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Viscant has posted his latest answers to fans about various elements in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and other unrelated topics.

The EVO 2010 champion answers on Zero's current status in tournament play, specific TAC setups and general match structure. You can check out a section about what team a beginning player should play after the jump!






With Magneto/Doom/Sentinel you have a team that has 3 strong assists and a team that has both flexibility and rigidity. The team is flexible in that you can play many different styles. You can zone with Magneto and Doom or you can attack hard behind Sentinel assist. You can play a more air based game behind magnetic blasts or photons or you can play a ground based game around EM Disruptors, plasma beams or missiles. You might find you really like Sentinel assist. You might find you don’t need it that much because Doom missiles fits your play style so much better. You might find you really like changing the team order and putting Magneto in the back. Or maybe you’ll like Doom in back. Lots of options here.

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