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« Injustice Watchtower reveals legendary gear, Black Manta details »

The Injustice Watchtower broadcast on Sept. 8 showed off both new gear coming to the game and also revealed the gameplay details of Black Manta.

First up, NetherRealm revealed legendary gear, which will grant special abilities to characters that equip it. Bane's legendary gear, for example, will allow him to never deal with venom debuff but instead venom will drain his health. This gear will be obtained completing different multiverse events that have steep requirements for players.

Next, NRS clarified gameplay details on Black Manta. Manta has several long-range normal attacks and plenty of special tools to deal with his opponents. He has a short-range projectile in his manta beams, but can deal with full-screen pressure using a harpoon gun. Manta also uses shoulder rockets to help him juggle opponents and has a teleport uppercut like the cyborg ninjas in Mortal Kombat to surprise opponents.

Black Manta's character power is his jetpack, which uses fuel by holding down the trait button. It can also be used in bursts to try and hover above the stage.

Manta will be the first character available as part of Fighter Pack 2 on Sept. 12.

The full Black Manta breakdown, along with announcements from NRS and questions from fans, can be found on the NetherRealm Twitch archives.

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