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A while back, Arc System Works announced that they would have Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus to arcades in a new HD form factor as well as current generation consoles. Now the developer revealed that the arcade update will feature new additions to the existing game.

Now titled Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R, the game is reported to have a balance update as well as new moves for the existing cast of fighters. The game will now be running on Sega's Ringwide hardware instead of usually being on Sega NAOMI.

If you are or will be in Japan in the coming weekend, Accent Core Plus R will be available to play during location tests in Tokyo (Club Sega Akihabara Shinkan), Osaka (Sega Nanban Avion) and Kitakyushu (Hyper Messe). There is no confirmation that if the changes will affect the upcoming downloadable console release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Arc System Works also revealed an official website dedicated to the update but as of this post, it's currently out. For now check out a special video by the developer and a translation of the current balance changes after the jump!

Axl :

- P, 2P, 6K, 2S, 2HS, jump 6P, jump S : you can now chose to have 2 hits by maintaining the button
- 63214 HS : FRC removed
- 4 (charge) 6 D : New FB


- Goku moroha mode : damage up, damage penalty from self hits reduced, longer duration, more powerful overall
- 236 D in moroha or goku moroha : more hits, travel distance increased

Anji Mito :

- 6HS : FRC changed to be just before the move hits.
- FB ON , 623D : New FB move, FRC possible right after the move hits.

I-no :

- FB note, 214D : New FB move, FRC possible right after startup.

Venom :

- 6HS : now possible to gatling into from close S.
- FB stinger aim : created ball can now bounce several times on the floor and screen borders.
- FB carcass raid : same as above

Order Sol :

- Charge gauge : When using a move the gauge depletes slower
- Dragon Install Sakkai (632146S) : Tension cost became 50% instead of 100%

Ky Kiske :

- New move 3HS : Same as the old 6HS pre AC.
- New move, S raging Javelin : New S followup after vapor thrust
- 222HS : FRC now possible just after the move hits
- 214D FB greed saber : new FB
- Lightning Sphere 214D followup after charged stun edge : command changed to 4D after CSE.

Kliff Undersn :

- 214K : FRC now possible just before the move hits
- 214P : has new FB D followup.

Zappa :

- 236H (sword mode) : FRC now possible right after landing (that's what the site says, maybe a typo there or they're talking about the aerial move I dunno)
- 236S (Raoh mode) : now possible airbone
- 214S (Raoh mode) : now possible airbone

Eddie :

- 236D : Possible to recover eddie gauge over the normal limit with this move (I hope I understood this right) command changed to 214D.

Justice :

- 22 + button : added P, K and D version possible to roman cancel each of them.
- Detonation of 22 + button : command changed from P to whatever button you used to trigger the move.
- 623 K : command changed from 412K
- 41236 HS : S version added, now possible airbone
- Gamma ray : FRC added, timing is right after the first hit.

Jam :

- Not sure to understand everything here but it seems that her powered up special kick moves followups after certain moves can now be done with D button and without any need of followup.

Johnny :

- 214H : Glitter is gold, New move
- 236236H (airbone) : New overdrive

Slayer :

- 632146P : FRC added right before hit
- 63214H : command changed to 632146H
- 214H : new move, HS Dandy step
- 214D : new move, FB Dandy step

Sol Badguy :

- 41236H : return of the old tensionless fafnir, possible to cancel into.
- Tyrant rave (fafnir followup after H or D fafnir) : command changed to 64D from 46D
- 214K after VV during dragon install is now possible
- 236D airbone : new FB sidewinder

Chipp Zanuff :

- New FB alpha blade added. Command is D during 236P.
- 623D : new FB beta blade
- 41236D : new FB gamma blade

Dizzy :

- 421D : New FB move, FB version of 421S

Testament :

- Zeinest (web) : command changed to 623P
- Hitomi (tree) : command changed to 623K
- New move (Ruft Warrant ?) : command is 22 P or K
- New FB phantom soul : command is 236D

Baiken :

- Youshijin : new command is 623P not possible as guard cancel anymore but only as a normal special move.
- Return of the "whell counter" command is 214P while on guard
- 63214K : now possible to do guard cancels while successfully guarding with the move

Faust :

- FB door added, D after 214K

Bridget :

- 6K : now possible to cancel into yoyo or any special move
- 214D : is now homing towards the enemy.

Potemkin :

- 236S : FRC added right after the earthquake comes out
- Hammerfall (written as 4 charge 6 S, command changed ?) : FRC timing is later
- 63214D : P followup added, cancels the animation of judge gauntlet

Millia Rage :

- New 2H airbone : return of the pre slash old jump HS
- 236D : FRC added right after the jumping animation
- 214D : New FB secret garden.

May :

- 41236D : New FB version of dolphin summon I guess
- 623S or HS : possible to followup vertical and horizontal dolphin with restive rolling through this command

Robo-Ky :

- 623H : now possible airbone, FRC possible just as the ground version.

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