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This weekend is the 2012 iteration of Tougeki -Super Battle Opera- tournament series in Japan. In preparation for the event, we are going to take a look at all the players and teams that qualified for each game. This final edition will be about Aquapazza!

In Chou Tougeki 1v1 qualifier, KojiKOG (more known for his T.Hawk in Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver. 2012, also qualified for that game too!) took down the competition while cosplaying and having his girlfriend witnessing the action. He defeated the airdasher great Ogawa but the amazing Guilty Gear player was able to qualify in a regular preliminary but had to win another after a possible conflict regarding his previous win. GO1 (Goichi) who got his spot for Persona 4 Arena also got one for Aquapazza!

Make sure to check out the full list of teams after the jump. Apologies if some have been mistranslated. You can check out the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 qualifier info on Shoryuken (unfortunately, I couldn't find info on Soulcalibur V). Tonight at 10AM JST (6PM PST), Tougeki will be streamed from the great outdoors as part of Enterbrain's own Game Summer Fest! Day one will be on Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver. 2012, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited and Soulcalibur V! Day two (tomorrow 11AM JST/7PM PST) will be featuring Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Aquapazza, Persona 4 Arena, and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3! Make sure to check out the stream details article on how to pay for Tougeki on NicoNico Douga!

  • Chou Tougeki - KojiKOG (Tamakii/Yu), chose partner Tomii
  • Neemuresu (Karula/Rina), PEKE (Hakuro/Ma-ryan)
  • Daigohei (Karula/Rina), Saginomiya (Tamaki/Ulthury)
  • Jack (Chizuru/Satsuki)
  • GO1 (Chizuru/??? assist), Deguchi (Hakuro/??? assist)
  • OZ@Nishinippori Game Spot Versus (Chizuru/Llyr), Bataa (Konomi/Yu)
  • Ginginmaru (Chizuru/Rina), Saitama (Konomi/Rathty)
  • Ogama (Konomi/Yuma), Kaiser (Chizuru/Satsuki) - The team likely wasn't able to be as both Ogawa and Kaiser qualified with other teams.
  • Akiyamatorase (Chizuru/Ma-ryan), Kanzaki Naoto (Touka/Satsuki)
  • Chise (Konome/??? assist), Yuuji (Chizuru/??? assist)
  • Kazoe GOD no Key (Morgan/Yuma), Nobi @QZ Touin (Tamaki/Llyr)
  • Nao (Chizuru/Llyr), Maku (Manaka/Ma-ryan)
  • Itorin (Morgan/??? assist)
  • Shieru (Konomi/Ma-ryan), Rei (Chizuru/Llyr)
  • Majikin (Multi/Mizuki), Iwao (Konomi/Ma-ryan)
  • Shibuya Rinchan (Chizuru/Mizuki), Kumogaikyou (Touka/Yu)
  • Goniwa Tsumiki (Tamaki/Yu), Kashiwagi Kaede (Chizuru/Llyr)
  • Sayuu (Tamaki/??? assist), Mabushin (Chizuru/??? assist)
  • Oosone Futoshi (Hakuowlo/Satsuki), Tamaanenousupperaihon (Tamaki/Yuma)
  • Marusu (Morgan/??? assist), SBT (Arawn/??? assist)
  • SAT (Hakuowlo/Ma-ryan), ILS (Tamaki/Yu)
  • Kunio (Riannon/Yuki), Uragami (Manaka/Mizuki)
  • Kanzakirankochan (Chizuru/Mizuki), Kumogaikyou (Touka/Yuma)
  • Muumin (Konomi/??? assist), Nukunuku (Chizuru/??? assist)
  • Yakumo (Konomi/Llyr), Maruchipuro (Multi/Ma-ryan)
  • Jin (Chizuru/Yu), Kasu (Touka/Rina)
  • Harauzaa (Konomi/Ma-ryan), Ayaneko (Chizuru/Satsuki)
  • Itorin (Morgan/??? assist)
  • Byu (Tamaki/Satsuki), Hino (Morgan/Rina)
  • Sakurai Momoka (Chizuru/??? assist), Natsume (Kan/??? assist)
  • Chigasaki (Touka/Yuma), Sanada (Tamaki/Ulthury)
  • USARIN (Multi/Ma-ryan), Anomarokarisu (Chizuru/Llyr)
  • HID (Touka/Rina), Kechan (Sasara/Ma-ryan)
  • Daikiri (Karulau/Yuki), Kaz (Touka/Ulthury)
  • MINI2 (Tamaki/Ulthury), Mizuchama (Hakuowlo/Ma-ryan)
  • Z.X. (Chizuru/??? assist), Watanuki (Manaka/??? assist)
  • Yu (Chizuru/Satsuki), Natsume (Tamaki/Yu)
  • SAT (Hakuowlo/Ma-ryan), Irusu (Tamaki/Yu)
  • USARIN (Maruchi/??? assist), Anomarokarisu (Chizuru/??? assist)
  • Pincho (Arawn/Ma-ryan), Ogawa (Konomi/Yuma)
  • Ch (Touka/Satsuki), Seiruru (Multi/Mizuki)
  • 15 Kaibaruun (Arawn/Ma-ryan), 11 Kaigobou (Karulau/Ma-ryan)
  • Natsushokusentsuru (Chizuru/Satsuki), Kaiser (Arawn/Camyu)

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