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NorCal Regionals 2015 Announced, Returning to Sacramento on Apr. 3-5

NorCal Regionals will be returning to the capitol of California this coming April.

The 2015 edition of NCR is scheduled for April 3-5 at the Holiday Inn Sacramento Capitol Plaza, the same venue as the 2014 iteration. Aside from the date reveal, NCR2015 will also bring back the community voted lineup from 2014 so if you want to see your favorite fighter, stay tuned!

You can follow the official Twitter page for future updates on NCR2015.



Trailer for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round's Announced Character Honoka

Previously teased, here is footage on how Honoka plays in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round!

The reveal features Honoka using various moves from other characters. The backstory details that she is interested in "learning any fighting move she sees" to make her amalgamated fighting style.


Honoka in the trailer uses moves from such characters as Helena, Jann Lee, Raidou and more. Marie Rose is also featured as a possible tag partner for Honoka.

You can take a look at the video after the jump! Dead or Alive 5: Last Round will be available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC this February!

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Dead or Alive 5: Last Round to Feature New Schoolgirl Character Honoka, Hardware Constraints for Last Gen DLC

Here is a early hint of who is coming to the last Dead or Alive 5 game.

Famitsu provided a small preview scan of the newest Dead or Alive 5: Last Round character Honoka. Not many details have been revealed from the preview aside from having a "secret power." Players will be able to check out more of Honoka in the upcoming issue of Famitsu as well as Team Ninja officially on Jan. 15.

While DOA5:LR is planned for both last and current generations of consoles, the former will probably encounter drawbacks in downloadable content. Team Ninja made an official statement on the Dead or Alive Facebook page about their concerns.

Due to hardware capacity, we are approaching the limit of the additional downloadable content we can offer for PS3/Xbox 360. There is a possibility that new content will not be availalbe for those platforms in the future.

We are currently looking into the limits and will inform you as soon as we have more information.There should be no issues transferring any downloadable content for “DOA5 Ultimate” to “DOA5 Last Round”.

Team Ninja also stated that it's not a hard drive concern. In addition to DLC conflicts, the last gen versions of DOA5:LR will not feature the newer stages or customizable outfits.


Mayflash Releases Its Own Gamecube Controller to Wii U Adapter

Following Super Smash Bros. for Wii U's release, the Gamecube controller to Wii U adapter by Nintendo has been highly sought after. A third party peripheral company is offering an alternative.

Mayflash has released a third party version of the popular Nintendo adapter and it is intended to work very similarly. It can carry up to four Gamecube controllers and plugs into the Wii U through two USB cables. It can also work on PC so you can play past Super Smash Bros. entries or other Gamecube games through the Dolphin emulator.

It's currently available at Play-Asia for $19.99 so if you are looking to get an adapter for your local gathering or in a tournament, take a look here.


P4U2 Arcade Update Releases Jan. 15, Changes Detailed

Arc System Works has announced that the new update to the arcade version of Persona 4 Arena's sequel—named Persona 4 The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold in Japan—will launch on Jan. 15. After several loketests in November, the company has finalized changes in the title and is ready to release it to the general public. 

Changes in P4U2 include not only character tweaks but also system changes to the game. ASW has made all those changes available to the public in a recent post on the company's website. The change list is in Japanese, but posters over at Dustloop are in the process of sharing translations in the character sub-forums.


Japanese Street Fighter Alpha 3 Kumite Battles, Dramatic Battles & More by Vegas Cup

If you need more Japanese Street Fighter Alpha in your life, check out this channel!

Vegas Cup is dedicated to all things Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Street Fighter Zero 3 in Japan). They are known for uploading kumite sessions with a player fighting all characters in A3 and related events.

After New Years Day 2015, the channel uploaded additional material including 2vs1 dramatic battle matches and play sessions of both the Alpha and Street Fighter II series of games.

Some of the videos can be found after the jump! Make sure to subscribe to the channel for more Alpha 3 videos and follow on Twitter!

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The Show That Sucks With Harrison And Honzo Gonzo Returns Tonight At 10pm PST!

After a two week break we are back tonight! You can watch the show live starting at 10 p.m. PST on our Twitch channel.

As always if you have questions for the show you can send them to Honzo Gonzo and myself on twitter anytime!

Missed a previous show? Head over to our Podcast Section to checkout every show in YouTube or mp3 format.

Blowing up the FGC one week at a time, The Show That Sucks is a weekly Podcast with Harrison, the streamer of IPLAYWINNER, and Honzo Gonzo, the worst person on the Internet.

New Version of Korean Arcade Stick Makestick Pro Compatible on PlayStation 4

One of Korea's arcade stick manufacturers has a model for the latest console generation.

IST Solution's flagship Makestick Pro series of arcade sticks is available with PlayStation 4 compatibility. IST provides the newest version of the Makestick Pro in both wired and wireless builds. The wired version uses a custom PCB to switch between PS4 and PlayStation 3 modes. The wireless variant features a pad-hacked Dual Shock 4 controller installed with a Neutrik NAUSB feedthrough port for easy wired connectivity.

Players who use Korean stick levers, IST can supply a Myoungshin Fanta or the Airbag Lever with every order. Japanese levers from Sanwa Denshi and Seimitsu are also available.

To those planning to visit or stay in Korea anytime soon, you can order now.


Super Desperation Radio Episode 343 Archive Online

The first episode of Super Desperation Radio in 2015 is now available for watching on IPLAYWINNER'S YouTube channel.

January means the start of a new season of fighting game major tournaments, and SDR talked about the upcoming Kumite in Tennessee, APEX and Frosty Faustings events that round out the month.

Talk then briefly switched to the recent controversy over Patreon before moving on to the upcoming Cooperation Cup tournament for Street Fighter III: Third Strike in Japan.

Later, the news that Tekken 7 is testing a method to allow both players to start on the first player side generated discussion and a bit of confusion, as did the roster of playable characters for the upcoming game.

Super Desperation Radio is live every Monday at 6:30 p.m. PST on Twitch and YouTube.


Curse Gaming Merges with Team Liquid

Two pro gaming teams have decided to join forces as the former Curse Gaming will fold into Team Liquid. Former Curse owner Steve Arhancet will be known as "Liquid112" going forward, and will co-own Liquid with team founder Victor Goossens.

"Across all games, Liquid is better equipped than ever to attract new recruits and treat our players better. We're able to cater better to our sponsors, and are able to provide better conditions for our staff. By doing all of this, we place ourselves right among the largest esports teams in the world," Goossens said in a statement.

The new Team Liquid will include former Curse fighting game players Kashan "Chillindude" Khan, Juan Manuel "HungryBox" Debiedmad and Du "NuckleDu" Dang.


Omen, Herald of Gargos, Coming to Killer Instinct

In the most recent textual stream for Microsoft and Iron Galaxy's Killer Instinct, the new character Omen was announced as a bonus character for owners of Season 2 of KI. As a bonus character, Omen is not initially being offered separately and will instead be a gift to owners of the second season.

Omen is based on the boss version of Shadow Jago, but has been redesigned to be its own separate entity. The post showed only a partial picture of Omen, showing a clawed wing and hand emitting energy. The character is also said to be "one of the best zoning characters in KI… situationally." Omen will be previewed in a gameplay stream and then a full trailer in the upcoming weeks.

Hit the jump for a small overview of the character from Ultra-Combo.

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Kung Lao Returning to Mortal Kombat X

According to an article from a recent issue of Finnish gaming magazine Pelaaja, Kung Lao will be making his return in Mortal Kombat X.

An image, which shows other confirmed fighters Quan Chi, Goro and Raiden, surfaced as the magazine's January issue made it into the hands of subscribers.

One such player, AeroGrunt at Test Your Might, dedicated a thread to images from the magazine and a translation of pertinent information from the article. Some of that news includes new details on how online play will be handled in the new game.

Hit the jump for the translations.

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Super Desperation Radio Episode 342 Archive Online

The holiday episode of Super Desperation Radio is now available for watching on IPLAYWINNER'S YouTube channel.

SDR closed out 2014 talking about the year that was with IPLAYWINNER boss and producer Chris Ceglia as a special guest.

The crew talked about the possibility of Aftershock 2, remembering the first event and centering the discussion on the recent NorCal versus SoCal arguments on Twitter about UNIEL.

The show switched gears as everyone talked about comeback mechanics and their place in games, and it eventually ran late as Ceglia answered a few listener questions including 'what makes for a good commentator?'  

Super Desperation Radio is live every Monday at 6:30 p.m. PST on Twitch and YouTube.


Dead or Alive 5: Last Round to Include Free DLC Costumes 

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round will be including a number of the Dead or Alive 5 and DOA5 Ultimate downloadable costumes free of charge.

In a recent post on the game's website, Team Ninja listed the content that will be standard for those who purchase the new version of the game.

Hit the jump for the full list.

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KOF 2002 Unlimited Match Coming Back to PlayStation?

Siliconera is reporting that King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match will likely be showing up on a PlayStation console in the near future. Citing a Korean Rating Board listing, the site says that the game has Sony Computer Entertainment Korea as a publisher.

It is uncertain, however, what this means for 2k2UM. The version that comes out for PlayStation is likely to be—like KOF '98 UM and Samurai Showdown VI—a PlayStation Classics release of the game if history is any indication. PS Classics are emulated versions of the Playstation and PlayStation 2 releases of titles, and have always included plenty of lag rendering them unplayable to competitors.

It is possible, though, that this could be a new version of the game to coincide with the forthcoming Steam release of 2k2UM. For now, details are too scarce to make a conclusion one way or the other.


Super Desperation Radio Episode 341 Archive Online

The holiday episode of Super Desperation Radio is now available for watching on IPLAYWINNER'S YouTube channel.

This episode of SDR focused largely on the developing U.S. scene for Guilty Gear Xrd, talking about recent tournament results and what characters seem to be achieving the most success during the early weeks of tournament play.

The cast also discussed the recent patch to Xrd that has seemingly hampered online play, and compared it with the recent release of King of Fighters '98 UMFE on Steam. 

Lastly, there was discussion about unblockables or "hard-to-blockables" and their place in games, which dovetailed into Ogawa's upcoming visit to Norwest Majors in April 2015.

Super Desperation Radio is live every Monday at 6:30 p.m. PST on Twitch and YouTube.


Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Frame Data by Kedako

Japanese Guilty Gear player and May specialist Kedako has taken the time to compile the frame data for every character—including DLC entrants—in the home version of Xrd. The data has been uploaded as text files onto Ruu's blog, and there is even a separate document containing a breakdown of all the system mechanics.

As the files are text documents, simply downloading them and opening with Notepad will cause them to look very disorganized. However, players can use more sophisticated writing programs or Google Translate to keep the formatting of the original document. For those who view the document in the original Japanese, Ruu also offered a translation of terms.


Killer Instinct Classic to soon Feature Online Play

According to Microsoft, the original version of Killer Instinct will be getting online play. As part of a post detailing some updates and known issues in version 2.2 of Killer Instinct, it was announced that Code Mystics will be adding the feature to its port of KI1 as a Christmas bonus to fans.

The online update for KI1 is scheduled to roll out by 5 p.m. PST on Dec. 23. Iron Galaxy, meanwhile, also answered a number of fan questions about KI and future updates to the game. That Q&A can be found here.



Ogawa, KOG, Dogura Coming to Northwest Majors

At the end of the Pacific Northwest Regionals Guilty Gear Xrd tournament, it was announced that three Japanese players will be attending Northwest Majors on April 24-26, 2015. While fellow players KOG—known for his T. Hawk play in both Street Fighter IV and Super Turbo—and Dogura—a top player in both BlazBlue and Guilty Gear—are big names added to the event, the major news is that Japan's top Zato-1 player, Ogawa, will be making an appearance.

Ogawa has always been a well-known name in the Guilty Gear community, considered one of the top players in the world. He made mainstream fighting game community news several months ago by supposedly saying that U.S. players were not of a high enough skill level for him to travel to the States for tournaments.


Celebrate the Holidays with Xrd Christmas Colors

Arc System Works was apparently thinking ahead to the eventual release date of Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- during development, because the company included a set of Christmas colors for the cast as downloadable content. Available now through Dec. 24 for owners of the Japanese version of Xrd and available Dec. 23-Jan. 13, 2015, for owners of the U.S. version of the game, the free DLC provides one new color for each member of the cast.

The color pack uses red, green and white palettes for every character in the cast—except Chipp, who becomes Rudolph—with some great results. To check out a preview of what the DLC looks like for each character, head on over to monoker0s' imgur. The page also shows previews of a 14th color for each character that may be the announced PlayStation Plus DLC.