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During the Injustice Watchtower stream on Nov. 6, NetherRealm Studios revealed gameplay details for the next character joining Injustice 2 on Nov. 14, Hellboy.

Fans of past NRS characters like Jason and Doomsday will find something to enjoy in Hellboy, as the character features pieces of each. Hellboy has both ground and anti-air command grabs, a small zoning tool in his gun and a gap-closing attack in his dashing shoulder check. He also has a leap move that ends in a low attack but that can be cancelled into an air dash or into normal jumping moves to create a mixup.

Hellboy's trait offers him four temporary options: he can either increase his damage output, reduce damage taken, give himself armor or activate a charm that will resurrect him if he dies before the trait runs out.

Readers can check out more about Hellboy, including a detailed breakdown of his normals, from the stream archive below. The Hellboy footage starts at roughly 36 minutes.

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