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With KVO coming up in just two more days, we thought you might want to know a little bit more about the players and who you guys should be rooting for and against. I went ahead and asked Taitsu -- the Japanese player who wrote a ton of interesting player profiles on SRK -- and he was kind enough to send me another boatload of player profiles in Japanese! Today and tomorrow, I'll be showing you those profiles in English!

Hit the jump for the first batch and be sure to follow me on Twitter (@fubarduck) for more updates from Japan!

For a complete list of players and the stram schedule click here

Sunahebi (Sand Snake)
Team: Nova/Skrull/Sentinel

A long-time MVC2 player who has traveled to the US for Evo in the past, his footsies and movement are definitely his strong point. He's famous for his style of taking calculated risks to break down his opponent.

Sunahebi's skill is already very well-known in Japan, so his stream is very popular as well. He streams very frequently, and it's easy to see that he has a lot of love for the game!

Kaitenou AKA Spinking
Team: Zero/Dante/Vergil (sometimes Firebrand as a counter for Phoenix)

Spinking is famous as a lab monster and innovator, always pumping out new combos and tricks for his characters. His decision-making ability is unmatched. There are a ton of players in Japan that watch his videos to copy his combos and setups.

He's also the kind of player that will do anything he thinks will annoy his opponent without hesitation. He aims for screwing up his opponent's synergy as much as he does for KO'ing a character, so snapping in the problem is a very characteristic of Spinking's play.

Despite not using (not being able to use) Zero's lightning loop at all, you wouldn't think this if you spoke with him as he always brags and boasts about how bad he'll body you.

Lately, he's been playing too much Persona Arena and actually fractured a bone in one of his fingers as a result. He's hoping to upgrade to a Bionic Arm to return strength to his finger!

Mame Spider
Team: Spiderman/Doom/Vergil

He has stuck with Spiderman since the beginning, and no matter how he changes up his team, Spiderman is always on point. In the last Kubodsgarden, he gained International attention after his first Top 4 performance.

Team: Magneto/Firebrand/Vergil

Also famous in the Blazblue community.
He never appears in videos, so there's a rumor that he's been saving a ton of tech and gimmicks for KVO.

Team: Firebrand/Morrigan/Vergil

Also a famous Guilty Gear player.
DIE-Chan is said to be the only player that uses Firebrand to the character's full potential.
While he hasn't yet appeared in videos, he did defeat Abegen in a tournament earlier this year so he's definitely not to be slept on!

That's it for today. Watch out for Part 2 tomorrow!

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