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« The King of Fighters for iPhone Comes Out Today »

Look, I'll be honest right out of the gates here: I had no clue that this game even existed until I read that it was being released today. Perhaps I missed the press release somewhere down the line, but the King of Fighters-i is out for iPhone/iPad today in most regions. While it's not available on the US App Store just yet, I've been told it will be available later tonight. That said, it's already appeared in the NZ App Store among others so you might want to check it out depending on your region. 

Check out the preview video below and a few screenshots as well.



via the iTunes Store

The popular 2D Fighting Game Series “KOF” appears on the iPhone/iPod touch!
With beautiful visuals and high-resolution graphics, this game uses the Virtual Pad to bring you a seamless and intuitive “KOF” experience. Furthermore, moves that require complex commands can be easily pulled off with the Simple Specials Button or the various touch controls. 
Not only the old fans, but newcomers to KOF and fighting game novices alike will be able to fully and easily enjoy this new “KOF” experience!


* 4 different single player modes!
Fight 3 on 3 in “Team Battle”, 1 on 1 in “Single Battle”, see how many opponents you can beat with 1 character in “Endless”, or practice making combos using the Virtual Pad in “Training”.

* Many extras like trading cards and artwork!
You can view all the extras you unlocked during the game in Gallery Mode. Fans will not want to miss the many extras, including premium trading cards with hand-drawn illustrations, concept art, illustrations and rough sketches of each character, Team Story Novels, and movies from “KOFXIII”!

* Trade data & fight other players anytime, anywhere!
Use Bluetooth to connect to other terminals within the signal range. Get a bunch of friends together to create your own impromptu arcade! Enjoy improved interaction between players by exchanging trading cards and sending and receiving replay data!!

* The strongest warriors in history are here!
The 13 fighters, including protagonists Kyo Kusanagi, K’ and Ash Crimson are joined by Billy Kane from “Fatal Fury”! But that’s not all! More characters will be made available as DLC, so keep checking back regularly!!

Reader Comments (3)

This really did come out of nowhere, and it actually looks pretty good for a cell phone game. I'd pay a few bucks to try it but publishers like SNK and Capcom fail to bring games over to the Android platform.

July 6, 2011 | Registered CommenterKapwan

Wow, mad random, LOL. For some reason I'm a bit hype for this release. I'll definitely pick it up as soon as possible. This might hold me over until the King of Fighters XIII's release in October.

July 6, 2011 | Registered CommenterVictormaru

pretty wild they put billy kane in this bitch too. guess he has been cookin up for a while

July 6, 2011 | Registered Commenterhaunts
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