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This Weekend at Southtown Arcade, Art the owner, will be holding the first ever Taco Cup.  The aim for this event is set on show matches.  Plenty of different games are going down so I'm sure you will find your cup of tea somewhere in the mix.  

The action will be held on our Channel and if you want more info on the event make sure to like Southtown Arcade on Facebook and follow them on twitter.

For info of the event and match ups click the jump! 





Giby vs Hellpockets, FT5 Garou MOTW

Giby is one of the best Garou players in the world. He can literally play one-handed. Chris got this stupid idea he could beat Giby in a Ft10 and the loser has to wear a dress at SCR.

RHF.Druid vs n0thingman, FT5 QvQ 3S
Jimmy is a 3s player from socal who plays Q, Kieran is a 3s player from norcal who plays Q... let's go. this part is kind of a sort of secret for now tho. their opponents will be Neiman (3s player from Oakland) and another dude lol. If his boy flakes, Neiman will fight them 2v1, just fyi.

MagnomanX vs MC Kbeast, FT10 TVC
Many of the best TVC players in the USA are from Norcal (Kbeast, GCYoshi, Phampy, Magnoman). Kbeast and Magnoman were among the best and they're gonna run it back

JD has beaten Geo a few times in casuals. The old champ wants a runback with JD. Folks saying JD can beat Geo free, so here we are.

STA Windzero vs MC Honzo Gonzo, FT15 UMVC3
You know about this. The eternal battle of the universe aka the southtown brawl aka two of STA ranbats best going at it.

No character locks on any of these except for 3S.

Sunday Oct 14 at 4:30
at STA of course
tacos and stuff (probably)
$5 door fee (you can play free play KOF, Mervel, TVC and Garoo)
Folks who come wearing ponchos, sombreros or giant moustaches get in free!!!

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