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I can't help but find this a little odd considering the source. I'm suprised they even have a fighting game category to be honest, but yes Street Fighter 4 takes Fighting Game of the Year from Fox News. They even say you'll be playing Street Fighter 4 ten years from now, which if you look at previous Street Fighter installments that's a pretty safe bet (if you count the upgrades of course).

The clip is about 2:10 into it.


Is that Arakune in my Soup?

I thought this pic was pretty funny!  Personally, as someone who does not play Arakune in BlazBlue, I prefer him this way LOL! Someone out there has some imagination! Click image for larger version.

Thanks to SonGohanX for the tip!


IGN's "Best of 2009 Awards" Gives Nods to Street Fighter 4, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, and Madcatz Tournament Edition Fightstick

IGN recently put together their "Best of 2009" awards and here are the three important ones for fighting game fans:

BEST FIGHTING GAME (X-Box 360): Street Fighter 4

This game deserves to win, in my opinion.  It revitalized a genre, proving to companies that 2D fighting games could still sell. Its play mechanics managed to draw in casual fighting game fans who were alienated by increasingly complex games like Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, bringing excitement and a whole new vein of new blood into the community.  And although it still has some minor balance issues, it is probably the most balanced first iteration of a new fighting game series.


BEST FIGHTING GAME (Playstation 3): BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

I don't know why Street Fighter 4 won on the X-Box 360 and BlazBlue won on Playstation 3, unless this is their way of recognizing the quality of both titles, which I would agree with.  BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is old-school done new-school.  It has solid systems which draw their lineage from the amazing Guilty Gear series and yet updates the visuals with gorgeous 3d backgrounds and super-crisp, high resolution 2D sprites.  Its online code is also a new standard.  Well deserved, Aksys Games!

BEST PERIPHERAL OF THE YEAR: Mad Catz Tournament Edition Fightstick

I agree with this one whole-heartedly.  Every time I go to a tourney, a large portion of the people there are using one of these sticks, including myself.  They are virtually perfect in every way.  If you don't like something, it's super easy to customize. It's an amazing design inside and out.  Congrats to MarkMan and Mad Catz!!

Source: IGN



Looks like footage from the live stream hosted by Yoshinori Ono has finally surfaced! We put up a vid originally on Sunday but it was taken down due to a copyright claim. Here are two vids that are still working. View them while you can, just in case the same thing happens!!

Keep in mind, folks, that these vids were captured from a live stream..... out of Japan. So it will be choppy in parts. However, you get to see more Super Street Fighter 4 here than you otherwise would, including the new character, stage select screens, and match footage.


BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger News: Tidbits on Euro Release and Cross-Platform play between Xbox 360 and PC versions?

New news for has come out of French website GAMEKULT.

European Version of BlazBlue:

We found out earlier that the upcoming European release of BlazBlue is indeed Calamity Trigger.  Although it was initially said that the European version would have new characters, that isn't exactly accurate.

The European version will have everything that the North American release has.  It will also have all 24 colors unlocked from the start.  Also, the game will indeed have the Unlimited version of characters, like the upcoming BlazBlue Portable for Sony PSP.

PC Version to Feature Cross-Platform Play with X-Box 360?

This is really interesting.  It is reported that they are working on getting cross-platform play working so that players using the X-Box 360 version can play against people using the PC version, and vise-versa!  This would be possible if the PC version utilized Microsoft's Games for Windows Live.  It is certainly possible, as previously released games on X-box 360 and PC have been able to play each other in the past (Shadowrun being one of them). 

Apparently the PC version is arriving (in France at least) in February alongside the PS3 and X-Box 360 versions.

Source: GameKult (France)


Famitsu has Super Street Fighter 4 Screenshots Featuring Guy


Japanese website Famitsu has some Super Street Fighter 4 screenshots featuring Guy.  Now, some of these screenshots are not new. There are a few in there, however.  Keep in mind that they are all featuring Guy vs Rose and all on the Diner stage, so only make the jump if you are interested in seeing screens of Guy performing various moves.  Follow the source link below to see the screenshots.

Source: Famitsu (Japan)


CAPCOM'S Seth Killian Comments on Addressing Street Fighter 4 Ranked Match Problems in Super

A very interesting question was posted recently in the Ask Capcom forum at Capcom Unity.  It pertains to something that has happened to me once or twice in Street Fighter 4. Capcom's Seth Killian answers the question.


Hey there, could you guys tell me how ranked matches will work? I'm not talking about the points system, but how the matches will be setup. Will it be a standard 2/3 rounds like most other fighting games for ranked, or will it be the same as sf4?

One of the reasons I hated ranked matches in sf4 is because people would create 1 rounds, 30 seconds matches. Even when I thought I was joining a standard game, the host would change the match settings in the lobby to make it 1 round 30 secs. It's why I stopped playing ranked and went to championship since at least that mode has standard match settings.

Will capcom fix this issue for ssf4? You should only be allowed to change settings in player matches, so a lot of us were disappointed with sf4's ranked match system. I hope Capcom is aware of this and made the neccesary changes.


It's not yet decided.  Some elements of the team like the option to have different kinds of matches, and I kind of see where they're coming from, though if someone wants to be the champion of 1-round, 30 second matches, I want the records to reflect the kind of match-types they're winning, instead of lumping them all in to the same pile.  I think this would solve the problem and produce some fun stats.

Source: Capcom Unity


Super Street Fighter 4 Hakan Comedy Skit

Lots of speculation going around these days about the rumored new Super Street Fighter 4 character, Hakan.  DId I say earlier that the Street Fighter community is creative? Add a bit crazy to that. Seriously, I found this amusing.




Where: Shadowbrooke Games, 1800 Monument Blvd #M, concord CA.
What: Street Fighter 4, Double Elimination, 2/3 rounds.
Stream will start around 2PM PST.

VIP List So Far:
Ricky Ortiz
Filipino Champ
Today's stream is brought to you by ThxYouToo of iPlayWinner!

Mad Catz Officially Announces Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars Fightstick

We've seen mockups of this floating around before but now it's official.  Here is the new Madcatz Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars fightstick. 

Here is Mad Catz' official press release:

Mad Catz Interactive, Inc., a leading third-party interactive entertainment accessory provider, announced today that it has expanded its relationship with Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of videogames, to produce branded videogame controllers and accessories based on the upcoming Tatsunoko VS. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars videogame. The agreement gives Mad Catz North American rights for products for the Wii.

"We are delighted with our partnership with Capcom, and we are excited to expand the relationship with this new license," said Darren Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz. "As we have with our very successful Street Fighter IV accessories, we look forward to bringing fighting games fans on the Wii platform a range of distinctive, high-quality accessories that enhance the game-playing experience of Tatsunoko VS. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars.”

Source: Capcom Unity



This is our first week streaming the KEYSTONE II Weakly Scambats! Last week was our first session and a lot of good matches went down. Ricky Ortiz (Sagat) defeated John Choi (Ryu) in the Grand Finals, netting him 3 total points. John came away with 2, and MAGUS1234 (Zangief) has 1 point. 

The stream will start around 10:30PM PST.

Outside of those mentioned, Crackfiend, myself and a ton of other great NorCal players will be competing tonight. Hop on the chat and let us know what you think!



Have questions about the fighting game culture, the iPlayWinner crew, or anything in general? Send an e-mail to

During the last weekend, I attended the Tekken 6 Nationals in San Francisco. The overall event was interesting: private venue, RSVP only, lots of giveaways, and so forth. However, the one thing that really stood out during this event was the appearance of a certain MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter named Josh Barnett.

For those of you who don't know, Josh Barnett is one of the top 10 heavyweights in the world. Apparently there was an interview with him during the event, but as a guest there, I was unable to hear anything at all. Regardless, it was interesting to see a high profile athlete attend this event, which is something that should happen more often for two key reasons:

Move way from cultural segregation & creating social awareness of the fighting game culture. With that said, let's move on to this week's mailbag.

Tekken 6 competitors

Now that Tekken 6 Nationals has come to an end, what are your thoughts on the competitors? [/triforce voice]

Jonsf, Bay Area

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Super Street Fighter 4 Character Select Screen!

Super Street Fighter 4 producer Yoshoniri Ono was on a live stream showing off the game.  Some readers took screen captures of the stream.  We finally, after all this time, have our first image of the character select screen! Also shown is the Main Menu and the Stage Select screen. Keep in mind that these could be placeholders, but it offers clues.

Thanks to TurtleSnatcher, Lost Fragment and Dizzy-4U from Neo-GAF for the screen captures! 

TurtleSnatcher even figured out the layout of the characters on the character select screen.

Source: Neo-GAF



IPW Interview with AutoMattock (JiBbo)

David-Paul Mattock, otherwise known as "AutoMattock", otherwise known as "JiBbo", is one of the top Gen players in North America. 

In this IPW interview, we delve into his fighting game history, his thoughts on his close match against Daigo, a bit about the scene in NC, Gen, Street Fighter 4, and thoughts on the upcoming Super Street Fighter 4. Enjoy.

Tell us a bit about your fighting game experience. When did you start playing and what fighting game got you into the genre?

Growing up I was exposed to a lot of video games with my brothers always playing them. It really was the hobby I picked up out of childhood curiosity and wonderment but also as a means to interact with my older siblings. Me being the youngest it was difficult to have some sort of medium to accomplish that interaction and SNES Street Fighter II was where it all started for me. So I guess it wasn't so much me "getting into" the fighting game genre as it was me just being a kid. For the most part my introduction into fighting games was me observing my older brother play different fighting games. I sort of just happened to develop a passion of my own.

What other fighters did you play in the past and which ones do you play today?

I played pretty much everything growing up. From Killer Instinct to Clay Fighters to SvC Chaos. Everything. This is all of course before I had a logical clue as to what I was doing or was even a part of the scene around here. I've been described as a mouse back in those days in that I just kinda lurked around played, made a little bit of noise and then moved on. 

Today the games I practice are 3rd strike and SF4. I also play some Alpha 3 and CvS2.

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Turbo-Teleported (A Dhalsim Song)

The Street Fighter community's creativity and talent never ceases to amaze me!  In this song, via Scramble TV, Balrog tells about the time he met Dhalsim. Warning: It's catchy!

Source: Scramble TV


Even More Up Close and Personal with the New Super Street Fighter 4 Stages

The latest post in the Japanese Official Super Street Fighter 4 Blog is all about the 4 new stages. This time they show off the little details that you see in the backgrounds and elements that change as matches go on.  There truly is an amazing amount of detail in these new stages, as you will see in this gallery!





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Awesome update this morning over at Capcom Unity thanks to Seth Killian. He takes a closer look at many of the new stages found in Super Street Fighter 4, pointing out some of the interactivity with the background elements and even showing off a new S.I.N. stage in the process. Well, I think the run down S.I.N. Lab is new -- it's certainly the first time I have seen it!

Here are a handful of the shots he posted, be sure to head over to Capcom Unity for the full set.





For those of you who love internet tournaments, especially ones with free prizes, here's one for the winter if you're staying home for Christmas and New Years. Be wary though, December 19th is the deadline for Street Fighter 4 registration, which is this Saturday. The registration for Tekken 6, however, is open until January 2nd. Gogogo!



Wow, this is really bizarre but pretty awesome at the same time. This is a downloadable DSi Ware game for the Nintendo DSi called "Fight with Photos: Photo Fighter X". It's exactly what it sounds like - you take photos of your self, punching, kicking and throwing fireballs and put yourself in a fighting game! It's 200 points and comes out today (in Japan)! 

As you can see with the image above you can get real creative with this, assigning pretty much anything as a projectile. 

Here is some more information on the game via Andria Sang:

Titled Fight With Photos: Photo Fighter X, this original fighting game has you use the DSi hardware to create fighters and stages. You use the camera to take pictures of yourself in various poses. You then record sounds and voices for your punches and special moves. After giving yourself a name and a type, which changes your fighting style, you're done creating your fighter. But you can still choose to create a background, also using the system's camera to take pictures of real life settings.

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Sonic Hurricane's Fun with Street Fighter 4: Volume 1

The newest Sonic Hurricane video is here.  They decided to take a break from the usual combo videos this time and decided to have some fun with the game.  So here is "Fun with Street Fighter 4: Volume 1". It's pretty crazy, but it is fun to watch!

Source: Sonic Hurricane