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UK Super Street Fighter 4 Preview Tournament in London on 17 April is throwing a Super Street Fighter 4 Preview Tournament in London, United Kingdom.  They have teamed up with Capcom to get access to the game a full two weeks before the official UK release date.  It will happen on 17 April and the top three players will each win a copy of the game! Hit the source link below for the event's official thread on

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New Super Street Fighter 4 Video Featuring Alternate Costumes and Colors

A new Super Street Fighter 4 video showing alternate costumes and colors has surfaced. Check it out. T-Hawk's pink color is there if you were just dying to know.  Bison's alt looks fantastic.

For some reason the embed feature on MeriStation does not work. So please hit the source link below to view the video.




This is a Gamestop commercial for the Super Street Fighter 4 pre-order bonus and honestly reminds me of the Street Fighter II Turbo promos from the 90's we posted right here on the site not too long ago. Not sure I'm a bad enough dude to engage in a Street Fighter Thumb Fight myself, but to each their own!



Many of you saw the shakey-cam footage from GDC, but here is a direct feed version of the Super Street Fighter 4 intro movie!

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One of the main things plenty of players are wondering is how much damage certain characters will take and how easily they will be stunned. Meristation posted up a handful of statistics for some of the characters in Super Street Fighter 4 to give us a better idea of what we're getting into with each character. I added some notes below each character based on what we have seen of their playstyle as well.

Also, Meristaion conducted a podcast which gives more insight into Super Street Fighter 4's characters and different move attributes. You can check out some of the notes from this podcast below the character stats section.

UPDATE: Added damage changes to Shoryuken-type moves. Check the bottom of this post.

DeeJay - Stamina: 1000 / Stun: 1000

With DeeJay being what appears to be a fairly well rounded charge character, this  balanced stun and stamina seems to make sense.

T. Hawk - Stamina: 1150 / Stun: 1100

This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone really, I think we all expected T. Hawk to be a tank in Super. He will probably have to block fireballs with his face and other assorted attacks just to get in so it will probably balance out in the end. That said, he has a lot more mobility than say Zangief so we'll have to see.

Juri - Stamina: 950 / Stun: 950

I'd say this is fair considering she appears to be a rushdown beast with the ability to zone out opponents with her various Fireballs.

Cody - Stamina: 1000 / Stun: 1050

A brawler indeed, it looks like Cody will be able to take a couple hits without being phased too much. He is still a wild card in this game but after watching the Ruliweb Poongko videos it appears he will be able to do some pretty solid damage and then run away when he needs to. Having solid Stamina and Stun to boot will most likely make him a really good character.

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New Super Street Fighter 4 Vid via Meristation. Shows off some character Alt costumes

Here's a new video via MeriStation that shows clips of Street Fighter 4 in action. Many characters are in the video and it shows several of the alternate costumes as well! It's a fantastic vid.

BTW, until the video finishes processing with Youtube, hit the source link below to view the original.

Source: MeriStation TV



Alright! Another Twitter Q&A session and I have to say I'm really starting to enjoy doing these. I'm usually too busy posting news, updating guides or posting tournament results to ramble on about fighting game related topics, so thanks to everyone who keeps sending in the questions!

This week we have a question about what I think about counter picking, my playtime for Street Fighter 4 and also my thoughts on the recent MLG SF4 petition. I think a couple of these topics might stir up some controversy, so if you have something to say, don't be afraid to sound off in the comments!

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watching final round top 8 and the counter pick Wong did got me laughing at how salty people got. what do you think of it? 

To be honest, I think the people who complain about counter picking have probably never been to a tournament in their life. I've seen so many counter picks by now I don't think much of it outside of "Oh, look, this guy wants to win." When you're trying to get your fight money, it has nothing to do with "honor" or "repping your character" -- it's all about winning and taking home some cash. 

Think about all the time and money you spend not only travelling to get to a tournament, but also all the time spent just practicing to get good at a game to even compete. Don't you think these players want to see something in return? To some people it's just for fun but for others they actually make a decent amount of cash each month just by placing at these events and they will do whatever it takes to get it.

Justin Wong isn't the only player who does this but I think Final Round just had so much counter picking going on people were just getting bored and maybe he got singled out a bit in all the madness. When you're a Stream Monster, you want to be entertained because, damnit, you tuned into the stream and it's the players duties to make sure you're having a good time sitting at home in front of your computer, right? After two days of counter picking I think people just got a little fed up with it.

But you know what? When you play a bad match up and lose, all it gets you is a pat on the back, respect from your peers and maybe if you're lucky a chicken sandwich from Wendys if someone really feels sorry for you. What it wont get you is more earnings for attending a tournament or a higher ranking when people simply pull up the results to see who placed. 

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Samsung Street Fighter 4 Challenge @ Vivo City Results and Videos

Our friends over at ROUND1.SG (Singapore's premier Fighting Game website) put together a Street Fighter 4 tournament at a newly renovated Samsung Store and just posted up some results and videos recently. This was a 64-man bracket with some pretty sick prizes for all of top 8, with the first place winner coming away with a new Laptop. 

Here is the first set of the Grand Finals, and you can load up this YouTube Channel to see the rest. 

Here are the Top 8 results, check out this page for the full bracket.

1: Xian
2: Raven450(Leslie)
3: S-Y-S-Y
4: Rchan
5: Wei Jie
5: Tetra
7: hzy
7: Ah Bao (Anthony)

Thanks to Shipwatt for the heads up.


SF4 Biweekly TACV 09: Gouken

Maj from Sonic Hurricane just dropped the newest SF4 TACV and this time around it features Gouken. A lot of really insane fireball combos and the Seth 100% combo at the end makes me smile considering how much I can't stand playing against Seth to begin with!

Here is an excerpt from the entry on Sonic Hurricane:

Gouken can create free juggle states with seven different moves, whereas most characters only have lvl2/lvl3 Focus Attacks to rely on. However, only four of his attacks possess inherent juggle potential, none of which are particularly versatile. Furthermore, he’s remarkably unique within the Shoto family, so it’s interesting to experiment with visually familiar yet functionally divergent attacks inspired by Ryu and Ken’s moveset.



Two new Super Street Fighter 4 previews appeared online today from European gaming sites and detailing different elements of the new characters and game play changes.

To all of you players fiending for new information on balance changes and tweaks, it's worth noting that while the Eurogamer article may come across as more conservative, it has a lot more factually correct than the Videogamer article. The Videogamer article mentions many things about Super Street Fighter 4 that have been proven to be untrue, and other things that seem to be more speculation on their part rather than fact. 

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course (the viability of Guile's new Ultra, etc), but at this point, after spending some time with the game myself at the GDC Fight Club, and talking with John Choi, Ricky Ortiz and Buktooth about it, it's statements like the one below which makes me a little suspicious of the article.

Across the roster the Japanese company has resisted the temptation to nerf powerful characters (Sagat and Ryu), and instead tried to make established lower to mid tier characters more viable.

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CYBERFANTIX put together a great combo video featuring some "new blood" combo video creators. This video has combos from a ton of different SNK, NAMCO and CAPCOM games. Here is the YouTube version and you can download the full version at CYBERFANATIX.

Thanks to CPS2 (also featured in this video) from NeoGAF for the heads up.


Shakey-Cam Video of Super Street Fighter 4's Complete Opening Movie

Finally we get to see the whole thing. I've never seen the first part with Ibuki and Guy but we've seen later parts of this video before.  It's a shakey-cam video taken at GDC, but it's still nice to see the whole thing. It sends a little chill knowing that this will be on my TV screen in little over a month.


For Weekend Fun: A look back at some of Capcom's 90s promo videos for Street Fighter 2

Just for fun, over the weekend, let's take a look back in time at some of Capcom's promo vids for versions of Street Fighter 2 for the SNES and Genesis back in the early 90s.

Street Fighter 2 Turbo promo video sent out by Capcom in the 90s to promote the SNES version as well as some other Capcom products. 

Here's a promo vid for Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition for the Sega Genesis. It reuses some of the footage from the above promo for Turbo.

Thanks to NeoGAF for pointing one of these videos out!


Capcom Store Now Taking Preorders for Super Street Fighter 4 Dojo Edition

You can pre-order the Super Street Fighter 4: Dojo Edition now for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 for $79.99.  This collector's edition is only available through the Capcom Store and has items you can't get anywhere else. Here's what's included:

• Super Street Fighter IV game
• Super Street Fighter IV Dojo Edition Gym Bag
• T-shirt featuring Dudley tossing his rose
• 24 oz aluminum water bottle with carabiner (BPA free) featuring Ibuki
• Super Street Fighter IV Dojo Edition head band
• 1 GB USB drive featuring Juri and containing character art, wallpapers, comics and more...



Everyone's favorite Korean Street Fighter 4 player is already on that Super Street Fighter 4 grind! Here are a couple videos that showed up on Ruliweb of Poongko playing.

The first one he is playing Rose and Ryu and the second video he is playing C. Viper and Cammy. Check out TheKingofTekken6 YouTubeChannel for more videos!



Keiran sent this pic of his scene in Ireland. In this event ( 2) they held tourneys for Third Strike and Street Fighter 4.The release of Street Fighter 4 on consoles last year was a tremendous boost to fighting communities everywhere.  Areas with small communities gained new members, while passionate players found ways to establish scenes where none previously existed.  With Super Street Fighter 4 set to arrive soon, the fighting game community once again has a tremendous opportunity to expand.

So, if you don’t have a fighting game scene in your area and you would like to start one how do you go about doing so?  How do you grow a small fighting game community into something more?  If you are lucky enough to have a mid-size to large scene, how do you level up? 

There are likely many people out there who have these kinds of questions.  We do not have all the answers (nobody does), but we would like to create a place where we can share ideas.  With this series of articles, we will establish a guide for this purpose.  It will be a continuous work-in-progress, and we will try to incorporate any good idea that we come across into the guide.  Our hope is that by having ideas in one place, people can be inspired and empowered to do more in their areas. Perhaps we can even create a cycle where ideas can inspire new ideas and tips.

Our hope is that we can contribute to maximizing the potential to expand fighting game communities everywhere this year.  You don’t have to be a Street Fighter fan either to use some of these ideas.  Whatever your games of choice, many of the topics to be presented and discussed can be applied or can be modified to your specific needs.

So, with this we are reaching out to the community for help.  We will be asking for ideas from people who have already created scenes or who have been successful at growing them.  We will be seeking advice on our own IPW Forums and elsewhere.  As we collect ideas, we will create a permanent guide on IPW which will organize them all. 

Remember those pics of fighting game scenes we asked you to send in a few days ago? We thought it would be a great idea to incorporate pictures of actual fighting game scenes of all sizes from around the world into the guide.

Topics will include:

*tips for establishing a scene where none currently exists

*tips for growing if you already have a scene established

*being a good tourney organizer: critical for success

If you want to contribute to this effort, you can do so in several ways.  You can always post random tips and ideas in the articles like this one. You can also send them to

However, we would love to invite you to join us in the IPW Forums in the Tips for Establishing and Growing your Fighting Game Community thread.  Join us in the effort to create a bigger, stronger fighting game scene!



The GODSGARDEN staff has started uploading some HD quality videos from GODSGARDEN2 which took place in Japan just a couple weeks ago.  These first couple videos appear to be from the qualifying round, with a couple good fights with Bonchan vs Reiketsu Hidou and Ichi vs Mahou shoujo Zangi-tan. Keep an eye on their YouTube Channel for more uploads!



I just had a conversation the other day with a friend talking about how it's frustrating that all these new Super Street Fighter 4 videos have been showing up online, but most of the gameplay is just so bad that it's making the wait for the game itself more and more unbearable. You'll wait through 4 minutes of footage and maybe see one real combo or some interesting set up, sometimes totally unintentional to begin with.

Well, Ruliweb has come through with some pretty solid Super Street Fighter 4 videos showcasing a lot of the new characters with some decent gameplay to boot. There videos were uploaded by RajmanGamingHD and it looks like they are still in the process of uploading more, so keep checking their YouTube Channel for updates. I only included videos that have the new characters in them, although there are more videos on their YouTube Channel of some of the returning cast as well. 

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Seth Killian put together a character walkthrough of Hakan for Gametrailers and it breaks down most aspects of the Turkish oil wrestler's game. One thing that the video details that some of you may not have known is that when Hakan is oiled up he can move while he is charging up a Focus Attack! This will make for some really interesting match ups as long as the Hakan player can stay oiled up of course.




Reno Revolution Tournament Confirmed and Rumored Players

Just as a reminder, tomorrow is the large scale Reno tournament. From what I've heard, there will be a live stream of this event. For those of you nearby, come by for some top-tier caliber competition! Especially with a list of these confirmed players attending:

Filipino Champ
Ricky Ortiz
Jason Nelson

Rumored players to be attending:

Erik Choi
John Choi

For original information regarding the tournament, click here.