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I'm spending some late night hours browsing through LordAborigione's YouTube Channel and came across this great match between Dashio and Radiowave. Really incredible first round with Radiowave making great use of the Focus Attack to tear through Dashio's Burning Kick mix ups. Will Dashio's impeccable execution be enough to come out victorious? 

Also, if you're curious as to how the qualifiers are shaping up, Oichi over at VersusCity put together a great list of the current teams and character standings. He makes an interesting observation that the only team without a Sagat, is Dream Team B of Makoto (Vega), Sutoraikun (Ken), M Jyou (Dhalsim).

Who am I rooting for? None of the underdogs, that's for sure -- Umehara, Bonchan and Yu all the way! Bonchan is by far and away my favorite Sagat player.

Current Qualifiers:
Dream Team A: Umehara (Ryu), Bonchan (Sagat), Yu (Akuma)
Dream Team B: Makoto (Vega), Sutoraikun (Ken), M Jyou (Dhalsim)
Tokyo Qualifier 1: Shiro (Abel), Ojisanboy (Sagat), Kyabetsu (Viper)
Touhoku Qualifer: Mago (Sagat), Tokido (Akuma), Akimo (Honda)
Kansai Qualifier 1: Y24 (Chun), Pie (Sagat), Umechin (Ryu)
Kyushu Qualifer: RF (Sagat), Kindevu (Rufus), Momochi (Akuma)
Chubu Qualifier: Eita (Akuma), Rikuson (Sagat) and Maeda Taison (Balrog)
Hokkaido Qualifier: Vega Curry (Sagat), Dashio (Viper), Aojiru Guile (Balrog)
Kansai Qualifier 2: MDR (Rufus), Hisshou (Sagat), Pamyu (Balrog)

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TEKKEN HERO: Korean Gosu 

So those of you who keep up with Korean Tekken (and Starcraft too, of course) probably know that they have really well produced shows for the game such as Tekken Crash. Well, SDTEKKEN just posted a series of videos from another show called Tekken Hero where top players such as Rain and Tongbal Love battle online competitors under fake names. I find this interesting because this reminds me of the VS THE WORLD Live Stream iPlayWinner broadcasts weekly -- that is, minus all the Tekken and world class players!

I would love to see something like this make it to US shores even though I don't see that happening anytime soon. Can you imagine playing someone like Aris, MR NAPS or MYK online, thinking you're playing some random person, then see your match on TV? 

Here are a handful of videos from this show, and be sure to check out SDTEKKEN for the rest. 

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So this is interesting, MLG just released a preliminary game line up for their 2010 season, and it looks like Tekken 6 and Smash Bros. made the cut, but Street Fighter 4 did not -- not yet anyway!

Obviously they must be trying to put Street Fighter 4 in the line up with it being such a popular game, but with Super Street Fighter 4 right around the corner, they have to be weighing their options as to which is the best route to take. In the Tekken 6 snippet they mention:

MLG is also making efforts to add Street Fighter IV to the Pro Circuit, and further announcements will be made if there are any developments on this.

So, it looks like Street Fighter fans will just have to hang tight for a bit to see if CAPCOM's flagship fighting title makes the cut. With that said, it's great to see them including Tekken 6 in the line up considering that game needs as much exposure as possible at this point.

Here are some cliff notes from the article:

The Perfect Combo
Tekken 6 for the Playstation 3 will be storming the Pro Circuit in 2010, beginning with MLG Orlando April 16-18. This fast-paced and highly technical fighter will bring together the most skilled competitors from all over the country to see who will emerge victorious in a season-long struggle for dominance.

  • Registration for MLG Orlando Opens March 17 at 7pm ET
  • The top 16 ranked players overall will earn pro status following the second Live Competition
  • Over $60,000 in season prizes. Full prize list
  • The first Tekken 6 Online Qualifier will be for MLG Columbus, and will help players boost their seed at all live competitions. Online Qualifier registration opens on March 15, and competition begins on March 29.
  • MLG is also making efforts to add Street Fighter IV to the Pro Circuit, and further announcements will be made if there are any developments on this.
  • More info coming soon!

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This video just showed up on #capcom which showcases a ton of interesting Guile combos and set ups! One of the more brutal punishes is Super into Ultra after blocking Akuma's uppercut. Some of the later combos are really awesome as well, but as you can see they don't do a lot of damage due to damage scaling. Anyway, you guile players may want to reconsider ever using EX bar for Sonic Booms after watching this.

Source: #capcom


New Japanese Official Super Street Fighter 4 Blog Post: Makoto (Full Translation, notes by Haunts)

Uh oh! Hope you have your cup on!The new Japanese Official Super Street Fighter 4 Blog Post is up. This time it talks about Makoto. 

UPDATE by Haunts:

Here is the full translation of the blog post from Mueti. In the post the developers talk about Makoto's game quite extensively and what it took to keep her gameplay intact. They mention she is still a character based heavily on getting up close and mixing up the opponent. They mention her Fukiage is a little different from 3s in that not just the EX version moves her forward this time around. That said, I still cant imagine this move ever being a solid anti-air, but we'll see.

As suspected, they also mention she will be weak versus fireball characters. As a pro Makoto player in 3s, I've thought a lot about how she will translate in Street Fighter 4 and I've always assumed she would have a hard time dealing with projectiles. In 3s she had the parry which negated any sort of projectile so it was much easier for her to get in and do damage. Now, she has to worry about everything from EX Fireballs and even normal moves like running into Sagat's 2-hit round house. In 3s this was an issue as well, where she has to be cautious around Chun-Li and Ken so not to run into a low forward into super.

In Super Street Fighter 4 I think it will be even harder for her -- not only does she have to worry about fireballs and solid zoning moves but now she also have to be cautious of Uppercut into FADC. In 3s, if she ate an uppercut she would lose maybe about 10% of her life, while in SF4, if she eat's an uppercut it can lead to losing 50% of her life.

The devs also mention Akuma will be an interesting match for her which in itself is interesting considering it was the same in 3s. In 3s she could kill Akuma with one combo, but at the same time a solid Akuma could rush her down and there wasn't much she could do about it. We'll just have to wait and see if this is the case in Super Street Fighter 4.


It's gotten quite warm lately. Seems like soon we're going to have to watch out for hay fever too, eh.
Good day everyone. This is Tsukamoto.

I'd like to continue the introduction of the 3rd Strike characters we began last week.

This time we're going to talk to the Okada, the director and the 'battle-planner', Tamamura about Makoto.

- Please tell us about the reasoning for including Makoto.

Although Makoto was only introduced in Third Strike, her unique fighting style made her an interesting character that had quite a following. Even in tournaments there wasn't a shortage of Makoto-players. When we decided on how many characters from 3rd Strike we wanted to include in Super IV that played into the decision.

- How did the development team react when it was decided that Makoto was going to be included?

She was quite popular in the development department as well, so they welcomed the decision. Third Strike was a game the team originally played a lot anway, they played both the console as well as the arcade version endlessly.
Oh, for research purposes, of course!
Even then there were quite a few people on the staff who used Makoto so we thought about how things would turn out if we she were to be included in IV even before we made the decision. The programmers also already thought of things they'd have to add for her to work properly at that time.

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For those of you who have been keeping up with Joo's massive 8GB MVC2 Tutorial DVD will be happy to know that the DVD is being uploaded to Youtube, little-by-little thanks to Magnetro. I personally don't play much MVC2, but decided to check out some of these clips anyway. I was stunned at how detailed some of the strategies are in this DVD. I always thought this was just a combo extravaganza but there is some really incredible info in these videos so be sure to check it out.

Here are a couple videos, and pull up Magnetro's YouTube Channel to see the rest and keep up to date with new uploads.

Source: SRK



Xaaz and Jav1ts put together a great video demonstrating the many ways certain characters can punish Dhalsim's Jump Fierce on hit, from max range. Anyone who has played a competent Dhalsim knows this is one of the more annoying moves in his arsenal, so if you happen to play Balrog, Cammy, Gen, Chun Li or Seth this video should help you out a lot.

From the SRK thread:

The purpose of the video was to show that Dhalsim is actually punishable by certain characters at certain distances so it's not really necessary to show every possible punish. My aim was to inspire new ideas so that everyone can do better in the Dhalsim matchup which for many people can be very frustrating. Good luck finding more punishes with your main character.

Source: #capcom, SRK



SNK-Playmore's official site for King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match is now live! The site features details on the game, new screen shots and also a video with a short demonstration on how the game will look. Although they mention the graphics have been updated, if you check the video below, you'll see the game wont be blessed the same "HD Filter" treatment that their other upcoming XBLA title, NeoGeo Battle Coliseum is receiving. I assume they are referencing cut scenes and character art rather than the sprites themselves, but there may be aesthetic changes to certain moves and animations -- we'll just have to wait and see!

Another thing worth noting which I found a little odd, is that the site does not mention anything about online play. After searching around, I haven't found any confirmation of online play modes for KOF2002UM at all. In contrast, if you check out thier  "List of Titles"  section and click on NeoGeo Battle Coliseum, Garou: Mark of the Wolves or KOF'98, there is a full section mentioning online play for each game. With this being an XBLA title, and their previous fighting games having online play, I'll just assume online modes are coming and they simply forgot to mention this on the the site itself.

That said, by watching the video below you will see a quick shot of the menu screen and it does have a tab for "Xbox Live". This could be for a number of things such as online rankings or even online player matches but we'll just have to wait for an official word from SNK-Playmore. Of course, if anyone has a link with confirmation of online play, please post up in the comments.

Here are some of the main features of this upcoming title:

  • 66 Playable Characters - the most in any SNK title to date.
  • Updated graphics, music and backgrounds.
  • Changes to game play, including balance tweaks & new moves.
  • Spring 2010 Release Date





Capcom's Seth Killian talks (a little) about Hakan

In a short snippet of a Gamertag Radio audio interview, Capcom's Seth Killian talks a little bit about Hakan.  This is a link to a sound clip. Don't worry, it's not a very long clip.  Seth does give a few tidbits to kind of wet your appetite though.

Also, information about this character is coming very soon, according to Seth, so hold tight. You may have seen some official info.

Follow the source link below to hear the mini-interview.

Source: Gamertag Radio


Super Street Fighter 4 Interactive Ultra Select! 

Here's a cool interactive character select menu which shows all known ultras for Super Street Fighter 4! I like it!  Click a character and it shows a video of that character's Ultras!

Source: OneByOneTV


Gamasutra Interviews Capcom's Christian Svennson. Super to be $40

Gamasutra recently had an interview with Christian Svennson, Capcom's VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development.  The article has a ton of interesting topics for the Capcom fan, but the biggest news is official confirmation of what we have all kind of felt was going to happen months ago: Super will be $40.

Christian also talks about how they feel Tatsunoko vs Capcom has performed so far as well as lots of other topics. Here's a slice of the interview. To read the whole thing, hit the source link below.

You're setting the price point for the game lower than the original.

CS: It's $40. We had two choices, and the economics didn't work out on one... No matter what, we were fracturing the userbase, and we had to start from scratch. There was no way to just sort of do an update on the DLC, and if we'd done what we did Lost Planet Colonies -- I don't know if you'll recall -- basically it had everything had the first game had and a ton more.

And we did that as our Platinum package. The problem is that it gets a new title ID, which means no cross-play with the original consumers. And the other part is designing the game around, figuring out who has which package, even if you could do that. So, we knew we had to go from scratch. A Platinum [version] wasn't really an option no matter what we did.

The other part of this is frankly we were putting in so much new content, we thought that a platinum play wasn't the right play anyway. So, going $10 above Platinum/Greatest Hits pricing was sort of a nice compromise. And we haven't announced it, but for those who have purchased and played Street Fighter IV on the system that they play this on, there will be a nifty little special set of things that those people will have the option of enjoying that others won't.

Source: Gamasutra



Level|Up started uploading videos from their Beat-the-Pro event that was held this past weekend, with Alex Valle taking on anyone who was brave enough to challenge him. This wasn't just for fun though,  anyone who came away victorious was given a nice cash prize!

Here are a handful of videos they have uploaded so far, and be sure to not only keep an eye on their Youtube channel for more videos, but also tune into Wednesday Night Fights where I've heard they will be broadcasting matches from the tournament itself.

Level|Up YouTube Channel

Thanks to ShinJN on SRK for the heads up on these videos.

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Famitsu updated their website today with a ton of new screenshots of Dudley from Super Street Fighter 4 showcasing most of his special moves and Ultras. My favorite so far? Cross counter!







Source: Famitsu



Yagami from ROUND1.SG (Singapore's premire Fighting Game website) posted a set of interviews with top Japanese players TKD (El Fuerte) and Uryo (C. Viper). These interviews are from SBO 09 where I not only got a chance to kick it with Yagami (who is a great El Fuerte player himself and super chill guy -- very passionate about the fighting game scene), but also play TKD at GODSGARDEN. I can say from first hand experiences that TKD's El Fuerte is on another level and everyone knows by now that the same can be said about Uryo's C. Viper.

Thanks to Keits from SRK for pointing these interviews out on the front page. 





Ivan Kim aka Kryojenix who is an accomplished SoCal C. Viper player, is one of the top 10 finalists for appearing on CBS Survivor and is looking for your votes to help him make it on the show! This is a great opportunity for us to not only to pull together as a community and help one of our own, but to also possibly get more exposure for fighting games as a whole in mainstream media. 

Ivan put together a video explaining why he should be on the show and you can check it out and also vote for him by clicking the link below.

Click here to vote for Ivan Kim for CBS Survivor.

Watch his promo and still not sold that Ivan is a true survivor? Check out the end of this video and there won't be any question in your mind as to why he should be on the show!

Thanks to Arcade Infinity tournament & event planner @ShooCarlos on Twitter for giving me a heads up on this.


IPW Tatsunoko vs Capcom Guide Update

We are back at work updating the guide with new stuff. Stay tuned for even more great updates in the coming weeks. We are working to assure that our guide is the absolute best guide for the game on the interwebs.

By the way, feel free to link to any page on this guide if you have your own site or if you create a TvC thread in a forum somewhere. This is for the community.

As usual, send an email to or leave a comment if you have suggestions for stuff you'd like to see added to the guide or just general comments.


Interview with Seth Killian at has a 21 question interview with Capcom's Seth Killian about a wide range of topics. Here's a sample. Hit the source link below to read the whole article.

7- Does that mean that all characters have been rebalanced or just some?

Every character in the game was rebalanced over the course of development.  You can’t think about balancing in terms of just some characters, as changes to any one affect their matchups against the entire cast.  In the end, some have wound up being very close to their SFIV incarnations, while others are pretty different, and some (like Chun Li) can play in a very different style just because of their new Ultra combo.  So while Chun Li didn’t get a ton of specific changes to her moves, if you’re up against a Chun Li playing Ultra #2 (Kikkosho), you have to play in a totally different way.

8- So Sagat is not going to be as dominating as he is now in sf4?

Sagat is still powerful—his techniques all still work, but I would say he’s going to face a lot of stiff competition from the returning cast and the newcomers.  While he has more options in Super SFIV than he did in Super (editor note: assuming he meant regular SF4), he also has more tough matchups, and his ability for massive comebacks isn’t as strong.  In SFIV, he could be essentially dominated for the entire match, and then make a huge comeback from one hit or even a trade.  In Super SFIV, he’ll need to play well the entire match to win consistently.



Official Screenshots of Super SF4 Alt Costumes for Guile, Blanka, Gen, Fei Long, and Dhalsim



Capcom uploaded some official screens for these alternate costumes to their PR site today. Check them all out if you haven't already.


Street Fighter Avatar Items to Hit Xbox Live Marketplace March 2

I was wondering when this would happen just the other day.  It seems that Street Fighter Avatar items will be hitting the Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace on March 2nd according to 1up. The only information that was given is that it is coming and the date.

Feel free to speculate about the clothing items and possible items if you please.  I wonder if for an Avatar Item I can make my Avatar throw Hadokens...

Source: 1up



Gen's second set of Ultras showed up on the official Capcom Super Street Fighter 4 website today. As far as I know, this is the first time anyone has seen these new Ultras in action. What do you Gen players think? A solid addition to his arsenal or will you have to wait and see?