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TECMO KOEI released a bunch of new media for Dead or Alive 5 this morning including brand new gameplay trailers featuring Helena and Lisa, not to mention a handful of new screenshots. They mention that this is the near final build of the game and the people playing are pro-players so it should give you a good idea as to what to expect when you get your hands on the game come September. They also included a quick rundown of each characters play style which you can find after the jump.



Helena is an extremely technical character. We're trying to balance her to please the technical fighters who can appreciate the skill it takes to bring out the "real Helena." First off, we got rid of simple moves like PP2KP, changing her style to one focused on mastering a rich variety of moves. From there, we removed crouching status from P+K because I wanted to make her style more about evading highs by using Bokuho stance. And by working on the moves from Bokuho and from her back-turned stance and making a faster transition from Bokuho to back-turned stance, you will really see a difference in her strength between players who just pick her up and players who train hard with her. I also took another look at Pi Gua Quan itself, and sprinkled a few special moves from that style into her repetoire. She's really strong.

Lisa's tricky moves set her apart. She doesn't simply come straight at you, so if you're not used to her actions, you have no idea what to expect. She also has a lot of strikes with long reach, making her good at mid-range offense, but now she has moves that come from runs and runs that comes from other moves, so she is way more active this time around. Of course you can launch attacks straight from the run, but you can also do things like stop in the middle of the run, trying to bring out a sidestep or hold from your opponent, and then follow up the attack. Her real strength shines when used by a player who is good with this kind of psychological game or has good fighting technique.

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