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BROKENTIER's Viscant just finished up his three-part tier list over at their official website and it's a great read for anyone who is a fan of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Of course, with any tier list many points are debatable -- even with this one that is as fair as they get -- but this will give you a good objective look at many of the stronger (and weaker) teams in the game. 

Check out a small excerpt from part three after the jump and read the entire thing here.


All hail the queen

Trish-any/Storm-a/Morrigan-y, Amaterasu-b/Storm-a/Akuma-b, Wesker-b/Storm-a/Akuma-b, Spencer-any/Storm-a/Sentinel-a

The most common Storm teams appear in sections above. Justin Wong plays Wolverine/Storm/Akuma , Fanatiq plays MSS, Dios-X plays Doom/Storm/Sentinel. All of these teams can more properly be classified as being primarily “other” teams and tiered higher even though they take advantage of this strategy as well.

Storm is a mid-tier character who has one trump card in her pocket. She is the single biggest threat to support characters in the game. Her DHC into hail activates instantly. Her team super into hail OTGs, is fast, safe and covers the entire lower portion of the screen, even wiping out Morrigan clone fireballs coming from behind. She can even force early x-factor occasionally; assuming proper spacing, when an assist is caught in the hail storm, the point character cannot push block to reduce damage or else the assist will take some bonus unscaled damage. Rather than taking damage on two characters, sometimes the only decision an opponent can make is an early x-factor which can screw them up for the entire rest of the game.

If someone relies too heavily on a particular assist such as Dante-a, Sentinel-a or Doom-b, Storm holding meter can always make the decision to pick it off and force them to play out the match without their preferred support character. Sometimes taking a team apart from the back can make all the difference.

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