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Before 2008 with Street Fighter IV, Nuki was considered one of the most popular Japanese players in the past couple of years. Today, Nuki still competes today with a mix of the old (Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Super Street Fighter II X Grand Master Challenge/Turbo) and the new (Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver. 2012).

Nuki was interviewed by Evil Geniuses' own Antonio "CoolGrayAJ" Javier with help by Daichi Akahoshi. Nuki talked about his current activity organizing events for Super Turbo and 3rd Strike, the old and new waves of Japan's best players, and his reason for playing Seth instead of Chun-Li in AE2012.

If you want to hear Nuki deafen your left ear live, he will always be attending Game Spot Versus' weekly 3rd Strike Danisen every Wednesday or Thursday night. You can always follow him on Twitter too! (@nuki2)

Check out an excerpt of the interview after the jump!


CGAJ: A lot has changed since 2008, most notably the number of players sponsored by gaming teams. How do you feel about this change, and does it motivate you at all to compete at the level you once did? In my eyes, you were certainly on the level Daigo and Tokido were (you were the first three Gods, after all) as far as being extremely good across multiple games. If a team were to sponsor you, do you feel you can compete at that level again?

Nuki: I’m glad to finally see a sponsorship system like we have today, and it surely becomes a motivation to play competitively at a high level.  There might come a time where I play to become a professional.  I feel that becoming sponsored can help me do a lot of things such as commentating.  The benefits of becoming a sponsored player should be fairly obvious.

CGAJ: Speaking of changes, one thing that was sure to change over time is the gauntlet of fighting games that players play competitively. Of course, Super Turbo will always be around, but games like CvS2, Alpha 2, Third Strike and Vampire Savior have long since phased away. How would you compare this generation’s gauntlet to previous years? Are there any games today that you’ve been playing secretly?

Nuki: To be honest, I like the old games, but there were too many glitches which stopped me from playing.  The games I still having fun playing are Third Strike and Super Turbo.

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