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Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars Battle Points Bug Fixed Plus Online Multiplayer Title Reference Guide

In his latest blog, Tatsunoko Vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars director Neo_G reported that the team has located and fixed the bug that was causing a reset of Battle Points during online play.  The online play itself wasn't an issue, but players would lose points they earned from wins.

The bug was apparently difficult to tackle, but they are confirming that the glitch is indeed taken care of. The team appologizes for taking so long to fix this issue.

They also provided a pretty handy reference guide for the titles that you can earn by winning online. Hit the full article for the graphic and it will be added to our Tatsunoko vs Capcom Guide in the Game Data section.

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BlazBlue: Continuum Shift: Downloadable Content List and Pricing

Aksys Games has released a pretty exhaustive list of all the downloadable content that is available for BlazBlue: Continuum Shift.  Grit your teeth and get your wallets ready.

Here is the pricing for both Xbox and PS3 users. Xbox 360 BBCS DLC  has been out for the past week and the PS3 DLC is available as of today.

The complete list follows:

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GameInformer put together a preview for Mortal Kombat with a handful of new screenshots. There really isn't anything we don't already know here but it's worth checking out if you haven't kept up with the game thus far. 



Here is an excerpt from the article, you can read the rest here.

Most of the characters are equipped with moves and weapons previously seen in the series, but the fighting that unfolds and the combos that are constructed are based mostly off of player ingenuity. “I want players to discover their own combos,” says Boon. The game offers plenty of pre-scripted combos for each character, but players will find new ways to chain the sequences and special moves together. You’ll even be able to create combos that link the attacks of tag partners.



Balrog is back with his plea to Capcom to put him in Street Fighter x Tekken!


BlazBlue: Continuum Shift: Makoto DLC Character Available Today. Video of Gameplay Included.

Let's see how well DLC characters are accepted by the community.BlazBlue: Continuum Shift is the first fighting game to implement adding new characters via downloadable content for a fee.

Today, the first downloadable character has become available for purchase. Her name is Makoto. This character is available now on Xbox Live Marketplace for 560 Microsoft Points($7). It is expected to hit Playstation Network soon (later tonight hopefully as of this writing).

According to Aksys Games, Makoto's gameplay is described as:

Short-range combat with a lot of tools. Not particularly fast, but hits hard.

You will be able to use this character in any mode except Arcade Mode and Story Mode. She has 12 default colors plus 12 bonus colors as well as her own theme.

Hit the jump for a gameplay video courtesy of Peacefuljayx.

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New Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown Trailer

A new trailer is here for Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown. It shows some of the characters and their moves. It looks hot. Hopefully this version makes its way to consoles!


Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Version Confirmed for December 2010 Release Says Arcade UFO

Here's a pic from Arcade UFO's website. Super Street Fighter 4 will soon join the lineup.Arcade UFO, an arcade based out of Austin Texas, has just stated over Twitter that the arcade version of Super Street Fighter 4 has been confirmed for a December 2010 release and that preorders start in September or October.

Here's the original Tweet:

SSF4 Arcade version confirmed for DECEMBER 2010 release. Preorders starting in September or October. We'll be the first to get as usual.


BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Core Mechanics Videos Courtesy of Aksys Games

Aksys Games has released the second in a pair of videos showing the game's core mechanics! The second one was released today, but we will repost the first one here in case you missed it. These will be added to our BlazBlue: Continuum Shift guide.

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Cross Counter Extra: EVO Afterhours (Intro to the Salty Suite)

This is a great look at the Salty Suite put together by F. Champ and Gootecks. Lots of player interviews and overall awesome footage. Check it out.

From YouTube:

The Salty Suite was an afterhours event collaboration between NorCal's ShowStopper & Filipino Champ, gootecks ( and Team Spooky ( that took place at Evo2010. The goal of the Salty Suite was to provide a venue for highly anticipated concept matches to take place such as Daigo Umehara vs. Arturo Sanchez, as well as a kickass spot for players to hang out at after the Evo show floor had closed. Other special events that took place included a High Roller tournament featuring players that came from all over the world including Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Hawaii, England and Papua New Guinea.


Fighting Game Comedy - Sagat's Angry Scar... "It's Guaranteed!"

Here's a funny little video that was posted earlier today. While it may be a bit repetative, for a couple chuckles it is well worth the 5 minutes it takes to view. Hats off to video maker Former, this video seems like it took quite some time to capture, edit and post and the joy achieved from Street Fighter is apparent in this short youtube video.




Keits over at SRK recived a tip on some supposed screenshots and images for Dead or Alive 5 for PS3. Rumors of the games development have surfaced from time to time over the past year, so it's not unelikley that the games official annoucement is right around the corner. That said, these are leaked screens so this is more or less a rumor until proven otherwise.


Super Street Fighter 4 Advanced Reset Mix-ups for Guy

Here's a pretty good video showing some techniques for more advanced players. It gives strategies for implementing some reset mix-ups into his game.  The end is pretty funny too, just don't take it too serious Guy players!

Thanks to Valkyrie for the tip. Spotted on This video was created by Goodpart. Great work! We have added a link to this video on Guy's strategy page for IPW's Super Street Fighter 4 guide.


BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Limited Edition and Fans Edition Detailed for Europe

The Fans Edition is full of pretty cool goodies for the serious BlazBlue fan!

Good news, Europeans! Details about the European release of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift have begun to surface!  At least you don't have to wait until next year for a proper release of the game, am I right? Here are details about the Standard, Limited Edition, and Fans Edition versions of the game.


Cover Art for the European Version.The Standard Edition will feature specially commissioned artwork by renowned Marvel and Udon artist, Alvin Lee.

The Limited Edition will be available through participating retailers and will include:
• A 96 page art book including artwork and concept sketches never before seen outside Arc System Works, as well as unique pieces created specifically for the EU release.
• A collection of eight beautiful art cards featuring stunning illustrations from Arc System Work’s BlazBlue universe. Each card will also display special moves, distortions and combos for characters in the expanded Continuum Shift roster.

The Fans Edition (Shown Above) will be available directly from Zen United and will include:
• The Limited Edition version.
• Makoto Playable Character DLC.
• Noel ‘Nendoroid’ Figurine.
• Limited Edition art print by renowned artist Alvin Lee.

The Fans Edition is limited to only 500 pieces and is available to pre-order online from the Zen United Store:

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift will be available in the UK and around Europe in October 2010.


Super Battle Opera Imposes Soft-Ban Rules on King of Fighters XIII Bugs

Apparently, the arcade version of King of Fighters XIII has bugs. It's to the point where Japan's Super Battle Opera (SBO), one of the country's most prestigeous arcade fighting game tournaments, has had to place soft-ban rules regarding the game's bugs. 

Here are the translated rules via Kotaku:

1. Hwa Jai's levitation
This bug, which can be activated while doing Hwa Jai's special move, causes the character the fly off the screen. According to Tougeki, the player that triggers this bug will be disqualified.

2. Vice's "Splash" Special Move Fisticuffs Lock
If the player uses Vice's "Splash" move and then begins trading ground attacks with their opponent, the opponent's character will get stuck in stun animation. The match will end only when time runs out. Tougeki states that the player playing as Vice will be disqualified.

3. Vice's "Overkill" Special Move Renders Certain Characters Unplayable
The combination of using the "Overkill" and a throw move to recovering character, causes these characters to become unplayable: Iori, Vice, Shen, Mature, Terry, Andy, Takuma, Ash, Mai and Maxima. Once again, the player playing as Vice, Tougeki notes, will be disqualified.

4. Ralf Jones' Neo Max Move Bug
Having Ralf use his Neo Max move to trade hits with any character in mid-air cause the opponent to get stuck floating. Players using Ralf will not be disqualified for this, Tougeki states, but will be required to bring their opponent back by using a weak jump attack. Then the match can resume.

Hopefully SNK Playmore will iron out these bugs over time.


The Dr. Sub-Zero Show: Episode 1 Part 2

  In this episode of The Dogface Show Dr. Sub-Zero show, Dr. Sub-Zero continues his interview with Yi "5star" Wang and Ty "Renic" Mitchell. They discuss how Street Fighter 3: Third Strike was brought back from obscurity, how top 3s players feel about GGPO, Gamer Girls, and more! 




This Sunday we are hosting the first Shadowbrooke ON NOTICE Super Street Fighter 4 Singles Tournament.  It's of course happening at Shadowbrooke Games in Concord, CA. This will be a semi-weekly event depending on what else is going on in the Bay Area at the time so keep checking back for upcoming tournament dates. 

The event will be streamed by iPlayWinner and you can check out the action via our USTREAM Channel. Sign ups are around noon and the stream will start around 2PM PST.

You can check out our thread on SRK for more details.


News Roundup: Leaked MvC3 Rosters Fake Says Capcom PR, Marvel vs Capcom 2 Still Top Seller on XBLA

Here are a few bits of news:

Leaked Marvel vs Capcom 3 Character Rosters are Fake, says Capcom PR

Capcom PR's Wes Phillips has stated on his Twitter account that the supposed "leaked" Marvel vs Capcom 3 rosters are fake. Here's what he has to say in this Tweet:

These supposed "final" MvC3 character lists are inaccurate. No one has nailed it thus far. Stay tuned for the realness.

If Silver Surfer turns out to be in the game, as RUMORED here, it makes all of the previously shown lists that I have seen obviously wrong.  It's fun to speculate about them though.


Marvel vs Capcom 2 Still a Top Seller on Xbox Live Arcade

Destructoid has posted a listing of the top 10 highest grossing Xbox Live games of 2010 so far (the year isn't over), and Marvel vs Capcom 2 has taken the number 6 spot.  It has made 1.8 million dollars so far this year. 

What makes it even more amazing is that the game released on July 29 of 2009. No details have been released for Playstation Network but it has been on the service's top downloads list for the most part since the game released as well.  The download release certainly has done good for Capcom. Hit here for the full list if you're curious to see what other titles made the list, but MvC2 was the only fighter.


Marvel vs Capcom 3: Siliconera Interview with Ryota Niitsuma

Ryota Niitsuma, Marvel vs Capcom 3's producer, talks game balance and character selection among other things.Siliconera has put up an interview they conducted with Ryota Niitsuma about Marvel vs Capcom 3. It has a lot of good stuff in there and is an interesting read. Here's a sample:

While Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is fun to play, it’s often criticized for being unbalanced. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has so many permutations with assists and teams how are you going to balance Marvel vs. Capcom 3?

The team is working very hard to make sure the game is balanced. Our process for trying to balance the game is as we make each character we try to balance it within itself. Once we have all of the characters made then we go back, pair them up, and try to find all of the bugs and points where the game is not balanced.

We’re working hard because we know this is the type of game you play over and over again. The more people play it the more likely they’ll find bugs and places where the game is not balanced. The team and I are working really hard to get rid of all of these issues before you guys find them.

In the event that players find bugs or discover unbalanced parts will you release a balance patch?

First, I’ll try to make sure we don’t need to do that. If a situation did arise we’ll look into trying to patch it.

Have you thought about releasing downloadable characters like BlazBlue?

I haven’t ruled out the possibility of that. It’s something I’m interested in doing, if possible. I’m looking a lot of other games and seeing how they’re dealing with the [DLC] issue itself. Once I decide on that I’ll make a decision.

Check out the rest of the interview here.



Keits posted an article on the front page of SRK in regards to Joseph Gordon Levitt commenting on Street Fighter. For those of you who don't know, JGV was in the recent big hit movie, Inception. JGV appears on the Jimmy Fallon show and takes a quick minute towards the end of this video to talk about Street Fighter. After watching this video, I had a few words to say: I respect this guy.


1UP.COM: Street Fighter x Tekken Preview

I put together a lengthy preview of Street Fighter x Tekken for based on what was shown in the Comic-Con gameplay trailer. It's a primarily a speculative article where I give my run down on who I would like to see in the game and some of the different gameplay mechanics that could potentially show up as well.

Here is an excerpt from the preview and you can read the article in its entirety by clicking here.

Subtle Details: If you look a little closer, you'll find other subtle details about the gameplay such as mid attacks that knockdown. In the video, Kazuya performs a blockstring that ends with an attack that hits Ryu while he is crouch blocking -- sending him flying. Backdash Invincibility also appears to be in the game, allowing Kazuya to backdash away from Ryu's Fierce Punch.

I also noticed there is a good bit of recovery on ducking movement, namely when Ryu Donkey Kicks Kazuya in the face as he tries to duck under a hadouken. Lastly, you'll see that there is a bit of push back when a character is hit with an attack that puts them into a spinning state, in this case preventing Kazuya from ducking in to dish out more damage.