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« Links vs Chains: What's the Better Combo System? »

For the most part in fighting games there are two ways you will start a combo, either by linking or chaining attacks together, but what is the better system? This is a discussion I've seen pop up on numerous forums and I think has a lot to do with the accessibility of fighting games, so I wanted to see what our readers have to say on the topic. 

First off, if you don't know the difference between the two, a link is when you combo from one attack immediately after the recovery of the preceding attack but while the opponent is still in hit stun. Due to the nature of how links work, you'll find them in virtually every fighting game out there even if they aren't the primary combo system.

A chain is when you combo from one attack to the next during the recovery frames of the preceding attack. You basically cancel one attack into another.

Most combos in Street Fighter 4 are link combos -- with a handful of characters having specific chain combos --while most combos in say Marvel vs Capcom 3 are chain combos. Link combos in general require a much stricter timing than chains. 

So which combo system do you think is better to design a fighting game around?

Links of course require more skill due to the strict timing, but are they an unnecessary barrier of entry for people new to fighting games? Is there any reason to base a games entire combo system around links when chains achieve the same result? How do you feel about games like Street Fighter x Tekken which contain a mix of both viable link and chain combos? 

Hit us up in the comments and let us know which system you prefer and why!

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