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« Sanwa Denshi apparently discontinuing Silent JLF levers, increasing prices on various parts »

[Update December 24, 11:24 p.m. PST]: After reaching out to Sanwa Denshi on Twitter, the company has told us that it will keep making JLF-TPRG levers while possibly discontinuing one of the variants. Sanwa also confirmed that there will be a price increase for some of the parts carrying pieces from OMRON. The company hasn't made a decision on how much more would parts be from the raise.

The popular Japanese arcade parts company Sanwa Denshi is facing some changes in its catalog.

As revealed by parts supplier Akishop, Sanwa's Silent JLF levers has apparently been discontinued. These were both the low tension JLF-TPRG-8AYT model, from 2014, and the higher tension JLF-TPRG-8BYT, from 2017. With that said, Akishop plans to sell the core parts from these levers so existing JLF users can add them in the near future. It's currently unknown if other arcade parts suppliers will also do the same.

Akishop then revealed from a email by Sanwa that, due to increased prices recently set by OMRON, a manufacturer that supplies some of the core pieces in Sanwa parts, various products will get the same treatment. These include the popular JLF lever as well as the various OBS pushbuttons. OMRON also provides pieces to Seimitsu which can also affect the prices of those various parts. As for full arcade sticks carrying Sanwa parts, their prices might possibly face an increase in overall cost.

If both pieces of information are true, this might be a good time to possibly get the last of the Silent JLF levers or pick up other parts for current prices.

Not much else, such as specific prices for products, has been revealed at the time of this piece. IPLAYWINNER has reached out to Sanwa Denshi for comment on both matters.

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