed that the four characters are actually finalized and playable in the version that was presented to us."

Does that confirm the four new characters we've heard about via rumors for months now? Will Capcom finally stop the teasing and let us in on what is likely going to turn out to be one of gaming's worst-kept secrets? We'll see.

Source: (French)


Japanese Street Fighter 4 3 on 3 National Tournament Qualifiers begin Tomorrow

The first qualifying tournament for Japan's Street Fighter 4 National 3 on 3 tournament will begin tomorrow.  Oichi (Reno) from has taken the time to translate the names of the players and some of the team names that will be taking part in tomorrow's event. 

Notably missing are Daigo (he's already in the tournament due to voting), Mago, Iyo, Tokido, Nuki, Krisuto, Akimo, and Yoshiwo. had previously reported that Mago, Tokido, and Akimo were planning on forming a team for Nationals, but Oichi speculates that they could be planning to hit a different qualifier or enter the qualifier tomorrow but in a different area (the list Oichi provided is for the Takadanobaba’s Taito Station Big Box). 

Also, on the official Japanese Official Super Street Fighter 4 blog, assistant producer Shiozawa Natsuki announced that the grand finals for nationals will take place on April 4th in Tokyo.

So head over to for more info on tomorrow's qualifier.



GameTrailers Previews Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

Here's another preview for the upcoming Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars.  It is your general overview type of preview but it does go into slightly more detail about the game's systems than most of the other previews out there.  As Capcom's Seth Killian said on Capcom Unity talking about this vid, if you already know about the game, this doesn't have anything new. But if you want to show someone that does not know about the game what TvC is all about in one shot, this is a great vid to show them.

Source: GameTrailers via Capcom Unity



Chris "Fascinating" Hu has a lot of fans out there, myself included!  He is a tremendous Ryu player in New York City, facing off against the best the East Coast has to offer.  As good as his Ryu is, though, his match commentary on streams is godlike. IPW brings you this interview with the man, the legend, Chris Hu!

LVC: First of all, I want to thank you for giving me your time.

Chris: No problem.

LVC: First question.  Where are you originally from?

Chris: I come from China. I am Chinese.

LVC: Where in china?

Chris: It's South of the China, Call, GuangZhou.

LVC: How did you become interested in fighting games?

Chris: Actually I play fighting game since I was 13 years old. First Game is SF2.

LVC: You want to go into that a bit more?

Chris: Yea, Fighting Game for me that is about Two person using mind to beat each other, I like the feeling like this, Fighting game include a lot of things, like reaction, strategy, that's why I like fighting game.

LVC: Which cities in china have the best fighting game scenes?

Chris: Basically would be Guangzhou, ShangHai, BeiJing.

LVC: In China, does anything else get played besides KOF?

Chris: Not at all , Chinese focus on KOF a lot, maybe 1 arcade like up to 10 machines kof97  15 machines kof98, We do have another game, Just Not that popular, since Right now we have sf4, Chinese getting better in this game.

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Video with All 36 new Super Street Fighter 4 Ultras (20 in HD)

OK, here's a compilation vid with all 36 new Ultras in Super Street Fighter 4 (so far, I haven't seen Gen's around yet).