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If you haven't heard of Eightarc arcade sticks yet, you are not a true stream monster. They have been making a splash on all of the streams and on Twitter. Well, if you want to know how well-built they are and more about Eightarc sticks, you're in the right place.

I've done a review covering all of the pros and cons of these sticks. I have had a chance to take it into the trenches to see how it holds up in the competitive scene and to test it overall.




OK, now down to the dirty part, are these arcade sticks good? The answer is... yes. Yes, they are very good. I was very impressed with the stick as soon as I started playing with it. It's very comfortable while on your lap, due to the felt on the bottom of the stick. There are 5 arcade stick models that Eightarc carries. PS3 EbonyPS3 OnyxPS3 Pearl, XBOX360 Onyx and the Fusion (PS3 nd XBOX360).


- Felt coating on the bottom of every arcade stick

- On the PS3 Ebony and Fusion models the Home, Select, and Start buttons are at the top right of the face panel on the arcade stick

- For $185 you can get a fully built dual-modded stick (Cheaper than buying a PS3-only arcade stick, getting a board and modding it yourself)

- Buttons feel like playing on an arcade cab

- Every stick comes with button covers, so you can choose if you would like 6 or 8 buttons.

- The weight of the stick feels really nice. It feels like it weighs between the Madcatz TE and the HORI VLX.

- Overall I would say the Fusion (Dual-Mod) stick is the best option if you are looking for an arcade stick from Eightarc. (I personally bought one myself)



- As I said before, I love the felt on the bottom of the arcade stick, but it only makes me wonder how long that felt will stay on the bottom before scraping off over many hours of use.

- The PS3/XBOX360 Onyx and PS3 Pearl models all have buttons on the side of the stick. I found myself pressing these buttons many times after a match when adjusting the stick. Maybe I am not used to having the buttons on the side but it did get a little annoying.

- The price of the XBOX Onyx is $170. For $15 more you can get a really nice dual-modded stick instead of a one-system-only stick.

- You may prefer the stick's detachable USB cord. Personally, I love having it connected to the stick and being able to put it in the compartment. Sometimes you just lose things when traveling around from tournament to tournament.

- When I let others use the stick, a couple of people said they wish that the cable compartment was on the top part of the stick instead of the side. Personally, I think people are just used to it because of the Madcatz TE stick.


Overall I am really impressed with the quality of the Eightarc arcade sticks. If you would like to place your order today or want to know anymore information about the arcade sticks, you can head over to

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