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This weekend is the 2012 iteration of Tougeki -Super Battle Opera- tournament series in Japan. In preparation for the event, we are going to take a look at all the players and teams that qualified for each game. This game is all about Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver. 2012!

The current list of qualified teams features a powerhosue of players around the world. The first team to get their spots was from Uryo and his excellent Sakura who won the Chou Tougeki qualifier and chose Momochi and Haitani as his partners. The other excellent Sakura player Juso got his spot. KojiKOG qualified for Aquapazza after winning Chou Tougeki but he also acquired a spot for he and his team in AE too in another qualifier! There are just too many Japanese players we might know that qualified. Make sure to check after the jump! For the international end, the United States team has three EVO top 8 contenders: PR Balrog (#3 at EVO 2012), Dieminion of Brokentier (#7 at EVO 2012) and Latif (#2 at EVO 2011). Hsien Chang visited Taiwan to team up with Gamerbee to win that regional qualifier. RF went to China and won one of the two spots with Xiaohai (#4 at EVO 2012) and Dakou. Other notable spots include the Kuwait qualifiers featuring Gannon, Hong Kong with Humanbomb, South Korea with Poongko and Europe including Ryan Hart and French child prodigy Kusanagi.

You can check the rest of the qualifiers after the jump! Stay tuned for the rest of the week on the other game's standings! To clarify some issues regarding the stream, Tougeki 2012 will be on Nico Nico Douga once again. Portions of the stream will be free to watch but the full experience will be pay per view. Price of the stream will probably be available before the weekend so stay tuned for that too!

Chou Tougeki   うりょ Uryo ももち Momochi ハイタニ Haitani    
Chūbu   a.k.a.jojo a.k.a.jojo ジュソ Juso Y24 Y24    
Kanto   ボンちゃん Bonchan ふ~ど Fuudo かずのこ Kazunoko    
Chūgoku Shikoku   MDR MDR ガチくん Gachikun りゅうきちくん Ryūkichikun    
Kyushu-Okinawa   MIZOTERU MIZOTERU マイケルたん Michael Tan ビーン Bean    
Kansai   -6 6 サボ☆ハニ Sabo☆hani 666. 666    
Kanto   三太郎マン Santarōman だしお Dashio あきも Akimo    
Hokkaidō tōhoku   あくあ Aqua 浮き Uki 吉祥寺ケン Kichijōji Ken    
Kanto   カリスマ Karisuma よっさん Yossan しゃか Shakapo    
Chūbu   るくぷる Rukupuru EBI@バキ勢 EBI@Bakisei ゲオフ2号 Geofu 2gō    
Kyushu-Okinawa   ラリケン Rariken 赤眼龍 Akameryu コヅマ Kodzuma    
Kanto   くろけん Kuroken Y。 Y。 かわぐぅち Kawaguuchi    
Kansai   小路KOG KojiKOG dath dath そりきん Sorikin    
Kanto   おじさん Ojisanboy はげじん Hagejin ドラゴンボーイ Dragonboy    
Chūgoku Shikoku   バンババン Banbaban どぐら Dogura えい太 Eita    
Hokkaidō tōhoku   ふぉるて命 Fuerte Inochi HEGO HEGO だしまき Dashimaki    
USA   USA [BT] Dieminion PR [CVPR] PR Balrog USA [RZR] Latif    
Hokkaidō tōhoku   冷血 Reiketsu ωいおりω ω Iori ω くぼぷ~ Kubopu~    
Chūbu   八百一 Yaoichi てつこ Tetsuko KOK KOK    
Kanto   まちゃぼー Machabo なるお Naruo 瞬獄ノイローゼ Shungoku Neurosis    
Kansai   ぱーかー Pākā かわにし Kawanishi やまさん Yamasan    
Europe   FRA Kusanagi FRA Gagapa UK [WW-MCZ] Ryan Hart    
Korea   KOR [TH] PoongKO KOR Db Koopa KOR hydeBUFFY    
Taiwan   TWN Gamerbee TWN RB TWN Hsien Chang    
Kuwait   KUW Gannon KUW Maan KUW Aziz    
China   CHI Dakou CHI Xiao Hai JAP RF    
China   CHI UD CHI Lin Yunfeng CHI Jie Wa    
Hong Kong   HK Humanbomb HK GameOutttt HK Blade    
Sagat 7
Cammy 6
Dictator 5
Ken 5
Viper 4
Yun 4
Sakura 4
Ryu 4
Gouki 3
FeiLong 3
Rufus 3
Evil Ryu 3
Seth 3
Adon 3
Cody 2
Zangief 2
Blanka 2
El Fuerte 2
Claw 2
Boxer 2
Guile 2
Makoto 1
ChunLi 1
Yang 1
Honda 1
Juri 1
Hakan 1
Dudley 1
Rose 1
Hawk 1
Abel 1
Dan 1
Ibuki 1
Guy 1

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