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« SF x TK: Balance Patch and 12 New Characters Drop Tomorrow, Preview of Sakura, Blanka, Bryan and Jack-X »

Capcom is set to release the Street Fighter x Tekken balance patch tomorrow and mentioned in their latest blog that they hope for this to be a "fresh start" for the game. Many of you probably heard the news from EVO but if you want to get caught up on what changes they plan to make to the game check out this post

They are also releasing the 12 new DLC characters tomorrow as they had pushed up the date significantly from its original release. With that, their latest preview is for Sakura, Jack-X, Blanka and Bryan. Hit the jump for a small excerpt and check out the full preview here

Bryan rushes in with Mach Breaker, a simple straight punch rush. The EX version has super armor properties, and on hit produces a wall bound.

Fisherman's Slam unleashes a gigantic uppercut.

When the MP and HP versions hit an opponent, you can add a follow-up attack, called Atomic Throw. That move can also be followed up with an attack of your choosing.

The EX version of the move is invulnerable to throws on startup, which makes it an excellent attack to use as an interrupt.

Flying Knee, as the name implies, is a jumping knee attack to the opponent’s head. This move is fast, has good reach, and is invulnerable to projectiles while airborne, making it an excellent pressure tool against projectile characters. It also has the peculiar property of being unblockable when used outside of combos.

It’s a powerful move, but it doesn’t connect on crouching opponents at all and can leave Bryan open, so players will need to properly plan when they’re going to use this move so they don’t get baited.

Chopping Elbow is Bryan’s overhead attack, and can be performed by pressing forward and MP. On hit, you can link into your fastest attack for a combo.

When Bryan’s jumping HP hits an airborne opponent, they’ll take bound damage, giving players an opportunity to start a combo. 

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