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FOR FREEDOM!After a long hiatus I am back doing Combo Archives so here is the long awaited Captain America edition. Cap may be simple but in order to optimize your damage you need to work for it. So, if you want to drink beer, eat meat, and punch endangered animals in the face check out the video as well as combo tips, top Cap players, and Cap tech YouTube channels after the break.








Many of Cap's corner combos require you to use a st. H instead of a cr. H, so learning to get used to this (ala Taskmaster) will make learning combos 6-8 easier.


  • Combo 6 is used when you want to use a combo extending assist in the corner and combo 8 is used when you want to squeeze as much damage as possible out of the corner combo.



  • Midscreen combo #5 is all you need, and it does a lot of damage. 



  • For the air throw combos you need to be closer to the ground to combo off a forward air throw, but with a back air throw you get much longer time to combo and can easily combine assists to combo further. Learn the xf3 infinite, its really easy and really deadly.


For good Cap players I would definitely watch for TA Frutsy, the modok/cap/task player that got top 8 at EVO2012 -- also he is from Mexico!

Another well known American Cap is actually known for his Super-Skrull and that is Hi Im Nastyy -- his bi-polar team consisting of Cap/Wesker/Skrull highlights the on point potential for cap to be a solid lead with safe options. I say his team is bi-polar because with the solidity and safety of Cap is counter-balanced by his Skrull which goes batshit insane. You can find his twitter @djskrull .

The final and most prolific Cap player is actually a Japanese online player that goes by Condor Missile. He highlights what a team built around Cap can achieve, Cap/Sent/Ironman, and puts on 'prolly the best display of Captain America in non-pressure situations. 

The best channel for cap tech is ken123103's channel which can be found here -- if you were to sub to any channel for cap tech his would be it.

MyNameIsE also has some really interesting cap tech/combos if you are willing to search through his SCV videos . 

That is it for this edition of the Combo Archive, if you have any ?'s or comments you can find me @honzogonzo or just leave a comment in the youtubes. TY for reading and have a good freedom for the Americans out there, and for the non-Americans I am sorry you are not American. America. 

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