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« Official patch notes reveal changes for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition »

Street Fighter V's major update arrives on Jan. 16, 2018, and Capcom has unveiled that changes that will be coming to the game's system and each individual character with that patch.

In terms of the game's system, Arcade Edition will give a general buff to regular throws by increasing their active frames from two to three frames and hopes to reduce the usefulness of V-Trigger activation combos by increasing the damage scaling. There will also be added recovery to command throws, and more alterations to jump-ins and moves used to anti-air opponents.

Individual character changes are numerous in Arcade Edition, and while damage and recovery values are mentioned with concrete numbers there are plenty of moves that have received more vague mentions of hitbox or hurtbox "changed." In this way it will be harder to gauge the depth of many character tweaks until players have Arcade Edition in their hands.

Arcade Edition will also include frame data in training mode when players turn on Attack Data, and players can also have it shown on the characters by having the fighter with advantage turn blue while the one with disadvantage turns red. Readers can find the patch notes for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition at Capcom Unity.  

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