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With KVO coming up so soon, we thought you might want to know a little bit more about the players and who you guys should be rooting for and against. I went ahead and asked Taitsu -- the Japanese player who wrote a ton of interesting player profiles on SRK -- and he was kind enough to send me another boatload of player profiles in Japanese! Today, I'll be showing you the last of those profiles in English!

Hit the jump for the second batch and be sure to follow me on Twitter (@fubarduck) for more updates from Japan!

For a complete list of players and the stream schedule click here

Jerryboy AKA Junya (only playing in KVO, not KuboGods)
Team: Strider/Akuma/Raccoon

One of the few players who plays Strider on point, he has an abundance of ways to open up his opponents that are impossible to block correctly on the first try.
The rumor is that nobody would be able to defeat him in a tournament with a single-game format.

Team: Viper/Doom/??? 

His ability to ToD with Viper is insane. Definitely the best Viper in the country, there's no one that compares to his level here. He's the MarlinPie of Japan.
He has an abundance of unblockable setups using Viper's focus attack.
Other players tried counterpicking against him to deal with his Viper, but they've realized that his Viper is simply too strong and given up.
A Viper this strong definitely deserves attention.

Team: Zero/Dante/Magneto

 He's the best user of the deadly Zero/Dante combination in Japan by a wide margin.
He's so familiar with the Dante assist that he knows how to use it as anti-air and convert it to a full Zero combo, despite obstructions on the screen.
He has a heavy resemblence to Gachapin, a fictional Japanese children's television show character.
The best Zero in Japan.

Team: Strider/Amaterasu/Vergil

A female UMVC3 player who is supposedly very cute.
She has been witnessed innumerable times defeating many of the players signed up for KVO.

Team: Haggar/Dormammu/Doom

A player so familiar with his team that he can put any of his characters on point and do just fine.
He's very good at running away. He knows a lot of tricks to disrupt his opponent's pace of the match.
Despite having such a high-damage team, he supposedly wins many matches via time overs.
Anyway, his corner pressure is extremely scary, and if he gets you to the corner even once, expect him to deal a lot of damage even against top-level players.


Hope you guys enjoyed the player previews. Thanks again to Taitsu (@tai_tsu) for the lowdown on all the players! 

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