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During Tokyo Game Show 2017 Capcom showed off gameplay of the upcoming Monster Hunter character for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

Monster Hunter fights with two small swords, a huge two-handed sword and a bow. She can fire arrows as projectiles on the ground, into the air like Hawkeye or while jumping. She has flurry attacks using the small swords as a special move and also has a command roll, either forward of backward, using all three punches or kicks. Her command normal, forward+heavy punch, is a slow, chargeable attack with the big sword which has armor on it.

Meanwhile, Monster Hunter has five super moves. The first is several attacks with her big sword, the second and third are rush supers—one in the air and one on the ground—using the small blades that also act as install supers, the fourth is an arrow attack reminiscent of Hulks Gamma Quake and the last is her level three super in which she combines all her weapons in an attack that destroys an explosive barrel next to the opponent.

No date was given for Monster Hunter's release at this time, but readers can check out the character's trailer below.

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