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« SF x TK: DLC Character Breakdown for Cody, Guy, Lei & Christie, Changes to Auto-Block and Auto-Throw Escape Gems »

Capcom released the latest DLC character breakdown on the official Street Fighter x Tekken blog and like the previous entry, details many of the attacks and their properties for these new characters. This will give you a better idea as to how Cody and Guy have transitioned into the game and will also give you preview of both Lei and Christie's 2D fighting styles. 

Beyond that, there are detials on how they are toning down the Auto-Guard Ultimate Defense and Auto Throw Escape Gems. Check out a quick preview after the jump and find the rest here

Cody’s trademark knife can be found on every stage whenever he’s selected, and can be picked up by pressing down and all three punch buttons. Having the knife equipped will change your punch attacks into knife-based attacks, but will restrict your use of any special moves that use the punch button. 

Knife attacks have a considerably longer reach and also cause chip damage. 

Cody’s Jaw Crusher is performed by pressing away from the opponent and medium punch at the same time. It’s a unique attack that has upper body invincibility, except against throws. This is an excellent attack to go to when combating airborne opponents, but its horizontal reach is horrid, so smart players will have to switch between this attack and standing heavy punch depending on the distance of the opponent’s jump.

Cody users can get a lot of mileage out of this move, as it has other applications outside of this situation, so please try it out for yourself! 

Cody’s vertical jumping HP causes bound damage on an airborne opponent, making follow-up attacks possible. While on the ground, you can jump straight up into the air and at your discretion quickly let loose this attack due to its long active frames. It makes for a fantastic move to use when you’re looking for a good return with low risk.

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