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The last two characters of Street Fighter V's third season are now available for players.

G is an online content producer who considers himself "President of the World" and utilizes a special, three-leveled Presidentiality meter that will buff his attacks. However, getting knocked down will reduce the meter, so G has to be careful. His V-Skill is G Barrier, a force field which launches opponents into the air and absorbs projectiles, and his V-Triggers are Maximum President and Dangerous President.

Maximum President sets G's Presidentiality to level three, allows him to use G Barrier as a projectile and gives him the ability to cancel special moves into one another. Dangerous President gives him two new moves: G Explosion, a move that can be cancelled into from any other special and launches the opponent into the air, and the G Rage command grab.

G is joined in the update by Sagat, a longtime fan-favorite character in the Street Fighter series. No longer part of Shadaloo, Sagat's only desire is a rematch with Ryu when both are fighting at the highest level. Sagat retains his classic move set in SFV, with Angry Charge now being his V-Skill.

His first V-Trigger is Tiger Charge, which grants him the use of the special Tiger Cannon projectile and creates for strong control and combo potential. The second, Tiger Assault, gives him the armored Tiger Spike which can be charged to break an opponent's guard and Tiger Rush, an enhanced version of Tiger Knee Crush.

Both G and Sagat will cost players 100,000 Fight Money or $5.99 each. Readers can check out their trailers below.

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