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« Skullgirls Beta Changes from Salty Cupcakes 5/23/13 »

So as you may know I'm a huge Skullgirls fan and I'm always chomping a the bit for the latest information, so it would be safe to assume I'm tuning into to Salty Cupcakes, which happens every Thursday starting at 8PM PST on so in order to keep you guys updated I'm going to try and update or link to as much information as I've heard of on the front page so definitely check out the stream and here for a list of the latest changes. Keep in mind these are beta changes and are subject to change before the next patch comes out.

  • General Changes
    • The input for taunts are going to be difficult inputs from other games
      • Ex. Peacock's taunt is the same input as Hsien-ko's Tenraiha (LK,HK,MP,MP,Up)
      • Not going to have incredibly difficult inputs such as pretzel motion for a taunt
    • Changed HUD scaling to screen scaling to allow the resizing of the screen to not have any cut off
  • Character Vote
    • From instant run off voting for the second character vote Beowulf won each stage of the vote
  • Filia
    • No changes
  • Cerebella
    • No changes
  • Peacock
    • Added level 3 item drop assist (Input by performing two punches at assist select)
      • While the item is charging Peacock is standing on screen the entire time and can be hit at any time to stop the item drop
      • During the charge for the item drop you cannot tag her or another in or call another assist
    • She has the ability to have three bombs on screen at the same again
      • If she gets hit while the bombs are out they disappear
      • This does not mean other projectiles from HP gunshot or st.HP will disappear if she is hit while they are out
    • LP Bang (Gun special) is throw invincible, but not hit invincible
      • On hit it causes a stagger, but has a longer recovery
        • Since it causes a stagger it is possible to combo into throw into level 3 super
    • MP BANG (Gun special) is now hit invincible, but not throw invincible
      • Invincibility starts in 1 frame so it is a viable reversal
    • Lonesome Lenny (Bomb super) will not explode if Peacock is throwing someone
      • While this is true, if you do the level 3 super the last explosion hit will cause Lenny to explode making it easier to hit with both
  • Parasoul
    • When performing an air tear toss Parasoul will not land until the tear comes out
      • You are only allowed one tear toss in the air
      • You can cancel the recovery of air tear toss into normals extending combos
    • Horizontal tear shot will now angle down by a third of a pixel per frame
      • This makes characters with low ducking hitboxes to not be able to duck under the shot at full screen, but can still when in close proximity (about half a screen) of Parasoul
  • Ms. Fortune
    • Rekka follow ups are now done by one button press for each rekka
      • For overhead kick the input is Up and Kick
      • For slide the input is Down and Kick
    • When she has her head on her standing HK is now similar to a stationary Spinning Bird Kick which is useful for combo filler as it combos into things such as rekkas or supers
      • When her head is off her Standing HK is still the kick launcher
      • Rekkas have 3 frame faster start up and 3 frame faster recovery allowing for easier combos
    • When headless Rekkas become one hit only, but knockdown
      • Each version of the rekka becomes one of the follow ups
        • Ex. One of the buttons is Slash, one is overhead, one is slide
      • 236+LP Rekka first hit is safe
    • Cat Scratch Fever (Rapid Slash Super) will now vacuum in better guaranteeing for more hits when performed
    • Headless Instant Air Dash can be performed lower to the ground now, but still not as low as when your head is on.
  • Painwheel
    • Charged j.HP will now have armor starting earlier until the first active frame of the move making it easier to absorb hits and harder to get knocked out of it
      • Did not gain any more hits of armor
    • When in Hatred Install Painwheel's tag in grab becomes untechable
  • Valentine
    • No Changes
  • Double
    • Gunshot special has faster start up and recovery
      • After launching your opponent you can use vertical bounce and combo after hit.
    • Jumping Item transformation now does overhead on all versions
  • Squigly
    • Has many, many more cleaned frames
      • All of her animations have been drawn already so all that needs to be done for her animations is the clean up
    • Her Opera Super creates a projectile that attaches to the screen and follows its movement rather than homing on the opponent or staying in the same position relative to the level
    • Squigly can only do two hit chains
      • While her chains are shorter, they have lots of hit stun which allows combos by linking into other normals via stance cancels
      • Ex. She can do HP chains into MP

And those are the beta changes for this week! If you are curious of other changes or if I may have forgotten to transcribe everything another valuable resource is a community ran Google Doc that has lists of the changes. The Information can be located here.

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