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I am back with another video featuring the Ancient One himself, Dormammu. I will be highlighting top Dorm, Players,  good tech channels, and combo tips for the video. If you are intrested in any of that or just want to watch the video then check it out after the jump.




Combo #3 is super important for converting off of full screen pressure plus it allows you to mixup when added with a horizontal assist. Practice this with your team so you can convert if they get hit or mixup if they block it. Midscreen you should stick ot combo #2, and in the corner you should learn combo #5. Dorm being extremely scary as an anchor since his chipping ability is outstanding and his normals are really big and fast in xfactor it is important to learn his xfactor combos and his throw conversions so you can set up chip situations in xfactor to devestate the opponent. 

The most famous and most succesful Dorm player is the Evo Champ FChamp. His lame style of Dormammu overwhelms the opponent fullscreen with chip and lockdown in conjuction with missiles and only a few players can even overcome it once in a set. If you are looking for a defensive style Dorm, Champ is undoubtably the best. You can follow him on @fchampryan On the other side of the coin a more flashy mixup Dorm to look out for is Zak Bennet. The UK's most recognized player, Zak employs incredibly flasy combos and mixes up opponents with the help of Ammy's cold star. Zak bulldozes over opponents with Dorms giant normals and is quite the treat to watch. You can follow him on @fgzak.

The most helpful Dorm tech contributer has to be for having some of the craziest stylish combos and videos relating to dorm. No one eles has his level of depth with dorm so go check out his channel and subscribe.

I hope you enjoyed the Dormammu love. If you have any ?'s contact me on my twitter @honzogonzo or leave a comment on the video. See yah next time.

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