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If you're looking for Super Street Fighter 4 strategy, I am working on a Super Street Fighter 4 Guide for We currently have strategies for all the new characters posted, and come next week we will be revising the original console cast as well. Included in the guide is videos for the Challenge Mode Trials for all the new characters, so check those out too if you're wondering about the timing on certain combos. 

Of course with any fighting game, strategies will evolve over time and we will continue to update as new strategies appear, but this should be a great starting point for those of you looking to pick up any of the new characters.


We'll also be previewing the iPlayWinner Super Street Fighter 4 Guide tomorrow, so stay tuned!



GameTrailers' Top 10 Characters to Include in Marvel vs Capcom 3

There are a lot of great ideas in this video by GameTrailers. Actually, I'd love to see all of them happen.  What do you think of these ideas?

"Yeah, the Punisher, bitches!"

Source: GameTrailers


Capcom's Seth Killian Talks Marvel vs Capcom 3

Capcom's Seth Killian is a busy guy.  Now that Super Street Fighter 4 is in the wild, he's doing his rounds for the recently announced Marvel vs Capccom 3.  He was recently on a podcast for Destructoid where he dropped some interesting pieces of information.  He also answered a question pertaining to the game on the Capcom Unity Forums.

I bet Seth is getting tired of responding to the roster size issue already.  Marvel vs Capcom 2 had 56 characters, while the new game was announced to have "around 30".  That number is not final..

"Right now, there are about 30 characters (in Marvel Vs Capcom 3). I get upset because I keep hearing people say 'Oh, so there's 30 characters in the game?' Well, yes, but they're also going to keep adding characters until we're done with the game... There are 30 characters right now. They're not all done. They're at various stages. Some are pretty far along, some have a long way to go."

When talking about the fighting engine for the game, he hints that while there will be an addition or two to the fighting engine, it will not deviate too much from Marvel vs Capcom 2.

"We'll be getting into one of the key things that makes Marvel (Vs Capcom) 3 totally different, or you know, a unique experience from Marvel (Vs Capcom) 2... I shouldn't say that it's (Marvel Vs Capcom 3) is totally different. Fans of Marvel (Vs Capcom) 2 are not going to be alienated by (Marvel Vs Capcom) 3."

Finally, on the Capcom Unity Forums, someone asked the following question:

I've read that Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is going to have elements from Street Fighter 4, but the 3 vs 3 style is back... Also read that its going to be completely different from MvC2 as well as different from Tatsunoko vs Capcom?

So of the three, which game would Marvel vs. Capcom 3 resemble most in terms of gameplay?

He responded:

"There's a lot of stuff flying around, but in terms of SFIV, the biggest similarity is simply in terms of using 3D models with a 2D fighting style."

"3v3 is back, and as far as "completely different" from MvC2 I would say that is simply not correct. It ain't. In terms of gameplay, between SFIV, TvC, and MvC2, MvC3 will by far most resemble MvC2."

Sources: Destructiod, Capcom Unity Forum


Sonic Hurricane Super Street Fighter 4 Combo Video marathon Starts Today

Sonic Hurricane will be going on a marathon making combo videos for a few weeks.  This is the first one. If you would like to see them all, visit Sonic Hurricane daily to catch them.  We will post any videos which are of special interest here. OK, we'll probably put them all up because Maj makes magic happen.

From Maj of Sonic Hurricane:

Starting yesterday, i’ll be making a brand new SSF4 combo video every day for two weeks. This plan is designed to accomplish three goals, which i’ll now list in bullet-point form:
    • entertain you fine people of the fighting game community
    • ruin my sleep schedule and possibly my sanity
    • persuade my PS3 to spontaneously combust

Source: Sonic Hurricane


New King of Fighters XIII Character: Hwa Jai

The arcade location test for King of Fighters XIII continues.  This video confirms another new character, Hwa Jai.  Game is looking good so far.


Why Are You Playing It? SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4 General Impressions & iPW COMIC!

How’s that Super Street Fighter 4 grinding going? If you haven’t bought the game already, then you’re going to be hard-pressed to convince your fellow SF fan you’re a fighting gamer…Although, I’m sure you can come up with a legitimate excuse like poverty, availability, and nerfs…

Comic Artist: Biju Ai - Script Writer: Soju Ai - Ai-Incorporated

Yet, regardless if you’re still playing SF4, or you’ve already made that transition to Super, the Davis and Sacramento crew’s experiences may prove useful. Impressions of SSF4, character analysis, interests and disappointments in the new characters, speculation on the top 4 characters, and a pinch of whining—all of that will be revealed in this Super Street Fighter 4 article!

Q1) What are your general impressions of SSF4? How do the overall gameplay changes affect the game and balance?


The game speed makes it a little more interesting. Nerfs to shoryukens make it a lot more of a rushdown type of game, but that’s not to say turtling won’t be powerful. I really like the choice between the two ultras. While in most cases characters want to use their original, others will find that picking an ultra will depend on certain matches and character situations… Also, I feel that the new characters aren’t that good. They’re kind of like the vanilla console characters—they are undeveloped compared to the arcade characters. Their normals aren’t very good outside of T-Hawk. Though in this game, Capcom improved normals and nerfed specials, so there’s a lot more incentive in the ground game because of the ability to link to untechable knockdowns. A lot of characters can now jab to sweep (Ken), and even the characters that could before have more frame advantage in their links. Balrog’s standing jab seems to have an additional + 2 frames, so the link for standing jab to crouching roundhouse seems to be easier. Disclaimer: Or Thxyoutoo is just that good.

On the other side of the spectrum, 200yen shows his dislike for the changes.


I think the game itself is not well-made. Capcom just reduced all the damage. The game takes forever compared to vanilla. If you have the best patience and endurance, then you will be the best player. Play a character that fits that style—which is Boxer and Guile, in my opinion—and give a lot of people trouble.  

Q2) Who was your main character in SF4, and how do the changes (if any) affect his/her style in Super?


Honda was my main. I would say that Honda in this game seems pretty much unchanged. He feels a little blockier, just from general flow. His ultra II is not good (they can jump out of it). I don’t feel right now, from what I’ve seen, that it’s valuable. I know that they at least buffed ultra I. However, because Honda is unchanged, his damage is the same, so he will be a good character. For any obscure character, it takes a special someone to bring him out from mediocrity like Akimo from Japan. His patience is out of this world—it’s what wins him the game. Thing about SF4 is it’s the person who plays patiently that wins the matches: you have to know your options, you have to know your character, and you have to be confident. Everything seems like it’s more or less the same with Honda. My sub was Guile. He’s a lot stronger than he used to be. I think he’s going to be a top contender in Japan (when Super is released in arcades). His sonic booms are a lot faster. His forward medium kick covers a lot of ground; it’s going to be a really good poke. In SF4, it wasn’t any good at all, but in this game, it made it go longer and faster, it’s probably better than his standing roundhouse. It has a little bit of startup, but once you have control, it’s a frame trap.

Noticing a trend in “unchanged means good,” I asked the same question to Thxyoutoo.

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Gootecks and Mike Ross Interview on Machinima Respawn

Machinima interviewed both Mike Ross and Gootecks about Super Street Fighter 4 where they talk about which characters they will end up playing and how the game has been rebalanced to make it more of a fair fight between all the characters.

Source: GYT News


Super Street Fighter 4 Alternate Costume Release Schedule

The release schedule for the Super Street Fighter 4 alternate costume packs has been revealed.  The Super Challengers Pack 1 is already available.  It costs $3.99 on Playstation 3 and 320 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360.  If you pre-ordered your copy at select retailers, you also got early access to the Super Classic Pack (which will officially release much later, as you will see below). 

As with Street Fighter 4, they will release a new pack at intervals and then give you the option to buy all of the costumes in one shot as the final offering. 


• Now Available: Super Challengers Pack 1 (Hakan, Makoto, Dudley, Guy, Dee Jay)

• May 11: Super Shoryuken Pack (Ryu, Akuma, Ken, Gouken, Dan)

• May 25: Super Beauty Pack (Chun-Li, C. Viper, Sakura, Rose, Cammy)

• June 8: Super Challengers Pack 2 (Juri, Ibuki, Cody, Adon, T. Hawk)

• June 15: Super Brawlers Pack (Zangief, E. Honda, Abel, Rufus, El Fuerte)

• June 22: Super Shadaloo Pack (Vega, Sagat, Balrog, M. Bison, Seth)

• June 29: Super Classic Pack (Guile, Blanka, Dhalsim, Gen, Fei Long)

• July 27: Super Complete Pack (All 35 costumes in one bundle)

If you want to see pics of all 35 alternate costumes so that you know what to expect, we have created a screenshot gallery for you.


Source: Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 Blog


Street Fighter 4 for iPhone 30% off for a limited time. New Character DLC likely.

Capcom has now discounted the price of Street Fighter 4 on iPhone for a limited time.  It is now 30% off until Thursday, which is only $6.99.  It plays remarkably well for being on a phone. 

The company is also asking fans to tell them which Street Fighter character they would like to be made available as DLC in the future.  Five people will be chosen randomly and given a copy of the game for free.  Cammy is already being added to the game as DLC, and this is a good indication that they plan to add even more characters.  

Source: Destructoid


3rd Strike TV Returns : A look at the European arcade scene

Ok, I know most of you are thinking "3s?? SKIP", but this video gives you a fantastic glimpse into the European SF scene.  The video takes you into a new arcade called Versus Dojo in France to discuss with the owner...

  • The state of arcades in France
  • The work it took to open a new arcade
  • The popular games in France

I was very surprised to see the diversity of games at this place (they even had Hokuto no Ken!!). Furthermore, I think all arcades could learn from Versus Dojo and have a sofa!

I'd also like to mention this series has been going on for many years, and I think it's definitely worth your time to take a look at some of the older videos as they show some Japanese tournaments from around SBO time from years back, as well as have footage from some old US champions on there too.



Here is further proof that the Fighting Game genre is reaching a whole new level, with Daigo Umehara being officially sponsored by MadCatz. MadCatz published a press release with details of the signing today, and word has it that Daigo is just the first of many players to be sponsored by MadCatz

Here is the press release via IndustryGamers:

San Diego, April 27. 2010

Mad Catz® Interactive, Inc. (“Mad Catz” or “the Company”) (AMEX/TSX: MCZ), a leading third-party interactive entertainment accessory provider today announced a sponsorship and promotional alliance with Daigo “The Beast” Umehara, an internationally renowned professional gamer specializing in the fighting game genre.

An avid player from the age of 11, Daigo is one of the gaming worlds’ most esteemed players, participating in tournaments for over 15 years and winning prestigious titles across no less than 10 different fighting games.

A celebrity amongst gaming enthusiasts, Daigo regularly participates in various exhibition bouts, writes his own regular gaming column and continues to participate in tournaments worldwide, including the famous Evolution series of tournaments which he has won several times. In addition, Daigo is the reigning Street Fighter® IV champion.

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UltraDavid Hakan Techniques Video

UltraDavid, a well-known Zangeif player in Street Fighter 4, has been hitting the lab with Super Street Fighter 4's Hakan.  He shows you some of the techniques that he has discovered.  Check out his Youtube channel for more videos.

Here's the desciption of what's going on in the video:

First: you actually can cancel a backdash with a normal, it just has to be early.

Second: using focus and dash normal canceling to dance around the screen while having a focus out most of the time

Third: focus, dash normal cancel it into cr. mk, buffer cr. mk into slide+followup

Fourth: you can input the followup to the slide immediately upon entering the command for the slide itself

This one's a talkie, so you don't really need to read this. There's obviously a lot of work to be done in getting better at the 2nd and 3rd things and combining them with the things from Hakan Exhibition #2 (seen on his Youtube channel). This is just an early look at what's to come.

Source: UltraDavid's YouTube channel


Juri Bread and Butter Combo Video from TrueTech

TrueTech has created a good video showing some of Juri's combo potential. If you are a Juri player, maybe you can get some ideas from this video.

Source: TrueTech's YouTube channel


Video Showing All Super Street Fighter 4 Titles and Icons

If you want to know what all the titles and icons are in Super Street Fighter 4, VersperArcade has posted a video which shows them all.

Thanks to Valkyrie for the tip on the video.

Source: VersperArcade's Youtube channel


For old time's sake: Insane Sonic Hurricane Street Fighter 4 Combo Video Featuring Akuma and Bison

Every time I post one of these videos I have to find a new way to say how amazing they are.  Super Street Fighter 4 is now available, but don't let that convince you to skip watching this Street Fighter 4 combo video from Sonic Hurricane. It features Akuma and M.Bison, and the last combo in the video blew my mind. Check it out.

Source: Sonic Hurricane


Super Street Fighter 4 Now Available

Everybody oil up! Super Street Fighter 4 is HERE!It seems like it has taken so long, but the big day is here.  Super Street Fighter 4 is now available and on store shelves for your purchasing pleasure right now!

If you haven't done so, run out and buy a copy!  If you are a fighting game fan, it is truly one of the best $40 you can spend.

If it helps to convince you, Capcom's Seth Killian has conveniently compiled a bunch of reviews for the game for Capcom Unity.  They are all stellar. Here's a taste. Head to Capcom Unity for Seth's full list.

G4 – 5 out of 5 (Super Street Fighter IV review)

"Super Street Fighter IV is an excellent upgrade to what was already a stellar fighting game.”

Eurogamer - 10
“… will almost certainly be known as Capcom's defining work of the generation”



Although I doubt many of you need Richard and I to tell you this is a good game, we put together a video review for Super Street Fighter 4 detailing what makes it a "worthy purchase". 



Super Street Fighter 4 is just hours away from official release.  Some of you lucky people out there are already playing the game.  I am obviously thrilled about Super Street Fighter 4 and for its potential impact on our fighting game community.

However, I also feel a tinge of sadness for leaving Street Fighter 4 behind.  This is the first time I have felt such a thing for a videogame.  As I traded in Street Fighter 4 the other day, I felt like I was saying goodbye to a friend.  That's silly, you say! What a geek, you say!  Well, I've lived and breathed Street Fighter 4 months before the game released on consoles, living the scene vicariously through Gootecks' podcasts and videos from arcade players in southern California. 

After the game released on consoles on February 17th of last year, I logged over 300 hours of playtime on my Xbox 360 copy alone and a few hundred more on my Playstation 3 copy (It's amazing I've spent as much time on the game and still am only intermediate skill at best haha).  I've been to many tournaments and have hosted a few as well in that time, having many nail-biting matches and making many great friends. 

In September or so of last year I started writing for iPlayWinner, giving me yet another perspective on the game as part of the fansite media.  Add to all that time the many streams that I have watched and the time I have spent trolling forums at NeoGAF and SRK and you can see that Street Fighter 4 has been a significant presence in my life.  It's been one hell of a ride.

And that is just my personal experience with the game.  Street Fighter 4 has been such a huge revitalizing force in the fighting game genre that even the game's haters out there have to give it that due.  While some companies were indeed still putting out a few fighting games (such as Namco and Sega) with varying degrees of success, many considered the fighting game genre to be in decline, especially the 2D perspective fighting game.  It is astounding to me that Capcom considered the release of Street Fighter 4 a "risk", and that people like the game's producer Yoshinori Ono had to fight to convince the company that it was a risk worth taking.

So, as Super Street Fighter 4 ascends to take the crown from Street Fighter 4, I'd like to bid a fond farewell to the game that has done so much, and extend gratitude to the folks at Capcom for taking that risk in releasing the game. 


Mad Catz Super Street Fighter 4 FightPad Review

Mad Catz has released another round of FightPads for the release of Super Street Fighter 4.  If you are a pad warrior, especially if your system of choice is the Xbox 360, you should really give these FightPads a look.  I spent some time with the Xbox 360 FightPad, and here are my impressions.


D-Pad: If you are a Xbox 360 pad warrior, you know that getting a D-pad right is critical, not only to your execution but also to wear and tear on your thumbs.

The FightPad's D-Pad at first feels strange.  Mad Catz calls it a "floating" D-Pad and that's an excellent description. When I first took it out of the packaging I wondered how accurate the D-Pad would be.  My doubts were erased over my time spent with the controller.  Dashes, quarter-circle, half-circle, and full circle are all extremely easy to pull off.  The pad's inputs are accurate.  In fact, some moves were easier for me to pull off with this FightPad than they were with my TE Stick.  I used this FightPad to get me through a Super Street Fighter 4 Combo Trial I was having trouble with. 

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Samādhi Street Fighter

Super Street Fighter IV drops in less than twenty-four hours. Some of you lucky readers may already have the game. As you count down the hours to the retail release, what's your plan? How do you envision the hours after you get home and break that plastic seal? If you're anything like most tournament players, the first thing you're going to do is play mad scientist and hit the lab. Once you pick that new character, or learn your old character's new tricks, you're going to spend the rest of that time in Training Mode committing all that goodness to muscle memory. Good plan, but is that all there is to this game?

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