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During the Injustice Watchtower stream on July 25, NetherRealm Studios unveiled changes that will be coming to Injustice 2.

For starters, not every character will receive alterations in the upcoming patch: Darkseid, Cyborg, Joker, Green Lantern, Harley Quinn, Blue Beetle, Firestorm, Scarecrow and Sub-Zero have no changes.

Big tweaks, meanwhile, are coming to Aquaman, Black Adam and Brainiac as the former two will lose some combos oppotunities—MB Tentacle Strike no longer launches and non-MB Black Magic no longer allows for combos—while Brainiac's character power has been revised to allow him to hold his trait during block or hit stun. Small improvements and nerfs have also come to a host of other characters including Black Canary and Wonder Woman, who both received frame advantage buffs to certain strings, and Atrocitus, whose use of Dex-Starr will now spend the character power meter faster.

Readers can check out the Twitch archives with all the changes and a simplified change list gleaned from the stream below. NetherRealm did not offer a date on the release of the patch or the official patch notes at this time.

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Injustice 2 patch changes

Swamp Thing – character trait revised to stay active in more situations

Aquaman – MB Tentacle Strike no longer launches, Trident Rush does less damage on hit/block, B+1,2,3 is now negative on block

Catwoman – Jumping 2 hitbox shifted upward, B+3 now more recovery on whiff and on block less pushback, no armor on MB Cat Dash, character power activation no longer invincible

Atrocitus – Character power usage increased (each move Dex-Starr does takes more away from the bar), F+2,2,3 into vomit can now be ducked, F+2,2 into vomit still a real blockstring

Flash – B,F+2 a few frames faster, Running Man 2 safe on block, corner combo options reduced due to a change in Running Man 1, Character trait damage reduced

Batman – MB Batarang advantage on block reduced

Red Hood – Dive slowed, MB character power less advantage

Superman – B,F+3 now a high, no armor

Gorilla Grodd – Increased defense, Stampede damage increase, leap loops now have a limit before they will not work, character power can be canceled in TK push or projectile invulnerability faster

Cheetah – 3,3,2 now advantage on block

Deadshot – B+1 slower, it and B+1,2 now slight disadvantage on block, F+1 slowed to 8f

Supergirl – Slight damage buff, B+1,2,3 now safe on block, standing 2 slower but now a mid

Dr. Fate – Glyph less punishable on block, some damage increases while character power active

Black Canary – 1,1,2 safe on block and 1,1,2 + throw now a command grab, 3,3 advantage on block, cartwheel moves have more pushback, B+1,2 safe on block and increased damage

Wonder Woman – F+2,3 safe, B+2,3 advantage on block, character power activation recovery decreased

Black Adam – damage reduced across the board, no combos off Black Magic without MB

Captain Cold – hitbox adjustments, gap between ice wall creation and possible kick reduced

Robin – hitbox adjustments, F+3 now movable, MB swoop explosion always hits

Brainiac – damage increased, character power can hold be held while being hit or blocking allowing him to not waste trait

Bane – increased defense, MB moves do slightly more damage, standing 1 slightly faster

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