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AL|Dandy J, creator of the Beginner's Incomplete Guide to KOF, has been releasing new videos that cover system tricks for XIII. His new youtube channel, EXMrDandyJ, is dedicated entirely to KOF and contains four volumes of tips already.

The latest video covers the specifics corner cross-ups; a tricky subject that varies each iteration of KOF:




Our own KOFXIII Guide page has been updated again, this time for the Zan'eiken King, Andy. This contains all new matchup strategies that haven't been written anywhere else, and from this point onward all updates will be IPLAYWINNER feature content.



I'm looking for feedback at this point: would you prefer that I continue to work on future character pages the way that I currently am (i.e. written from a standpoint of fighting against a character and stopping or punishing their major attacks), or should I do it the more traditional way by making each article geared towards using a character?

And finally, should I consolidate these guides so that they come off being more reader-friendly and concise?

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